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  1. Sidivan

    Updating from Pre-Quantum to 9.04

    Years ago, I found the tone I was looking for and dialed it in with my bands, so I stopped updating (v13ish). I know a ton has changed, but my main question is if I'm going to run into any issues with my MFC settings. I don't have a problem having to re-dial in patches, but I've got some pretty...
  2. Sidivan

    NGD Custom Emerald Steampunk Carbon Fiber Electric

    A few years ago I started exploring the world of carbon fiber guitars and after a ton of research, I pulled the trigger on an Emerald X10 Acoustic. A year or so later, I hit up Alistair Hay, owner of Emerald Guitars, for a custom 4-string version of his 5-string bass for my wife. He knocked that...
  3. Sidivan

    NGD: Carvin DC7X

    The guitar porn guys put together this amazing run of guitars with Carvin and I managed to get in on it. I am extremely impressed with this guitar. I am not really a 7-string guy, but this guitar is just stunning. The craftsmanship is beyond my expectations at this price point (under $2k). This...
  4. Sidivan

    Wife's NGD: Emerald Bass (carbon fiber)

    My wife received her new custom Emerald Flow bass yesterday and it is AMAZING. The pictures turned out much redder than the actual color, but I managed to snap one that actually looks purple.
  5. Sidivan

    Help! At a gig right now!

    My axe II keeps cutting out on me. I have signal to it, but the output signal keeps dropping out. I reboot, and it's fine. When I shut it off, there's a pop at the board, so I don't think it's a cable. We've changed the cable 3 times, have tried left and right output 1. Haven't tried output 2...
  6. Sidivan

    Automated changes + MFC?

    I'm starting to look at automating my switches via PC (sync'd with click and lighting). Can I have my MFC plugged in via Ethernet and still accept changes off the click track? Reason: Tuner and wah control.
  7. Sidivan

    Opened for Five Finger Death Punch on Saturday

    Saturday was insane. 10am: Phone rings. An offer on our house came in and the buyer gave us asking price. Holy crap. Commence frantic reading, signing, etc... 11am: Packing up the car to meet at our bass player's house, which is where the trailer is. Upon arrival, I see the other guitarist...
  8. Sidivan

    Mounting MFC to a pedalboard

    How are you guys mounting your MFC's to your pedalboards? I'm using Godlyke Grip Tape and I stupidly applied the grip tape to both the board and the MFC at the same time, so now it's impossible to "latch" them together. I've been basically dealing with it popping off (and my copper pipes holding...
  9. Sidivan

    Piezo alternative?

    I'm looking for the piezo type sound without the piezo as it won't work with the bridge hardware I am using for a new guitar. I want to be able to blend the Piezo sound with my magnetic pickups and I'm hoping that there's some other solution out there that I've never heard of. Any ideas?
  10. Sidivan

    Downtuning a PRS 25" scale length guitar

    I've been doing a lot of research on scale length recently and am intrigued that PRS guitars uses a 25" scale length (Fender, ESP, etc... all use 25.5" while Gibson is at 24.75"). I know there are a lot of PRS users on this forum and I'm wondering if those users tune down to Eb standard and what...
  11. Sidivan

    N(used)GD! EBR JP7

    I actually bought this one off this very forum from Chris@Katsukurimedia. Just arrived today and it's stunning! I haven't plugged it in yet because my rig is at the bar, but I am really impressed by the playability.
  12. Sidivan

    Is the Axe FX effected by the new FCC rules?

    The FCC has changed the rules regarding frequency emissions for pedals/equipment. Here's an article: FCC Regulations for Pedals! | Effects Bay Edit: After some research, I realized this is not a NEW rule, but a pretty old change. It's just been popping up in my guitar circles because EHX has...
  13. Sidivan

    Compressor for Monitor Rack

    I'm looking for a compressor to for my in-ear rack. Currently, we're running straight from the AUX Outs to Wireless In-Ear systems, but the problem is we're tending to ram against the built-in brick wall limiters in the wireless systems. As you can imagine, this is no good. Lowering the signal...
  14. Sidivan

    New GigWrx Labels: Steampunk

    Just got my new labels from Bill at GigWrx and they rock! Popped them on right before the gig and this was taken right afterwards with the house lights on. I can't believe how amazing these turned out. Huge thank you to Bill for finding the perfect artist for this set! I left a few blank so I...
  15. Sidivan

    Axe Fx users in Fort Wayne?

    I'm going to be in Fort Wayne next week mon-thurs and was wondering if anybody has a gig at all during that time. I'd love to hit some local music while I am there.
  16. Sidivan

    Surface Pro 2 with Axe Fx?

    Has anybody used the axe fx 2 via USB into a surface pro 2? I've been kicking around getting a surface for an easy way to record, edit video, general mobile computing and I want to make sure the axe fx will work via USB. I plan to use Reaper for recording.
  17. Sidivan

    Watching Animals as Leaders right now in Minneapolis

    These guys are inhuman. My god.
  18. Sidivan

    Finally updated from v9.x to v13.x

    I've been extremely happy about v9.x (v8 modeling) for literally a year; 80+ gigs. I once attempted to upgrade to v11, but I didn't have enough time to really tweak on it and went back. However, the new chorus combined with a weekend off and my MFC sent back for a repair (stupid drunk people), I...
  19. Sidivan

    New Autoengage Wah problem

    I have my wah setup to autoengage in the heel down position. Previously, I could ease into the wah for a type of "Wah swell" (Third Eye Blind's "Jumper" verses), but now the damned thing won't engage. Is there a way to set it back? Or at least make it more sensitive?
  20. Sidivan

    Updating from 9.02 to 11.03 questions regarding patches

    I'm kicking around taking the plunge to 11.03. Now, I know there are tons of changes to the modeling and I'm prepared to re-tweak everything, but I remember reading somewhere that patches pre-10.x are incompatible with the latest firmware. I don't see it in the patch notes (I could be...
  21. Sidivan

    Share your first gig pics (or just old gigs)

    A friend of mine posted our first paying gig ever. This was either 99 or 2000 (I was just out of high school, the other guys were juniors or seniors) and it was a dinner party for the Chamber of Commerce. We were paid $45 total and only new about 6 songs... which we repeated. We were smart...
  22. Sidivan

    Take On Me Cover

    My cover band cut a studio version and video. Guitars and bass are all Axe FX II, though I don't know how much post-production is on it as we did it with my friend/engineer at the helm. I will say that it's 4 different amp models layered with different rhythms with various amounts of gain to get...
  23. Sidivan

    Saturday night shenanigans

    This is what happens when we get a night off.
  24. Sidivan

    Question for people with Headless Guitars

    I'm kicking around getting a headless guitar with Strandberg or a steinberg bridge/body mount tuners. My question to anybody who owns or has used one extensively is this: Do you find it strange to tune with the same hand that you pick with? I have a feeling I'll be dropping a lot of picks when...
  25. Sidivan

    Interesting gig injury.

    I never noticed this issue before, but I apparently beat the piss out of my index fingernail of my picking hand when playing in my 90's cover band. I guess when I strum during some of the heavier grunge and punk stuff I must drag my nail across some of the strings or something. I just started...
  26. Sidivan

    Crest Audio X-Rack Mixers

    Does anybody have any experience with Crest Audio mixers? I'm looking at building a monitor rack and while digital is awesomely cool, it's also super crazy expensive. I'm thinking of picking up the X 20RM as it has 12 AUX outs, which would give us each a stereo in-ear mix. Currently, we rely...
  27. Sidivan

    Just got an iPhone. Must have apps?

    My android phone just crapped out on me, so I made the switch to iPhone 5. Any "must have" apps I should check out?
  28. Sidivan

    Looking for a specific guitar, but can't remember the brand

    I saw a picture on this forum awhile back of a guitar that looked super classy. It was a boutique builder, but the unique thing was that the flamed maple top was actually angled instead of book matched. It was a dark red/brown stain. Anybody know what I'm talking about? Edit: Just toss out...
  29. Sidivan

    Just finished my MFC pedalboard!

    I literally JUST finished and I'm so damned proud I had to show it off. The box was built by a friend who has never done anything like this. It took months of planning, designing, re-designing, building, wiring... and many nights of frustration, but here it is. The box is a take-a-part hinge...
  30. Sidivan

    A little acoustic jam in a record store

    We did an in store performance on Saturday for "National Record Store Day" and here's a clip! Some of you may notice that's not the voice on the record and you're correct. Jeff left the band in October and we went on the hunt for a new vocalist. This is the new guy's first performance! I'm...
  31. Sidivan

    Funny gig story

    I played an irish pub tonight that has a non-cover band venue above it. Packed house, gig is going awesome and then during the 3rd set, there are these 2 bearded dudes (20's) and an older (40's) clean shaven gentleman standing right beside the stage on my right. I notice the one wearing a...
  32. Sidivan

    How to set default scene for ANY preset

    After banging my head for hours trying to figure out how to get a preset to default to a different scene, I finally figured it out. You don't need any fancy pedal programming (tried that, can't recommend it). You need 1 simple little parameter in the I/O menu called "Map to scene". Go to I/O...
  33. Sidivan

    Question for Homebrew Midi guys

    I have a mission engineering ep 1 and an mfc 101. I'm curious how the mfc is reading the state of the EP1. What I want to do is create an in line meter that would read the state of the pedal and display it on an analog dial. Picture a pressure gauge and when the pedal is pulled back, the...
  34. Sidivan

    Easy way to consolidate patches?

    I'm finally making the plunge to v9 scenes and I'm planning out my pedalboard and patch locations. I have 3 patches with 3 different amp/cab setups and I'm going to use scenes + x/y + some fancy schmancy panning to get it all to work. What I'm wondering is if there's an easy way to get all of...
  35. Sidivan

    Gig bags/tool boxes

    What are you guys using to bring your extra strings, tools, cables, etc... to gigs? For years, I've been using this little canvas bag with all of my stuff crammed in it, but I'm looking for a more elegant solution. I thought about something like this and making little compartments out of...
  36. Sidivan

    Output 2 Humbuster / Rack Panel

    I'm getting a panel wired up for my rack and I have a question in regards to Output 2 of the Axe FX II. My plan is to use Output 2 to go to an Atomic FRFR powered wedge, which I haven't experimented with (have been using Out 1 L or aux returns, then R to FoH). How should I wire this? 1.)...
  37. Sidivan

    NGD Ibanez Artcore 105SM

    I never thought I'd own a hollowbody electric, but this was just too good to pass up. I picked this up for a stupid good price and it's damn near mint. There are a couple of cracks in the poly around the input jack and the screw in the pickgaurd attaches to the bottom, but they are extremely...
  38. Sidivan

    Anthology Gear Leather Strap

    I recently acquired the 2" "Straight Up" style leather strap from Home Page | Leather Guitar Straps, Gig Bags for Musicians | Anthology Gear Wear. This was very much a curiosity purchase for me as I've been reading about leather straps for years and just never bought into the hype. Some...
  39. Sidivan

    Just saw Dweezil Zappa in Fargo

    Holy. Shit. Go see that band. Mind = Blown.
  40. Sidivan

    Grover Jackson Arete series

    My local shop recently became a dealer for Grover Jackson and just received an Arete 3-Star guitar. They look very stripped down, but let me tell you, they are the real deal. That thing is insanely good. Right when you first pick it up, it's got great weight and feel. The action is stupid...
  41. Sidivan

    Alumitone Dry Recordings

    I've promised a few people on here that I would do some dry recordings of the alumitones I'm always raving about and here they are. I just used some simple chords, but I did all 6 pickup positions (neck, middle, bridge, coil-tapped neck, coil-tapped middle, coil-tapped bridge). These are DRY...
  42. Sidivan

    Debut Album up on iTunes

    Hey everybody. I just wanted to let everybody know that my band's debut album is up on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc... I would be awesome if you checked it out and left a rating! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/seven-steps/id570884431
  43. Sidivan

    Is Atomic Amps dead?

    I'm curious because I've been trying to get a replacement grill cloth now for about a year and a half and sometimes I get a response asking for more info and then nothing. Now my fan is going out on that same wedge and need a replacement. Their facebook page hasn't been updated since April...
  44. Sidivan

    NGD Emerald Carbon Fiber acoustic!

    I'm so excited about this one! I just received my very first Carbon Fiber acoustic guitar built by Emerald Guitars. I'm not really a well-versed acoustic player, but my band has been doing quite a few acoustic shows lately and decided to take the plunge into a nice guitar that will survive the...
  45. Sidivan

    Saw Creed last night

    Mark Tremonti signed my original Creed CD from 1997. Life = Complete.
  46. Sidivan

    Amazing Double Neck playing

    I've always wondered about the usefulness of double neck guitars as I've never seen much value in having a 12-string and a 6-string on one guitar. This, however, is pretty amazing.
  47. Sidivan

    Completely streamlined tear down

    Just finished a 2-nighter at a bar across town and a little over an hour after we played our last note I'm at home, car unloaded, paid, showered, and posting on the forums. I couldn't even dream about this when we had huge amp rigs. The downsized rigs: 6u shock case with Axe FX II, power...
  48. Sidivan

    My debut album preview

    We've spent 4 years toiling away at these 9 songs (probably wrote 100 to get 9 good ones) and I'm so damned excited that it's finally finished. The first track is posted on our site and we'll be updating the site with a new track every day with the last track going up on release day, July 27th...
  49. Sidivan

    Just got our Album Art

    Just uploaded our final album art to the disc manufacturer. What do you think? Album will be out end of july/early august depending on disc manufacturing.
  50. Sidivan

    On stage with Firehouse and Trixter!

    So, I'm playing in my cover band tonight, which was kind of a special night in that it was the first gig with the new drummer and our first gig going 100% digital. Axe FX Ultra, Axe FX II, and Pod HD500. Literally the only thing that wasn't direct was the acoustic drums. We're about 1/2 way...
  51. Sidivan

    LF Jr. + Axe 2 issues. I'm pulling my hair out

    I have a gig tonight and stupidly decided to wait until the last minute to program my LF Jr. with my Axe II. Here are my issues: 1.) When using 2x 5-pin cables, the tuner is suuuuper laggy. Completely unusable. 2.) When using a 7-pin midi cable, the LF Jr is completely unresponsive. No...
  52. Sidivan

    Roger waters tonight!

    Anybody else at the minneapolis show tonight? Chilling at gate 4 until doors open.
  53. Sidivan

    Opened for Buckcherry

    My band got a sweet opportunity to open for Buchcherry and Otherwise last night! We'll have some video uploaded soon, but for now, here's a pic my sister took from the crowd.
  54. Sidivan

    Battle at IKEA

    I thought this was awesome, so I'm sharing it with all of you.
  55. Sidivan

    Crystal Reverb Stock Improv

    I was going through all the stock patches and organizing them by clean, crunch, lead, etc... and I hit the Crystal Reverb patch. This is a patch I always ran across in the Ultra, but never really paid attention to. This time, I was instantly inspired as I hit an EMaj7. It sounded so damned...
  56. Sidivan

    This is friggin' cool science.

    Bart Knols: Cheese, dogs, and pills to end malaria | Video on TED.com Amazing. I wonder what would happen if we actually eradicated the mosquito.
  57. Sidivan

    Fryette 60M 6.0 DEFAULT SETTINGS!

    For funsies, I started from scratch with a blank patch after upgrading to 6.0 (I hadn't tweaked much yet anyway). I called up the Fryette 60M and randomly selected the 4x12 Recto V30 OH (Factory 44) cab. I brought up the drive to 5.57 and the master volume to 6.28 and adjusted the level down...
  58. Sidivan

    Windows 7-64 bit USB Driver Install Error Code 112

    I'm trying to install the USB drivers for my Axe II and I can't get it to work with Windows 7 64bit. Axe Edit installed fine, but not so much with the USB driver. I've tried rebooting, wiping all the files off, re-downloading, etc.. and I keep getting the same error. Here's a screenshot...
  59. Sidivan

    Audio illusions

    These are actually pretty cool. Interestingly, the "bonus" one with the 18k hz was actually very audible to me. This is strange because I had my hearing tested last year and I have mild-moderate hearing loss at 8k (didn't test above that) so I didn't expect to hear a tone that supposedly only...
  60. Sidivan

    It's been..

    One week since I ordered you Clicked the button and told you who to send to 5 days is what you promised me That's not to long to wait for delivery 3 days 'till I get to tweak that sounds like a lot of work but I'm a tone freak Yesterday it was at the loading docks but it will still be a...
  61. Sidivan

    Taking the plunge... again.

    Well, I finally have enough cash saved up to take the plunge for an Axe FX II. My wife will be using the Ultra for her bass rig once I get the 2 dialed in. I'll post some pics of the awesome new compact guitar/bass rigs next week, but I couldn't contain my excitement! Uploaded with...
  62. Sidivan

    Axe FX Ultra + Acoustic Sighting

    I've been looking for a nice Carbon Fiber acoustic and I was checking out an Emerald X10. Looky what's in the background!
  63. Sidivan

    Charvel Desolation series

    I remember Charvel from way back when being completely awesome, but I haven't played anything but a San Dimas Charvel. This is their brand new line for this year and the price range is pretty reasonable for a neck thru, mahogany body with maple tops. A friend of mine just signed the paperwork...
  64. Sidivan

    Jet City - Surprisingly good amps

    A friend of mine very recently opened a local guitar shop and he mentioned that he got a Splawn 1/2 stack in. I went in yesterday with my guitar to try this thing out in person, but alas he had sold it (I should've called ahead). He talked me into plugging into a 100w Jet City 333 1/2 stack...
  65. Sidivan

    My Live Tones

    I've been kicking around doing some youtube videos, but I have no idea what I'm doing. I figured a good way to learn the tools would be to do a youtube video showcasing the various tones I use for my band + some old cover band tones I have used in the past. My editing skills are fledgling at...
  66. Sidivan

    Bulk Microphone cable

    I'm figuring out the details of our new monitor rack and I'm trying to find a good place for quality bulk balanced microphone cable. Anybody know a good place for this? The online dealers I found seem shady.
  67. Sidivan

    Crazy Time: Wiring my house for Axe FX

    I've had this insane idea bouncing around in my head for quite some time now and it's actually moved into the planning stages. I'm now looking for ways to streamline some things and I'm hoping some of you will have some ideas. The Goal: Use the Axe FX as a "Brain" for my tone, but leave it...
  68. Sidivan

    Blackbird on Bass!

    I was in the studio the other day finishing up some guitar work and after the session the engineer/owner/producer at Moving Air Studios wanted to see if the Axe FX Ultra could do bass. We dialed in a simple patch in about 10 minutes and he was extremely pleased. Trevor is an insane bass...
  69. Sidivan

    NGD + Awesome meet & greet

    A local radio station had a contest for "Best Air Guitar" picture a few weeks ago, so I submitted a picture. I ended up getting 54% of the total votes (over 3000 more votes than 2nd place)! I won a PRS SE Custom 22 + a meet and greet with Alter Bridge, Theory of a Deadman, Emphatic, Black...
  70. Sidivan

    Axe FX II - Ease of Use

    My 2nd guitarist of my band is interested in getting an Axe FX, but my Ultra scares the living daylights out of him. He's a straight tube amp "Give me a few knobs to turn" guy. I've read that the Axe FX 2 is easier to dial in tones, but how much easier is it? Is it finally to the point of...
  71. Sidivan

    New Song - Need Feedback on Mix

    I've been away for awhile working hard on band stuff. We've got enough material now for a full album and decided to try out a couple studios and see who we like working with and such. Here's the latest mix from the studio we picked and I'm curious as to what you guys think about it. Be as...
  72. Sidivan

    Old Violin Recording

    I was going through some of my old stuff and stumbled upon this old recording of screwing around with 3 Chord Rock's violin patch. Figured I'd share it here for your listening pleasure. The patch uses an Acoustic IR, which I think I got from Java Junkie.
  73. Sidivan

    Audiologist: Nothing useful above 8k

    I went in for a hearing test and some ear impressions yesterday and one thing really shocked me about the test. The audiologist claims that they only test up to 8k as there is "nothing really useful above that". Most mixing boards "high" knob are a shelf filter at 12khz, so I'm extremely...
  74. Sidivan

    Unintentional NGD!

    So, I was in my friend's shop and a customer had left his guitar there as collateral on a possible trade deal they were doing. My friend asked me to check out this Hamer he's working a deal on. As I was taking it out of the case, I accidentally tagged a lug on the snare drum rack above the...
  75. Sidivan

    Looking for pickup recomendations

    For around 9 years now, I've been using an EMG 60 in the bridge and an 81 in the neck of my Custom ESP. I don't have any big beefs with this setup tonally, but I'm sick of changing batteries. I'm looking for a couple of passive pickups that are going to cut well for heavy tones, but still have...
  76. Sidivan

    Stumbled upon Igor Presnyakov today

    I was perusing youtube and stumbled upon this guy doing classical guitar covers of popular songs. He does an AMAZING job at it and thought I would share a link to his channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/Iggypres
  77. Sidivan

    Tone and Technique

    We've all heard about "the tone is in your fingers" and I've always been a big supporter of this. I know when I pick up somebody else's guitar plugged into their rig that I simply don't sound like them; I sound like me. What I didn't realize is that even though I've been playing guitar for 10+...
  78. Sidivan

    Recording Interfaces

    I'm in the market for a new recording interface. I've been eyeballing the M-Audio 2626, which seems to be getting good reviews for it's price range. The only thing that's holding me back is that the balanced outs are 1/4" instead of XLR. I would like to use my atomic wedges as studio monitors...
  79. Sidivan

    Grill cloth for Atomic Wedge

    I managed to put a hole in my grill cloth (don't ask, 'cuz I don't know what happened) and am trying to find a replacement. I emailed support a couple weeks ago and didn't get a response. Does anybody know where I can get one?
  80. Sidivan

    Mission Pedals (SP1-LF)

    So, I have my SP1 and it seems the switch is really sensitive. I'm used to a click of a latching switch, but I can't even feel this switch at all when I go to press it. It's like the weight of the pedal is too much for the switch and it doesn't come back up all the way. Does anybody else have...
  81. Sidivan

    Band Promo

    I'm really digging deep to promote my current band. We're starting to get a little radio play and getting some big shows and merch rocking and need a little push. I'm hoping the nice folks here will take a listen and help us land a spot opening for Coheed & Cambria. You can listen to our...
  82. Sidivan

    Complete Recording Newb questions

    As most of you know, I don't know my head from my @$$ when it comes to recording, which is why I don't have more clips posted. I've been kicking around picking up a recording interface and I want to know if I've got all the equipment I need. My plan is to purchase an M-Audio Profire 2626...
  83. Sidivan

    Phantom power LF Jr adapter

    After 6 months of trying to get Jeff from LF to send me an power supply for my liquid foot I'm giving up. Does anybody know of an online retailer in the U.S. that sells a power supply that is compatible with the axe's phantom power and the Liquid Foot Jr? I've been using my POD's AC adapter...
  84. Sidivan

    Video of the Battle of the Bands

    Here's a video of my first gig with the Axe Fx and my original band, which I wrote about in the reviews section. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5hrAGNf09c Edit: I'm the semi-bald guy on the left (stage right) with the greenish/black guitar, btw.
  85. Sidivan

    First gig with the Axe FX and my original band

    So, I've been hard at work trying to get 2 new bands off the ground and I finally got to use my Axe FX live for a Battle of the Bands. From the Megatap Delay ambient sound for "From Yesterday" all the way to the heavy crunch of our original music it performed flawlessly. We played "The Venue"...
  86. Sidivan

    Axe FX Tuner and Bass Guitar

    It would appear my Axe FX's tuner doesn't like a bass guitar input. Does anybody else have this issue? My wife needs to upgrade her bass rig and is impressed with the bass modelling in the Axe, but it would be nice if the tuner worked as well as it does with guitar inputs.
  87. Sidivan

    Fryette Metal... kind of...

    For the last few months I've been drawn to the Fryette 60M model, but it just wasn't quite right. I think I've just about got it nailed now. It still sounds a little boomy, but I'll need to adjust that when I have it in a mix. Let me know what you think! The playing is sloppy as hell... I...
  88. Sidivan

    Collective Soul tones

    I've always been a huge fan of Collective Soul, but it wasn't until I saw them perform on Friday that I realized how much they've influenced my guitar sound. Everything from riffs to basic tone... when they played "Why pt 2" I realized this was the tone I've been searching for, but I need your...
  89. Sidivan

    SPDIF Issue

    I've been using my Axe through my SPDIF in on my Creative X-Fi Platinum sound card for months. Yesterday I plugged the ol' Vetta in and recorded a sample of a patch I need to emulate with the Axe. I recorded in Cubase VST 4, something I almost never do, and after i was done recording I plugged...
  90. Sidivan

    Band Demo (Chaos in Question)

    Well, after months of work, we finally have a decent sounding demo up on our myspace page. We did everything from recording to mastering ourselves and none of us have experience at it. Thanks to Minnesota State University Moorhead's Audio Production class, the other guitarist received...
  91. Sidivan

    Problem with going direct to PA

    I've been incredibly impressed with the Axe FX's performance thus far through our PA setup, but last week the owner of the PA (our drummer) brought an experienced sound guy in to help "setup the rest of the rack effects". I was not present during this ordeal, but they moved a bunch of power...
  92. Sidivan

    LF Jr and Preset Step Thru

    I have a weird issue happening when using my LF Jr and Step Thru. I'm trying to setup my Presets to "step thru" the normal preset and a boosted version. I just received the controller tonight, so I'm pretty much a newb to midi. To test my setup, I just used a simple Wah block and assigned the...
  93. Sidivan

    Still need AC power if using 7 pin Midi and LF Jr?

    So, my LF Jr. arrived today. I bought it second hand and it didn't come with an AC adapter, but it did come with a 7pin midi cable. I guess I assumed that would be enough. Is this a setting on the Axe FX or do I still need the adapter to plug into the Phantom Power jack on the back? Also, I...
  94. Sidivan

    For all the guys running mono

    I'm supposing most of you are running copy L->R and into either a mono FRFR setup or a power amp. Do you find that you make sacrifices for this? Obviously ping-pong delay is out, but what about your chorus and reverb sounds? I'm still kicking around a non-IEM setup, but I'm wondering if I...
  95. Sidivan

    Speakers for dialing in tones?

    I've decided that my current setup just doesn't allow me to hear everything that's going on when I'm dialing in tones, so I'm trying to decide on what to get for this purpose. Options: Adam A7's - I plugged into this babies at a local studio and it sounded fantastic. This seems like a good...
  96. Sidivan

    1 Expression for both Wah and Volume on same patch

    With the new 8.09 firmware, you can basically setup an "auto-disengage" when the expression pedal reaches a certain point (toe down for this example). I'm wondering if there is a way to utilize this and then assign the switch in the toe of the pedal to be a volume/wah switch. The end goal...
  97. Sidivan

    Finally finished with Preset Organization

    The following banks are for the Ultra! After many hours listening, playing, and planning, I've finally arrived at what I think is a satisfactory arrangement. I decided to share the banks with you guys so anybody complaining about how the banks aren't organized has a starting point. Notes: 1.)...
  98. Sidivan

    Turning off power with conditioner

    It probably doesn't matter, but I had a discussion today about turning off the power of the Axe using the switch or simply just turning off the power conditioner it's plugged into. I can't imagine it would hurt anything either way, but what do you guys think?
  99. Sidivan

    Just discovered the Fryette model...

    ...holy crap. I had never heard of Fryette before, so I just kinda skipped to something I knew. I was going through and re-labeling patches with a category and I stumbled upon stock patch 312 "Ned Beatty". Next time somebody asks if the axe fx can do high gain patches, just direct them to...
  100. Sidivan

    Emulating the Line 6 "Freaky Whamster" patch

    There is 1 tone on my Vetta II that I just have no idea how to go about emulating in the Axe FX. It's basically a whammy effect that happens automatically. The patch is called "Freaky Whamster". Any old Vetta users have a patch for this? I'll throw a recording and the vetta settings up later...
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