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  1. JRod4928

    Help needed with Controllers (Control Block?)

    I'm trying to assign the control block to an FM3 Footswitch. The goal is to have 4 tempos assigned to 4 channels within 1 scene in the control block (below). The problem is when I set up the layout to change the control block, the FM3 display says "Control NOT IN THIS PRESET".... how do I make...
  2. JRod4928

    Out to FOH & Tube Amp - Impedance Curve...

    When using OUT2 to send to tube amp FX Return, and OUT1 sent to FOH, ideally you have impedance curve applied to OUT1 but not OUT2. But that isn't an option in the AXE (specifically the FM3). Any tricks I should be aware of? I'm sure this has been asked before, but I couldn't find a good thread.
  3. JRod4928

    Nuno Bettencourt Pornograffiti FM3 Preset?

    Anyone have a good starting point for a Nuno tone and share a preset in here?
  4. JRod4928

    SOLD Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 Amp - Like New

    If you're here, you've read about the Seymour Duncan Power stage 170. However feel free to ask any questions. I used it to power a 2x12 cab and it worked as expected. This amp is like new. Comes in original box and with power cord. $OLD Paypal CONUS + Shipping. Price is firm. If you want...
  5. JRod4928

    FSOT My Celestion Alnico Gold for your Cream

    I have a Celestion Alnico Gold, 12", 8 Ohm that is in like new condition (broken in). Looking to trade it to receive a Celestion Alnico Cream, 12", 8 Ohm. Can send pics when I get home this evening. Let me know if you're interested in swapping.
  6. JRod4928

    Advantages of Class G (Friedman) or H amps over Class A, B, AB (Pedal baby), or D (SD 170, etc)?

    I'm researching power amps and found that there are very few Class G or H power amp offerings. The theory is they're inefficient, so they have high wattage. I suppose the added cost to generate high wattage and size to dissipate heat is why they're less common. However the Friedman ASC/ASM...
  7. JRod4928

    Celestion Alnico Cream IRs. Why so few?

    I know of the factory zilla cab 2x12 alnico cream IR by ML and I think York Audio has a few. But I'm surprised at how few IRs exist for this speaker considering how highly it is regarded. Or maybe someone has done some that I'm not aware of. Anyone?
  8. JRod4928

    ISP Stealth or Orange Pedal Baby Power Amps....

    Both are Class AB. Haven't heard much about the ISP around here. Anyone have experience?
  9. JRod4928

    2 Same Presets - 2 Different Sounds

    Bought a 3rd party preset - Disabled all of the effects to hear only the amp / cab tone and thought it sounded a little dull compared to what I'd been toying with in a separate preset using the same amp. So I saved every block in the 3rd party preset and rebuilt it in a blank preset using the...
  10. JRod4928

    Guitar Amp Output Wattage Question

    In a real guitar amp like say a 5150 III, the power section is always running 100%. So when running the FM3 into the FX Return, there is no volume control except for the signal strength coming from the FM3. So my question is, if the amp is always running at full wattage, how do we know we're in...
  11. JRod4928

    FS EVH 5150 III LBX II 15 Watt Head - MINT with Footswitch - Price Drop

    $551.50 OBO Shipped CONUS - Paypal Goods/Services Comes with power cord and Footswitch. Bought new less than 6 months ago. Don't use it as much as I'd anticipated (only at home with FM3 into FX Return). MINT condition. Everything works perfectly. This one comes with the Green and Blue...
  12. JRod4928

    PAF Style Pickups and Optimal AXE Settings

    I have a PRS Cu24 with 57/08 (PAF style pickups). I'm trying to dial in a slash style tone and I'm getting close - I'm trying a Jumped Plexi or a JCM800 Models using @2112 TV Mix 2 IR. My amp settings are mostly stock, except input gain, Bass, Mid, and Treble and Presence are somewhere between...
  13. JRod4928

    New Beefy Hambucker $5000 Pickup

    Props to whoever posted this on FB, but I just thought you'd all like to see the new $5000 pickup. Shredded Beef model coming soon.
  14. JRod4928

    AXE Directly Into FX Return - What Amp and Settings are You Using?

    Trying to gauge what physical amps most people are using when running the AXE directly into the physical amp FX Return, in order to bypass the preamp stage so you can use AXE amp modeling. Also do you turn off Power Amp Sims with your particular amp when you do this? Also wondering if anyone...
  15. JRod4928

    Cygnus Poll - Honest Question - Improvement?

    At the risk of being tossed out a window, I gotta ask the question. There's a lot of hype around Cygnus, but numerous threads / comments complaining that things sound muddy in the low-mids and generally not 'good' (subjective), even after resetting amps and trying to tweak. I've seen amp...
  16. JRod4928

    SOLD Morningstar MC6 Mk2 - Already Programmed for OMC9

    Selling Morningstar MC6 Mk2 in Excellent Condition. This model has the HOLD function which is not in the Mk1 version. This means it can function such that a single stomp button can be pushed, or held down to send 2 different MIDI messages - just like the FM3 and FC6 works. It will come...
  17. JRod4928

    Tube Power Amp Pedal Suggestions?

    As an alternative to hauling around my 5150 amp head (which I use simply as a power amp for my cab), can anyone suggest a good tube power amp pedal? I like the pedal format for it's ease in transportation and setup. I'd also be OK with a small footprint tabletop unit, but at that point it would...
  18. JRod4928

    High Output Pickups and AMP Block Headroom Meter

    Do those of you with higher output pickups notice that the amp block headroom meter is almost always pegged at 0 dB? I find that in most of my presets I have to turn my guitar volume down, play very softly, or coil tap my humbuckers, in order to have any shot at 'edge of breakup' tones. Is that...
  19. JRod4928

    Fixed 3.02FW Blinking Footswitch Display while editing MIDI and FM3-Edit

    I had the FM3 and Morningstar MC6 plugged computer and was editing both. I hit an MC6 button and the FM3 started blinking as shown in the video. Shut everything off, back on, and it was fine. Any ideas? Not sure if same issue as other bugs with blinking
  20. JRod4928

    MIDI Question - two CC's sending a PC?

    I'm using a Morningstar MC6 to control my FM3. I was testing and found a weird bug on one particular preset of mine.... If I hit the Scene 4 or Scene 6 buttons on my MC6 two times in quick succession (Sending CC 100, Value 3 and 5) it acts as though I'm sending PC1 to my FM3. In my case, that...
  21. JRod4928

    Wish Show Block Status on Home Page

    The Home page displays the preset and scenes, and a bunch of unused space on the right side of screen. Asking to list a bunch of effect blocks in this unused space, which will display if they are bypassed or active. Going 1 step further. Please make this effects list editable. And possibly...
  22. JRod4928

    SOLD Fractal AX8 - Fully Functional, Except 2 Knobs - Discount

    $650 Shipped CONUS Paypal - READ Description! The Treble and Presence knobs don't work properly. A friend and I tried to fix it, but no luck. The unit was not dropped, spilled on, or mistreated - not sure why/how the issue developed. But as you'll see below, it still works properly if you're...
  23. JRod4928

    Morningstar MC6 to Mimic FC6 (OMC9?)

    It is common to download presets that are already configured for OMG9. I don't have an FC6, but do have a Morningstar MC6. (OMC9?) I'd like to be able to configure MC6 so that the commands mimic the FC6. So that when I download a preset already configured for OMG9, it will work seamlessly with...
  24. JRod4928

    TRS Footswitches - How do they work? And FM3 compatible?

    I see many amps, pedals, etc can be controlled by footswitches that use TRS connections as opposed to midi. How do they work? I'm assuming each stomp button send a different signal, so would they be plug and play compatible with a FM3 as an external controller? Here are some examples...
  25. JRod4928

    Footswitches. Use 5150 amp channel switch on FM3?

    Simple question. I have a 5150 LBX2 simple single button channel switch. Would the FM3 be able to use this as an external footswitch? I don't currently have an FM3 or I'd test it out.
  26. JRod4928

    4 Cable Method Tone Suck

    General question - I'm using a FAS unit in 4CM with my 5150 LBX2 amp. In my situation, my amp needs to be off-stage, so I'm using 25' cables for the 3 cables connecting to the amp, and let's assume the 4th cable is a 15' from Guitar --> FAS unit. From your experience, would this cause...
  27. JRod4928

    5150 III as Power Amp

    Wanted to share a revelation I just had.... through some basic research I found that 5150 III Power Section is fairly clean and runs at a constant power (the gain/volume knobs only control preamp signal and FX Send signals respectively), which means you can set up presets to use the 5150 III as...
  28. JRod4928

    Bug? AX8 Trebel Knob Adjusting on its own

    My Trebel is adjusting on its own when I'm using my ax8. I'll be playing and every couple minutes it'll reduce my Trebel a tiny amount. Long enough and it'll go to zero... Is this common?? For what it's worth, I got it brand new and haven't used it that much.... Maybe a total of 50 hours on it...
  29. JRod4928

    Commonheart - Tone Question..

    First off - if you haven't heard of the band The Commonheart from Pittsburgh - check them out. Blues/funk/rock mix - good stuff.. My question is this - where should I start to get this tone? It's pretty straight forward, but I'd like to hear your opinions first before I start trial/error myself...
  30. JRod4928

    Help - (Probably) Basic Question about Expression Pedal

    I have an EV-1 hooked up to my AX8 and I'm using it to control the Volume/Pan Block. The problem is when the EV-1 is toe down, the volume only goes up to '7.78' or something. Is there a setting I need to change, or am I doing something else wrong? FYI - the EV-1 is plugged into 'Pedal 1' in...
  31. JRod4928

    What's up with the'Amps and Cabs' forum?

    See attached screenshot
  32. JRod4928

    AXE through Amp/Cab - Experience with Tech21 Power Engine?

    For those of you who run your rig through an amp/cab, have you had experience with the Tech 21 Power Engine? If so - what are your thoughts? I'm on a strict budget of no more than $250, and I'm looking for a solution to use in live situations only. I use Equator D5's for FOH preset fine-tuning...
  33. JRod4928


    That is all.
  34. JRod4928

    AXE FX on MSN Money???

    http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/personalfinance/thousands-apply-to-us-to-forgive-their-student-loans/ar-BBosNZl?ocid=spartanntp I just thought it was funny to find an AXE FX in the photo! (restraining myself from commenting on the politics and irony of it all)
  35. JRod4928

    Windows 8.1 tablets with AXE FX

    I know tablets with Windows RT can't install executable files, and thus can't use Fractal Bot or AXE Edit... but what about Windows 8.1? Can I get a Windows 8.1 based tablet to use with the Axe FX?
  36. JRod4928

    AX8 How many of the same block?

    The XL allows you to use like 4 EQ blocks simultaneously. 2 or 4 delay blocks, etc. How many can you use in the AX8?
  37. JRod4928

    FAS 6160 for TSO - I've come full circle

    I do a yearly TSO cover 'tour' (3 locations - all for charity, lol), and this is my first year using the AXE FX. In past years I've used a Tonelab LE, and a POD HD500X.... the LE sounded decent with the SLO model (but that was the only decent model), the 500X sounded awful. The key for TSO is...
  38. JRod4928

    Fender Strat Loaded Gilmour Pickguard?

    I'm looking for a loaded pickguard with Gilmour pickups. Particularly the CS69, Fat50, and SD SSL-5 with a 2-way 'Gilmour switch'. I know that 920D sells them, but I'm trying to save a little cash, and I don't want to sacrifice quality. With that said, I found a loaded pickguard on TGP that...
  39. JRod4928

    For Sale Page.. scammers everywhere

    What has happened to the for sale page recently. Seems like scammers have popped up out of nowhere and it's worse than it has ever been. It's there a minimum post count or account age before being able to post ads or create threads so we can cut down on this? It makes the forum less...
  40. JRod4928

    Odd Problem with FCB1010

    I just got it today and programmed it so that button 1 changes to scene 2, and buttons 6-10 change presets. Expression pedal B is assigned to all of my volume pedals in all presets and scenes. Everything was working PERFECTLY, until... I was making some edits to my presets in AXE-Edit, and now...
  41. JRod4928

    Easiest MIDI to Program (Other than MFC)

    Other than an MFC, what is the easiest MIDI controller to program? I only need something to hold me over until the AX8 comes out. Needs an expression pedal and like 6 buttons for scene and preset changes. Maybe a MIDI MOOSE with a BOSS 500? Would that be easier to program than an FCB1010?
  42. JRod4928

    Will this work for me?

    I'm probably experiencing paralysis by analysis here, so help me out, if you could :) here's the problem... I have a Verve 12ma as my monitor, which has only an XLR input. Which is fine when I'm playing by myself, but this poses a problem when friends come over and want to play through the same...
  43. JRod4928

    Frequency/db Plot for IRs?

    Nevermind - found my answer (in a thread I created months ago, lol!)
  44. JRod4928

    AX8 - Any Updates?

    Here's where Cliff did most of his posting about the AX8 http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/96382-im-just-going-leave-here-6.html Just curious as to whether FAS is willing to give any general updates on the product. I have specific questions, but I'll wait and see how much FAS...
  45. JRod4928

    Stage Monitor Static... I'm not an expert...

    So I want to ask you I have a monitor that emits a static sound when a low note is played, at LOW volume. I'm not talking nearly silent, but more like comfortable indoor listening volume. I tried to swap mic/line input. I tried adjusting the level of the input source and adjusting the monitor...
  46. JRod4928

    German FRFR Shootout

    Was there an English translation for this? http://forum.fractalaudio.com/babels-corner/64781-frfr-shootout-auf-dem-axe-fest-leipzig.html#post1174451
  47. JRod4928

    db Technologies FLEXSYS FM12 - Need Input!

    I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on one of these. But I need some input. How do they compare to a JBL PRX612 or QSC K12? These are all in my price range. Anything about the FM12 I should know about?
  48. JRod4928

    Live Tone Match Problem

    Reference was block in, left channel. Block wasPanned hard left local was right channel. I used a mic into input 1 right chanel in stereo the problem was when I ran the reference and local simultaneously, it didn't read anything the local mic was doing. However, when I turned off the reference...
  49. JRod4928

    VOX TONELAB SE as Midi Controller

    Any tips to get me started? I thought this was a great, cost effective, solution to a midi controller and backup rig... the VOX Tonelab is my 2nd favorite processor to date, 2nd to the AXE FX of course :). I had a Tonelab LE for over a year and thought the tones were more realistic than the...
  50. JRod4928

    Speaker picking up Interference?

    When the speaker is in a specific location in my house, there's a staticy/fuzziness in the low end that is very un-natural. I moved the speaker to a different room and it went away. Should I be concerned that this will happen in a live setting? Or does this kind of stuff happen if the...
  51. JRod4928

    MIM Stratocasters...again...

    1) Are all MIM strats satin back of neck, gloss fretboard after, say 2012? 2) Are the MIM strat gloss fretboards sticky? 3) How is the quality of the MIM strats after 2012? The MIM strat I'm looking at is in a warehouse, it's brand new, and I can get it for almost 1/2 of a normal strat...
  52. JRod4928

    Pickup COLOR Change (Fender Single Coil)

    I want David Gilmour signature pickups (SSL-5, CS 69, and Fat 50), but I want them in black, which I don't think exist. Is it possible to remove and replace the stock white/cream covers with another color like black? Are they sealed pickups that I'd be destroying if I removed the cover? In...
  53. JRod4928

    STRATOCASTERS most bang for your buck

    I'm looking for a SSS strat to play warm bluesy type stuff. I don't care if the logo says Fender, Squire, Yamaha, whatever. As long as it is comfortable to play, holds tune, and sounds decent with a reasonable amount of hum noise. My price range is less than $250. Of course, I'm willing to buy...
  54. JRod4928

    I know this is old news but...

    I moved from a Behringer K3000FX to a JBL PRX612M and the difference is ridiculous. When people say that the FRFR rig you play with makes a huge difference, they're right. I'm A/Bing them right now and it's amazing. The Behringer has all lows and highs and no definition in between. The PRX by...
  55. JRod4928

    Uno Chip or No Uno Chip? ... or HD500?

    I'm looking to use a Behringer FCB1010 or an HD500 for the AXE 2. I'm not sure if I need the UNO chip or not, I tried searching but there are a million threads to read through and some seem contradictory... anyway here is the functionality I want... 1) One Row of buttons assigned to presets 2)...
  56. JRod4928

    Gator Rolling Rack with built-in Power! - Anyone?

    Has anyone ever used one of these? Opinions? I found a good local deal and want to see if there are any huge issues, especially regarding the power strip.
  57. JRod4928

    JBL SRX 12" Monitor Opinions

    PRX - NOT SRX! my bad :lol I'm branching off from my other thread since I have narrowed down my search... I may be buying a JBL PRX612m this weekend. It's a pretty good price, so I wanted your 1st hand experience with the PRX512, 612, or 712's. I understand they aren't the best, but I have to...
  58. JRod4928

    ALTO SXM112A Monitor Wedge - Anyone?

    Has anyone used this monitor wedge? It looks like it could be a pretty decent coaxial monitor option at a $300 price. I know I know, CLR's are the best, and QSC K12's or Mackie HD1221's are good, but for this price range, how well do the SXM's perform?
  59. JRod4928

    IR Frequency Response Visualization Plot

    How can we plot the frequency response of IR's? I've seen these plots for speakers (ex: Zaemo's thread that shows a V30 response).http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/94787-few-words-about-live-sound.html
  60. JRod4928

    Performing a Complete Factory Reset

    I've been reading about this and I'm still confused. I want to do a complete factory reset, including resetting every all, cab, and effect block to factory default, advanced parameters as well as standard parameters. I've loaded 17.04 and all of the presets. What else do I have to do to set...
  61. JRod4928

    How can you EQ to account for non-FRFR?

    Problem: People with cheaper FRFR rigs may have difficulty setting up presets because of the color added to the tone by the cheap FRFR rig. (such as myself :) Behringer K3000FX ). Question: An EQ could be used to counter-act the non-flat response using superposition to make the EQ curve more...
  62. JRod4928

    NGD: AXE FX 2 Mark 2!!

    I haven't been more excited for a piece of equipment, except for maybe when my brand new USA PRS CU24 arrived last year... even then, I think I'm more excited for the AXE, and just in time for the new firmware!!
  63. JRod4928

    Recommend some IR's to me!

    I'm running my USA PRS CU24 into the AXE Standard then direct into FRFR. I'm looking for a cab that makes my tone extremely clear (think: note clarity when playing broken chords) in a high-gain setting. I'm usually using the Mesa model amps (treadplate, IIC+, Mark IV, or USA Lead amp...
  64. JRod4928

    Lexicon Lambda to Connect AXE Standard/Ultra to Computer

    Just incase anyone has an incredibly outdated piece of crappy recording equipment, such as the Lexicon Lambda, I have successfully used it as a MIDI interface to connect the AXE FX Standard to my computer (I don't see why it wouldn't work for an Ultra as well). 1) Plug Lambda into computer...
  65. JRod4928

    Simple Question

    Hopefully. Will either of these work for connecting my HD500x as a foot controller to the axe fx standard? What does 5 cond or 3 cond mean? Hosa MID525 - 25' | Sweetwater.com Pro Co MIDI3-20 Excellines MIDI Cable - 20' | Sweetwater.com
  66. JRod4928

    Exciting Midi Question!

    Not really. but seriously... I just bought an Axe Standard and I need to connect it to my computer (Windows). I have a generic midi to USB adapter, but is that enough? I'm seeing some discussion on the forum about some MIDI interface devices like Uno or Midisport - I'm assuming they're...
  67. JRod4928

    Going to Demo an FX II Mk2. help!

    Due to time constraints,I won't have a long time to try it out. But I'd like to know what presets to try that adequately show case what the processor can do. Particularly a marshall tone (hair metal),mesa tone (petrucci and tremonti), a full warm clean tone, and classic rock tone. Thanks!
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