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    Vai - Guitar Anthology tab book

    All new transcriptions, available now: https://www.halleonard.com/product/156024/
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    Wish Virtual FC Channel

    Wish: Allow selecting a MIDI channel (separate from main channel, or not) for "Virtual FC" control. Let user set 48 (total # of switches possible with 4 FC-12s) MIDI notes, CCs or PCs to act as FC switch presses. Consecutive numbers (choose start # only) is probably fine, although being able to...
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    Recall global blocks via MIDI (MFC-101, DAW, etc.)

    (New thread for visibility, original post here) Remote global block actions use 2-word sysex messages. For example, "load without linking" Amp 1 Global #1 command for Mark I/II: F0 00 01 74 03 1B 6A 00 00 02 75 F7 F0 00 01 74 03 01 6A 00 6D F7 This is the format. Monitor Axe-Edit's output to...
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    Wish Constant-rate modifier damping

    Currently the modifier damping system slows down continuously approaching the target value. This sounds less than ideal for many things, and makes it impossible to emulate turning a knob at a steady rate. Adjusting the modifier shape might get close enough in one direction, but that makes it...
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    Wish Faster Bypass/Mixer/Multiplexer ramps

    Except when controlling a volume block's volume parameter, any method of muting and unmuting a signal has a fade of 50 ms or more. This has audible effects that aren't always ideal. The swell can be noticeable when bringing a new tone/side/effect/harmony/etc. into the mix. Engaging or...
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    Pitch detection sluggish (3.01)

    Intelligent harmony pitch modes don't seem to switch intervals very quickly. With glide time at minimum there's an out-of-tune quality when trilling between 2 notes requiring different shift amounts. Dry signal left, C major +3rd harmony right. (26.2% CPU) Detector Source: Input 1 Tracking...
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    How to improve preset & amp XY switching

    Here's a method to boost the amp block to full volume faster on preset and XY changes. If you find the switching speed tough to work with sometimes, this might be of interest. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/various-presets-tricks.135770/#post-1625421 Switching to certain amp types...
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    Bug? MTD Quad Tape, Master Time nonfunctional

    Q 9.04 Multidelay Master Time parameter has no effect on delay times in Quad Tape mode.
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    Bug? ADSR curves logarithmic

    (Quantum 9.04) ADSR movement is logarithmic with each segment beginning steep (fast) and slowing down near the end. I think it would make more sense if these were linear. Here's an example of a chromatic gliss controlled by ADSR, modifying voice harmony value in Intel. Harm. mode. I can't...
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    Various presets & tricks

    1. Hotel California - Verse 2 Generate 5 harmony parts with one guitar. Video/audio demo: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/hotel-california-verse-2.135713/ Global scales Four global scales need to be configured. If you want to use scales other than 1/2/3/4, Voice 1 Scale & Voice 2 Scale...
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    Hotel California verse 2

    One guitar/preset covering 5 harmony parts. Axe-FX audio only:
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    Amp XY/preset change fade-in: unnecessarily long?

    Is there a reason the amp block has to do a fade-in lasting over 100 ms on XY or preset changes? This makes the next note sound very weak when played around the start of the fade-in. Is it possible the fade-in could be reduced to ~10 ms?
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    Fixed (Q 9.02) Delay mix law, Mute FX Out bypass

    Q 9.02, Mark II Delay block uses old mix law (-6 dB at 50% mix) while bypassed with Mute FX Out bypass mode. Mix works as expected w/ block enagaged and/or other bypass mode selected.
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    Kiss - Detroit Rock City harmonizer

    Here's a preset with pitch block configured for the DRC harmony lead section. Play higher octave of initial parts, switch scenes to create harmony of higher part that eventually joins. Scene controller 1 is used as voice level & shift modifier...
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    Bug? Global Pitch Detection Q1.06

    Global pitch detector doesn't update while input level is below a certain amount, around the "A" in "SIGNAL" at tuner page meter. This creates potential issues with anything involving global detection i.e. synth, pitch block, pitch as modifier source. For example, try volume knob swells on a...
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    Bug? Sweep Delay: Bit Reduction parameter missing

    (Q1.01) With "sweep" delay config the "bit reduction" parameter is missing. BR works fine in sweep mode if set while in another mode or via Axe-Edit. Parameter is just missing on front panel while in sweep mode.
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    Bug? Flanger Dry Delay Shift [FIXED]

    Axe-FX II Mk II, FW 19.0 DRY DELAY SHIFT parameter in Flanger block has no effect dry signal delay time. Time remains fixed at 0.5 ms or equal to DELAY TIME parameter, depending on THRU ZERO setting.
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    Bug? Looper not following trim range

    With a small modifier-sweepable trim range defined, the source changing too rapidly causes the loop to get stuck playing back a certain portion outside of the current trim range. For example, record a loop of 10 seconds or so and assign LFO1 to start trim 0-95%, end trim 5-100%. If the LFO rate...
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    Looper quantize typo

    14.00, the new quantize parameter has "eighth" misspelled as "eigth".
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    Bug fixes for standard/Ultra possible?

    I feel like maybe the Axe 1 bugs forum hasn't been viewed often by FA since around the time of the II release. Here are 3 bugs. Chorus block LFO2 doesn't run, mono cab block doesn't apply air signal to right channel, compressor doesn't mute audio of sidechain row. Could we get a firmware that...
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    Bug? Cab block AIR in Mono mode

    In Mono Lores/Hires cab mode, the AIR control is only applied to the left input signal. This means the effect will be half the intended intensity for most signals, or missing if you happen to balance a signal to the right channel.
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    Bug? Trem/Pan square trem LFO = backwards (Fixed)

    The Trem/Pan square trem LFO implementation is nonsensical and makes realtime duty adjustment impossible without changing the apparent tempo and rhythm, and having to set a new start phase to keep the beat aligned. For pulse width below 50% (currently this means duty above 50%) the "on" start...
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    Bug? Looper Play/Reverse/Half Modifiers 12.03

    It's not possible to assign modifiers to these controls in 12.03. Selecting a source has no effect and the edit menu icon will indicate no modifier is assigned.
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    Bug? Delay Hold - swell (fixed)

    Using delay hold creates a swell taking about 1 second to reach full volume. For times under 1 second this produces lower average loop level due to (I assume) multiple passes through the feedback path which isn't at 100% level yet. To reproduce: use any delay type, set feedback low/zero...
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    Autoengage "position" style 11.05

    If the pedal is in the "on" zone the effect will be on when loading the preset, regardless of how it was saved. It's also not possible to bypass via front panel while the pedal's in the on zone. Can we get this working like the Axe 1, i.e. pedal position doesn't cause engaging on preset load, 5%...
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    Speed-based Auto-engage (solved)

    According to Cliff in the link below, auto-engage is supposed to work like this: "It is speed based. 5% is the value it will shut off at. It will turn on when it detects the pedal has been moved faster than a certain velocity. This prevents the effect from engaging if the pedal slowly...
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    Bug? Input 1 L+R Sum

    With input 1 mode = L+R Sum, Input 1 left select = front, the Instr In and Input 1 levels in the I/O menu act like an interactive balance control for the entire (summed) signal. (Instr in level) - (Input 1 level) = balance.
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    Bug? Drive block: Slew Limit modifier inaccessible

    It's not possible to assign a slew limit modifier via front panel. Axe-Edit can do it, and the modifier can be viewed/edited once assigned via Control: Modifiers.
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    Bug? Random Autoengage w/ pedal as source

    The Axe 1 would ignore 5% movement in either direction before allowing an external controller to take over, whether block state via auto-engage or any parameter using PC RST. The Axe II (FW 10.00) only does this for PC RST. This causes a pedal parked in the "on" zone to randomly autoengage...
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    Bug? Looper Start/End Modifiers

    There seems to be room for improvement with loop start/end modifiers when trying to set up a small movable playback region. Assign a pedal's Ext Ctrl to loop start w/ min/max at 0/98, and to loop end w/ min/max at 2/100. (The pedal has to be at or near 0% to allow setting the endpoint start...
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    Chorus: does LFO2 work correctly?

    The Axe II chorus block's LFO2 seems to work the same way as on the Ultra, like a fixed depth adjustment rather than an LFO: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-bugs/46699-ultra-chorus-lfo2-working-properly.html Is this a bug?
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    LFOs for Controller Transforming

    Here are some techniques for extra modifier options, compared to one source assigned directly to a parameter. By choosing a stopped LFO as source instead, and the actual controller you want to use as source for LFO duty %, the LFO output can travel the full modifier range instantly or over a...
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    Bug? Compressor look-ahead when bypassed

    Saw "Fixed look-ahead delay still running if Compressor block is bypassed" in the 5.0 release notes for Axe II. This also occurs w/ the Ultra (11.0).
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    Bug? (Ultra) Chorus: LFO2 working properly?

    Using Ultra w/ 11.0. As far as I can tell, the chorus block LFO2 depth only reduces the depth of LFO1 (for voices 3/4/7/8) by a fixed amount, reaching 0 depth at 100%, which seems odd. LFO2 rate doesn't do anything, at least not when the main rate is set to LFO1 sync. (Done to sync both chorus...
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    Random Delay Stutter/Pitch

    Wacky delay sounds here. LFO1 randomly starts sequencer to create delay hold, also randomizes speed of LFO2 controlling delay time. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/28651/axefx/random_pitch_stutter.mp3
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    Autoengage - Engage point

    Is the engage point supposed to differ from the off value by 15%? The last relevant info in release notes is before the Off val. parameter was added: 5.06 "changed engage point to 20%" then 5.07 "Reduced autoengage point to 15%". Currently (since 8.08 I guess) the engage point is 20% when off...
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    Harmonic feedback sim

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/28651/axefx/fakefeedback.mp3 This is the factory preset "Time" with pitch & comp. added. Envelope increases pitch & comp. mix as note decays. Play the next note hard enough to get out of harmonic mode. Adjust envelope params. other than attack (which should stay low to...
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    When using digital input... (question for Cliff)

    Does setting the upstream device to a samplerate other than 48k literally underclock/overclock the Axe DSP? I briefly had mine locked to interface at 44.1, delays got longer. Just wondering if it would definitely be really really bad to switch to something above 48k.
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    Octave Divider - Pitch Source

    In octave divider mode (Ultra 10.05) the pitch block uses global detection with any pitch source setting. Bug or necessary/intentional?
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    Footcontroller & Axe-Edit MIDI merging with Midisport 2x2

    Here's something that might be of interest to those with 2x2s, or worth trying with any multi-port interface. I don't recall any past threads on this, tried it this morning and it works. (My interface is a Steinberg USB2MIDI, apparently the same thing as the non-anniversary Midisport 2x2 in a...
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    Compressor vs. Gate: sidechain muting?

    The gate/exp block excludes a selected sidechain row's audio, compressor does not. Is this intended? The manual only says "The other rows are summed as usual" for both, which isn't clear. It's currently pretty easy to make the gate pass the sidechain audio (using 2 shunts in the column preceding...
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    Pitch tracking drops octave near C#6

    Tracking has acted like this for quite a few firmwares. Synth pitch drops an octave and pitch as modifier exhibits a similar glitch within a small range just flat of C#6 (21st fret high E), which can be heard here using a synth and bending up from C...
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    Intel. Harmony tracking: 7.12 vs. 7.08 & earlier

    Just loaded 7.12 (Ultra) and noticed the intelligent/custom shifters take significantly more time to change intervals for a given tracking setting. For example: Set up a 3rd harmony in C major, tracking at 2.40 (just what I happened to use for the preset in which I noticed this), play B...
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    Pitch detection

    I guess this is a bug unless pitch detection isn't meant to reach as high anymore. With 6.06, something odd happens when using pitch to control anything and playing a high B or D note (19th or 22nd fret of high E): the notes get interpreted as lower pitches that tend to jump all over the place...
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    Ignore pedal/CC state on preset recall

    The current Axe operation is to have the pedal's position and CC states immediately affect parameters they're attached to when you switch to a new preset. This wish is for having the preset-stored values loading, and changing only if you move/switch something afterward. It's a global option on...
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