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  1. guitardoc

    Double Verb Vib - Drive from clean to mean needed

    Looking for a really sparkly clean amp I bonded with the Double Verb vibrato channel lately. Master Volume halfed and saturation switched to ideal did the trick for amazing cleans. Now I’m looking for a drive block which delivers rocking rhythm crunches and creamy leads just by a turn of my...
  2. guitardoc

    Saxophone Simulation

    i was wondering if anyone has tried to simulate a saxophone with the AxeFx?
  3. guitardoc

    Aaarghhh - The nasty 'Uses global blocks' bug is back!

    At last night's gig I realised that the volume of one particular preset was different from when I saved it on Q8.01 and gigged with it two weeks ago. A quick look at the unit confirmed my suspicions - the nasty 'uses global blocks' bug was back and had scrambled the values in the preset's...
  4. guitardoc

    Horror gig - Axe stopped working mid-gig!

    Last night I experienced a horror gig. I adjusted all my presets with 8.01, checked every single preset to make sure they worked allright, backed them up, packed all my stuff and went off to the gig. So far so good. The gig went allright as usual at first. However, when I called up preset 11...
  5. guitardoc

    Headphone question

    I have a question regarding headphones. I am in hospital now but have to prepare for a show week after next. Naturally, in hospital I can only edit my presets using headphones. I use elaborate routing and several amps + cabs in x and y states which makes editing time consuming. Anyway, I have...
  6. guitardoc

    Urgent help with violin patch needed

    i have been using the violin patch that has been around since FW13 and removed the 'orchestra' path so that I could use my LP's bridge HB to sound like me playing a violin. However, probably due to the drive block lately being enhanced, the violin patch now sounds thin, rather nasal, and lacks...
  7. guitardoc

    Problems with backup

    When I wanted to back up bank A after today's session using Bot it stopped repeatedly at exactly 33% telling me something about some message timeout. I checked the presets and found that in one preset the infamous and PITA global blocks bug was back scrambling data in volume blocks which are...
  8. guitardoc


  9. guitardoc

    AC20T lost its balls?

    Having come from Q2.03 I updated to Q3.01 yesterday. My presets are pretty straightforward amp parameter wise and I almost never touch anything apart from gain, BMT, presence, and master - like you would with a real amp. I use the AC20T for clean and crunchy tones in quite some presets and they...
  10. guitardoc

    Midi thru issue with AxeFxII MKI

    There seems to be a problem with sending midi messages through to outboard gear from an AxeFXII MKI (Q2.04). The AxeFx receives the messages all right (midi in flashes) but the outboard gear does not receive it. The midi message is sent from MFC101 through a CAT5 cable (no Faslink) and midi thru...
  11. guitardoc

    Bug? Cab block's preamp meter shows y state when in x or vice versa

    As the title says - the meters in the cab block preamp page are messed up - x shows y or vice versa. FW: 2.0. Have not checked 2.01b yet.
  12. guitardoc

    Eric Clapton Mid Boost Simulation

    Is it possible to simulate the Eric Clapton mid boost with a passive guitar and the AFX and if so how could it be done?
  13. guitardoc

    Reducing CPU load

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. With FW19 one of my presets (please find it attached) pushes the CPU load over the edge and the crackling starts... :-( It is basically a preset with three sounds in two scenes. The sounds are morphed in between using external controller 3 (foot...
  14. guitardoc

    SDD + 6G12 + 4x10 = tonal bliss!

    Everything set at default apart from motor drive around 3 in the cab block. Take a guitar with low output single coils or P90s and there it is - that sweet singing fenderish sound - think of Mark Knopfler's Sailing to Philadelphia record - my new favourite patch for clean sounds on the verge of...
  15. guitardoc

    Setting tempo using midi controller

    Is there a way to set the current tempo using a midi controller - and if it is possible which midi cc has to be used? Thanks.
  16. guitardoc

    Midi Implementation question

    The Midi implementation chart of the AF2 shows that cc# 0-9 and 125-127 are not used. Does anyone know if they are 'free' and if it is safe to use them to control some other gear or are they in use internally and should be left alone? Thank you very much.
  17. guitardoc

    Separate controllers for x/y states

    Dear Cliff, The latest firmware version is just awesome and nothing short of perfect with regard to amp simulation. Thank you very much for your continuing devotion to making an awesome product even better. I would like to ask if it is possible to have separate controllers for the x and y...
  18. guitardoc

    FW18+PLEXI100=WOW!!! But CCV behind blankets?

    What happened to the PLEXI100 in FW18? There is such clarity and note separation. This one especially improved from the new magic sauce. Many many thanks FAS!!! However, some other amps sound muffled. The new crunchier and gainier CCVs sound like the speakers are behind thick woolen blankets...
  19. guitardoc

    Bonamassa 2015 sound

    I went to see JB last weekend and instantly fell in love with his 2015 sound. He used two tweed era bassmans, two tweed era vibro kings? and two additional backup? tweed Fender combos I couldn't really see from my place directly in front of the stage since they were placed behind the first row...
  20. guitardoc

    Setlist - iPad - automatic preset change?

    I was wondering if there is a setlist manage program for iPad which is able to automatically switch to the corresponding preset on the AF2? What I mean is: When you select the respective song on your iPad's setlist manager the iPad would show the lyrics or chords or whatever you want it to show...
  21. guitardoc

    Possible bug in FW 18 beta7

    I updated today and have to say that most of the G3ed amps sound fantastic now. Thanks to FAS!! However, besides some amps having different volume levels now I encountered a problem. While most of my presets were as I remember them two presets with very complex routings and amps in y-states in...
  22. guitardoc

    BUG: Global block bug has returned with 17.03 and 3.1.4

    The title says it all - yesterday AxeEdit scrambled my presets and I could only restore them by booting the Axe and manually removing the global blocks which I never ever use via front screen. Bummer... However, (luckily) I could not reproduce it so I do not know what triggered that bug. But...
  23. guitardoc

    Different modifiers for x/y states + formant shifter

    First of all I'd like to say thank you for the continued support and development of this astounding machine. Especially the latest firmware is another milestone in the quest for the 'ultimate' tone we are all after. However, there are two topics that keep bugging me: - Different modifiers for...
  24. guitardoc

    Unit broken? Strange Bit Crusher sound...

    Here is a short recording of the SLP Treble with some reverb. First part with Eternal Love in front, second part with Bit crusher in front: I do not know how the Bit Crusher is supposed to sound, but can this be normal? I fear there is something wrong with the unit. The Bit Crusher has been...
  25. guitardoc

    Strange crackle - unit defective?

    My AFII delivers a strange very harsh crackling sound when the tone rings out. I do not remember having this horrendous sound before. Running FW is 15.06 which I installed once it was launched. Being in hospital and not having access to a laptop for the near future I cannot provide a sound...
  26. guitardoc

    Listening to mp3 and playing to it using AF2's headphone out

    Is there a way to connect the AF2 to a music playing device (like iPhone) and play along to it using presets while listening to both through headphones using AF2's headphone out? I currently only have guitar, AF2, iPhone and headphones at my disposal (being out of town) and need to prepare for...
  27. guitardoc

    Can these stomp boxes please be simulated?

    I wonder if Cliff could simulate any one of these stomp boxes: http://www.angelfire.com/yt3/redtele/
  28. guitardoc

    Custom Pitch Shifter Bug

    When selecting custom shift in the pitch shifter block you cannot set voice 1 scale and voice 2 scale to the same scale - and I was unable to select scale #1. Using the front edit panel it works fine. I used a preset that was created with the axe edit version before last. Can someone reproduce?
  29. guitardoc

    God is on the radio - queens of the stone age - patch?

    Could anyone point me in the right direction which amp and cab to use for this rough-sounding rhythm guitar in the song mentioned in the title? Or maybe there is even an appropriate patch out there someone might be willing to share? Thanks very much in advance - any help is appreciated.
  30. guitardoc

    Midi glitch?

    At the latest show I had the following problem (which I just verified at home): - MFC is set at bank 0 (preset switching by up/down only) - some presets have CPU far over 90% (which work flawlessly btw) - when switching to these presets it takes quite some time before they are recalled and the...
  31. guitardoc

    Output level

    The sound guy who manned the FOH at our latest show asked me before the show what the dB output of my AF2 was - and he caught me unable to answer... I had all blocks and stuff at 0 dB apart from the amp block(s) which were at -20dB in various presets (using the Dumble ODS clean with master at...
  32. guitardoc

    Wish Scene Number permanent in Display

    Is there a way that the scene number is permanently shown in the display? Next to the preset number maybe? Thank you.
  33. guitardoc

    Bug? Backup System

    When backing up the system via the front panel the system prompts 'Backup User Bank?'
  34. guitardoc

    Sim close to Fender Super Champ XD

    I am looking for a Fender Super Champ XD simulation with the voice selector at noon (early Brit stack). I own this little fellow and use it at band practice but was not yet able to fully simulate this particular sound with my AxeFx. Any ideas appreciated - thanks in advance.
  35. guitardoc

    Formant shift

    Is there any news if the formant shift algorithm will be implemented and when? Just asking, not complaining of course.
  36. guitardoc

    Ping-Pong Delay

    Is there a way to have exactly 4 ping-pong delays with the same level? Seems I cannot find an easy solution...
  37. guitardoc

    Bug? Custom Pitch Shifter Bug (FIXED)

    The Custom Pitch Shifter in AE doesn't give you a chance to adjust the key - you can only select it using the front panel.
  38. guitardoc

    Pitch Shifter Question

    I am not sure if the pitch shifter can handle this, but I would like it to always give back the note G as a second voice to me playing the notes D, D#, C, Bb and A. Is there a way and, if yes, how? I have been trying to convince the pitch shifter to do it for several hours but so far it has not...
  39. guitardoc

    Nylon string guitar simulation

    Does anyone have a nylon string guitar simulation and is willing to share it? Thanks in advance.
  40. guitardoc

    XY-States and Modifiers

    Sorry if this has already come up but I have a question regarding XY-States and modifiers. Let's say you have an amp block with a bludo as X and a bassman as Y. If you attach a modifier such as external 1 to amp X level then it is attached to amp Y level as well? Why is that? I thought X and Y...
  41. guitardoc

    Midi messages to Midi Out when expansion port is selected

    Is there a way to route the midi messages that come in via expansion port through to the midi out interface? Eg. this way external user-made switches (often used for switching scenes) could synchronize their LED status with the actual scene the Axe is on - which would be mighty helpful (of...
  42. guitardoc

    V9 cab IRs

    Short question - what is the difference between the cab IRs marked V9 and the others apart from them being introduced with FW9? Didn't find anything in the Wiki.
  43. guitardoc

    Wish Scene number permanent in display

    Maybe this has already come up but it would be really helpful if the scene number could be displayed permanently instead of the X before the preset number (when in 'normal' mode - maybe with inverted chars). This way the 4 external switches could control the (2x with the aid of an IA) 4 scenes...
  44. guitardoc

    Amp and/or cab modelling on/off separate at out1 and out2

    AFAIK, when you go FRFR to FOH (via out1) and to a real guitar amp with cab as back line (via out2) you have to insert several rows in your patch which can only share the blocks BEFORE the amp block. Everything AFTER (including the amp block) has to be separate. This may lead to user errors...
  45. guitardoc

    Global amp gain

    I do not fully comprehend what 'normal' parameter the global amp gain corresponds to. It provides +-12 dB of relative gain - OK. But the ranges of the parameters it might influence are not adjusted in dB: Gain: 0-10 Master: 0-10 Input trim: 0-10 Does anyone know what the correlation is or is...
  46. guitardoc

    Sysex librarian for iPhone

    Is there a Sysex librarian that can be used with the iPhone to send Sysex data to and from the AxeFX? Thanks.
  47. guitardoc

    Expression pedal issue

    I use an MFC with the Axe and attached is a Boss Pedal I use as continuous controller, usually for volume. Is it possible that the continuous controller is transmitted slowlier via Cat5 since V9? There is a noticeable delay before the volume block the controller is attached to responds. It was...
  48. guitardoc

    Fractal IRs

    I have tinkered with the Fractal IRs which are included in the FW lately and found that they respond to the modelled amps extremely well - much much better than the OH or RW IRs. Even the OH V2 IRs do not sound as smooth and natural as the stock Fractal IRs, even though they are considered...
  49. guitardoc

    Auditioning of V9 factory presets

    Is there a way to audition the V9 factory presets without loading them to the Axe (and overwriting the existing patches) first? I know I could backup my patches using the internal memory and load the new banks for auditioning but what I would like to do is have my own presets in the Axe...
  50. guitardoc

    Axe Fest Germany - Leipzig - 08.-10.03.2013

    Axe Fest Germany takes place in Leipzig on 08. - 10.03.2013! For more detailed information please refer to Axe Fest Germany findet vom 08.-10.03.2013 in Leipzig statt
  51. guitardoc

    Will any new IRs be included in FW9?

    Will any new IRs be included in FW9? Or any IRs replaced maybe? Thanks for any information.
  52. guitardoc

    New FW + AxeEdit

    I have not been following this forum for a while and could not find anything relating to the upcoming new firmware and AxeEdit now. Could someone please point me to any relevant threads regarding a time estimation when anything 'new' can be expected? Thank you in advance.
  53. guitardoc

    8.01a effect block retrieve glitch?

    Hi there, Last night I retrieved the drive block from factory preset 298 (which I restored before from Axe on-board-memory) in one of my own presets. The sound was awful if you can call it a sound at all. After being at a loss for a while I realised that the sample rate (48,000Hz in preset 298...
  54. guitardoc

    Glitch in 2.13?

    There seems to be a glitch in FW2.13. Offsets Axe and MFC = 1, Mode=Set, Bank Style=none, Bank/Song Limit=50, Wrap=off -> When you reach the last song the MFC freezes. Wrap=on it seems to work. Is it just me being too stupid or is it a bug? Yes, I did reset the MFC to factory. Made...
  55. guitardoc

    Pitchshifter - Intelligent Harmony Question

    Hi, This is not so much a technical but rather a music theory question. I want to use the pitchshifter in order to create some harmonic sound by playing just one note, whereas I play the higher note and want the pitchshifter to create the lower one. Here is what I play and what the...
  56. guitardoc

    Anyone interested in a German Axe Fest?

    The title says it all...
  57. guitardoc

    Mandolin Preset

    Hi, Does anyone have a suitable preset which models the sound of a mandolin? I tried several pitchshifter adjustments but am not really happy with the outcome yet. Thank you!
  58. guitardoc

    7.01 around the corner?

    I just saw this on the fractal wiki: Suhr Badger 18 ... Added in firmware 7.00 Adam Cook (firmware 7.01): "Revised version sounds similar to 7.0 but with more gain available. Also, the low-cut frequency..." ... Firmware 7.01?!? Anyone know a release date?
  59. guitardoc

    Discrepancy between amp initialization values and amp values in FW7 presets

    While working with FW7 I found something funny which makes me wonder... When scrolling through the FW7 amp presets (1-49 I believe) I happened to press Bypass (not FX Bypass) twice while in Pre page which initializes the amp values. Funnily, some values changed. Take the AC30 TB (Preset 7)...
  60. guitardoc

    Reset system parameters after new FW

    Just a short question - is it necessary to reset the system parameters after updating the firmware?
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