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    Controlling instrument volumes relative to laptop volumes

    Get an expression pedal and put a volume block in you presets.
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    Global block question

    thanks for some nice input :)
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    Global block question

    Ok, thanks for info. Would have been a whole lot easier if modifier data was global as well :flushed:
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    Global block question

    Hi Just received my FC-12...yay :) My existing presets are set up with external-1 and 2 for controller inputs (mostly wah and volume blocks). Now I want change the souces to FC pedal 1+2. Im using global blocks, but it seems that the source in the modifier is not changed globally, which means...
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    FCs in Europe?

    Whuuut....fc12 sent by g66 thursday.....arrived friday. That's what I call a fast delivery :)
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    FC cables what brand?

    I just stick with the free 6 meter cable that G66 provides :)
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    Fan Noise

    I replaced the original with a super silent one. Unfortunately I don't have my II anymore and don't remember the brand :/
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    FCs in Europe?

    Hope they will receive a lot. Didn't see it was possible to join a list, so my waitlist request was not made before oct 22 :/
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    Golden ratio delays

    awesome video...thanks :)
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    Fan Noise

    My first fan was very noisy. G66 sent me a replacement. That helped a lot, but the noise level is still annoying. My axe-II was dead silent, so I guess I will try out a new fan. Any recomendations?
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    More Power

    Remember...the cpu load is only a warning. I have one huge preset using 92%.....and yes...there is a warning...but everything is working perfectly.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.03

    Fully understandable. The II has served me well for many years. Got the III now, but even if I still was stuck on the II, I still would be happy :)
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    USA C++ Tasting Platter (Plus Free IR)

    Thanks for sharing...again. Looking forward to try it out tonight :)
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    AX8 v Axe-Fx III

    My setup with the III is quite portable. I use a shallow 3-unit rockbag, which is quite light, with a custom velcro mount (made by my wife) for attaching a controller to the outside of the bag. Very easy to carry...and you need a bag for the ax8 anyway. Of course it will add around 10 pounds...
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    Hurdy gurdy Axe-Fx III video

    That was really something :)
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    Axe-Edit III 1.01.03

    wow thanks a lot....that was quick :)
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.02

    sweet mama :)
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    EV-2 Problem ...

    I had problems with a EV-1. Max value changed randomly between around 50 and 127. Fortunately G66 replaced it right away :)
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta #3

    I hope you actually connect your strat to the axe and not do your things seperate ;)
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    Is 10" depth case good enough?

    I use the Rockbag RB 24310 B...3 unit. Just perfect size and so easy to pack up and carry along and has just enough space in the back for cables :)
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    Blind Test #1: Axe-Fx III vs. Real Amp

    No need for blind tests these days. Nobody can tell the difference anyway, unless something is wrong with the recordings ;)
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta #2

    Nice catch ! We all know how fast Cliff is working...so am I the only one thinking Beta #3 will drop within the next couple of hours? ;)
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    Axe-Edit III 1.01.02

    Thanks :)
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    Axe-Edit III 1.01.02

    will this AE version work with fw5.00 beta?
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    Wish More presets

    If someone would like to have more presets, I really don't understand why so many people put up so many arguments against it. You don't HAVE to use all the presets, so why do you care at all?...unless it will be at the cost of 10 amps and 20 new effects, which only Cliff knows ;)
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    3.02 Overview

    well...what can I say....yet another great video. Thanks :)
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    Synth pad/ambiance/strings - easy add ideas

    check out this post for a possible starting point https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/strings-101.147231/ :)
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    A total tech novice with some very specific questions

    Most of your questions can be answered on the fractal website. There is a 15-day money back guarantee....so....try it out :)
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    Hair metal tone tutorial

    Wow...nice video. I know what I'll be playing the next couple of days :)
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    David GiImour auctioning guitars. About time he gets an Axe-Fx III!

    Maybe I should sell my black strat as well. I'm ok getting 50k for it ;)
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    FW 2.05 Overview

    Great video...as always :)
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    I might drop the dime - Kemper, Helix users and Axe-Fx III now?

    You can get good sounds from all of the them, but if you want superior versatility and want to be in FX heaven, go with the axe :)
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    Pink Floyd presets pack - Fremen

    Oki...sounds good anyway :) I did change to a hiwatt in some of the scenes after having installed emg dg20 pups in my am std. Using both amps works perfect with my setup :)
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    Pink Floyd presets pack - Fremen

    Any special reason for not using the hiwatt dr103? for shine on you crazy diamond? :)
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    Was there ever a consideration of different OS's for different types of players?

    This thread is so weird. OP...You can have it all but you only want some of it?....strange. I prefer to take it all :)
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    Axe-Fx III Wins Premier Gear Award

    It is not a victory but a matter of course :)
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    Output audio stops when changing MIDI parameters

    I had a similar problem when I had my MFC, but the audio came back when selecting a different preset and back. No idea why. Was not a big deal for me, so I didn't dig into the problem :)
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    Wireless USB hub ?

    At least one guy got it to work a few years ago.... https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/wireless-axe-edit.107076/ Guess its a box with usb host capability. Good luck :)
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    Wish Global EQ - Save and Load (for favorite Locations)

    I have seperate presets for home...so global EQ's...yes please :)
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    Wish Channels-In-Use indicator

    This !!! :)
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    Wish Channels-In-Use indicator

    Oh. Guess I missed that some had 6 channels. Should be doable anyway :)
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    Wish Channels-In-Use indicator

    There are 4 channels in a block. A channel can be active in any of the 8 scenes. So for example take an AMP block in you preset, if channel 1 is used in scene 1,2,3,4,6,8 and chan 3 is used in 5,7 you would have the indicators showing "1=used, 2=free, 3=used, 4=free."
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    Wish Channels-In-Use indicator

    I guess this is for showing the active channel in the current scene? My suggestion is that there was 4 indicators to see which channels are active across all scenes...the indicator in the current scene could be another color :)
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    Wish Channels-In-Use indicator

    Yessir :)
  45. D

    Wish Channels-In-Use indicator

    It would also be helpful when merging a number of existing presets into one.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.02

    Wow...thanks a lot. Do you ever sleep? :)
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    Wish Channels-In-Use indicator

    Yeah...Moke's explanation was a lot better than my own. Sorry for the bad explanation...but at least you got the point :)
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    Wish Channels-In-Use indicator

    When copying channels from other presets, it would be nice to be able to see which channels are already in use across all scenes in preset you want to paste into. This would give you a nice overview over available channels without going thru all scenes in a preset, block by block. Very easy to...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.01

    YES !!! Thank you very much :)
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    Edited Light

    The new "Default Scene" global....I love it :) Makes sense that the edit light comes on, but kinda stange that the FCB1010 doesn't trigger the light as Greg H said. I just tried on mine...confirmed.
  51. D

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.00

    WOOOOP....there goes my wednesday night. My wife is gonna love it...or... ;) Thanks a lot :)
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    New Axe-Fx user looking for some guidance

    When got my first axe-II i wanted to know everything the second after it crossed my doorstep. It didn't take me long to realize that it was not gonna happen. The possibilities on the axe are just so overwhelming. So, if you just received your axe, my advice is....Set it up, go thru the factory...
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    New Axe-Fx user looking for some guidance

    Regarding 2... I had a UR824....got rid of it and bought a mic preamp. Only using my Axe now :)
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.00 Public Beta #2

    Nice !!! Can't wait to try it out :) Thank you very much.
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    Solo Boost Tutorial

    Thank you very much. Very useful :)
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    HELP! Connecting Axe-Fx3 to Cubase 8

    Well good luck. Hope it will work out for you. It should work with El Capitan :)
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    HELP! Connecting Axe-Fx3 to Cubase 8

    Check this video out making an aggregate device with an axe-II and a Saffire But I would strongly recommend to get things up running with the AXE-III first to isolate problems.
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    HELP! Connecting Axe-Fx3 to Cubase 8

    Maybe a good idea to pull out your Profire and make a setup only using the axe. After getting it up running, expand from there. For me it seems that the profire/axe combo could be a problem. Did you try to make an axe/profire aggregate device?
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    How many using 1 master patch?

    I have 3 main patches covering the styles I play most. On top of that I have a number of presets designed for specific songs. So...not one...but very limited number of patches ;)
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    Audio Interface

    Axe-III replaced my UR824. I did have to buy a mic preamp tho. Reamping is a lot easier now :)
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware 1.19 Public Beta

    Guess it's time to drop the Drop :)
  62. D

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 1.19 Public Beta

    Thanks a lot :)
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    Journey Cover 'Stone in Love'

    Love it :)
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    Wish Preset-List: Names only update after AE restart

    Agree. It's a bit strange that you have to use the refresh button after naming your preset.
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    Every Fender Amp Type Demo

    Great video...and very useful :)
  66. D

    MTD Swells

    very cool :) gonna listen to some good old Holdsworth now...
  67. D

    EU waiting list

    There has been a G66 FC wait list since may?....omg...didn't see that. Well...just signed up and hope for the best ;)
  68. D

    Axe-Edit III 1.00.02

    Thanks alot :)
  69. D

    Implemented *GRANTED* Press B dial again to exit Tuner

    Nice. Didn't see it in the release notes. Maybe there are other small hidden goodies :)
  70. D

    Don't take the Axe-Fx III for granted! (Tried Line6 Helix)

    I got the helix native on my laptop for when I'm on the road. It should sound like the hardware version....but as you said....its just not easy to get a good sound out of it. I was a bit disappointed about the helix native and when you are used to the Axe it always feels like going from a nice...
  71. D

    Axe fx III with electric hurdy gurdy

    Gotta see someone play a HG live some day. I have absolutely no idea how it works...other than turn a wheel and push some buttons. Looks kinda complicated :)
  72. D

    Axe-Fx III - Echo-Plexo

    Wow nice. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks :)
  73. D

    NGD Widdling - YJM Strat

    Just awesome :)
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    ADA MP-1

    Yet another great video. Gotta grow a bigger hair :)
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.18

    Thanks alot :)
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    Wish Formant Pitch Shift refresh

    Exactly. Imagine how good it could become on the axe if Cliff would throw his out-of-this-world-skills and some love into it :)
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    Finally: a box that ‘blows Fractal out of the water’.

    No matter what....10 points for creativity :)
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    Axe fx III with electric hurdy gurdy

    It's very nicely done, with a bunch of good ideas. I'm in the vfx/animation business myself....so maybe I can hire you some day ;)
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    Axe fx III with electric hurdy gurdy

    WOW...AWESOME !!!! Nice music and nice video (did you make that yourself?) That's taking the axe to extremes :)
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    Wish More presets

    Well...we can talk all night about the right way to organize things, but everybody has their own way. I like the Rex-way tho. I'm the kinda guy who has a sweet organized apartment and a huge messy room filled with junk in the basement. More preset slots would just fill up my "basement"....but I...
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    Wish More presets

    Yeah...totally true. Many presets "expire" with new firmware, except from the keepers which you tweak to fit the new firmware versions. It's just a matter of having a bigger sandbox to play in. Some would use the space, some would not. But if it comes down to the choice between more presets and...
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    Wish Blocks library for Quick Build

    Oh yeah...just re-read your post. Kinda same idea. I like it :)
  83. D

    Wish Blocks library for Quick Build

    What if we had the possibility of making our own customized quick-build grid with either default settings or settings from your block library?
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    Wish More presets

    True ;)
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    Do you use your AX3 as a usb interface?

    The III replaced my Steinberg UR824 :)
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    Wish More presets

    After getting the Austin Buddy pack I really could use more than 512 presets. I know that most people don't use more than 10 presets for their gigs, but it sure would be nice to have a bigger library at hand without the need for a computer :)
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    Wish Color code presets

  88. D

    Wish Favorites Tab

    It will get my vote :)
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    Wish Favorites Tab

    Did I miss something? How do you do that? I can only see its possible to mark presets as favorites when you are importing presets from disk.
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    Wish Formant Pitch Shift refresh

    Just a little bump for the old formant pitch shift wish like on the kemper :) https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/formant-shift.85289/#post-1034253
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    Wish Axe-Fx III 1U lite edition

    Why not go all the way and make an AxeFX III stompbox edition ;)
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    What does "FC" stand for in the FC6 and FC12 controller name?

    It doesn't mean anything....just two random letters that sounds cool together ;)
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    [Solved] Axe-Edit III 1.0.1 [taking long to read block definitions?]

    I'm also on a about 4 years old iMac running High Sierra 10.13.6. No problems here. Did you try do disconnect whatever usb gear you might have besides the axe?
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.18 Beta

    That was fast !!!....thank you :)
  95. D

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.16 Beta #2

    Brilliant....thanks :)
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    Coming soon...

    Jean-Michel Jarre? ;)