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  1. reclavea


    I’m in with Admin M@‘s $1.00 bet post!
  2. reclavea

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.05

    Is the ir available?
  3. reclavea


    @1:33 an unnoticed mishap by the players ...someone went sharp it appears
  4. reclavea

    Wish Scene Toggle last scene

    Any response from FAS if this is in the works or even possible?
  5. reclavea

    Scalloped neck refret , is it possible?

    I do a slight over radius on my stainless frets install ...maybe don’t have to ... but works on my refrets
  6. reclavea

    Favorite Coffee

    I ordered 2 of these: Mornings ain't the same without a great cup or 2 of Java!!! I'm partial to Columbian Coffee....Foldgers or others!!...Arabica will do fine! I like those fancy ones 2 they make with fancy milk designs in the cup LOL!
  7. reclavea

    GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE — Official Trailer

    I’m a big fan of Ghostbusters! Comical and hilarious! It’s was great how they took the supernatural and horror and fused them with humor! The characters was well placed! Classics for sure!
  8. reclavea

    How does everyone learn new songs?

    Transcribe has preset EQ options that select or remove specific bands of frequencies...ie...Bass select, Bass remove, tenor select, tenor remove, Alto ...etc........flute select or remove, piccolo select or remove. You can custom your own EQ settings and name them as well. Very useful. Using...
  9. reclavea

    How does everyone learn new songs?

    Wore out records and cassettes! Used a disability cassette player back in the early 80’s with special slow and fast speed controls for a couple months. Then found a Marantz Superscope Cassette player with the same features plus more. Then picked up the Marantz Superscope CD player that was a...
  10. reclavea

    Shadows Presets Cygnus 2021

    Link is not working?
  11. reclavea

    Shadows Presets Cygnus 2021

    Awesome!! Thanks a million!!
  12. reclavea

    How do I know which firmware to download?

    The latest (last) firmware. https://www.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-downloads/ Ares 2.00
  13. reclavea

    Wish Repair Dizzy V4 Silver 3

    I report problems regardless if anyone likes it or not. And I always stand corrected if the problem is on my end and not fw. I do however search the archives for answers first and if I don't find any ...I'll post. FAS and it's forum members are 2nd to none in helping solving issues and...
  14. reclavea

    Wish Repair Dizzy V4 Silver 3

    I see one point of your post entails inquiry into the proper procedure if any in reporting possible bugs which sounds legit. However, I think you misread guitarnerdswe regarding "repeating a wish/request in different threads and starting new threads", ...he was referring to what he DID himself...
  15. reclavea


    The Earth is a sphere 👍🏻....a globe ...not flat 😊👍🏻
  16. reclavea


    Most likely doesn’t cut the cake per se with something that is purely philosophical. There is totally no evidence whatsoever for the multiverse. As such any alternative explanation is on the same footing. Same with time dilation, length contraction (Lorentz Transform) and mass increase ...
  17. reclavea


    It’s actually being observed with the heavens traversing across the sky everyday. Also ....conjecture and notions including the multiverse falls into the philosophical realm as basically that’s what they are until the evidence reaches a certain threshold that merits acceptance as reasonable...
  18. reclavea


    👍🏻....so it’s nothing to do with whether one likes the theory or not, but the history and the published writings has everything to do with a preferred cosmology and cosmogony thereby manipulating the data and conjuring up and inventing new physics to counter what empirical evidence is showing...
  19. reclavea


    Not to demean you in anyway but it's your ignorance of just exactly what modern physics holds. Einstein invented his 1905 STR to counter the sudden outpouring of empirical evidence pouring in in the early 1800s of a Static Earth. The flaws of STR had him inventing GTR and introducing it in...
  20. reclavea


    Copernicus did no such thing. While working on trying to correct the calendar to unify the date for Easter, he stumbled upon the idea that if he moved the static Earth from the center and had it move as the rest of the planets then the retrogrades seen by Mars and other planets could be...
  21. reclavea


    In GTR they are real forces...not fictitious. GTR is NOT a generalization of STR. 2 different “animals”. STR got rid of the aether .... Before GTR...Einstein insisted if the aether exists his STR is falsified. 10+ years later GTR brings it back! Lol STR took the static Earth out of the...
  22. reclavea


    Not when fraud is the end result. Name any spot or region in the universe where his STR applies? STR only applies where there is no inertial forces, centrifugal, Euler or gravity forces, hence It doesn’t apply to the Earth since ...ironically ...the Earth was his main focus for his STR to...
  23. reclavea


    Einstein's 1905 Special Theory of Relativity and his subsequent 1915 General Theory of Relativity both contradict each other! His 1905 STR limits the speed of light to 186,000mps. His 1915 GTR says that light and other material objects can travel at any speed above the speed of light. So...
  24. reclavea


    Not so. Anything can travel faster than light. Ironically ...even light itself. And it’s mathematically possible.
  25. reclavea

    Simple tip for Recto tones

    That’s sounds great!
  26. reclavea

    Wrecker Express with 6CA7s.... O.o

    I think I’ll multiply that!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  27. reclavea


    Actually, he proved no such thing. Anything can travel faster than light.
  28. reclavea


    Regarding the Church condemnation? It's basically written in church history and archives.....even the protestants rejected him and outcasted him in England when he went there after his rebuke by the church. Finding his "ideas" too absurd...
  29. reclavea

    Step Diatonic Harmonizer

    What the??!!!
  30. reclavea


    Obfuscation, corrupt science and within the academia itself has compromised facts and research since the studies started going the other way.
  31. reclavea


    Bruno was burned at the stake for his other worlds notions among other heresies listed. The implications are far reaching and potentially discrediting the Christian narrative. He (Jesus) came to Earth. John 1:xx Jesus then would be and could be relegated to a being (advanced?) from another...
  32. reclavea

    Exploring The Various Tube Types

    I’m somewhat of the same mindset. Tubes don’t sound...but they change the sound lol.... I’d simply take it with a “grain of salt” then when players would allude to “tube sounds”...since they do “change and alter” the sound.
  33. reclavea

    Exploring The Various Tube Types

    Cliff notes changing LF & HF resonance can simulate changing tubes. This from you is definitively in the ballpark as well! Rex: “A big part of the tube's interaction with the circuit has to do with the tube's impedance, which varies from tube to tube. Play around with XFMR MATCH to simulate...
  34. reclavea

    Exploring The Various Tube Types

    With my Mesa Mark III with 4 6L6 power tubes ...I can change out the 2 outside tubes to EL34s with drastic differences in sound....both clean and driven sounds. I would think it should be no different in the Axe but it’s a very subtle difference ...this is pre-Cygnus I’m referring too. I’ve...
  35. reclavea

    Cab Block Preamp

    Maybe start with cab low cuts and hi cuts off? Add desired preamp type and fine tune again with the low and hi cuts as needed. Or vice versa. Looks like a fun rabbit hole.
  36. reclavea

    Cab Block Preamp

    This is critical information and definitely true. I think it’s oblivious to the majority. Was to me till now!
  37. reclavea

    What is this?

    What is this? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  38. reclavea

    Digitech Freqout or Sustainiac - Thoughts?

    It's also a Sustainiac model. ...earlier option.
  39. reclavea

    Merging Presets in Axe Fx III

    Maybe merge 2 blank presets? The results will be more if Dark Matter exists. Make that Dark Energy 🤔
  40. reclavea


    What about Whataboutism? 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤔😊
  41. reclavea


    What about...? - The probability of just one DNA arranging itself by chance: - 1 to 10^119.000 - It is equivalent as her winning the LOTTERY EVERY DAY FOR 5 BILLION consecutive years..!! 🤷🏻‍♂️
  42. reclavea

    Axe-Fx III rebooted while playing

    Doesn't seem like it. No issues since I upgraded to FW16.02...(not saying it's the firmware though)
  43. reclavea


    Again....Fermi's Paradox... However,...your "The universe as we observe it already invalidates all the creation stories of all the holy books of all religions." ....In actuality it's quite the OPPOSITE. ALL the observations we see confirms the creation account of Genesis 1:1 And i'm...
  44. reclavea

    Gain Enhancer for clean tones

    At times I like that "acoustic stimulation" sensation of playing at loud volumes. It's not quite the same using a compressor imho.
  45. reclavea


    - The probability of just one DNA arranging itself by chance: - 1 to 10^119.000 - It is equivalent as you winning the LOTTERY EVERY DAY FOR 5 BILLION consecutive years..!! 🤷‍♂️ These are precisely why the philosophical concept of the "Multi -verse" was introduced.
  46. reclavea


    THREE WORDS THAT FALSIFY EVOLUTION: Integrated Functional Complexity ——————————— - Do you Love Mathematics..?? - The probability of a fine tuned universe by Chance: - 1 to 10^10^123 : - by Professor Roger Penrose Nobel prize . - Probability for life started alone by chance: - 1 to...
  47. reclavea

    Axe-Fx III rebooted while playing

    My power connections are fine
  48. reclavea

    Axe-Fx III rebooted while playing

    Same preset yes
  49. reclavea

    Axe-Fx III rebooted while playing

    I just experienced my AxeIII rebooting. 3 times in an hour. I just upgraded to the latest 16 beta Will see how it goes tomorrow (I did not use it at all in the prior fw till just tonight.)
  50. reclavea


    Femi's Paradox However, even if there was an trillion times a trillion all the grains of sand in all the Earth with the stars....it bears not a quantum dent for an infinite creator who desires the existence of these all for 1 civilization.
  51. reclavea


    Fermi's Paradox
  52. reclavea

    Happy Birthday Mark Day!

    Happy Birthday Mark! Thanks for everything!
  53. reclavea

    Wish 32 Band Graphic EQ Block + 5 More Parametric bands to Amp Input EQ Page + Option to flip to 32 Band EQ at Amp input EQ Page

    Ok....👍🏻 Any specific sample tunes or links for Diamond Eyes Deftones record?
  54. reclavea

    How to simulate Mesa "Simul-Class?"

    I still have mine! I had Mesa refurbish the head and change out some worn parts ....ie...all thegraphic EQ sliders a couple pots and tubes. It doesn’t sound the same ...I think it’s the brand tubes....never got to changing and trying out others as that was when I moved to Fractal.
  55. reclavea

    Never heard of this song before....friggin love it!

    That’s cool! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  56. reclavea

    How to simulate Mesa "Simul-Class?"

    My 86’ Mark III was simply glorious! The tone and sheer power was crazy magical! From what I understand ....Mesa developed a way to have a class A amp run together with a class AB amp ...simultaneously ...with the class A amp imparting its sound overall. Hence the Simul-Class. There is a “Half...
  57. reclavea

    How to simulate Mesa "Simul-Class?"

    Whoa! ...don’t give me any ideas! 😊😍👍🏻
  58. reclavea

    How to simulate Mesa "Simul-Class?"

    I inquired similar back in my Ultra days. No clear answer as far as I recall. I thinks it’s “baked in” on some of the USA models?🤷🏻‍♂️ I think I’m feeling it in the sound back then and till now but not sure. The USA sims have always sounded great though. It would be cool if we could switch...
  59. reclavea

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.01 Beta 1 Public Beta

    New FW with major and significant amp improvements will no doubt affect the workings of the controls. Improvements on the accuracy of the sound and tone may affect the settings you set on prior FW that you altered to get you the sound you wanted. Some experience immediate improvements without...
  60. reclavea

    The Elusive "Tube-ry Feel" of Axe-Fx III

    Mesa Mark III!!! Super killer amp! Weighs a ton! Long head with a separate 2x12 Tube sensitive if not the right batch or manufacturer! Differing venues was hit or miss! Unpredictable!
  61. reclavea

    Dang! Wood is expensive these days...

    340% higher ☹️
  62. reclavea

    Do you prefer high action?

    Can we include measurements in 64ths?
  63. reclavea

    Coming soon...

    @Axeman “Do you feel like I do” 🥱
  64. reclavea

    AFX3.. yeh or ney

    Yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!! + 1000 + 16
  65. reclavea

    Auto engage Effect

    Maybe you have the same pedal attached to bypass on the same block?
  66. reclavea

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.00 "Cygnus"

    Just load up the previous fw ...and then reload your backups...presets, system ...etc
  67. reclavea

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.00 "Cygnus"

    Thank you FAS! Again ....such a great time to be a musician ...who just happens to play guitar! 🎸🎸🎸
  68. reclavea

    Wish ADA MP-1

    I think the Mesa Mark I wish is of similar criteria? i.e...tones are easily available using other models?
  69. reclavea

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    The point is the interchangeability of the word “Tone” & “Sound”....as with “tremolo” and “vibrato” however wrong When Ted played his rig ...the sound changed ...subjectively ...yet it’s perfectly understood if one said the tone changed....however wrong The tone technically has not changed...
  70. reclavea

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    I agree! ... However ....the use is kinda similar to the use of “tremolo” & “vibrato” today. Definitely not the same thing but still used interchangeably or misused unintentionally.....maybe more the latter. However the “figure of speechy” per se of the use of “The tone is in the fingers”...
  71. reclavea

    Cygnus Is Not Like Other Firmwares

    More like not “feel the same” perhaps ...but can definitely sound the same .... But from these posts ....Cygnus sounds like great headway towards the “feel”! 👍🏻
  72. reclavea

    Phosphine found on Venus: life?

    It doesn't matter what you don't give a f*** for or what I don't give a f*** for. It's whatever the cosmology actually is....that is of concern. The noted observations of the Ptolemaic Model is what IS OBSERVED. But not necessarily is what is actually happening. Copernicus in the mid 1500s put...
  73. reclavea

    Phosphine found on Venus: life?

    Yes....the Earth is not flat. Muad'zin: "we have observed the Earth turning around its axis." uh.....no....we have NOT. Muad'zin: "We see the other planets in the solar system move around the Sun." That has no bearing whatsoever on the "actual condition" off the Earth whether static or not...
  74. reclavea

    So I’ve just discovered the speaker drive parameter!

    Drives the speaker? 🤷🏻‍♂️😁
  75. reclavea

    FM3 Simulating a Classical Guitar sound (Nylon Strings) possible?

    It is a midi pickup of sorts. Has new 1/4” input capability
  76. reclavea

    Story behind the FAS logo?

    A quantification of the the theory of chaos
  77. reclavea

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    I would have myself if he was coming from other than an AxeII.
  78. reclavea

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 10 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #7

    It’s in the hardware system menu options.
  79. reclavea

    Hiwatt, SMH

    I would say it would have to be a FAS Model or A FAS Model one yet to be. Now if it was the "Holy Grail" ...each genre type would have it's own I would think. :yum:
  80. reclavea

    Mesa Boogie Simul-Class

    Maybe it’s modeled in or “baked in” somehow? The USA’s have sounded great since my Ultra days! Maybe a placebo effect ....but I never found any definitive response to these “Simul-Class” inquiries. I wonder if the class A amps in the Axe are the same concept and use and just without the simul...
  81. reclavea

    Mesa Boogie Simul-Class

    I as well! I understand Cliff used them for years. If not modeled he probably saw no need to ...redundancy maybe.
  82. reclavea

    You guys are in for another treat.

    That’s precisely because he is a player!! ... & and connoisseur of guitar, amps and TONE!! 👍🏻 This is what sets him apart! Did I mention heinous genius? 😊
  83. reclavea

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 10 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #7

    Decided to update to the Fractal fw16 Cygnus beta10 & took a crack at filling in the gtr harmonies on my Thin Lizzy Backing Track work. Lead parts no "chug" LOL so maybe not a good test but sounds great to me! First real guitar activity since the pandemic for me! The orig stems have all the...
  84. reclavea

    Axe-Edit III 1.08.11

    Thank you!
  85. reclavea

    Axe-Edit III 1.08.10

    Thank you!!
  86. reclavea

    Phosphine found on Venus: life?

    Not so....there is only one model that is right. And the most useful is the model by which the reference frame is overwhelmingly used. That would of course be the geo model since the vast majority of space missions would necessarily be the one that bases it’s calculations off of... ie...the...
  87. reclavea

    Phosphine found on Venus: life?

    Not Newtonian but you mean from a Relativistic view? yyz67 is right regarding the history of Relativity. Einstein was not the first. However, he is off with Galileo as Galileo's "evidence" which was over 15 that he presented at his inquisition trial. Physicists today worth their weight all...
  88. reclavea

    Phosphine found on Venus: life?

    😳That’s the same evidence the ancients used to confirm the Earth is not moving lol😂 Notice ..? You said the Sun and moon “rises” & “sets”? Ironically similar to the scriptures... Ecclesiastes 1:5 “ The sun rises and the sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises.” Psalms 113:3 “From the...
  89. reclavea

    Bought the Axe-Fx III again....from the guy I sold it to!

    What the???!! :hushed: :)👍
  90. reclavea

    Phosphine found on Venus: life?

    I’m no flat earther ....but how does anyone know for a fact the earth is actually spinning when there is no actual conclusive empirical evidence? If there is none ....it’s then merely a philosophical idea & preference.
  91. reclavea

    Phosphine found on Venus: life?

    https://www.edge.org/video/robert-shapiro—-life-what-a-concept Robert Shapiro...Chemist "I'm always running out of metaphors to try and explain what the difficulty is. But suppose you took Scrabble sets, or any word game sets, blocks with letters, containing every language on Earth, and you...
  92. reclavea

    Toto - "Hold the Line" - Steve Lukather guitar solo cover

    Nice! I created a patch with the pitch block harmonies kicking in with an EXP pedal.
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