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  1. R.D.

    Wish PRS HX Amp ( Hendrix Touring Amp ) ?

    Not sure that there's anything new here or not ? But if there is ..., it might be nice to have in the box ! It's also a pretty cool watch:
  2. R.D.

    Suddenly I can't drag & drop .wav files any longer ?

    Has the behavior of Axe-Edit changed recently ? I'm no longer able to drag & drop .wav files into the cab block ? Anyone else having the same problem ?
  3. R.D.

    Standing on the shoulders of GIANTS (more VH I & II content)!

    With just about everyone else working on a V.H. I & II preset, I thought I’d take my turn …. I don’t have the ability to record either an audio track or video ( sorry ! ), so you’ll have to load it up and try it for yourself …. Here’s a block-by-block description of what’s in the preset ! Wah...
  4. R.D.

    Wish James Santiago’s EP-3 IR as a Drive block!

    I believe that the pre-amp of the EP-3 Echoplex is basically a FET Preamp ? Unfortunately, I do not have the equipment to analyze the IR. And even though the effect is subtle, it’s noticeable, but my ears aren’t good enough to match it either ! I’d really, REALLY love to have this as a Drive...
  5. R.D.

    Bulk importing of Cab .wav files

    Can you import more than one .wav file at a time in the Axe III ? Axe-Manage Cabs ain't doin' it for me ? THANKS !
  6. R.D.

    FS MFCEXT - Expansion module for MFC-101

    MFCEXT – $ 175 – ( a little less if you’re willing to use the PayPal Friends & Family payment method ) – including insurance and shipping in the US only ( lower 48 ). I am willing to ship internationally …, but in that instance shipping will be X-Tra ( paid by the buyer ) …. These were built...
  7. R.D.

    FS MFC-101 Mk I - SOLD !

    Doing a little housecleaning .... Fractal Audio – MFC-101 MK I – $ 300 – ( a little less if you’re willing to use the PayPal Friends & Family payment method ) – including insurance and shipping in the US only ( lower 48 ). I am willing to ship internationally …, but in that instance shipping...
  8. R.D.

    FS Axe-Fx XL (not XL+ )

    Axe-Fx II XL ( not XL+ ) – $ 1,500 ( less if you’re willing to use the PayPal Friends & Family payment method ) – including insurance and shipping in the US only ( lower 48 ). I am willing to ship internationally …, but in that instance shipping will be X-Tra ( paid by the buyer ) …. The...
  9. R.D.

    I miss James Santiago's tonematch of the preamp of his EchoPlex EP-3 !

    ..., and the Tape Dist option in the Drive Block just doesn't do it either ! There was definitely some 'sweetening' going on that the Tape Dist just doesn't match .... With the Cab Block completely re-worked ..., you can't really put a Cab in front of the Amp like we could w/ the converted...
  10. R.D.

    Ax-Fx III Mini-Utility question ...

    Will the Mini-Utility convert .wav files into the proper sysex for the Axe-Fx III ?
  11. R.D.

    Dual Delay option for Dlx Memory Man ?

    I looked through ALL the parameters, but didn't find the option for this to be a dual delay ? That was handy for reproducing the Andy Timmons dual M.M.s with only a single delay block ! If it's not there any longer, what might my options be ? Run Two ( 2 ) delays in series just like Andy used...
  12. R.D.

    Drive Block suggestions for low/mid gain tone in front of a clean amp ?

    I'll be using the CA3+ Clean and I need a drive block suggestion to get a ( describe it how you want ) ..., semi-clean ..., pushed-clean ..., low-gain type tone ( etal ) ... ? I thought before I played the hunt 'n' peck game that I'd see if the forum had any suggestions on what may have worked...
  13. R.D.

    Low/Hi Cut in Cab Block.

    Do we know if it's a Blocking filter or a Shelving filter ? Would it make sense to be able to select either option ?
  14. R.D.

    James Santiago - Echoplex Pre - Auto Engage ... ?

    I'm using Mr. Santiago's Echoplex Pre Tone Match ( exported to a Cab Block ) in a "morphing" preset similar to what Clarky has been doing .... Is there a way to Auto Engage the block using Extern1 ( Pedal ) ? I seem to remember seeing someone post the solution, but I can't seem to find it w/...
  15. R.D.

    Philtone Guitar Company – Stainless Steel Re-Fret / Plek ….

    First …, I need to preface my comments by saying that I have never owned a guitar with stainless steel frets before …. And to the best of my knowledge I don't think I've ever played a guitar that had been ‘plekk’ed’ before either … ? That said …, the guitar I sent out to Philtone Guitar Company...
  16. R.D.

    HUGE THANKS & "mad props" to clarky ... !

    Because he just helped me increase the enjoyment of my Axe-Fx II XL experience at least TEN fold ! Don't get me wrong, I've always loved and enjoyed my Axe …, I first purchased an Ultra ( in 2009 ), upgraded to a II as soon as they were available. I did have to sell that one almost two years...
  17. R.D.

    Bill Leverty is using the Axe-Fx II now ... !

    I just saw a posting on Bill's Facebook page that he's used the Axe-Fx II for the last there Firehouse gigs, and "I'm never going back!" If you haven't checked out his solo stuff you should, it's pretty killer too, much different than Firehouse ! Last I knew, he was a huge Red Wings fan too !
  18. R.D.

    Question on Configuring the Reference Input … ?

    Do you have to use a recording based package to play in your reference sample ( like Reaper or Audacity ) ? I’m trying to use VLC Media Player and I can’t seem to get it configured so the Axe’s USB will see it ? I can find the Axe-Fx USB under: Media / Open Capture Device / Audio Device Name...
  19. R.D.

    Mark Day's at it AGAIN !

    I should let him post this, but I know he's really busy these days getting settled in Cali .... So ..... AxeFx 2 Photograph Cover - YouTube Someone else will have to embed it, I don't know how ! THANKS & enjoy ( I did ) !
  20. R.D.

    ClinchFX EP-Pre using the Tape Drive ... ?

    Anybody found a setting that approximates either the "pre-amp" section of the original Echoplex EP-3 or the ClinchFX version ? I’m assuming Tape Drive, right ? There was a thread over @ MetroAmp where one of the members is doing a DIY project, and they’re talking all kinds of specific...
  21. R.D.

    Trouble Shooting Yek's Patches ....

    Has anybody loaded up Yek's patches and run into trouble getting ANY sound ? I've got them loaded and I can't get ANYTHING ... ? I've double checked my bypass modes, and they all seem to be "Thru" .... I'm not running any pedals, so I thought it might be the Vol/Pan block, but when I switch...
  22. R.D.

    Confirmation on just how the waiting list is going to work ?

    Can we get confirmation on just how the waiting list is going to work for the Ax-II ? I’m only asking because I’m a customer of T.M., but I opted not to get on their waiting list because I was interested in supporting Fractal directly and ultimately thought I might get it a little quicker …...
  23. R.D.

    Gone in 60 Seconds ( Part Deux ) ... ?

    I have no idea how many were released, but I'm guessing that they went in less than 90 Seconds this time ....
  24. R.D.

    Axe-Fx II - Owner's Manual Yet ... ?

    Last update was Cliff was still proofreading .... Not like he doesn't have enough on his plate right now, but I was wondering if any one has heard yet ? THANKS !
  25. R.D.

    Just what we need – another V.H. patch attempt, right ?

    My first Patch Sharing Attempt ! First of all …, I’m not Scott Peterson, Mark Day, yek, Marco, simeon, etal; ….But, here’s the skinny …. I built this patch after getting a look at the patches of three or four other forumites ! It’s important to me to mention that, because I haven’t been...
  26. R.D.

    How do I get a little more “Thump” from the OwnHammer IR’s … ?

    I’m currently doing a variation of Yek’s OwnHammer mix …. SM7 # 2 ( or e906 #2 ) FatHead # 4 I like the SM7 much better than the SM-57 ( less fizz ), and I am matching it with the FatHead because it has the strongest bass …. As I understand OwnHammer’s IR’s …, # 1 would be the...
  27. R.D.

    Studio Compressor – Attack & Release “Scale” … ?

    The values of the parameters range from 0.00 to 10.00 …. But …, the Wiki has only a few values converted into ‘ms’ …. Is there a formula to convert ALL the values in to ‘ms’ ? All of the Compression tutorials I can find express everything in terms of time, and if I want to train my “ears”...
  28. R.D.

    where's the link for the virtual midi footcontroller ?

    I think the link changed, and I've still got the "old" one ... ? Anyone seen the new link ? THANKS !
  29. R.D.

    Problems with the Multidelay - PCM-70 Circular Delay

    I can’t seem to program exact ms delay times in any of the blocks ? When a tempo is shown the Time parameter is grey’ed out, when the Tempo is “NONE” then I can only alternate between 1ms and 0ms ? I’m guessing it’s something very simple that I’m overlooking, but I just can’t seem to find what...
  30. R.D.

    Axe FX 10.0 Marsha Vs. the real deal poll ! by Pete Thorn

    Most of you probably know already, but just in case you haven't seen it ! Pete Thorn posted a comparison clip of Marsha # 2 Brown Eye and the Axe Marsha BE sim. Details here: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showth ... p?t=736760 Have Fun !
  31. R.D.

    For all you Peter Thorn Fanboys - like me !

    Looks like Pete's up to some new tricks with his Ultra .... He's ordering a 2nd one and has come up with a whole new way to simulate his on-stage rig for practicing and tweaking. The details are over @ HRI in case you haven't already seen it. http://www.hugeracksinc.com/forum/viewt ...
  32. R.D.

    Help finding Cliff's Mojave Peacemaker Patch ...?

    A little help here please ! I looked all over Axechange and couldn't find it .... I know I'm probably doing something wrong ..., but damn if I know what ? TX -
  33. R.D.

    Duplicate CA3+ sims w/6L6 & EL-34 Power option ...?

    There’s been a lot of talk the last couple of days about the CA3+Rhy & CA3+LD …. Quite a few of us would prefer a more “Marshal-ly” power amp section, instead of the MESA 2:90 that Cliff originally modelled. I missed the forum threads where Cliff specifically said he couldn’t or wouldn’t...
  34. R.D.

    JCM 800 Tonestack & Transformer Q's ...?

    Is the JCM 800 Tonestack any different from Plexi ? If I want to approximate that Tonestack in a different model, is it as simple as changing the Tonestack Frequency to the same center frequency as the JCM800 default value ? And/or what other models have similar Tonestacks ? Also, I have the...
  35. R.D.

    EL-34 Power Amp Sect - Master Wish List or Amp Sim Req ... ?

    I want to put in my $ 0.02 for the ability to get a EL-34 based Power Amp section ( ie; JCM800 ) for the 3+SE sim. I think Cliff made a good choice modeling the MESA 2:90 for it originally, but ( for example ) if we could change it out to the JCM800 Power Section then we could simulate John...
  36. R.D.

    Deconstructing John Suhr’s PT-100 Amp …?

    I’m making an attempt to copy John Suhr’s PT-100 …. The clip I’m working from is a PT-100 played through a CAA 2x12 w/V30’s & mic’ed by a Shure SM-58 ( posted at HRI by Mmmasa ). Props to him for putting it out there ! If you haven’t heard the clip, it’s a good representation of what the...
  37. R.D.

    Power Section modeled in the CAE 3+SE ...?

    I did a CAE 3+ search but didn't find what I was looking for .... Does anyone remember what Power Amp section Cliff modeled ( EL-34's or 6L6's ) ? Thanks ....
  38. R.D.

    Scott Peterson - Recabinet - Optimized for Axe-Fx ?

    This is mainly for Scott, but frankly anyone can jump in ! I'm just now getting into the whole world of IR's and saw your comments on Recabinet. You mentioned that you liked some of them, but they were phase reversed and contained some power amp "grit" making them somewhat limited in their...
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