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  1. schlagdog

    MFC 101 cable question.

    I have the original 101 and the regular AXEFXII and can't seem to get a 25 foot cable to work with it. I have a bunch of smaller ones that work perfect but ordered from monoprice, Amazon, and got one at fry's and can't get any of the longer ones to work. 1 won't even power it and the other 2...
  2. schlagdog

    Suggestion for guys who love a 4x12 trying to go FRFR

    I've been a 4x12 guy for about 25 years. I keep trying FRFR and just can't get a sound I hear in my ears like I do sitting in front of my 4x12. I've made IR's of my mesa cab that sound pretty amazing recorded but running through the FRFR setup jamming doesn't give me that usual sound I am used...
  3. schlagdog

    Firehouse's Bill Leverty with some sweet axefx tone.

    Thought I would post a video of Bill Leverty playing the axefx live. It's a chance to see someone not playing a 7 string with a Djent tone live for once. He is a member of the board and a cool guy. Tone was awesome and the band sounds great. If you get a chance to check them out live go see...
  4. schlagdog

    How come adding a block to my chain is adding gain to my amp model?

    I have a main patch I use that is just all in one line which is totally full. I wanted to add a Pitch Block so u just ran a shunt off the line then down to the next line and into the block then back up to the main patch line. The second I connect it it add way more gain to my amp model like I'm...
  5. schlagdog

    What has changed in all the GATES since FW14?

    All my gates have to be adjusted to a serious -db in everything to a ridiculous amount to get to where they were in FW13 and they are still too slow and then when I get them to the speed they used to be it cuts out way too much signal from my guitar. They have always worked like a dream up...
  6. schlagdog

    Switching between axefx amp models and my own amps tones?

    Is there a link or a template somewhere that would explain how to use the axefx in the 4CM switching between say an axefx amp using my amps power section and then using my amps preamp also. I'd like to be able to use my 6505+'s main tone and then switch to say a better clean amp using the 6505+...
  7. schlagdog

    Gate on main Layout screen way off in Fw14 (NOT A BUG)

    I don't usually put a gate in my signal path and used to only use the gate in the main layout screen. Now in FW14 all my patches are noisy and I have to pump the threshold from my usual -64 or so all the way to -28. It also doesn't close anywhere as fast as it used to. Just a head up to see if...
  8. schlagdog


    Got the dry stems of everything in this song for a remixing contest done by Ola Englund. Did all guitars with my main patch on the AXEFX2. Bass on L6 Pod Farm 2 and everything else using wave plugins in protools. Mixed on my Mackie HR824's. Until there is a new AXE EDIT I can't post patches...
  9. schlagdog

    How do I get my IR's off the AXEFX2?

    I used to do it with AxeEdit but since I cant even get edit to recognize my AXEFX anymore that is out. I use the Sysex Librarian, go to the utility and DUMP USER CAB TO USB set the librarian to record it and go. It creates a midi file in the librarian but then wont load anywhere and says...
  10. schlagdog

    I think my left outputs are going bad???

    I actually just thought the static pops I got sometimes while recording were from the AXEFX not playing right with protools. I now know since getting some EV112p's the popping is from my left outputs. I usually use the outputs in the FXLOOP to power my poweramp and 4x12 which i usually play 99%...
  11. schlagdog

    External 1 only working on effects? I'm sure this is an easy fix??

    I'm sure this is some super easy fix but I can't figure it out. I must have something switched on or off that is causing the issue. I seem to only be able to get External 1 to work in the effects. Basically the wah only works when ex1 is in in the control effects edit block. Even though my exp...
  12. schlagdog


    All the higher gain amps have way too much high end now in V6. I know other people have had the same issue and I can't dial it out. Before everyone tells me to start going through the eq and all that let me tell you I have gone through the entire power amp section and all the parameters in it...
  13. schlagdog

    PANTERA DIMEBAG'S TONE!!! "WALK"....I'm blown away!!!

    Head to the TONE MATCH Section for PATCH since I don't know which is the appropriate section.
  14. schlagdog

    PANTERA DIMEBAG'S TONE!!! "WALK"....I'm blown away!!!

    I was so excited I only recorded a quick thing for you to be amazed! Let me know if the patch works if you aren't too busy playing PANTERA songs all night!!!!!!!!!
  15. schlagdog

    What was used at Fractal to dial in all the new amp updates?

    Just wondering if the process started as using the AXEFX into the actual amp they are matchings FXRETURN to first dial in the preamp to match no cab sim on. Then go into a power amp like the Matrix or something to then tweak the power amp section through some sort of say 4x12 cab for most...
  16. schlagdog

    Do all the high gain amps have extra sizzle now?

    All my high gain amps on V6 just have way too much saturation and presence. With my power amp/cab setup I usually run my Mosvalve at about 3:00 on the presence. With the new update I have to take it down to noon and still I don't like the way it sounds. I noticed its the same going direct...
  17. schlagdog

    Quick Jake E. Lee "High Wire" tone match attempt.

    Just panned to the right since thats where the initial guitar on the song starts out and where I tried to match it. As you can tell I didn't spend much time going back 20 years in my memory to remember how to actually play it correctly. Maybe shouldn't have picked up my guitar with EMG81 but...
  18. schlagdog

    Is tone match supposed to then go in Cab block?

    Just wondering if after you make a tone match and you save it if then you are supposed to run it from then on in your preset in the cab block? My tone match sound great when the TMATCH block is on and cab off. Then when I turn TMATCH off and put it in CAB block it loses everything. Volume...
  19. schlagdog

    So how would I try and tone match my XXX?

    I have a Peavey XXX I want to try and tone match. I have IR's I created from the Peavey and my V30 cab but not how do I match my XXX or is this not possible? All my tone matching have been a disaster so far and I'm following everything just like it saying to tone match. Anyone tried to do one...
  20. schlagdog


    Did some IR's today with my mic's and power sections of my amps. I could actually spend about 12 hours doing this with the number of cabs I have but just hit the Warhead. AMPS: Peavey XXX, Mesa Triple Rec, Randall RM100, Mosvalve 500 MICS: SM57, SENN 609, Langevin CR3A CAB: Randall Warhead V30...
  21. schlagdog


    I can't see how everyone running a poweramp/cab live setup doesn't just capture it and go direct. It's pretty damn amazing that it gets so damn close. I spent a little bit moving my SM57 to find my favorite spot on my cab again with my MOSVALVE 500 Poweramp and my Randall Warhead Cab with...
  22. schlagdog

    Just developed a USB to protools issue.

    I haven't recorded using the USB since the newest firmware and for some reason when I open up my protools session I setup before for USB. It tells me my audio device wont record 48 and then tells me it doesn't support any buffer sizes. I have never changed a thing in the protools session since I...
  23. schlagdog


    Just was recording with a mic'd cab and thought I would just try an IR Capture of the setup I was using to see how close it was. I usually prefer all my IR Captures over stock cabs because it I get more what I actually hear with my own setup. I was running out of the AXE2-Mosvalve 500...
  24. schlagdog

    IR CAPTURE not working??

    I've used the IR CAP a ton of times and now today I cant get it to work. I can't get the axe to send out a test tone at all. Any settings I might have accidently screwed up? Like I said, I have used the IRCAP a million times and no problems ever. I've checked all my cords and the front...
  25. schlagdog

    Saw these poweramps at NAMM and am intrigued.

    I know Behringer is a cheap brand but there new iNuke poweramps look really interesting. BEHRINGER: NU6000DSP
  26. schlagdog

    Anyone have a REAL Recto patch?

    I've been trying for a month now to get a something close to my triple rec through an actual cab/poweramp with no luck. I sit here running my AXEFX2 through the poweramp section of my actual Triple Rec and its just not possible. So far I still have no luck getting any amp model to sound good...
  27. schlagdog

    Just a quick clip of a tone using Mark V model

    This is my current goto patch. Just a super quick tone in a mix. If you download the patch let me know how it goes and what you think. I'll post the complete song when it is finished which shouldn't be too long.
  28. schlagdog

    My Triple Rec and cab IR patch.

    Tried to clone my Triple Rec and came pretty close. Posted a sound clip on the recordings section and here is the patch. Please let me know if it uploads correctly.
  29. schlagdog

    AXEFX2 thin sounding through poweramp...any suggestions.

    Axefx2 seems to sound ok when I record with it but through my Recto 2:100 poweramp it is weak sauce. I've turned poweramp sims off and on and tried all I can think of. It's just thin and digital sounding and honestly sounds pretty bad compared to my real tube amps. Bad enough where it makes...
  30. schlagdog


    CLONING MY TRIPLE REC WITH THE AXEFX2 and IR CAPTURE(Patch & IR added) So I tried to get as close as I could with the AXEFX to clone my Triple Rec through my Randall Warhead Cab. I used the IR capture to copy my speaker with an SM57 in front. I got pretty close but couldn't quite nail it but...
  31. schlagdog

    UBER patch with a couple of my IR's

    This is my main UBER patch that uses 2 of my IR's I did from my Randall Warhead cab through the power section of a Peavey XXX. This is the patch I did the killswitch reamp with a while ago. I never use any of the stock or redwirez IR's and just seem to only use the dozen or so I did myself...
  32. schlagdog

    Hopefully posting a few IR's here.

    I'm trying to figure out how to post a few of my IR's. Let me know if this works out for anyone to download. I also tried to add the UBER patch I used in my last recording. The ones with the (45) are using an SM57 at a 45 degree angle. I usually put them in one stereo cab but pan them right...
  33. schlagdog


    So it took me forever so get the reamp working and had to over come latency problems but I got it as good as it will get. I wanted to compare a reamp with POD FARM to a REAMP with the AXEFX2. POD FARM took me 30 seconds to do and since it a plug in it basically had to lacency issues. AXEFX2...
  34. schlagdog

    Re-Amping with protools help??

    Anyone using AXEFX2 with protools? I can't seem to even get it to record through USB. Its turning into nothing but a headache. I want to try and reamp some dry signals I have and can't get it all working with inputs and outputs. I found a couple posts on here where people couldn't figure it...
  35. schlagdog

    Some of my IR's I recorded today.

    I captured my Randall Warhead cabinet that has V30's in it. I used my Mesa Triple Rec, Peavey XXX, and Randall RM100 as the power amp section to capture. I then went into an SM57 into a bluetube mic preamp. I recorded the cab on the grill about an inch down from the edge of the center cone...
  36. schlagdog

    My attempt at the Petrucci tone.

    Well, I don't even know a single Dream Theater song and not even a fan but I love the MarkIV tone Petrucci has. I was watching one of his YouTube videos demoing the MarkIV and just tried to copy it. Didn't really play anything on the demo but ran through some cords to give in idea of the work...
  37. schlagdog

    Ownhammer problem...

    I'm sure I'm just doing something wrong but is there a special procedure for loading Ownhammer IRs? I have all the redwirez and my own IRs and have no problem loading them on the AX2. For some reason none of the ownhammers load. I have te brand new v30 models they put out for the AX2 but they...
  38. schlagdog

    So far completely unimpressed.

    So far I'm leaning on selling the unit. It's far too complicated to set up and really doesn't sound much better than POD FARM or Peavey revalver yet cost almost 10 times as much. I'm going to spend the week with it still though and see if I start to enjoy it more. Maybe I will find the magic in...
  39. schlagdog

    Can you use the AXEFX like the Digitech 1101?

    I'm still waiting forever for my AxeFx2 but thought I'd ask anyway. Can you hook up the AXEFX using the 4 cable method and it will work like the digitech 1101? In case anyone doesn't know you can hook up the 1101 to turn on and off outputs for each channel. Say your amp has an awesome high...
  40. schlagdog

    Another TRIVIUM performance featuring AXFX Ultra direct.

    AXEFX ULTRA's for both guitarists going direct. Right behind the singer is his Ultra in the rack. Trivium Built To Fall Radio 1 Rock Show Live Session 2011 - YouTube
  41. schlagdog


    Don't know if this has been posted before but TRIVIUM uses only AXEFX Ultras live now. The LIVE DVD that came with the new CD is all AXEFX. You can check a bunch of it out on YouTube. They used there Peavey 5150's to record the new album and live each have in ultra running direct. Here is a...
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