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    Blast from the past! AxeFx 1G

    Since I'm not allowed to post any links under my new Casanoverdrive135 account, I use my old account! Here is a little demo what a AxeFx Standard (1Gen) unit can do in 2018/2019 regarding touch sensitive overdrive tone! It's funny how close you can get with a 1G unit, even with a long before...
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    So what I use today after selling my AF2 last year.....

    Hello my old fellow Fractalians long time no read.......as you know, I sold my AF2 Mk2 + MFC101 last summer. Bought a nice mountain bike instead so I can loose some weight. It has the same color as the AxeFx display ;-) Also put together my pedal board - yepp, it's true - I'm using a simple...
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    Some last words

    Dear Fractalians As some of you know, I wasn't really happy with the sonic responce of a certain amp tone I truly love. In 2015 I begun to work on it myself, created a new classic and my favorite amp. So it was time to let it go - I sold my AxeFx II plus MFC101 plus all my cab packs and...
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    Bludo Ld2 test drive - amp dynamics with a strat

    No volume control, no hidden boost, just some tweaks to set it to the breaking point were you are able to play out the full dynamics. There is not much power amp in there......but I miss the roar and the interactions from the speaker which I got from D-influenced amps in reality ;) Guitar...
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    NAD :-)

    After 17yrs - finally back on Boogie MkIII (blue stripe) 60/EQ+Reverb - found at the local sunday garage sale out from a big swiss backline rental service for under 500 bucks! No hum, no crackling, no noise - what an awesome tone machine! Tubes, speaker, all fine......what a bargain!
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    Quantum D Funk Jam

    ...not really, but close.....here is a short funk jam example featuring Quantum D with my '57 Reissue Strat and a SD Little 59 HB PU in bridge position. Had to turn the input drive all the way up since their is much less gain on the nonHRM amp, which makes the sound a bit too compressed...
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    super quick......Q1 Fender Clean

    this feels so great under my fingers....:encouragement: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/quantumfenderclean.mp3
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    Dumble (Ford 2) again....

    Hi all, Hi FAS I recentely had some time to check out the Quantum 1.00 firmware. Absolutely great Fender Clean tones, tasty Marshall-esque sounds possible, ODS HRM or ODS with PAB sound good........but the ODS Non HRM (Ford 2) still need some love! I bought Cab Pack 17, Cab Lab 3 and...
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    Aliasing in Amp Sim PlugIns & Compressors

    Found a nice video clip on facebook, might be interesting for someone..... Cheers Paco
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    What about an ODS in Fw19?

    mmmh....I'm not there yet, but anyway..... https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/FW19Bumble.mp3 (so much doodle muddle....) Clip was recorded @ 18th june.....
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    Humbuster 2.0 ;-) (a cheapo hum rejection solution)

    EDITED: I guess FAS does exactly what I figured out with my rejecting cable..... damn......zero points for switzerland.....:?:nightmare: EDIT: I removed the picture because some think this is a humbuster cable - it's not - its the same idea of hum rejection what is included in the axefx -...
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    Maz38 short clip (Fw 19)

    Hey, as posted @ TGP a few weeks ago, - since my account got not suspended here, for you too - enjoy! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/Maz38.mp3 Maz38 stock preset, stock cabinet IR, no editing - LesPaul type guitar into axefx, noodling a bit and that - done! Simple.... cheers P
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    ODS Fart? ODS Ford? Nope....ODS FORD MUSTANG!!!! Fw18 Yippieeh! :-)

    Stuff gettin betta......the flute is back in town! Still some tweaking needed, but it's in there....listen to the first long notes and hear as the tone overplay the attack, low end is thight and top end sounds like a cat.....brrrrr:encouragement: ...at least on my speakers at home! The sound...
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    ODS Lead 3 Fw18 vs. Bassman ODS Fw17.03

    Actually I find this pretty funny....pretty similar in feel and structure....;) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15087852/ODSFW18.mp3 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15087852/BassmanODSFW17.mp3 PS: It's not the same amp - my Bassman ODS Patch is made of a Bassguy '59 and a heavy...
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    ODS Bassman with a Strat - work in progress

    working on an old tune from 2010 ;) - here's some "work in progress" (wip) :mrgreen https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15087852/wip.mp3 Guitar is a 150$ cheapo strat copy (no fancy PUs, no special mojo....simple cheap instrument - but with is own touch and soul). Open tuning in G with a low D...
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    ODS Flip (dynamic playing, dynamic reactions)

    I often get asked what the flip is..... Most amp concepts feed a gain stage into another which results in compression, gain, more compression, endless sustain, huge amount of background noise.....so what about a very dynamic concept that kicks a nicely voiced dual gain stage into smooth roaring...
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    G200+ Modeling technology

    so hot, you will burn your fingers when touching the glowing "dual core engines" at the back of the device! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/PacosipulamiOverdriveMini.mp4 All in one....;)
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    A Fender Bassman ODS..... (Patch & Clip)

    So here is a Patch that shows how to convert a '59 Bassguy-Amp into a great Rumble Tonemachine: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15087852/BassmanODS.syx.zip https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15087852/BassmanODS.mp3 You need Fw 17.03 and an AxeFx II Mk1 or MK2 (XL User can load this also)...
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    Brachiarshall - an experimental marshall flavoured tone concept

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15087852/PacosipulamiUK.syx https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15087852/PacosipulamiUK.mp3 some extended tweaking inside! Based on some experiments, a "Brachiarshall" is one of my brute forced classic marshall tone concept (Brachial in german means "brute...
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    The evil super reverb amp - Super666+1.73

    Based on an old fender player legend (often called as "the magic six setting"), here comes another "clean to mean in one" tone, based on Cliff's super reverb amp. Since I heard this amp was modified by cesar diaz, I lower the signal coming to the phase splitter with MV trim to taste, changed NFB...
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    ODS #102 Patch and Clip

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15087852/ODS102.syx https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15087852/ODS102.mp3 no volume control, no channel switching - various tones depending only on your string attack. Note the clarity and depth. Some adv. parameter tweaking was necessary to get mild...
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    ODS Ford???

    Dear FAS-Sound-Team ODS Ford? With all respect, the current edition of a Dumble nonHRM done by FractalAudio should be re-named into ODS fart. Why? Way too much low end, the loss of articulation as we have it before fw17. Why? Complete wrong low cut filtering, lack of mids, too less gain....too...
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    Pacosipulami Overdrive Mini - for AxeFx II (Tone-Match Inside)

    Here is my ToneMatch (&Patch) of my Pacosipulami Overdrive Mini, my 5W adaption and re-design (my own voicing) of a Dumble Overdrive Special. The amp itself was an old CBS fender champ (AB764), which I completely re-designed myself. Here is a soundclip of the original amp (played over a single...
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    Paco's Dumble - Preset + CAA 2x12" Cab, (3 mics mix with HooVi Deeflexx)

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/Paco%27s_Dumble.zip Enjoy.....;) PS: The PEQ Block in the Preset is only needed when you use your AxeFx II together with a Matrix Q12a and a HooVi Deeflexx panel - if used without the Deefleex, boost the 1.3kHz frequency from +3dB to +5dB or to...
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    Discover your new advanced parameter on your real amp in real time!

    Tweak with your favorite modification first, in real time on your amp with your own hands, before I'll actually changing the circuit for you. Impossible? Not any longer...... What you just saw is just 0.1% of what coming around the corner at my place in the near future! It will completely...
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    NRBAD - Pacosipulami Power of TEN

    Hey all It's "new-re-born-amp-day" - finally put the Pacosipulami "Power of TEN" (a reworked/revoiced Bassman TEN UL 70W) together, so I can start with the final adjusting and voicing job! Nice fresh tones from an old 70s rusty tube amp..... two switchable channels, clean & overdrive...
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    Matrix Q12a loud popping noise.....

    ...now and then I got a loud pop (or plop) out of the matrix Q12a..... Also got various other amps and cabinets on at the same time, no problems there. Noise sounds the same as when turning the amp module on..... Any thoughts....? If Matrix would come up with something that requires technical...
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    Matrix Q12a sound trick (must read for all Q12a oder Q12p / CFR-12 user)

    Add a PEQ-Block at the end of your presets, boosting 1.2 - 1.3kHz with a peak-filter around 6dB and a Q factor of 1.3 - to 1.4 now listen! :D Please post your thoughts here!
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    News from Matrix (going tubes!)

    Anyone need a Marshall 2203 with just 1.9kg of weight? Here is it: Lightweight Amplifiers for Guitarists Dear Matrix developers - make the cold bias gain stage switchable - 10k to 39k and you got a Soldano for free :lol:mrgreen:mrgreen:mrgreen:lol
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    AxeFx II XL Presets into AxeFx II Mk2 - WTF???

    Seriously, I'm very much dissapointed that a file conversation between a AxeFx II XL with Fw 15.07 is not possible with a AxeFx II Mk2 with Fw 15.07. I programmed a series of custom presets for a pro customer on his new XL and now I SHOULD put them on his older AxeFx II Mk2, which is part of his...
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    Tape Echo Space (Supersize-Me 2.0)

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/lol.mp3 another idea with two AxeFx II (XL) aka four TigerSharc CPUs - one unit with Fw15.06 for the tape echo pad , the other unit for a TwoStone J35 lead tone (Fw14.00) :mrgreen:mrgreen:mrgreen :-P:lol:lol:lol
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    Supersize-Me (Going XL for one day)

    Part A: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/PartA.mp3 Part B: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/PartB.mp3 One of these samples is Fw15.06 (AxeFx II XL) the other is Fw14.00 (AxeFx II Mk2) - Amp is ODS Lead 3 at default settings. Do you recognize them, which part belongs...
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    Funky Ufo sighting over Boston - top secret content :-)

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/boston-ufo-funk.mp3 :mrgreen Delay..ai..ai...ai...ai,aiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih:lol
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    little jam (Fw14.00)

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/lastsaturday.mp3 TwoStone J35 and Vibrolux Guitars: Signature LesPaul (Fujigen made) for lead, Ibanez 2355 hollow body (great ES-175 copy © 1976) for rhythm all guitars, bass & drums by me, myself and I :lol
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    Paco Notes ;)

    Here is a cool mod of mine for all Boogie Mk-Series (Mk2 and later) type of amps. Also works in all other Pre-Gain tonestack designs. Problem: Higher values on the bass knob causes fuller clean tones, overdrive sounds pretty farty on the other hand..... Solution: Put a VTL5C3 optocoupler...
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    Cupping the mic works wonders

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    .....a little idea.....all things must pass

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/idee1976-1.mp3 a short draft of something I' m working on..... There is a little album in making hopefully finished within the next few months, after that there would be not much noise from me for some time....I don't know how to deal with the...
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    Trow your two stones......

    ....for the great TwoRock J35:mrgreen all sounds you hear, coming from the same patch - no extra drive, no extra boost - just guitar volume knob! First the neck PUs, then the bridge and last the combination on my LP guitar;) Sample: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/TRJ35.mp3...
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    Sleep well my dear fractalians

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/Bettmupferl.mp3 :love_heart:
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    Tremolux content - a litte tune....

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/WizardryA.mp3 proudly testing the new Overdrive Pedal "Model A" from Wiz-Pedals into the Tremolux Amp played on my Fender '57 Reissue Stratocaster (Made in Japan) ;) ...PS: me on all other instruments too... as usual!
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    Vibrolux....Clean plus Patch

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/Vibrolux-Amp.syx.zip ...just some notes....;)
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    About Bassamp and Overdrive knob......but not with the AxeFx

    first demo of a cool revoicing job (it's in pre-alpha state, not ready for "beta-testing"), converting an old crappy ultralinear Silverface Fender Bassman TEN combo (4x10") into a "rock&roll-war-machine" :lol:lol:mrgreen there is still some work to do, not finished yet (needs a firmware update...
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    Why power tubes sound different - part two ;-))

    Dear friends, Dear FAS This was the first hint from FAS what's coming next..... IMO ;) Many of you might ask - why does 12.04b sound different? Is it just 3D magic? Why FAS now put full attention to various power tubes in the new firmware when it's just about various damping factors...
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    old skewl standard clip (from May 2010)

    ;) (Fw9 or so....)
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    Strange dance (Dumble NON-HRM content)

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/strangedance.mp3 just a quick n' dirty jam.....:roll:eek-new::nightmare: you can't dance to this strange thing.....
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    Dumble ODS .....in a jazzy outfit! .....& too much rotary!

    ...huh??? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/pacosipulamibop.mp3 :mrgreen:lol ...guess I was bored....or so! gosh.... I love this tone!
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    ...a bit late! Slow Blues jam in july 2013 using Fw11.00b

    still okey, huh? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/o99.mp3 AxeFx II: SuperVerb with a ZenDrive (drive block) pre-selected! Guitar: my beautiful japanese LesPaul copy with SeymourDuncan '59 PUs backing by me and myself - mixed by Marsupilami (as usual!):lol Cheers Paco PS: Have...
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    The 29th birthday conspiracy theory at the FAS forum ;-)

    WTF? :shock If so.....congratulations to all six! ;)
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    Kammeramps 301 Mono Tube Poweramp EL34 - 1HE! 4.6kg

    Hi Fractalites Seems to be a new kid in town...check it out! http://kammeramps.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Flyer_Kammer_301.pdf Never heard of them before, until today! ;)
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    Are there any well known Buddhism music artists using the axe fx II?

    Just saying.....and wondering if somebody would come up with a name! And yes....lmao:lol:mrgreen @all: Have a great day! cheers Paco
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    Not Fast!

    This is the anti-Fast (& more musical) thread! bought this yesterday.....so beautiful! :encouragement:
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    Wizardry Fly (with Blade Texas Standard Pro)

    Patch: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-preset-exchange/76309-wizardry-drive-preset-creation-soundclip.html Cheers Paco
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    Wizardry Drive Preset Creation (with soundclip)

    Here is one of my favorite creations, the "Wizardry Drive". Some of you might seen my WizPedal clip -> The Gear Page - View Single Post - WIZ-PEDAL D - New demo by Scott Lerner - a pedal which I really love. But I wanted to do an "all axe version" of it. It's a bit different than the original...
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    A short preview...... MiniD overdrive Pedal

    I look tired here, but the pedal is really great! Some of the best result I ever got from an overdrive pedal. Company is called "WizPedals" - "wiz" stands for wizardry I guess... More to come soon.....hope I get my strength back, I feel burned out at the moment.....:cry
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    MesaBoogie '84 StudioPreamp Recording Out IR

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/Mesa_Boogie_StudioPre_Rec.syx.zip Have fun with another classic! :) Cheers Paco
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    RedBox Five - CAB Pack for AxeFx II

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/RedBoxFiveCABPACK.zip enjoy!! :)
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    Bug? Dumble MV Cap always self reset

    The MV Cap on the ODS is always self resetting - I put the value on approx. 50pF then save the preset, after my recall the parameter stays at 1pF:numbness: The parameter can be found in the advanced parameter tab on the axefx itself - not visible in AxeEdit 3 at the moment. It was introduced in...
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    Hahahaha....still thinking this is crazy after all these years ;-))

    Paul Simon performs a partially-written STILL CRAZY - YouTube @ all: Have a nice day!!
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    still clean after all these years.....

    :lol (2 minutes noodling with a lack of a plan or a song.....in the key of G)
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    Cathode Follower again ;) ...no rocket science!

    So once again, what is a cathode follower? A magic circuit design , which squashed free electrons into cristal lattice? :lol A circuit which introduced some kind of a preamp tube compression effect? An impedance converter, to keep the signal level up when "loaded" with a "low impedance"...
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    Fender expands their Vintage Modified Series with "Silverface Reissues"

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    SuperReverb Zendrive Revisited - Treble fix!

    Patch will be available at axe-change soon - here is a short (noodling clip) more highs, less bloomy bass, more amp in the room sound - all done in the axefx, no post processing fx used! cheers Paco
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    Show some love for the super reverb - with a ZenMaster Drive in front!

    Patch: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Super Verb - by PacoCasanovas Clip: https://soundcloud.com/pacocasanovas/superdirtyreverb Played with my japanese LesPaul (Seymour Duncan '59 Humbucker-Set and Dean Markley Helix LTHB strings on it ) Playing is a bit sloppy - but I guess you get an...
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    Short funky preview feat. ODS100

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/cafuskpc.mp3 with a little help from a friend (on clavinet and electric piano)
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    Class Compliant USB 2.0 Audio - WIN vs. MAC

    Dear User, Dear FAS Disclaimer: This is not a bitching and a whining thread - it's also not a thread about some one, who is new to DAWs and new to such products in general. Cliff recently said, the mac driver was written by apple - sad but true, that's correct. Class compliant means - you put...
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    Deluxe Reverb - wow!

    Gibson ES-347 into AxeFx II Fw10.06 - DeluxeReverb (tweaked) x2 a little tune for ya... Cheers Paco
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    AxeFx II Dumble ODS vs. Dumblesipulami Preamp (4x12AX7, 1x12AT7 tubes)

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100561953/dstyleodd.mp3 each sound over 32bars....but which one is the axefx II? EDIT: I'm stupid - it's 34bars each....sorry! :) - it's a bit odd time blooz..... Regarding the "Dumplesipulami Preamp" -> this thread tells the story...
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    Paco's Dumble (HRM) Tone

    Me, myself & I doing all the instruments.....no fancy noodling on this one - more airy type playing! LesPaul into AxeFx II Fw10.05 - almost there, I'm happy!! :) cheers Paco
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    some type of 70s groove ballad style.....

    not done yet, but here is a preview Badger30 has some potential - love it!
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    Open string idea

    AxeFx Standard (Post Amp Drive) and Tanglewood Cheapo Strat (approx. 150$) bass & drums: me & myself! :)
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    Short Blues Noodle Clip featuring Bassguy 65 and ODS100

    Tweak those advanced parameters to get more "holy shitballs" :lol http://www.pacocasanovas.ch/flashyslow.mp3 EDIT: Now on Soundcloud -> https://soundcloud.com/pacocasanovas/flashyslow (my webserver is down, bandwith overload) (playing is not so "holy shitballs", it's 1:00AM and I'm...
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    Dumblesipulami vs. Dumble ODS100 SN0213

    Exactly same settings - both running into the same speaker block! One is just a revoiced MesaBoogie StudioPreamp with 4x 12AX7 / 1x12AT7 Tubes - modified by myself - the other is the Fractal Audio AxeFx II FW10 Dumble ODS100 SN0213 with MIMIC applied...
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    Dumble Clip (April Fools!)

    You heard the rumors (G66 - UND ER IST DA: DER AXE-FX III ), now let's hear some sound! This thing is freakin' huge!!!!! http://pacocasanovas.ch/axefxIIIbetadumble.mp3 (2nd half with the PAB engaged) AxeFx II was the past - this is the future! Byebye Kemper..... :D PS: Axe-Edit is no longer...
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    Guitar to MIDI Software PlugIn

    Check this out MIDI Guitar for Windows and Mac OS X - The Software Solution Gonna try this......
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    Status Quo Soundclip and Patch

    made for the german axefx-discussion board (axefx.de), now on FAS discussion boards for all Std./Ultra (1gen) user http://www.pacocasanovas.ch/weyw.mp3 (not the original arrangement, just made from memory....I'm not a good cover musician) http://www.pacocasanovas.ch/StatusQuo.syx.zip Have...
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    Delay Madness..... 7 Minutes Crazy Ray Delay

    Preset 119 - "Echo Deva" (no tweaking on the delay sound - all done by ear) enjoy: http://www.pacocasanovas.ch/DLA-Fun.mp3
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    Pinnick Gales Pridgen

    Wowow.... Eric Gales teamed up with Dug Pinnick (Kings X) and Thomas Pridgen (ex Mars Volta) just discover their album today - a new supergroup is born! Now on heavy rotation..... Pinnick Gales Pridgen "I'm in love" :) cheers Paco
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    Musicbox (Preset 245)

    http://www.pacocasanovas.ch/musicbox.mp3 a little ODS100 on lead - much reverb! Just the guitar and the axe II - nuthin' else! :)
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    Dynamic Hot Kitty - one of my axe II test patches/tones

    Hi there.... http://www.pacocasanovas.ch/hotkitty.mp3 (FW 9.02 - AxeFx II trough a Matrix Q12a FRFR monitor, played with my "FujiGen"-LesPaul) some deep editing done while test drive the axe II - tomorrow I get my own axe II (hopefully). Clip feels slighty compressed because of the...
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    just a little note....it's not too late for a change

    Since summer 2008, I'm a proud user of the axefx standard along with an MFC101 (since 2011). This weekend I had the opportunity trying out the new AxeFx II myself for some days and was able to blow it trough a Matrix Q12a FRFR-speaker. This was pure magic - what a feel, what a sonic...
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    More "Brriiiing" for your thing

    here is a nice workaround to add more "ringing" to your (in this case modern british) tone, using a compressor (or two) after the amp block or the cabinet block. Set the key-filter above 500Hz so the compressor is no longer triggered by the lower pick attack signal, and work out typical ringing...
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    Post Amp Drive

    Post Amp Drive Block? WTH? Why not.... ;) http://www.pacocasanovas.ch/postampdrv2.mp3 (from a little dirty to fat & smooth open sounding overdrive with the volume knob of my guitar) A '59 bassguy followed by a Tube Driver into a PEQ and then into the Cab-Block loaded with the 4x12" South IR...
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    The MesaBoogie Overdrive Special - still in beta stadium!

    revoiced/reworked one of my MesaBoogie StudioPreamps today - here in bedroom volume playing through a pair of Yamaha MSP5 nearfield monitors. Pretty neat, fat dynamic singing lead! I'm not finished yet with the job, but I'm glad how good this thing works so far. Every note you're about to...
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    Tommy Bolin & friends "Great gypsy soul"

    Tommy Bolin & Friends "Great Gypsy Soul" Teaser Trailer - YouTube
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    short old skewl rock clip!

    http://www.pacocasanovas.ch/45pop.mp3 My Signature Paula into Axe-Fx Standard - direct to desk! Using an expression pedal for wahwah-tones on my MFC101 rest: me too (drum slightly edited, since it's pretty fast for me - and I'm an average drummer, not a pro) cheers P
  86. P


    Brought a Kurzweil MicroPiano Expander for about 5 bucks! Perfect condition - what a bargain! :) Here is a little demo, I'm a lousy pianist - just a few chords - but you'll hear some running delay axe-fx guitar line in the back. Me on everything in realtime as always! Short demo anyway...
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    Happy Axe-mas everyone!

    Jingle bells, jingle bells....... National Lampoon Christmas Vacation FRIED CAT scene - YouTube Have a great one!!! Greetz Paco
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    Jams & Noodles 2008 - 2010

    Jams & Noodels 2008 -2010 - YouTube Sorry, old stuff only - some okey, some crap but - some nice stuff - some uuhhrgg *ç%&*.... mmh, anyway, axe-fx std. on all clips ....just found those clips on my harddrive, since I have some time on my hands....I'm currently suffering from a bacterial...
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    test (just a test)

    music was not good enough for this board (in my ears)- please delete the post, sorry! I can't delete the post myself, ouch.....
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    old little "open tuning" idea / © May 2010

    little jam #3 - YouTube (just a little idea with an open tuned guitar and the axe-fx - guess it was a Bassman-type sound with pre-selected drive block, sort of.... guitar is a 150$ tanglewood strat - pretty awesome guitar for less money) cheers Paco
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    no Axe-Fx on this demo, but let the fuzz started here.....

    Crossingtall Demo Cut by flyinggeetarcircus on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Just a demo-cut / idea of what I'm working on right now.... played drums, bass and of corse all guitars..... done with plugins from IK Multimedia and Scuffham Amps.....(S-Gear now...
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    just saw this clip on YT

    pure magic.... Eric Gales - LIVE at the Levitt Shell in Memphis - Wings of RnR - YouTube sorry, couldn't resist to open a new thread for it! If this was a fault - forgive me.... Cheers Paco
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    Just tone - not the playing

    quick shot because of this topic here.... http://forum.fractalaudio.com/lounge/42569-jimmy-herrings-tone.html#post566023 not wanted to match a tone or come close or something, it's just about the mid-overdriven tones. They are possible even with the old axefx (played with my LesPaul...
  94. P

    The archtop guitar sound massacre

    Heya Distortion Envelope Filter Jazzbox Guitar :) http://youtu.be/7wupMQDU_HA?hd=1 just noodling.....and don't forget: more cowbell! :D
  95. P

    Some fun with tape echo / delay fx

    BitchinDLA by flyinggeetarcircus on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Hope you like it too.... :)
  96. P

    Besser als Original? Noch besser als Original??? Ähmm.....???

    Bisher dachte ich immer an einen geschickten Werbeschachzug von G66. "Besser als Original" brachte es für mich auf den Punkt. Bisher waren Modeler generell dazu verdammt nur "nahezu" wie "original" zu klingen, seit dem Axe-Fx ist das plötzlich gar nicht mehr nötig, es geht nicht mehr um den...
  97. P

    little jam (YT inside)

    ‪Paulatest‬‏ - YouTube My new "made in japan" LesPaul into Axe-Fx Standard - short blow ;) Have fun & greetings Paco
  98. P

    USAClean with Boost - Axe-Fx FW11 meets Blues!

    http://www.pacocasanovas.ch/Echsenblues.mp3 (me on all instruments, as usual) Enjoy the show!
  99. P

    Short V11 clip - hell yeah!!!!

    http://www.pacocasanovas.ch/USACLEANFULLBLOWNBOOST.mp3 Plus-Distortion-Block into USA-Clean-AmpBlock into Cabinet(Mono HiRes 4x12" South) into Graphic EQ block.... Guitar: 1980er Gibson ES347 (012-058 Strings) My standard "vintage" axe-fx never sounded that BIG!!!! Thank you a 1000...
  100. P

    Fender Super Twin Reverb Modification (pre alpha version)

    YouTube - OD-Mod on a FenderSuperTwin Reverb see notes..... I pulled the original 6C10 triple triode out of the box.....reverb recovery will be done by a IRF830 FET instead of a normal tube-stage, the same for the summing amp just before the master volume. I do this because of saving up...
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