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  1. jimfist

    200 Motels...help understanding

    I've always enjoyed and appreciated Frank Zappa. Joe's Garage and his work with Captain Beefheart are among my favorites. So I saw 200 Motels listed on amazon prime and fired it up. Woah....hmmmm....and....errr. A bit off the deep end for me, and I consider myself to have a fairly open mind...
  2. jimfist

    Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeders

    Anyone have a tried and true bird feeder recommendation that is commonly available (north of boston/nh border) and will keep squirrels from raiding the feed? Thanks!
  3. jimfist

    Bergantino "3D" speaker cabinet?

    Anyone checked this out? Not sure about whether it is a flat response speaker system (it's promoted as being useful for any stringed electric instrument), but the rear-firing 10" speaker looks interesting for those using a modeler and looking for a more "open back" feel to the tone...
  4. jimfist

    Question on SYSEX via MIDI pedal

    I'm aware that pedals like the MFC101 have some ability to program custom system exclusive MIDI commands and assign it to a pedal, IIRC. Could anyone out there help educate me on what it would take to create a MIDI control pedal board that allowed you to, for example, figure out the sysex...
  5. jimfist

    Question: Global Vol CC# assigned to switch?

    Like the title says, can you assign the CC for Global Output (post everything) to a switch so that it toggles between two set values with consecutive switch presses? This would be used for a generic global boost independent of the current scene/stomp settings on the FX8. I know this is...
  6. jimfist

    Damn you, British open!

    Bad enough that they had to extend play to Monday, and now a playoff! I'm having trouble focusing at work. Rooting for Shrek in this one, though Zach is looking tough to beat.
  7. jimfist

    1st time AxeFXII user = another successful gig!

    I work with a lead guitarist who had been using an old (but pretty decent sounding) Lexicon MPX-G2 preamp/fx with the Signature 284 amp and 2x10 cabinet. It finally has been showing signs of crapping out for good, so I offered for him to try out my AxeFXII mk1 (17.x firmware) to use until he...
  8. jimfist

    Sunday no Football...no problem!

    Miss Universe Pageant. I won't take the shallow objectification of women lying down. I will, however, take it sitting up with a beer in one hand and a hoagy in the other...madly...in...love...Miss Canada...I salute you! Really, though, with 17:19 left in the 3rd, the score is 20-14...in a...
  9. jimfist

    Guitar recommendation?

    Can anyone recommend me a guitar that is not entry level quality, but certainly not necessarily high end pro either, perhaps in the sub-$500 new/used ballpark, that will get me a nice variety of tones that will cover both Les Paul type sounds and Strat sounds, if such a thing does exist as a...
  10. jimfist

    TAKE THAT!!!

    Dating a Musician? I Recommend Bass Players
  11. jimfist

    Someone's listening...and acting. (KPA content warning)

    Kemper Profiler Now Also the Perfect Bass Rig - Bass Musician Mag
  12. jimfist

    FW 16.02 for Bass...Out Comp

    I finally got around to updating to firmware 16.02 last night. Spent about an hour futzing with the new Amp Block goodies at bedroom levels. The "OUT COMP" parameter is sheer genius in the Amp Block. The end. :encouragement::encouragement::encouragement:
  13. jimfist

    Mackie DL32R 32 input rackmount iPad mixer

    Mackie DL32R | 32-Channel Wireless Digital Mixer with iPad Control Mackie DL32R 32-ch Digital Rackmounted Mixer | Sweetwater.com Retail List price $2499, currently Sweetwater has a sell price at $1999...has 32 physical XLR digitally controlled mic preamps (8 areon combi XLR/qtr inch combi...
  14. jimfist

    Reelin' In the Years guitar solo: Amp & Cabinet

    I never heard this story before. Elliott Randall used an Ampeg SVT with 8x10 cabinet to record his epic solo for "Reelin' In The Years". Who knew? GUITARIST MAGAZINE Interview June 2012 | Elliott Randall
  15. jimfist

    white sweet potatoes

    Who out there enjoys white sweet potatoes, and if so, how do you prepare them?
  16. jimfist

    CLR for bass

    Just got my pair of Active CLR Wedges, and spent a few hours playing with them last night. All cool and the gang, but I always reserve judgement on gear until A) I've used it in the heat of battle on a gig and B) I've done enough shows successfully that I don't have to worry about reliability...
  17. jimfist

    Any guitarists tried this? Turn speaker cab 180 degrees, aimed at the wall?

    As the title says, anyone here with experience doing this, whether it be now, or in days past? I'm curious how a FRFR cabinet, when cranked up aimed at a wall behind you, would sound and whether there is any benefit to doing this. Has anyone who struggles with getting that "in the room"...
  18. jimfist

    Link to LPD Bass Tone Clone

  19. jimfist

    Simulated open back or "in-the-room" effect

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried the following, in an attempt to better replicate what a traditional guitar amp cabinet sounds like, but through Full Range speakers: - Use your amp sim of choice and cabinet (IR) of choice send to output 1 to a mono FR cabinet - use or create an impulse...
  20. jimfist

    AxeFxII for Bass: Live use - slightly changing gears...

    My name is Jim, and I'm a live tone tweaker. There. I said it. I need to have TONE KNOBS when I gig. Period. End of story. I'm not going to get into a long(er) technical post as to why this is the case, but let's just say that for the types of gigs I'm doing now, I need to have the...
  21. jimfist

    Boutique 1 Amp Block Compression settings

    Just would like to know if the comp parameter in the Amp Block for Boutique 1 type is supposed to yield the following: as you turn the Comp knob past 12 o'clock the sound of the amp is like what a tube amp sounds like when you put it in standby, as it fizzes out before the sound cuts out, if...
  22. jimfist

    Anyone tried JamUp ProXT for iPad/iPod?

    This caught my eye for just casual noodling around when I don't have access to my AxeFx rig: iPad and iPhone Guitar Processor App – JamUp What also caught my eye was the Expansion Pack add on list, which includes a bass pack with: 1969 *Ampeg SVT® 1968 *Ampeg® B-15 Gallien-Krueger® 800RB...
  23. jimfist

    SVT & AxeFX revelations

    Dusted off the old SVT 8x10 cabinet, installed it in our rehearsal studio (for practical reasons, less stuff to lug in/out for rehearsals) and also out of curiosity to see what my AxeFx Ultra would sound like with cab sims disabled, and powered with a Crown Xti2 4000 solid state power amp rather...
  24. jimfist

    Sad News...billmeedog...off to the Great Gig in the Sky.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but fellow forum member, guitarist extraordinaire, guitar teacher, all around nice guy, and very close personal friend and bandmate, billmeedog, unexpectedly passed-away over the weekend. In and around the Massachusetts suburbs north of Boston (Woburn...
  25. jimfist

    Very Brief Bass Groove

    Well, since I've been a forum member here for quite a while, I figured it was high time to post up a very short clip of a bass groove over a canned drum beat...FWIW.
  26. jimfist

    Meshuggah Bassist Using AxeFxII - Bass Player Mag

    Just saw an article in the most recent Bass Player mag on Dick Lovgren. He mentions using no cabinets on stage with the FAS AxeFxII. Also that he uses 2 amp models mixed together: the "FAS Lead for 800Hz and up and American Clean with some fuzz for the low end". No other information given as...
  27. jimfist

    rhythm beats using the synth block(s)

    I'm wondering if anyone out there has done anything interesting using the synth block (or anything else) to create usable "drum beats". I've been messing with this using the Sequencer and LFOs as controller sources for the individual LEVEL parameters of each of the 3 synth voices, but am having...
  28. jimfist

    Final Ultra/Standard Firmware update: Discrete signal path I/O 1 & 2

    [Edit to post: never mind as this already can be done as described in the responses below. Once again demonstrates the incredible versatility of the AxeFx! Thanks to Bakerman and GiRa for steering me right.] It's pretty clear that the Gen 1 AxeFx Standard/Ultra are done being developed, with...
  29. jimfist

    1980s Solid State Clean Tones?

    OK, who is going to dust of their old Gallien Krueger 250ML and Rockman half-rack series stuff and put together some tone matches of those classic "chimey" chorused clean sounds (without the hiss, please!)
  30. jimfist

    FCB1010 triggering iPad2 sampler/synth/sequencer app?

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out here with this. I have a Behringer FCB1010 midi pedal which I use to control my AxeFx as well as a hardware sampler (Boss Dr. Sample SP-303) via the MIDI Thru port of the AxeFx, with the audio of the sampler returning into the AxeFx via input 2 (fx...
  31. jimfist

    AxeFx out of the box: more focus on presets created for specefic usage?

    AxeFx...great, fantastic product....great support...innovation...excellent forum. I'd like to see FAS "offically" start to chip away with a collection of presets that are designed to address, in very fine detail, specific sound creations as they apply to the various types of setup scenarios...
  32. jimfist

    synthy high string preset for bass guitar

    This is an Ultra preset I made for my bass that is a very slow attack, slow decay synth string sound that is 2 octaves above the note being played. It was designed to be played with well-articulated single notes, and better higher up on the neck, perhaps with some of the treble rolled off to...
  33. jimfist

    Does Factory Reset Remove custom IRs?

    I'd like to remove the Custom IRs I've loaded into my Ultra, and was wondering if doing a Factory Reset will blow the IRs out of my unit. If not, what is the method for removing the custom IRs (not replacing them with "blank, no-sound" IRs, but actually removing them from the 10 slots)?
  34. jimfist

    Ultra SVT Bass Amp sim & 8x10 cabinet sim

    ...the long and the short of it... been gigging for the last 4 months with the Ultra as the sole source of all tones outside of my bass guitar, using the SVT Amp and 8x10 cabinet sims, as well as other drive distortions, chorus/flange, echos and reverbs, etc. The owner of a sound system we...
  35. jimfist

    For your primary usage of the Axe-Fx, many Amp/Cabinet Simulations do you use?

    Just curious about how owners use their Axe-Fx in terms of amp/cabinet sims. What is the breakdown of users who use very few amp/cabinet sims versus those who use many?
  36. jimfist

    Weird low output/distortion - reboot fixed the problem

    At rehearsals tonight, for no apparent reason, the sound coming out of my bass speaker system sounded distorted, like the amp was farting out or something. I checked all of the connections and switched basses, figuring perhaps the battery in my active bass was dying. Nope. The sound was like a...
  37. jimfist

    Axe-Fx "Snapshot" feature

    I guess this is a lot like the Snapshot feature in Axe-Edit, except with the ability to implement it into the Axe-Fx hardware. It would be cool IMO if the Axe-Fx hardware allowed for, say, 4 "Snapshots" (parameter state recalls) within each preset, each of which could be recalled by assigning...
  38. jimfist

    Self-generated noise problem?

    I have an Axe-Fx Ultra and have recently noticed that it has been producing an odd noise that is enhanced by processing blocks that you'd expect: drive, amp, compression, especially when the amp and/or drive blocks have a fair amount of distortion in them. I'm not talking about ground noise, or...
  39. jimfist

    Bass-centric features and more controllers

    New Ultra user here, and I'm loving it! Can't rave enough about this piece. I know that certain bass features have been mentioned on the wish list, and I'd just like to amplify some of those: - better bass tracking of pitch for the tuner (global mode for tuner: bass instruments) - pitch...
  40. jimfist

    Preset "reloading" audio drop-out question

    My setup: Axe-FX Ultra controlled by Behringer FCB1010 the problem: I've created a complex preset where one Expression Pedal (A) is used to control Reverb blend, and the other exp. pedal (B) is controlling echo blend. I've also added a continuous controller (#97) switch to toggle the...
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