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  1. randyman

    NGD – .strandberg* DR Titanium

    Isn’t she lovely … isn’t she wonderful.
  2. randyman

    Looking for experienced .strandberg* tech in New England

    Title says it all. I’m about to order a Prog 7, and while I have every intention of putting in the time to be able to setup and maintain the guitar myself, it is a complex instrument, and it would be good to find a reliable resource if I needed one. I’m located in Rhode Island, but don’t mind...
  3. randyman

    Top banner announcement test

    I'm thinking Cliff & co. may have found a way to prevent a recurrence of the ever-popular “hey, I can’t hear my tracks via USB any more” marathon. Reading you loud and clear – I hope this does the job for whatever you plan it to do!
  4. randyman

    Looking for suggestions on treating acoustic guitar - the real thing!

    Today is a NGD for me; my first Gibson – a J-15 dreadnought – arrived. It came with an LR Baggs Element pickup built in, and I spent the last few hours playing and dialing in some simple patches. Man, those high-quality reverbs are worth the price of admission all by themselves. The main...
  5. randyman

    Looking for Tom Petty – The Waiting jangle

    If anyone has any advice, I'm looking for the the kind of sound Tom gets with his 6-string Rickenbacker on The Waiting. I'm using a Parker DF824. Thanks!
  6. randyman

    JBL Eon 615s on the way

    Hi, gang - I'm in the process of gearing up to get off my ass and get out playing solo live later this year, and I thought I'd share what I decided on for a sound system. First, as I've mentioned in other posts, I'm more of an aspiring guitarist than an accomplished one; my real experience...
  7. randyman

    a newbster of a different color

    Hey there, Ultra mavens – I’ve been debating for a while whether or not to go ahead and write in, as I’m jumping the gun a little… you see, I’m waiting a check to arrive, and as soon as it clears the bank later this week, I’ll be placing an order for the magic box. Yes, you know the one I mean...
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