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  1. lp59

    Pedal Calibration problem

    when Tuner to Heel Down is selected the calibration quit before you can click Enter to validate. Is it normal or a bug, anyway just put the Tuner to Heel Down option to none, do the pedal calibration (works perfectly) then reselect and validate the Tuner to Heel Down option.
  2. lp59

    How often do you reset system parameters?

    I never did it, and was wondering when and for wich reason to perform this task. From the Wiki: Doing a system reset and having that "fix" things does not surprise me at all. There are a variety of parameters that affect the overall sound that could be set incorrectly either by accident or by a...
  3. lp59

    New pedalboard with FC-6 (Tutorial)

    Here is how I attached my FC6 on a Pedal Train board. • Fasten some wood on the board, put some velcro on it and at the back of the FC • I cut a slice in the top of the board to make room for the jacks • You can see the back, the rivets attaching the wood planks, and how the EV-1 is attached...
  4. lp59

    Expression Pedal > Heel down engaging Tuner

    Is this possible with an EV1 or EV2 Expression pedal connected to Ext. 1?
  5. lp59

    Changing default layout when switching presets from external device

    I use OnSong app from my iPad to change presets per song, how can I go to a different layout than the default one when doing this? I know how to do it when pressing a switch on the FC, but didn't found a way to do it with an external app. Is there eventually a CC I can use in this app to call a...
  6. lp59

    FC-6 and Scene change with Bluetooth [solved]

    From my ipad within the OnSong app I send a CC#34 to change say from default scene 1 to scene 3. I see on the front panel a quick change to scene 3 but it revert to scene 1 immediately. I tried to play with Revert to Scene on/off with no success. I’m using a Bluetooth Yamaha midi interface and...
  7. lp59

    Can CS activate External Control?

    In my presets I have Ext 4 activate Input Boost, how can I have a switch (CS1) on my FC6 do it? I know that I simply could assign CS1 in the modifier menu of Input Boost, but I also use a RJM GT16 that is already programmed to Ext 4, and I need to keep it this way. In my Axe-Fx III External...
  8. lp59

    Revert to scene, half the way

    I use a RJM GT16 with a IA switch going through the A B C D channels of the amp. If I go on preset Brit 800, scene 1 is on the amp Brit 800, scene 2 on Brit 800#34. If scene 1 is active (Brit 800) and I use my IA for going to the B amp channel Brit 800#34, go to scene 3 which is Brit 800 Mod...
  9. lp59

    Is my Axe slowly dying?

    I'm playing in my studio, I change a preset and suddenly no more sound. I check everything and find out that the user cabs produce no sounds. The factory cabs are fine. They are still visible in the user cab slots, but are silent once selected. After rebooting the Axe-Fx XL everything is good...
  10. lp59

    Axe-FX haunted unit

    My XL sends random PC to my RJM GT16 during playing, making it impossible to use with the GT. I did a reset system and a reset system params, same issue. I tried disabling send sysex, other midi cables, even Axe-edit don't want to open, it goes to pause immediately. If I disconnect midi...
  11. lp59

    Hotel California

    Thanks to @fremen @Mark Day @Bakerman for the inspiration to create my HC patch. The rotary and the harmonies changes are automated with Logic, but I programmed my RJM GT16 for live playing.
  12. lp59

    AX8 and XL: different input gain

    When exporting a preset from my XL to AX8 I noticed that the AX8 was not as loud as the XL, especially on clean sounds. Looking at the input meters on both units I saw that with my strat I barely tickle the green In1 led on the AX8 but the orange led (higher level) on the XL. I have to turn up...
  13. lp59

    No Looper Control with F switches

    I assigned Looper Control to F1 but when I activate the corresponding switch, the AX8 screen show last activated block parameters and no Looper Control. If I just activated Drive block before activating F1 it shows Drive parameters. If last activated is the Phase block, when trying to open...
  14. lp59

    Cliff's Goodies

    I'm playing the new 1959 SLP Treble with reverb hold function in FW 16.04.1, but I have a click when I activate and deactivate the reverb hold function. I played with the damping in the controller settings with no success. Any idea how to solve it? Here is the preset. I use a volume...
  15. lp59

    Tap Tempo on MFC not working

    Axe-Fx XL with 15.07 and 3.05 on MFC 101 Mk III, Faslink connected. Nothing happens when I tap the tempo, led is blinking at the programmed tempo. The switch is working if I assign another function to it. Tap tempo on Axe-Edit or front pannel is OK and the led of the tap tempo on the MFC is...
  16. lp59

    MFC10 Mk3 talking Egyptian

    Went to rehearsal with my XL and MFC Mk3, connected both with Faslink as usual, my MFC don't respond anymore, only displaying some kind of hieroglyph. The MFC doesn't boot anymore, the displaying of the strange writings appears imediately when powering on. Tried Faslink, Ethercon, and 9V...
  17. lp59


    Yes I know, you guys are thinking that's just another newbie making the same mistakes! Everything is fine when I connect Axe-II 14.02 with MFC MK1 3.03 with ethernet cable. But i get the timeout message when using the Faslink adapters. XA-1 and XA-2 are respectively connected to the Axe and...
  18. lp59

    XL mixed up my cab blocks, exporting from Axe-FX II

    I have a patch that uses user cab 96, made with my Axe-FX II. I make a snapshot of it, load it in my Axe-XL and it's user slot 69 that shows up in my cab block. Is it Voodoo? Strange that this patch is named J!mi, and Hendrix composed a song called If 6 was 9... Can somebody, please test my...
  19. lp59

    Block Library error

    How to avoid the block library error when dealing with 2 axe's, a II and an XL? Should I use two different workspaces in Axe-Edit?
  20. lp59

    Block Library compatibility between Axe-FX II and XL

    I can't load the saved blocks using Axe-edit, though I can see them available in the library. I'm pointing to the right block library workspace. Am I doing something wrong or are the saved blocks not compatible between Axe-FX II and XL?
  21. lp59

    No internal backup in Axe-Fx XL

    I can't find Backup bank A, B, C in the XL's Utility menu. Is it hidden at another place? I really need this feature 'cause it already saved my life on stage after screwing up a preset during soundcheck. I was glad I could retrieve it individualy from the internal backup.
  22. lp59

    FAS Link shipping abuse

    Seems a little bit overpriced...
  23. lp59

    Need to sweeten your Axe?

    Then just order one at G66 and Sussi and Jacques will take care of you. Right on time for Eastern! And the only Marshall I will keep is this one! The coolest one! Even Cliff won't dare to code in the Axe! 8) Happy Easter and thanks to G66, Cliff and staff and all the Axe-Maniacs...
  24. lp59

    FAS + OH = Stairway to Heaven

    After the release of FW13 I decided to do the plunge with the OWNHAMMER UltraRes COLLECTION. This was first to thank FAS for the multiple free updates and continuous dedication to elevate the Axe FX to new standarts. And also to take the wave of the future of IR's. I was used to 4x12...
  25. lp59

    Divided /13 and Jazz 120 default settings low level issue

    Does anybody notice that those two amps have a very low output level with default settings in the amp block? I tried resetting the block, nothing. I have to crank the level real high to hear those amps at similar level than say a Deluxe or Prince Tone at default for example. Even my bypass of...
  26. lp59

    MFC not reflecting scenes

    I don't know if it's normal but when I switch to another scene the IA switches of the MFC don't reflect the new state of the blocks. Is this normal or must I engage something somewhere to make it work? I can see for example my drive block go from off to on in the layout screen, but on my MFC...
  27. lp59

    Stuck with Mission SP2 controlling multiple parameters

    The expression pedal Mission SP2 has two sets of outputs controlled by a switch like on a regular wah to switch from one output to the second. The first output controlls external 1 for wah and whammy (Yek's schematic) and the second output controls external 2 for rotary speed or delay level...
  28. lp59

    Apache new patch

    Here is a patch based on one found on this forum (pardon me for not remembering who it was, but I thank you!), echo settings are based on the suggestions of Hank Marvin seen in this video. I added some changes in amp, cab and reverb.
  29. lp59

    Bug with new firmware 3.03 and Mission SP-2

    Bug with Mission SP-2 I use my Mission SP-2 (2 switchable outputs for controlling two different parameters) for Wah (red led lit on SP-2) with auto engage at toe down (off value 95) and after switching the SP-2 for controlling Rotary speed (blue led lit on SP-2). With firmware 3.02 I could...
  30. lp59

    Preset settings lost in Axe Edit but still in Axe-FX!

    This is very strange, I import bank A in Axe Edit and when I double click on my preset 37 all settings are null, despite the null settings I can hear the right sound with all settings that where initially saved. In Axe-FX I can see the right settings in the different blocks... How can I...
  31. lp59

    FX loop drop down when changing preset

    Hi Axe-masters, I have set an IA switch as GLOBAL for switching the Axe FX loop (I run my stereo looper in it), so I don't have to worry if the FX loop is active or not in the next preset I will use for loop recording. Problem is that when I change preset on the MFC there is a half second...
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