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  1. Sixstring

    Just a curious question!

    First off this is not a gripe, So after reading up on the features of the FM9 I realized after noticing that it only had 3 pedal ports that each of the pedal ports could run either an expression pedal or a single button switch. The FM3 had the ability to run 2 switches in each port and was...
  2. Sixstring

    SOLD FM3/FC-6 For sale!

    Up for grabs! In mint condition FM3 and FC-6! The FM3 is basically brand new! I sent my FM3 in to have a repair done and was sent a NEW unit! This DOES have the headphone out! plastic covers still in place. The FC-6 is in great shape one small scratch on the bottom which I did sharpie over...
  3. Sixstring

    FS Presonus AR12

    For sale Presonus AR12 mixing board! lite use, well cared for, smoke free! no issues bag included. Looking for $375 shipped to the lower 48!
  4. Sixstring

    Soundcraft UI series mixers?

    I just bought the Soundcraft UI 16 and so far I'm liking it! I haven't dove too deep yet still getting used to the interface. Im not really mixing any gigs with it yet but my wife participates in the local Hula show and I play the tracks for them to dance to. I was using my Presonus AR12 that...
  5. Sixstring

    Other hobbies!

    It's been a wile since I've posted up some of my work! Aside from playing guitar and lusting after amp tones I wood work! I work mainly with Hawaiian woods and being part Hawaiian I some what involve myself in the culture. Here is a "Lei O Mono" a Weapon of war used by ancient Hawaiians. The...
  6. Sixstring

    Wish Dimmable Output and status LED's

    As the title says! It would be nice though I don't see this as a fix on the current FM3 but maybe in future floor units it would be a REALLY nice option! I don't know about anyone else but when looking at the FM in a low light situation the LED's make it difficult to see the silk screened lettering.
  7. Sixstring

    FM3 hanging up after startup and switching

    Ok so I have noticed that after startup when I go to preset, effects or try to use the tuner the FM3 is no longer responsive to switch commands. It still makes sounds and depending on where it hangs up I can switch presets or turn on and off effects on the FC6 but there is no button highlights...
  8. Sixstring

    Wish Selectable EQ for input Boost type

    I really like this feature of an assignable EQ style for the input boost but it would be even better if we had the option of a selectable EQ (like the EQ block) ie: 5,7,10 band or even a Parametric to place in that box! I don't think this is redundant otherwise why have EQ styles in there at all?
  9. Sixstring

    Patty Smyth!

    Has anyone been watching her? Had a huge crush on her back in the day and her new stuff is pretty good!
  10. Sixstring

    What amp would you run back to?

    I have been thinking of getting another tube amp and with the onset of hybridizing analog and digital circuits with respect to tube amps the choices are starting to get interesting! I know some of you have both and will never part with your tube buddy and I totally get! I'm looking to hear...
  11. Sixstring

    Wish Increase attack and release times for the modifier

    I know this is probably a scarcely needed option yet seems like it would be an easy fix. Allowing more than the 1000ms (1sec) in this function would be cool for predetermined volume swells, fades or really cool super slow sweeps in a scene when attached to a modifier. Increasing it to say 15...
  12. Sixstring

    Not a Bug Inconsistent switching?

    Yesterday I had an issue with the scene label not showing up so I restarted and everything was normal. Today I now have had an issue with the tuner not working when holding the presets button on the FM and the top row of my FC-6 not working. I did a restart and the tuner hold works but still...
  13. Sixstring

    SOLD Eventide H9 Max Dark Limited edition!

    Excellent condition only used it a few times! Comes with everything pictured $650 shipped to the lower 48!
  14. Sixstring

    OMG9 layout and scenes 7-8

    Ok, so I have been trying to figure out how to label and uncover scenes 7-8 in the OMG9 layout on the FC-6. I was on the phone with Greg Summers (orion3277) who was gracious enough to talk with me for quite a while and he was kind of stumped as well, it was late for him being on the East coast...
  15. Sixstring

    [solved] Who is using outboard effects?

    Went and bought an H9 Dark to add to the fun but having an issue getting the loop to work. To troubleshoot I have taken everything out of the loop and went direct from send to return with a jumper on the back of the FM and I get sound but I can unplug the jumper and I still get sound. I don't...
  16. Sixstring

    Analyze this!

    So I have 3 questions, 1. Can someone tell me why there is a cable coming down from the upper left hand corner of the input? I can't seem to get rid of it and figured it was a byproduct of using Fractool. 2. The other thing I have discovered is that if I try to recreate this preset from...
  17. Sixstring

    SOLD AX8 $850 + shipping to the lower 48

    Lite use, some small scratches from normal use. 5 bearfoot buttons included, I have restored all factory presets and verified everything works as it should. It has never had any issues. If it matters this is one of the units that was assembled in the U.S. ships in the original FAS dubble box...
  18. Sixstring

    FM Speculation thread!

    Speculation is always fun! This thread is in response to a question that came up in another thread I has stated which has changed the topic Sooo. I have participated many of the threads over the years. One thing is a constant, just when you think you have made sense of it FAS always seems to...
  19. Sixstring

    FM3 removable attachment ideas

    I have been thinking of a way to make it so the FM3 can be removed from a board easily but still be securely attached. I'm going to be using a piece of 3/4" plywood for my base that will set in the existing bottom of the case I currently have. I was considering these Does anyone know if there...
  20. Sixstring

    AX8 users moving to FM3

    Just trying to get a sense of what others are planning on doing? This is aimed at guys that are primarily AX8 users that have chosen to move to the FM3. I have looked at it pretty hard and it seems if you need total flexibility an FC is a must. I have replotted my current Ax8 board dims and it...
  21. Sixstring

    FS PreSonus AR8

    I need more channels so this needs to go! Nothing wrong with it everything functions perfectly! It has been a great little board for the money. Asking $250 shipped to the lower 48. PM if you have any questions.
  22. Sixstring

    Delay in all presets

    For some reason I now have a delay in every single preset even if I create a new preset with nothing but shunts! Anyone have an idea as to what's going on? I haven't done any editing in quite a while and just noticed it this afternoon.
  23. Sixstring

    Brian May tone

    I gave this one a shot, kind of tough one to nail down without a Trisonic pups and phase switching.
  24. Sixstring

    FS Marshall JCM 2000 TSL and AX 412 Green back top cab

    Up for sale is my old TSL that I had sold to my brother in law. History on this amp just as an FYI, I personally bought this amp new from GC in Rancho Cucamonga CA back in 2003 along with a 1960 412AX top cab (25watt green backs). I changed out the black covering on the head to match the checker...
  25. Sixstring

    Any one good with wiring layout?

    I need a little help with wiring up my new pups anyone handy with drawing a schematic? My parts came in for the job and I started looking for any schematic and couldn't find anything. What I'm trying to accomplish is a modified Pete Thorn wiring setup with a Free way switch. Free way site...
  26. Sixstring

    Free-Way Switch!

    Anyone here using one of these? I'm thinking of doing yet another pickup change (ThornBuckers this time) and I want to have a few more options with sounds and thought of using this switch. My guitar currently has a PRS 3 way and a P-P drop in setup. Free-way switch
  27. Sixstring

    Anyone Going/watching Coachella?

    I was watching the live stream from yesterdays line up. Greta Van Fleet did a pretty good job considering the mass of technical difficulties the guitar player had in the first two songs.
  28. Sixstring

    King's X

    For anyone thats interested here are the concert dates, I have my tickets for the 24th \m/. Kings X
  29. Sixstring

    Line 6 JTV 59

    I was thinking of picking up another JTV 59 and went looking... What's up with the pricing? it was only a few years ago you could pick one up in really nice condition for $5-600. I can't find a used one for under $800 now. Anyone?
  30. Sixstring

    Which Rack mount Mixer?

    I have been looking at Digital rack mount mixers and trying to syfer which is the best to run with. I know a lot of guys here like the Behringer X rack and X Air. I was wondering how they stack up to other in the sub 1k price range. Thoughts?
  31. Sixstring

    Suhr Aura

    So who is going to try for one of these beauties? I just saw this last night on Suhrs site and WOW! John has outdone himself on this guitar. With only 100 being made for sale world wide it sounds as if only the uber wealthy are going to be able to buy one. Suhr Guitars Aura
  32. Sixstring


    Ok I just got the call to play a gig on Thursday night and they have a silent stage, so I need a recomendation on some decent Earbuds that won't break the bank! I'm good to $150 and they need to be carried in a GC or a Sam Ash store so I can run down and pick them up, I don't like in ears so...
  33. Sixstring

    Support bag

    I have been schlepping around an old leather overnight bag to carry spare instrument cables ,tools, adapters, strings etc. The zippers are wore out and it is kind of cumbersome to dig through. So I'm wondering what others have come up with to fill this role what are you guys using?
  34. Sixstring

    Tone is in your fingers debate

    So I got into the dreaded "tone is in your fingers" debate the other day with a fellow guitar player. Good lord how this can it be such a divided issue. I'm of the camp that tone is primarily a function of EQ and not so much your hands, though I will admit how you play (technique or style) can...
  35. Sixstring

    P-Rail wiring

    Can someone with pickup wiring knowhow give me a clue as to how to on my Cali Carvetop? 1 Volume, 1 Tone (with push pull coil tap) and a three way toggle, Neck and bridge pups. I might possibly consider the Triple shot rings but not sure if I really need them. Any insight would be appreciated...
  36. Sixstring

    AC/DC preset

    See if this one rocks, Humbuckers and Hogs... Inspired by the song Riff Raff.
  37. Sixstring

    Uncle Salty

    I have been jammin this song in the morning on my way to work so I had to cop the tone. This is a basic preset using a 50 watt plexi jump and a 412 basket weave TV IR with a few twists on the effects. First off it's a stereo preset for the chorusing to get that wide sound of the two guitars...
  38. Sixstring

    Denon DJ series

    I found these while surfing around for different speaker offerings. Has anyone else seen or heard them? Specs look promising and the pricing looks even better! At $499 - $599. I realize these are being marketed towards DJ's and have the typical marketing hype but it is a full range system and...
  39. Sixstring

    Button reaction

    Is there a way to change the way the buttons react when stepping on them? Seems I remember a thread where someone mentioned it. I want things to engage on the downward motion not when it's released, was this reality or just a wish?
  40. Sixstring

    RATM the toy version!

    Just saw this rendition of killing in the name... thinking Clif might need to model this amp, lol.
  41. Sixstring

    Anyone mastering to vinyl here?

    I'm curious, I heard vinyl records are making somewhat of a comeback and the fact that I just took a job at the only U.S. based manufacturing plant of Vinyl master blanks that I know of, Apollo Masters! There is some really cool history here and I get to maintain all of the old machines that...
  42. Sixstring

    Latching/Momentary switching

    For some reason I'm having an issue with the Latching function in one of my presets (External 4). It was not there the other day and I have not done any programming or made any changes to presets. I have gone into the menu on the AX8 and changed them up to see if it would fix the problem but no...
  43. Sixstring

    Walking on the moon!

    Try this one out and let me know if it works! Cheers!
  44. Sixstring

    Rush "Free Will"

    My quick attempt at some Rush tones from the Permanent waves recording. This is an all stock preset based on the 50 watt Plexi. Have fun with it, Cheers! EDIT: I did some changes to the preset and posted the revision!
  45. Sixstring

    Ty Tabor Kings X tone

    Can someone with some single coils give this a whirl? I'm using my Carvin that has coil taps and would like to know if this is translating well for others. I have 3 scenes the first two are supposed to represent an earlier Kings X tone while scene 3 has the Dual Rectifier tone for Dogman...
  46. Sixstring

    Top boost / Shiver

    This is a preset based on the combination of two stock presets with the addition of scenes and X/Y states. Scene's 1 - 4 are the variants between the two. FS 7- 8 are scene controllers with boost and freeze hold on the verb. Cab I/R's are stock. Enjoy!
  47. Sixstring

    VH II

    This has been a work in progress so try it out and see if you like it! S1 is kind of a beautiful girls thing. S2 is the intro to women in love with S3 turning off the delay. S4 is dry amp and cab S5 is Flanger and reverb FS 4 is set up for a boost
  48. Sixstring

    Scorpions Blackout

    One for your 80's pleasure! Preset build details: Guitar used: Carvin CT624 Hog/Maple Pup's Carvin CS22's 7.6 Ohm Cab Type: FRFR I/R OH 412 MAR-CB H75-PR 421-M+mix
  49. Sixstring

    Blank screen after update

    Just thought I would throw this out here, I did a Firmware update (3.52) and after the power cycle it didn't boot and all I got was a blank screen. I set up a Ticket with support so I'm just waiting for a reply from FAS.
  50. Sixstring

    Atomic Punk preset!

    Thought I would throw this out here. The preset has a total of 4 scenes and one momentary switch. Scene 1 is Phaser and a 330 delay Scene 2 is 330 delay Scene 3 is Flanger Scene 4 is just reverb FS 4 is setup to be a momentary for the 90ms delay. EDIT: For those of you that are monitoring in...
  51. Sixstring

    Fixed config tab

    Entering the config tab and scrolling down to tempo makes for some weird things in the screen. Everything goes away but the word Controllers and some characters. Anyone else seeing this? Power cycling makes it go away but repeating the same steps gets you the same result.
  52. Sixstring


    I'm sure this has been asked but I'm to tired to go looking for the answer... How come moving avatars aren't supported?
  53. Sixstring


    Hey guys looking to cop the old Eventide chorus sound that was used on the VH II recordings. I have tried all the different types and I am just at a loss. They all seem to have that slight sweep to them and if you turn down the rate to where it stops it doesn't sound right. Any insight would be...
  54. Sixstring


    Hey everyone just checking in to see if Riffstation is still the the audio isolator of choice. I haven't really been paying attention to what else is out there.
  55. Sixstring

    Boost function

    Looking to attach the boost function in the amp block to one of the foot switches (on the AX8), is it possible? Went through all of the menus and the manual can't seem to figure it out.
  56. Sixstring

    How were people born?

    And yet another! A child asked his father, "How were people born?" So his father said, "Adam and Eve made babies, then their babies became adults and made babies, and so on." The child then went to his mother, asked her the same question and she told him, "We were monkeys then we evolved to...
  57. Sixstring

    0-200 in 6 seconds

    Heres another... Bob was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary. His wife was really angry. She told him "Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in 6 seconds AND IT BETTER BE THERE!" The next morning he got up early and left for work. When his...
  58. Sixstring

    Phil's Scrotum!

    Another email from the Pop's... please enjoy if you dear! The pastor asked if anyone in the congregation would like to express thanks for answered prayers. Suzie Smith stood and walked to the podium. She said, "I have a thank you. Two months ago, my husband, Phil, had a terrible bicycle wreck...
  59. Sixstring

    Wish Lighted display plate

    I guess I will go first! I would like to see FAS make a lighted display plate as a replacement offering (for a cost obviously) for the AX8/FX8 that allows you to see the text that has been silkscreened on the original plate for all of the buttons and knobs. Now I know this is not a huge priority...
  60. Sixstring

    Navigation lettering

    Anyone else wishing that the lettering for the nav buttons and knobs were either back light or glow in the dark? having a hard time when needing to make a quick change in low light. Anyone have any trick little lighting solutions recommendations that will mount to a board?
  61. Sixstring

    2290 mod delay

    Ok, who is using it and does it have all the same parameters that are in the Axe FX II? This has been my favorite delay ever since it was introduced into the Axe line up of effects. I monitor in stereo and love how it surrounds you in the repeats and seems like it coming from somewhere other...
  62. Sixstring

    I made it!

    Today I became a member of the 50 club! I don't feel any older but it sounds funny, to be a half a century old is too weird.
  63. Sixstring

    Thinking about a Tele style guitar

    Ok, I have never been a Tele guy so I never really took the time to learn all about them. I have occasionally picked them up but never really like how they felt against my body. I friend of mine has a limited edition Fender Tele and it plays really good but it a double humbucker so you don't...
  64. Sixstring

    Used Macbook pro... School me!

    Ok, Self admittedly not a huge computer buff so I'm looking for advice on buying a used Macbook pro for a new business venture I'm starting in CNC machining... specifically wood but not limited to. The software that is included is Windows and OS compatible and requirements are min 2gig ram and...
  65. Sixstring

    Mechanical dimensions AX8

    Does anyone have the mechanical dimensions of the Ax8 of the I/O section in relation of the sides? Trying to layout cabling through my pedalboard and need to know where to drill holes. Mainly need the Power, Guitar in, OP1-2 and Expression ports1-4
  66. Sixstring

    Something different

    My father and I have taken up woodturning as a side hobby hoping it might turn into a side business pun intended! Starting with Pens. My Uncle (Father's brother) is a longtime wood worker on the Big Island building furniture, Ukuleles and Hawaiian knick knack type of items and he is sending us...
  67. Sixstring

    Latching or momentary switching

    Just trying to verify a question that is not directly answered in the manual, at least that I could find. I'm ready to order my 2 button aux switch and need to clarify the order. I want one switch to be an on/off or latching and the other momentary. Seeing how the aux ports on the AX8 are TRS...
  68. Sixstring

    AX8 Board layout

    With all the spare time I have lately I decided to build a custom board to fit the pieces that I have decided to use. I went to the local Home improvement store and bought a 2'x4'x1/2 piece of Birch ply ran it through the saw and put 45* on the edges glued and pinned it and gave it a faded black...
  69. Sixstring

    Looking for compact momentary foot switch optons

    Anyone have a line on a Latching / Momentary foot switch like the Boss FS 6 but not as bulky and in a vertical design with buttons?
  70. Sixstring

    Custom powering Solutions

    Looking for a custom powering solution for the board I'm going to put together. Does anyone know of a company that can build one that is fairly small... say 3"x4" size? Looking for 2-4 9-18V DC 500mA outputs - 1, 120VAC convenience outlet that has a Powercon connector for the main cable.
  71. Sixstring

    Pedalboard ideas

    Ok, so I'm looking for ideas for my pedalboard case. The inside dims are 28"x14" and there is roughly 5" clearance inside with the lid on. I want to put the Ax8, a wireless and two expression pedals or maybe one if I go the db4e. I like my rigs to be clean and quick to set up while keeping...
  72. Sixstring

    Pedalboard wireless units

    So while waiting for an Ax8 let's talk about this type of wireless unit. I know the Line 6 units G30, G50 have been pretty popular for the pedalboard guys and I know a few guys are going to run the new Shure GLXD series which looks really nice but is at the top of the price range for a stomp box...
  73. Sixstring

    Effects list?

    Sorry if this has been spelled out already, I haven't been hanging on every tid bit of info. Is their a list of the effects that are in the AX8... or maybe it's easier to list the ones that didn't get included IDK.
  74. Sixstring

    Features list

    Just curious if there is a complete list of features yet?
  75. Sixstring

    AX8 Teaser Vid is up!

    Sounds pretty good to me. I didn't realize Mark had a voice, nice job man!
  76. Sixstring

    Who would you bring back round two!

    Who would you bring back? round two! Ok, this time I have picked out 6 guitar players in the Rock genre. There were a few that were mentioned in the last thread and thought they were good so I included them in this poll. So the same question applies... If you could bring back one player for...
  77. Sixstring

    Who would you bring back?

    Ok... I just saw this on FB and had to put it in a poll here just to see the outcome for the forum. Out of the 6 choices if you could bring back just one of them for just one last show who would it be?
  78. Sixstring

    FBT Stage MaxX 12Ma

    Anyone tried these? I have not been looking at monitors for a while, went looking for a coax and came across these. I haven't seen anything about them on the forum... anyone?. Specs look pretty good for a prosumer box in the $800 range and at 30Lbs are pretty light for a 12" coax.
  79. Sixstring

    Anyone in the know with Gibson serial numbers?

    I have a friend that came over this evening and brought his Les Paul Custom and LC Mr.335. I was looking at the Paul and noticed the serial numbers only had 6 digits 551543. I tried to find the info online and couldn't make sense of anything I found. The neck is slim so I'm guessing a sixties...
  80. Sixstring

    Watch out Baby Metal!

  81. Sixstring

    Trevor Rabin Master sessions

    Surfing Youtube and came across this little gem, he covers his rig (at the time) and goes over techniques and exercises that have worked for him. To those that haven't seen it it's worth a look, enjoy!
  82. Sixstring

    Another Email from my Pop's

    Attention: After you read this sit back and try to visualize this picture. My wife, Julie, had been after me for several weeks to varnish the wooden seat on our toilet. Finally, I got around to doing it while Julie was out. After finishing, I left to take care of another matter before she...
  83. Sixstring

    Rock and Roll...

    This give a whole new meaning to the word, pretty cool though! Rock and Roll
  84. Sixstring

    Sammy Speaks out

    Just watched this, man Sammy is pissed off. Sammy Hagar
  85. Sixstring


    Just bought this JTV 59 off Reverb for a pretty good deal, hope to have it next week some time. Looks to be in near mint condition but apparently the battery won't take a charge not that big of a deal. I was looking at the 89F real hard but this deal was too good to pass on so I snapped it up.
  86. Sixstring

    Axe FX II, POD HD 500X, Variax

    Is anyone using all 3 together with the POD in the loop of the Axe? What are your thoughts, is it worth it for the flexibility or is it redundant for the most part. I have been thinking about it and thought I would ask the community to see if anyone is running in this fashion and thinks it worth...
  87. Sixstring

    This space will be used for forum-wide announcements.

    Sounds like FAS might be getting ready to release something new??? I like how it's at the top of every page, very cool! I hope it get's used a lot in the coming year.
  88. Sixstring

    Interesting information about Carvin guitars

    surfing Tube and found this interview about Carvin/Kiesel guitars that I did not know... enjoy!
  89. Sixstring

    Pre EQ'ing for different guitar sounds.

    I have been working on my Andy Summers tone for a few days and aside from buying a cheap Tele which I am considering, for the time being I am strapped to pre EQ'ing to get a Tele sound out of a coil tapped humbucker. Has anyone been working on this found a good recipe for doing this? I have come...
  90. Sixstring

    Top 10 Female Guitarists of all time

    Surfing the Tube and came across this vid, thought I would share with those that haven't seen it yet. Give it a look see it's pretty cool!
  91. Sixstring

    Johanna Connor anyone!

    Holy crap can this woman play :shock
  92. Sixstring

    Another Email for my Pops!

    It's been awhile since I have posted an email from my Dad. Any way just to shift from the usual Axe/guitar content this is for the chuckle that some might need... enjoy! SEX AND GOOD GRAMMAR..... On his 70th birthday, a man was given a gift certificate from his wife. The...
  93. Sixstring

    Lost audio out on my iMac

    Looking for either a fix or an alternative to get audio to my near fields from my iMac 24. I have gone through all of the obvious troubleshooting and have come to the conclusion that the jack is done. Whether the OP amp is toast or the jack itself is broken don't know all I have are the internal...
  94. Sixstring

    Serious thrill issues!

    For the small R/C element here on the board I found this surfing youtube, Not positive but the heli has to be upwards of 2K hovering in a room full of new PA gear. This guy is just plain silly!
  95. Sixstring

    How do you pick up your date!

  96. Sixstring

    OS x Yosemite

    Has anyone installed this yet? I'm still running ML and I am not too computer savvy with all the little things that need to be done when it comes to upping to the next version of OS in a computer. My machine is 7 years old so I'm limited to 4 gigs of ram, plenty of HDD though.
  97. Sixstring

    Kid with no arms can shread!

    Found this vid on FB thought I would post. This kid can play better then a lot of people that have hands truly inspiring. If you want to get right to it go to 3:45.
  98. Sixstring

    Favorit iconic riffs and tones

    Just like the title sugests and it can be whatever you like it's not restricted to just Rock, Metal or Jazz. Throw out a few of your Faves! For tone my Faves are Kings X, Boston, Queen because they have such a unique quality to them. For riffs I have to go with Def Leppard's High N Dry...
  99. Sixstring

    Business opportunity (Humor)

    I just received an email from my uncle and it's worth a few yucks... "Thought you might want to consider getting on board early. A German Engineer just started his own business in Afghanistan . He's making land mines that look like prayer mats. It's doing well. He says prophets are...
  100. Sixstring

    Alto SXM112a powered wedge

    For got about these Alto SXM112a ... has anyone had a chance to play through one yet? In the world of low budget powered coaxial wedges I'm curious as to how this stacks up against the Seismic SAX-12MPW seing how both are in the $300 price range. I know Scott Petterson did a review on these a...
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