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  1. brokenvail

    Biggest struggle-dialing patches

    The KZ’s have a switch in back that kicks in a low cut. Clears up mudd
  2. brokenvail

    Fulfillment Friday?

    The fact that Fractal took a different approach and announced a product that they were basically ready to start shipping is very cool. To think that in less than 2 weeks of announcing ppl will have it is awesome. They did say there was a limited amount for this first round but more coming. As...
  3. brokenvail

    Fulfillment Friday?

    Unless they live very close first those first shipments will start delivering anywhere between Tuesday and Friday next week
  4. brokenvail

    FM9 Case?

    Skb sc2110
  5. brokenvail

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Do you own a QC? It is very much in infancy stage. The cpu optimization for its effects was way off and they don’t even have things like a volume block. They fix some optimization but still no volume block. If they keep tweaking and refining it will really kill one day but that day is not today
  6. brokenvail

    Stereo Cab Panned or Centered?

    I use two IR’s but it is same cab with two different mics and I run them centered. I have my verbs and delays in stereo after the cab block
  7. brokenvail

    FM3 / FC6 / FC12 Gigbags?

    For FM+ FC+ Ev not mounted to a pedal board nothing beats this bag for the money SKB 1SKB-SC2111 21 x 11 x 3 Inches Controller Soft Case
  8. brokenvail

    How do you get your clean

    Although I use one amp for everything I find that if you use different amps but keep the same IR it feels less abrupt/ unmusical
  9. brokenvail

    Chromebook for FM3 and Axe3?

    I use a net book got running editors
  10. brokenvail

    My FM3 rig (+ presets)

    Lol I like mine that way too
  11. brokenvail

    layouts issue

    Wonder if the layout change is connected to the hold feature and OP is not releasing switch fast enough?
  12. brokenvail

    Tucana amp

    I have not tried it but the Triptik has been my number 1 for years
  13. brokenvail

    FM3 with and without FC6

    You confirmed an idea I have been having with your second layout. I will do a modified version of it!
  14. brokenvail

    Boss FV-500H expression pedal issues

    To me that is a lot of dead space. But if it doesn’t bother you then stay with it. I too loved the size and how it felt under my feet. The EV1 is about the same size
  15. brokenvail

    Boss FV-500H expression pedal issues

    What AJ said is right. With that said those pedals have a decent amount of dead travel to them. When fractal launched the EV pedals I ditched my boss pedal
  16. brokenvail

    " Global Performance Controls " ...... not working "globally " ..... (?)

    Prayed for global blocks since Ax8!
  17. brokenvail

    Scary moment at gig last night with the FM3...

    Had you engaged a block or channel that maybe you had not at other points on the evening
  18. brokenvail

    FM3 with and without FC6

    I have a lay out set up for when I use FM alone with a dual aux switch and a modified OMG9 for when I use FC6. My FM default power up layout is my OMG but a simple twist of a knob puts me in my other stand alone layout
  19. brokenvail

    Clean model hit with drive vs OD channels

    Funny because I hate the helix drives lol. Def whatever works best for the user is their best practice
  20. brokenvail

    Drive Block vs. Input Drive

    Here you go https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Amp_block#INPUT_BOOST_.2B_BOOST_TYPE_.2B_BOOST_LEVEL
  21. brokenvail

    Drive Block vs. Input Drive

    I think OP is talking about the built in boost in the amps that have a few models to choose from
  22. brokenvail

    R Ratio Values?

    Anyone know how I can figure out what ratio to use to get a .8th if I set tap to 8th? If I must I will gladly invert it and set tap to .8 if getting the ratio to give me an 8th is easier to figure out.
  23. brokenvail

    Using a filter blk to sculpt ambient MTD?

    This is a super long shot but back in 2017 I ripped someone settings from the MTD block with a filter behind it. They used this for ambient delays and swells. It worked killer on my Ax8. I have spent a long time combing through very old threads trying to find it with no luck. Any where here...
  24. brokenvail

    Multi-Delay Input Diffusion Demo

    Hey @philipacamaniac did you ever recreating this on the FM3? I tried to DM you but system said I couldn’t
  25. brokenvail

    Clean model hit with drive vs OD channels

    In the past I have used models of OD channels (triptek) with not a tone of gain then used Od/ drives to get more gain/ textures ect. Recently I have found that if I use Triptek clean and hit it with a Dist model I get a fatter tone. Any one else using clean models and hitting it with drive vs...
  26. brokenvail

    Like a Glove

    I have a Kontroller bag as well as the 365. When I use the fm stand alone with ev2 and 2 button aux switch I use the 365. When using FM + FC + Ev2 I use https://reverb.com/item/3488211-skb-1skb-sc2111?utm_source=rev-ios-app&utm_medium=ios-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=3488211
  27. brokenvail

    Per preset changes not showing up when I take the fm3 fc 6 to practice

    Are you using the OMG set up/ layout?
  28. brokenvail

    True Story

    More than likely this is the case
  29. brokenvail

    True Story

    I know you are not asking for opinions but I think the singer should speak up. They will hurt their voice
  30. brokenvail

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    Did you come from any of the betas? If so did you do reset parm and soft reset amps?
  31. brokenvail

    Shorter FASLINK cables

    Hmm good question. Currently when using FM/FC6/Ev2 I run the ev between the FM and FC
  32. brokenvail

    Kemper new iOS/iPad app, do you think fractal will be next?

    I feel like Fas, Kemper, L6 and QC are not worried about boss (though I have heard it is a cool unit)
  33. brokenvail

    Kemper new iOS/iPad app, do you think fractal will be next?

    I think Fract pad is great. The blue tooth stuff with dongles was iffy but using a cable always rocked. To this point FAS and L6 have seemed to have had no interest in iOS editores. Kemper has started something interesting by doing an IOS editor. I believe the QC is supposed to have an iOS...
  34. brokenvail

    Kemper new iOS/iPad app, do you think fractal will be next?

    I use a cheap 2 in 1 from Walmart for my various editors
  35. brokenvail

    Kemper new iOS/iPad app, do you think fractal will be next?

    For all these years fractal has avoided making an iOS app. Kemper having built a blue tooth module into that stage for later use was smart. They seems to think way a head and just get to stuff when they can.
  36. brokenvail

    FM3 Footswitchs

    Do you also use external footswitchs? I have Each switch toggle between 2 scenes. Hold on two buttons get me scene 7 and 8. I have an un assigned hold. I can use. I use an external switching to tap tempo/tuner and give me a different view with effects IA’s
  37. brokenvail

    Travel bag to hold FM3 and 13” laptop?

    It is a fantastic choice!!! Hope you got a good price. I bought one for my brother and one for my self a few years back. Due to size the sellers lost their butt on the shipping cost.
  38. brokenvail

    Travel bag to hold FM3 and 13” laptop?

    Mono 365 bag if you can find one
  39. brokenvail

    Cygnus is the holy grail

    I have been around FAS since 2010. Their is always big praise around the big FW changes. FAS has been sounding great for for a long long time. I have not had a time in all these years that I was not happy with my tone. As I result I don’t get super pumped any more for FW updates to the modeling...
  40. brokenvail

    Do drive blocks need to be refreshed?

    Amp blocks have to be refreshed after Fw updates. Now that drive blocks are in line with big brother do they need to be refreshed too?
  41. brokenvail

    Controlling volume jumps when boosting amp with a drive pedal

    I usually run level on drive blocks low. Then again I want the extra gain and color/ texture not more volume. If I want more volume I use the drive block to give me the extra volume I want
  42. brokenvail

    How do YOU clean up a high-gain amp?

    I would do what you do. Drive down add compression. Another option to try is lowing input gain in amp
  43. brokenvail

    Anyone have a tip to stop my Mosky Stand in switch from switching to tuner after tap tempoing?

    Are you using a TRS cable? Did you set it up correctly in the switches menus?
  44. brokenvail

    FM3 + External Dual Footswitch = OMG 5?

    I only use one preset so I use the FM switching to acces all 8 scenes. Each button toggles between two scenes (Fm responds well to quick dbl taps when I need say the send scene on switch 2 when I am currently on switch 1) and two buttons have a scene programmed to the button hold function. I use...
  45. brokenvail

    Carol Ann Appreciation Thread

    Love the Trip! My go to Ir is the trip cab in the o bot cab pack with a 57 and 121
  46. brokenvail

    Any issues with running verb and delay in front of amp Blk

    I def had the 2290 in mind as one that has the issue
  47. brokenvail

    Any issues with running verb and delay in front of amp Blk

    I know running delay and been before the amp makes them mono. Does anyone know if there will be any phase cancelation or weirdness in the sound by putting them in front of the amp?
  48. brokenvail

    Bag that can fit FM3, FC6, and some cables

    Don’t have a picture right now but the trick is to turn each of them a 1/4 turn. I put them facing each other but as long as you turn them 1/4 turn they both fit
  49. brokenvail

    Bag that can fit FM3, FC6, and some cables

    Here me clearly. No better bag at almost any price that this. Holds FM FC 1 Ev2 and a pouch for cables. The foam inside is thick and firm. Honestly it is stupid how good it is for the price...
  50. brokenvail

    SOLD Line 6 HX Stomp Blue. Free Shipping

    Up for grabs Ltd ED Line 6 HX Stomp. Note the Hx has a small ding I tried to show in one of the pictures. Price is $525 shipped. Sorry no trades
  51. brokenvail

    What's up with price gouging on used FAS gear?

    Fractal gear can often fetch above new prices on the used market. Most of the time you have to be lucky to save much over new. Often the saving or small and that is when you are not dealing with sellers shooting for the star
  52. brokenvail

    Anyone have a tip to stop my Mosky Stand in switch from switching to tuner after tap tempoing?

    Depends on what other switches are doing. I suggest toggling through layouts
  53. brokenvail

    Alternative to Mosky Dual switch?

    If the pedal is not being mounted a to a board not to big might not be best idea
  54. brokenvail

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    I have bought B stock from them before. It has always been in amazing condition
  55. brokenvail

    Alternative to Mosky Dual switch?

    I had simple switch put my switch in a larger enclosure because I wanted to use it stand alone with no board. It has worked great
  56. brokenvail

    Alternative to Mosky Dual switch?

    I had simple switch from reverb make me one. I have bought a number of things from him before
  57. brokenvail

    Explanation of Cab Mics ... ?

    A few years back when Miko started selling Cab packs that were not just Fas he started labeling A,b,c ect. If I recall they were always from darkest to brightest. This is to say 57a is darker than b ect ect ect
  58. brokenvail

    Toggle From Presets to Scenes with External Footswitch

    Ok here is what I did. I choose a layout that I was not using and I called it aux. I used stand in switch #12 for tap/ tuner. Then I used stand in switch 11 to toggle through the views in that May out. I have one view for scene and in view 2 and 3 I have Effects to turn on and off.
  59. brokenvail

    Toggle From Presets to Scenes with External Footswitch

    You using FM3 and two button only right?
  60. brokenvail

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.02

    Anything different from the beta?
  61. brokenvail

    FM3 + FC6 = OMG 9 .....can I set one button to be dedicated tap tempo/tuner

    Still need help? I set this up Monday on mine
  62. brokenvail


    Yup had to rethink what I wanted on boot up. I remembered this options when I set up my stand alone FM3 layout Perfect I will test it later but I believe I am all set. I not sure if this is bug but under layout in edit where it has the button for FM3, fc6, fc12 it allows you to have more than...
  63. brokenvail


    Basically I am want to used a modified omg9 with Fc6 but sometimes want to use a different layout that is just FM3 with a 2 two button aux switch
  64. brokenvail


    I think with your instructions I cracked the code. Does the links thing stay saved when I switch layouts? I used layout 4 for this but have 7 programmed to work with just FM3 and an audio switch. If I go to 7 when I return to 4 at a different give will I lose the links?
  65. brokenvail


    How can I get the FM3 to control the FC6. Everything I try doesn’t seem to work. I am interested in like a modified omg9 set up but I want to be able to easily get to a different layout when I don’t use the fc6
  66. brokenvail

    Form fit/cut SKB case?

    You want to mound it to a pedal board or keep things loose
  67. brokenvail

    SOLD Morningstar Mc6

    Up for grabs is a Morningstar MC6 mk2. Great condition. Does not include original box. $old shipped in continental US
  68. brokenvail

    Type of switches needed for dual footswitch?

    I have done some searching and cannot see to find the answer to this. When using a dual footswitch with the FM the idea switch will use momentary buttons right?
  69. brokenvail

    SOLD Sire H7 **lots of upgrades**

  70. brokenvail

    SOLD Atomic Ampli Firebox

    Up for grabs killer pedal size modeler. Great amp models, can load IR and has effects. Does not have box or power supply. $old Price Includes free shipping to lower 48.
  71. brokenvail

    SOLD Sire H7 **lots of upgrades**

  72. brokenvail

    SOLD Sire H7 **lots of upgrades**

    Up for grabs is a killer Sire H7. It has only been gigged 3x. It has the following upgrades. Benson Custom Humbucker sized tron pickups, locking tuners, 920D wiring harness and comes with a Reunion Blues RBX bag (Sire’s do not ship with cases or bags) $old. Free shipping with full asking price...
  73. brokenvail

    WTB EV2

    Got any Ev2 for sale? Not looking to sell it at just about new prices? Inbox me I will buy it
  74. brokenvail

    Ultrares IRs?

    Love how ppl fight over every little detail 🤦🏻‍♂️
  75. brokenvail

    Carrying case?

    I love my 365. It was perfect for the Ax8
  76. brokenvail

    Carrying case?

    Mono is dope. Why would you think it would not be good? Someone posted a killer skb bag above and it is has a great price
  77. brokenvail

    Talk to a Kemper guy about the DC30

    I have never used a matchless in real life or in the Axe world. In a decade of Fractal I have probably only tries 10 amp sims and even less ir's. I also have never fallen into the tweaking rabbit hole. I am proof it can be done lol
  78. brokenvail

    AX8 Hard Case

    Gator just released a really cool hard shell case for the helix that can fit an Ax and one of two exp pedals. Pelican cases is another great choice
  79. brokenvail

    Carol Ann Triptik.

    TripTik is the best!!!
  80. brokenvail

    So, what's everyone's favourite amp model?

    Everyone should try a triptik
  81. brokenvail

    Anyone make TALL knock off Barefoot buttons?

    No one else is making tall boys right now
  82. brokenvail

    FASPICE XD for AX8?

    Hw was talking about products moving fwd starting with the iii and fm3
  83. brokenvail

    FASPICE XD for AX8?

    folks are still hoping to taste ares
  84. brokenvail

    New modeler from Strymon

    I think they missed the boat charging 399. The atomic firebox is killer at 299 and with 20% coupon you score a HX stomp for 479.
  85. brokenvail

    SOLD EV-1 (modded with toe switch) + mini exp

    I inboxed you my paypal address
  86. brokenvail

    Null Cab IR

    there is a null filter not cab
  87. brokenvail

    WTB EV-1 Expression/Volume Pedal, color not important

    What you looking to spend?
  88. brokenvail

    SOLD EV-1 (modded with toe switch) + mini exp

    Up for grabs is a Ax8 with barefoot buttons installed Has a few cab packs installed as well. Great condition. Has power cable and will ship in Fractal box The EV1 is modded with a toe switch and is for sale with the mini expression. Flat trash pedal board with heavily padded case EV2 is not...
  89. brokenvail

    AX8 into desk at Mic level

    in the i/o menu you can set your output to -10. Any time I go someone where unknown I always switch that setting. Also the should have tuned the gain on your channel all the way down then slow raised it to a useful level. Hopefully they are aware that the gain is not the fader
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