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  1. Sustainerplayer

    Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro as Master Controller

    Welcome! This thread tells it all: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/voodoo-labs-gcpro-and-axe-fx-scenes.94071/ I have used it with both the Axe Fx II XL and now the Axe III
  2. Sustainerplayer

    Fractal Audio Artist Preset Series - Steve Stevens

    I never needed to be in my studio more than now. :p
  3. Sustainerplayer

    So I tried an Ibanez guitar.....

    A fair bunch of Ibanez' were retrofitted with Fernandes sustainers. Especially after Steve Vai's FLO came to be.
  4. Sustainerplayer

    FM3: G66 availability?

    Got the invite 40 minutes ago. Signed up on the waitlist at aprox 20:46 on the 23rd. If I buy a FM3 it has to be a HP-version. So I'll wait until then to decide. I have an Axe III ...
  5. Sustainerplayer

    Vocoder: the least used effect block?

    I tried it. Once. For non-guitar purposes I prefer a plugin ...
  6. Sustainerplayer

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    The Danish PM just announced that we are closing our borders until easter.
  7. Sustainerplayer

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Denmark goes for lock down. All public institutions closes for 14 days. No gatherings with more than 100 people allowed.
  8. Sustainerplayer

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Likely? Do you have a source for that?
  9. Sustainerplayer

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Disinfecting entire cities? Has anyone gotten the virus from contact with the tarmac, a lamppost or the curb? It seems like a "we try to show we are are doing something" ...
  10. Sustainerplayer

    Why do I need a cab pack?

    You don't. But then you do. It's a twisted world.
  11. Sustainerplayer

    Asking about axe fx iii

    If you buy it - you will learn it. Just like you learned to play the guitar.
  12. Sustainerplayer

    Can i record into this, with this?

    Pfft ... 3,5" floppys. All that modern stuff. My first DAW was Steinberg Pro 16 on a Commodore 64. It came on prober 5 1/4" floppys.
  13. Sustainerplayer

    Plugins that won’t suddenly expire?

    I really don't like Waves business practice with WUP. But you probably won't get any plugins that will support old non-supported OS's forever. But generally good high-end plugin brands like Fabfilter, Tokyo Dawn, Soundtoys, Eventide have a lot better support.
  14. Sustainerplayer

    Blooming PayPal and it's EU rulings....

    Paypal are modern day pirates.
  15. Sustainerplayer

    Best audio interface that will work with Mac OS Catalina

    I would consider https://www.presonus.com/products/Quantum-2 I'm using it's big brother in my studio. And I'm contemplating a mobile setup with the 2 and my MacBook.
  16. Sustainerplayer

    Do you set up your own guitars?

    Yes I do. Around 33 years or so. I think I'm pretty good at it. At one time I started doing it for others. It went pretty well. But I stopped again as I didn't wanted that as a job. But I help others who wants to learn it themselves to get a start.
  17. Sustainerplayer

    Is the Cab-Lab plugin macOS Catalina-ready?

    As the headline says. Is Cab-Lab ready when I switch to macOS Catalina at some point?
  18. Sustainerplayer

    Friedman Small Box

    It's my favourite amp by far. So dynamic.
  19. Sustainerplayer

    Buy Axe-Fx 3 in UK

    I'm disgusted by the frequency these threads are posted. Always the same - and as always the OP didn't bother to look up all the other threads with the same false accusations. Funny thing is ... the guys and girls who actually buys the stuff from G66.eu never complains. Probably because they...
  20. Sustainerplayer

    Pinch Harmonics

    The III is full of them.
  21. Sustainerplayer

    I'm in X Factor Lithuania

    Pure rawk! Good job.
  22. Sustainerplayer

    Guitar Finish ... Nitro or Poly?

    Pro Tip: If your guitar starts to breath - hit it with a shovel until it stops. You don't need that sh*t in your life.
  23. Sustainerplayer

    Guitar Finish ... Nitro or Poly?

    By a small amount I think nitro feels better.
  24. Sustainerplayer

    Safari not opening Forum page

    Works here:
  25. Sustainerplayer

    NASA intruige and the mother of all Conspiracies?

    There is life on Mars. There is a sign that says: "Get Of Our Planet" ...
  26. Sustainerplayer

    RIP Ginger Baker

    Public Image Ltd - Fishing Album - Public Image Ltd (WIKI-link)
  27. Sustainerplayer

    Band names for seniors

    The Leakers We All Shake Wrinkles and Pins Speak Up In Our Days
  28. Sustainerplayer

    Band names for seniors

    Funeral (goth) Dead In A Box (get the 80's reference?) Smelly Corpses Morgue Occupants The Pee Smellers
  29. Sustainerplayer

    Band names for seniors

    Beats The Alternative Graveyard Apprentices Soon In A Hole Last Chance You Won't See Us Again Get Off The Lawn
  30. Sustainerplayer

    I bought a Kemper, it's hot!

    Have you fired it up yet?
  31. Sustainerplayer

    AVID Mac Pro Problems Bring Down Workstations Across Hollywood

    Or "other" companies shouldn't necessitate disabling of System Integrity Protection for running their hardware.
  32. Sustainerplayer

    VX30 Cab Pack | Based on a 60s Vox AC30 with Pulsonic cones

    So ... ML Soundlab and AC30 ... I have no defense against that. I already bought it.
  33. Sustainerplayer

    Killing Joke cover with Axe-Fx III - Friedman Smallbox and ML Soundlab cabs

    Thanks - that's appreciated. I put'ed some effort into lifting those parts. :)
  34. Sustainerplayer

    Killing Joke cover with Axe-Fx III - Friedman Smallbox and ML Soundlab cabs

    My tribute to this 1985 phenomenal song, album and band. Trying to get a little Geordie Walker going in my usual synthy arrangement style. The guitar is my Warmoth baritone strat tuned to C. Friedmann Smallbox model in the Axe Fx III. ML Soundlab Suhr cabs. Noncommittal - Love Like Blood...
  35. Sustainerplayer

    Name of guitarist who looks like this action figure

    It's Tore aka Pedal Jesus.
  36. Sustainerplayer

    Watching Sade video “Bring Me Home”... wow

    Stuart Matthewman is the sole reason I still have GAS for a gold top Les Paul.
  37. Sustainerplayer

    Watching Sade video “Bring Me Home”... wow

    Sade's got a playlist from the show on her Youtube channel:
  38. Sustainerplayer

    Best Setup to connect to a DAW

    I'm on Mac as well. I go S/PDIF into my interface. If I want to re-amp I make an aggregate device with my Axe III and interface. My keyboards either go direct to the computer via USB - or via my interface via it's MIDI 5-pin in. That's for MIDI only. If you want the sounds from your keyboard...
  39. Sustainerplayer

    Prog - like you have no idea!

    ... and if you don't like prog - don't bother 😉 I'm in love with this band! Thank You Scientist - Terraformer (Official Music Video)
  40. Sustainerplayer

    More 80's style synthpop ...

    A little over a year ago I decided to get into the habit of finishing my songs. I have - like most others - accumulated ideas, snippets and half-finished songs that just sits on the harddrive rutting away for ages. So I decided - why not bother humanity and get them out there? 😉 So I make a...
  41. Sustainerplayer

    This thread appears under attack see 'a' or aiolblk.... asian language all the same person , 'different universities'!!!!!!!!!!!!!attack attack attack

    It will happen occasionally. Rapport them - but don't post in them. Mods will take care of it.
  42. Sustainerplayer

    Tool - Fear Inoculum

    I think it's great. I guess I'm easy.
  43. Sustainerplayer

    Fun! Bruno, Stapleton, Sheeran content.

    Nothing better than people that gets offended on behalf on others. 😴 Facebook-atmosphere ... I think it's great. This will introduce guitar based music to a lot of younglings.
  44. Sustainerplayer

    How many Axe-Fx's does it take to replicate this? (The World's Largest Guitar Pedalboard)

    Can't remember. I'm only 50. The records in the Guiness Book have always mostly been ... "entertainment" ...
  45. Sustainerplayer

    How many Axe-Fx's does it take to replicate this? (The World's Largest Guitar Pedalboard)

    319 simultaneous effects? 😉 Maybe we should have a WR most Axe Fx' and FC's chained together :innocent:
  46. Sustainerplayer

    Anyone else get AxeFX withdrawals while traveling?

    I never left the house since I got the Axe III. Who would do that? That's crazy talk, :eek:
  47. Sustainerplayer

    I am confused about the JP2C

    You are. And you will find out when you get your Axe III. Unlike most other modelers the Axe Fx models sounds good "out of the box" and takes a very little effort to dial in to taste.
  48. Sustainerplayer

    Musical instruments now exempt from CITES!

    Furniture and floors. All over the world.
  49. Sustainerplayer


    It's a matter of what driver and what OS you are using. In macOS you can make an aggregate device. It's build in - in the OS. You can't do that in Windows. But I think that some ASIO-drivers gives you that ability in Windows. But I'm not sure - I don't use Windows myself.
  50. Sustainerplayer

    Just traded my Kemper for an Axe-Fx 2 XL

    Ja - Velkommen. Der er en lille eksklusiv kreds af danskere her. ;)
  51. Sustainerplayer

    So is it gonna be called Logic Pro X forever now?

    It changed when it moved to the App Store in 2013 and became 64 bit only. It also got a lot cheaper. The latest version is 10.4.6 (started at 10.0.0) - so there has been 4 versions and some minor bug fixes for free if you have been a X-owner since the beginning. No-one but Apple can tell what...
  52. Sustainerplayer

    How to hook Axe-Fx III up to computer to act as recording interface?

    With a little effort I'm sure we can make this thread at least 2 pages longer.
  53. Sustainerplayer

    A cover of a little known U2 song

    Wow. Thanks - I'm humbled :relaxed: Thanks. Then just put it on repeat then :wink: :blush:
  54. Sustainerplayer

    A cover of a little known U2 song

    Thanks. I appreciate it. :) I always had a thing for this song. The original has a very demo-ish feel to it and I have always thought about how it could sound if "finalized". Well - this is my shot at it.
  55. Sustainerplayer

    Food for thought ? How good

    I hate kids.
  56. Sustainerplayer

    Tony at it again...smh, Axe-Fx III inside and out video review

    He is right thou ... It is a very long video ... :sleeping: And I'm not gonna watch it. I've seen some of his former stuff. He has an agenda. Quiet obvious.
  57. Sustainerplayer

    A cover of a little known U2 song

    My version of this b-side gem. Warmoth hardtail strat, Axe III (obviously) and and some soft synths. Noncommittal - Love Comes Tumbling [U2 Cover] If you prefer to listen on your streaming platform of choice you can click here.
  58. Sustainerplayer

    “Turn Up The Radio” Cover

    Making it seem so effortlessly. And killer sound as always.
  59. Sustainerplayer

    New Computer. Mac or PC?

    People will be biased. A lot. Go with what you find the most useful. Remember if you switch you'll have to use another DAW than Logic.
  60. Sustainerplayer

    8 Scenes of Cleans - For Pedal Demos. This is what I use and people seem to dig it.

    Holy macaroni with triple cheese. That sounds exceptionally good. :fearscream:
  61. Sustainerplayer

    Ragdoll - Rust

    Damn - we can't compete with that here in Denmark. We only got bitches and reefers. ;) Come visit us thou :p
  62. Sustainerplayer

    Hard Drive Recommendations iMac

    Getting 3 to 8 TB of SSD is still a bit pricey ;) Yes. Or choose something like the Jottacloud backup plan - they also have an included online archive.
  63. Sustainerplayer

    Aaha aaha aaha uhuu

    Yes - I do have a way with words :p My latest elektropop/rock song. Warmoth guitar, Axe Fx III Friedman Small Box model, Cab IR's from ML SoundLab and good use of the SoundToys Tremolator plugin: Noncommittal - Gone Away
  64. Sustainerplayer

    TB Audio Interface for Project Studio

    Well - the choice is also ... onboard DSP or not ... and especially stabel drivers at low latency. I would go for RME - cause they seem to be able to put out stable hardware and drivers - and even their oldest cards are still supported. I like to keep things "in-the-box" and not be locked to...
  65. Sustainerplayer

    Gibson...what is going on?

    WAT? :eek:
  66. Sustainerplayer

    What is currently missing in the amp modeling world?

    Nothing is missing. The last of the dinosaurs will eventually disappear. j/k ... or maybe not ;)
  67. Sustainerplayer

    Full Backup: What exactly is the "Bottle Neck"?

    In a recent thread it was advised to be on a CPU light preset when doing a backup.
  68. Sustainerplayer

    Dynacord AXM-12A with AX8

  69. Sustainerplayer

    What's your hobby?

    Thank God for them.
  70. Sustainerplayer

    What were your first amp modelers?

    From the top of my head: Alesis Quadraverb GT Zoom G9.2tt Waves GTR (software) Line 6 Pod 2.0 Line 6 HD400 Line 6 Pocketpod Line 6 Podfarm (software) Eleven Rack Boss ME 80 Boss GT-100 Boss GP-10 Fractal Audio Axe Fx II XL Line 6 Helix Native (software) - Waves Supermodels (software) Fractal...
  71. Sustainerplayer

    Djentleman , I gotta problem

    Sounds like win to me.
  72. Sustainerplayer

    Ragdoll - Rust

    This kind of music just makes me glad inside. [insert a multitude of headbanging emojis]
  73. Sustainerplayer

    Double Verb Silverface + Plexi verb (FW 6.04)

    So nice. Something to get lost within. 👍
  74. Sustainerplayer

    First recordings with my Axe III

    The first video says it is blocked by SME for copyright reasons. Really nice playing and tones in that second video.
  75. Sustainerplayer

    Live Nation Admits To Scalping Tickets For Bands Like Metallica

    In Denmark it is prohibited by law. That is one way to do it.
  76. Sustainerplayer

    Software "MIKKO" - Next Gen Cab Sim | Shoot your own IR's [ML Sound Lab]

    Latest Mojave/Studio One Pro 4.x
  77. Sustainerplayer

    Cab Settings Poll High Cut

    Because they produce overtones that is higher than that. You may or may not like them ...
  78. Sustainerplayer

    Cab Settings Poll High Cut

    I mainly record "into a computer" - for that I go for what blends the best for that particular song. Normally that would be in the 4000 - 7000hz range. I'm listning for "harsh" and "icy" overtones ...
  79. Sustainerplayer

    Anyone EQ-matched their guitars?

    To me the whole idea of changing guitars is first and foremost changing the tone. YMMV.
  80. Sustainerplayer

    Software "MIKKO" - Next Gen Cab Sim | Shoot your own IR's [ML Sound Lab]

    Man. I really love this plug - especially the "Sure" cab. When saving to an existing preset there is some "funny" nonsens words like this : It's with the 1.0.1 update. And I think I could live the rest of my life happily with these cabs. But if you ever considered making some AC30 Celestion...
  81. Sustainerplayer

    Is it possible to create a mono effect loop?

    Been there. Done that. :p
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