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  1. Funeral

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 7.00

    Awesome. FC fixes are working great. Thanks FAS Team.
  2. Funeral

    Some ambient noodly tests. Only for the most curious...

    @simeon What interface are you using? Can you use this in real time or are the effects from your plugins/Ableton being done in post? Also, what plugins are you using? Thanks for any info. These sound great.
  3. Funeral

    AXE 3 plus acoustic plus MIDI synth equals MANIA and AWESOMENESS

    You can. They are called Control Switches. You can have 6 of them.
  4. Funeral

    Wrote my first song post-AxeFX3-ownership :)

    File/Project settings/Synchronization, select the MIDI tab and then in the "Destination 1" drop down, select your Axe-fx 3. Hope that helps.
  5. Funeral

    AXE 3 plus acoustic plus MIDI synth equals MANIA and AWESOMENESS

    You should be able to do this with a Control Switch function. Just set it up in Axe-edit or the front panel and add the CS to one of your layouts. EzPz. :)
  6. Funeral

    Tone Matching Strategies

    Good stuff as usual. Thanks for the content.
  7. Funeral

    "Into The Blue"

    Sounds great dude. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Funeral

    Black EV-1's out of stock

    I emailed them. Thanks.
  9. Funeral

    [BUG] Hold function issue

    Awesome! Thanks Bryan.
  10. Funeral

    Black EV-1's out of stock

  11. Funeral

    Anyone EQ-matched their guitars?

    You might need to high and low cut it a bit to get it not to be so out of control. When I get home tonight, I will try and match my Strat to my 8. I haven't done it in a long while.
  12. Funeral

    Anyone EQ-matched their guitars?

    Just try using the tone match block like mentioned above. If it works for you, that's all you need to do. :)
  13. Funeral

    Anyone EQ-matched their guitars?

    I've done it in the past with my II, works bretty gud.
  14. Funeral

    Black EV-1's out of stock

    Any way to find out when they will be back in stock? I'm ready to order 2 but just can't bring myself to order the silver EV1's. @Admin M@
  15. Funeral

    Incoming NGD

    Nice. HNGD!
  16. Funeral

    [BUG] Hold function issue

    Thanks guys. I already feel better. :)
  17. Funeral

    [BUG] Hold function issue

    @Doubleneck Thanks for checking and the confirmation. @BryantP Have you had a chance to test this?
  18. Funeral

    [BUG] Hold function issue

    On the front panel enter Setup/FC Controllers/Config, set "Hold function execute mode" to Switch up.
  19. Funeral

    NGD: PRS 2018 Experience Ltd.

  20. Funeral

    Per preset tutorial?

    Check out @2112 's tutorial here. It breaks down a lot of what the FC can do and covers Per Preset switches too.
  21. Funeral

    Is triggered single-shot LFO controller action possible?

    No your insight is highly valued. Thanks for all you have contributed.
  22. Funeral

    [BUG] Hold function issue

  23. Funeral

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.04

    Had @Rex confirm this. Quite sure it's a bug now.
  24. Funeral

    [BUG] Hold function issue

    Thank you for checking. Not 3, but you can do it with 2. One for press, one for hold.
  25. Funeral

    [BUG] Hold function issue

    With "Hold function execute mode" to Switch up? If so, any ideas as to what? I've reset my layouts to default and would love to know how I can fix this if it's just user error.
  26. Funeral

    [BUG] Hold function issue

    You can switch between two different blocks with the same footswitch. It's not working correctly for Tap/Tuner as well on default layouts. On the front panel enter Setup/FC Controllers/Config, set "Hold function execute mode" to Switch up. With this new setting turned off/TIMEOUT, I can switch...
  27. Funeral

    [BUG] Hold function issue

    Thanks for checking. Hope it gets fixed fast. I was really looking forward to this feature. It's an excellent idea and should be a simple fix.
  28. Funeral

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.04

    I might have discovered a bug with the new hold function. I'm hoping it's just user error. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/hold-function-issue.152309/ If anyone else can test this, that would be awesome.
  29. Funeral

    [BUG] Hold function issue

    I'm trying to set Chorus 1 and Flanger 1 to the same button. Chorus being tap, and Flanger being hold. When I hold the button, both the Chorus and the Flanger turn on. What am I doing wrong? I am using the new feature, "Switch up", switch on hold release, fwiw. Any help is greatly appreciated...
  30. Funeral

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.04

    Yeah, I'm curious what the CC Boost is too. :)
  31. Funeral

    Preset download ?

    Could be but I would try renaming the file to .syx
  32. Funeral

    Axe III is just the best

    It's a no brainer. I could never go back to a traditional rig.
  33. Funeral

    Cab block help.

    So...., still post the preset.
  34. Funeral

    Preset download ?

    The Ultra requires a MIDI interface to transfer presets to it. Most modern audio interfaces have the ability to send MIDI out via a midi cable. You will most likely have to use a MIDI/SysEx librarian to push the data to your Ultra. Check this link out for a proper guide/how to.
  35. Funeral

    Need help controlling GCX switcher from Axe-Fx III

    Why not add another MIDI block to the preset you are switching to with the off command?
  36. Funeral

    Cab block help.

    Post the preset. Might be something running in parallel or a routing issue.
  37. Funeral

    Certain things missing from 'native' Axe-Change in AxeEdit?

    Yeah, the same thing happens for me. Can't find it in the Axe-Edit version, pops right up on the web. Curious.
  38. Funeral

    How to control scene changes with Reaper

    The easiest way is to add a midi item, open the item and then select View, Mode:Event List and manually enter a CC #, channel, location/time (4.1.00 for bar four, beat one) and a value between 0 and 7. I think the default CC for the AX8 is 34 but just check and make sure. Hope that helps.
  39. Funeral

    Underdogs - 8 Overlooked Amps

    Great stuff as usual. Thanks for the content.
  40. Funeral

    Finally completed the rig

    Nice. Congratulations!
  41. Funeral

    Added some external switches to the FC-6

    Very cool and great idea. I will consider doing the same once my FC12 shows up. Soon...
  42. Funeral

    Added some external switches to the FC-6

    How did you mount the FC to the Temple Audio board with the FC feet still on?
  43. Funeral

    Plexi 50 Jump Noise Level - Is This Normal

    I get something similar out of the 800 model and a few others. It's been that way for me since the II.
  44. Funeral

    What's up w shipping lately???

  45. Funeral

    Best backing track site?

  46. Funeral

    Logic Remote is good... :)

    Studio One has an app based remote that will work with your phone or tablets, android or iPhone/Pad. Reaper has a web based remote that will do the same. Cubase has it. FL Studio has it. Many DAW's now support remote control. Handy stuff. :)
  47. Funeral

    Bug? Auto-engage not working with slow pos/fast update

    Have you tried re-calibrating your expression pedal?
  48. Funeral

    Ragdoll - Rust

    Sounds great!
  49. Funeral

    Finally took the plunge!

    Find an IR and Amp you like. Boost it with a drive pedal (Drive all the way down, Level all the way up. Start with the T808 or use the built in Input Boost in the amp block under the Preamp tab ). Adjust the Amp's drive to taste. With the right amp and IR this should be pretty easy and get you...
  50. Funeral

    Gated Reverb Tutorial

    Cool. Keep up the great work.
  51. Funeral

    Mounting AX8 on Pedalboard

    Nice setup.
  52. Funeral

    Using Pro-Tools to Automate Patch/Scene/Effect/Modifier Changes

    Nice info. Thanks for the content.
  53. Funeral

    Fractal-Bot 3.00.00

    Awesome. Thanks!
  54. Funeral

    The Fender Deluxe you've always wanted.

    Wow, $7,500! 🤡🌍
  55. Funeral

    MFC Display dead. Help!

    If I'm remembering correctly, there are two big ribbon cables in the MFC. You might want to check if one has come lose. Your warranty is surely over by now so no worries there. Just be careful and don't get in a rush.
  56. Funeral

    Shimmer - Clips and Overview

    Nice. Thanks for the content.
  57. Funeral

    Burg's Marshalls V6 - Free preset and demo vid

    Sounds great. Thanks for sharing.
  58. Funeral

    "Basics" Tutorials

    Good stuff as always. Thanks for all your contributions.
  59. Funeral

    12 High Gain Amps, 1 Riff (In a Mix)

    Nice. Keep up the excellent work.
  60. Funeral

    Build a rock rig in 5 minutes

    Excellent stuff Leon. I enjoy all your content.
  61. Funeral

    My Journey To Fractal - By Devin Townsend - Part 1+2

    Very cool. Thanks for the break down and all the amazing music.
  62. Funeral

    Best DAW?

    I like turtles......and Reaper. Works great for both PC and Mac.
  63. Funeral

    DevilDriver / AudioVaultStudio Presets

    Thanks for sharing Mike. I found the Lucid Dream Clean very interesting and liked your Uber Strato preset as well. I've been waiting on Fishman to come out with passive size routes for the Abasi set. Hopefully that happens.
  64. Funeral

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    It could be. Either way, I'm glad it's working for you.
  65. Funeral

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    I'm glad you found a work around, but it's not really a solution. Not everyone has a rig with 2/selectable video cards. This has been a problem for a while now. Needs to be fixed by FAS.
  66. Funeral

    My Axe-centric studio room

    Nice and neat.
  67. Funeral

    Blend over between two amps with Volume pedal

    A moderator claims "they" might take a feature away because of a forum poster. What's going on here? That is a VERY bad look.
  68. Funeral

    Axe FX II + Cubase problem

    I haven't used Cubase since I switched to Reaper about 5 years ago, but if I were you, I would look up some tutorials on Youtube. Also RTFM.
  69. Funeral

    Axe Edit constant crashes

    I'm sorry but that is not a solution, that is a work around. Everything was fine until 8 beta. Nothing changed but the firmware and an AE update. This is not a USB issue. This is not a transport issue. And unlike you, I'm getting pissed off.
  70. Funeral

    You Know You're a Bonehead When...

    I once (years before the Axe-fx) had a drummer break a stick and knock the singers cup of water out of his hand that landed on and shorted out my pedal board. Played a gig where the entire band was dying from a wicked flu. Singer started a chain reaction band wide puking in front of a few...
  71. Funeral

    Help with vintage AC DC tone

    Solo Dallas trick.
  72. Funeral

    Axe Edit constant crashes

    I am having the same issue.
  73. Funeral

    Communication Timeouts

    I too am getting Communication Timeouts. This is not a USB cable issue. Too many ppl are having the same thing happen post 8 beta.
  74. Funeral

    Spitball - Boss FS-5L Use

    Depends on you but if you can assign a modifier to the parameter you can use that switch on it. Global volume/db boost/cut, Filter boost, Filter cut, X/Y, scene toggle (a/b), scene scroll, Boost switch in Amp block, kill switch/tuner, relay switch for real Amp. Lots and lots of options really.
  75. Funeral

    Are All XL+ Units Equal?

    I find the only way to get that "greasy" tone is to name the preset Turtle (something). Works every time. :)
  76. Funeral

    Help me make my strat bigger

    Nice, but this pic of it caught my attention. Big. Strat.
  77. Funeral

    Is The Edge going with Axe FX for the new tour?

    Turtles. I like turtles.
  78. Funeral

    Satch style rock tune to end the night.

    Sounds great. Thanks for sharing.
  79. Funeral

    Fractal used for real amp design!

    You are posting in a thread about a thread mainly about shit posting... Tell me more about your feelings.
  80. Funeral

    Fractal used for real amp design!

    I like turtles.
  81. Funeral

    My Axe Fx 2 sounds dull

    The answer has been given. Multiple times. Use your ears.
  82. Funeral

    Thinking about adding the looper to my rig

    Try a very slow LFO.
  83. Funeral

    Where to start with a Nuno Porno Tone?

    Nunos tone always has been and always will be in his hands. Doesn't matter what he plays through, it sounds like him. I know that doesn't help.
  84. Funeral

    Thinking about adding the looper to my rig

    You can do swells and fades with the Axe-fx Looper by placing it at the end of the chain in parallel, mix 100% and control the level with a Modifier of your choice on the level of the Looper block. In this case an external controller would be perfect. FYI & FWIW
  85. Funeral

    The humble spring reverb...

    Sounds good here.
  86. Funeral

    I hate iLOK

    I wont touch it.
  87. Funeral

    Expression Pedal Question

    The price is bonkers.
  88. Funeral

    Saving the metronome volume level?

    Metronome is tied to Output 1.
  89. Funeral

    EBOW how to create a patch to simulate this effect

    Dude....Search better. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/yeks-presets-for-mki-mkii-v15-03-and-blog.66851/
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