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  1. J

    FS AxeIII (Mark I) $2000 shipped to CONUS

    Mint condition! Only used in my home office Plastic is off the screen, sorry :/ Comes with original boxes / packaging Price includes insured shipping to CONUS I'll take paypal (you pay fees if not doing gift option), venmo, or crypto
  2. J

    Would a FC12 + EV-1 fit on a 24" Pedalboard?

    Musician's Friend deal of the day is this 24" board for: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/ultimate-support-upd-2416-b-pedalboard It seems like it might fit both, but it's very close... anyone ever tried?
  3. J

    WISH: "Send MIDI function"

    Rather than asking for more Control Switches, what would be even nicer is a simple "Send MIDI" function, that could just assign a button to send a hardcoded PC or CC message. That way one could use the FC12 to: - Control external loopers - Control DAWs - etc... Without having to parcel out...
  4. J

    Some Can-It questions?

    Trying to decide between FC12, or FC6 + keeping a Morningstar MC6... If it's possible to answer some of these, I can start planning a pedalboard layout... Tap/Tuner - Is it possible to setup one button to be tap tempo, unless it's held, then it activates tuner? Scenes - It seems like having 8...
  5. J

    Just tried the Advanced Whammy droptune..

    I'd been trying to make it work with the the dual shift before, but yesterday's manual update had a nice FAQ recommending the Advanced Whammy instead. After about 10 minutes, my review: FS: Whammy DT and Digitech Drop Not needed anymore!
  6. J

    Implemented Dedicated drop/capo block

    If there was a dedicated 100% wet mono pitchshifter (think Digitech Drop or Morpheus Capo), would it be able to have lower latency than the Dual-shift pitch block?
  7. J

    Wish Info+Tuner screen

    I'd love to seen a "home screen" page that showed: - Current Preset name - Current Scene (either by num or by name) - Tuner somewhere between the tiny <>'s on every page, and the full-screen tuner - Input/Output meters (can configure which ins/outs to show) - Maybe an RTA (can configure which...
  8. J

    Axe3 Droptuning - as good as/better than Digitech Drop/Whammy?

    For using a pitchblock just to drop the tuning from E Standard to D Standard or the like.. - How's the quality on the Axe3? Improved over the Axe2? - How's the latency? Same, or lower? - Is it good enough that we can ditch Drop pedals? (I could never get the Axe2 quite there, even with the...
  9. J

    Possible to get FX Loop AND processed signal over USB?

    I'd like to put a whammy/drop pitch block before the FX loop, so that I have a "dry signal" that's droptuned, but dry otherwise... But is it possible to get that signal and the final output at the same time over USB? Or am I forced to choose between fx loop and processed for inputs 1-2, and...
  10. J

    A request to 6.00 Beta Testers

    Could you use the raw guitar stems from Led Zeppelin II and see how close you can get? Led Zeppelin - 1969 - Led Zeppelin II Multitracks (Flac + MP3) - Guitars101 - Guitar Forums :)
  11. J

    TUTORIAL - How to setup reamping with REAPER on a Mac

    Hopefully this helps some people... 1) Download REAPER: REAPER | Download It's free for a month to try, and cheap after. 2) Get an AxeFX II It'll take a month to get, and it's not cheap at all. Plug it in via USB, install the drivers, and turn it on. 3) Set up an aggregate device in...
  12. J

    My crushing disappointment turns to hope...

    Like most people that own an Ultra and don't have loads of money, I was highly disappointed by the announcement, and the manner it was done. Realizing that the perfect unit is now coming out that fixes every frustration you've had with the current model (horrible interface, clunkly...
  13. J

    Wishlist vote thread

    Let keep an active list of requests/wishes... that way instead of going through dozens of threads and trying to guess what is the most wanted, Cliff and the guys at Fractal can take a quick look... Here's the rules: Only one vote per day. Until the slots are filled up, just add the next...
  14. J

    Hardware Request: Axe-MIDI

    A small MIDI interface, with 2 7-pin ports and one USB port. With this you could plug it between the MFC-101 and the Axe-FX... when the computer's not on, it will just send the foot data along to the Axe... but if Axe-Edit is connected, then the interface and software would work together -...
  15. J

    Send momentary CC's?

    So I started setting up the MFC-101 to control my looper (Looperative), and realized that it seems I can only send ON/OFF CC messages... gets confusing, because I have to tap the button twice whenever I want to step on it.... Is there a way to send momentary messages on the IA's? Or not true...
  16. J

    MFC-101 on a PT2

    Fits! With two Mission expression pedals, although there is a mm or two of over hang off the side. Will post pics later.
  17. J

    Different IA if the switch is held down?

    Skimming through the manual, doesn't look like this is possible... I'm officially requesting this feature... maybe a 2nd bank of virtual IAs, which could be assigned for 2 sec presses? I can think of many, many useful scenario's for this...
  18. J

    7 pin breakout cable?

    I use a MOTU Micro Express to merge my foot controller and the AxeFX editor... it works well, but it of course does not have any 7 pin jacks, just a pair of 5 pins. I have the Rocktron 7pin->5pin cable that I can use for one direction, but I still need another cable going the other. Is there a...
  19. J

    It just let me order one...

    There must be more in stock :o :o :o :o
  20. J

    Dual footswitch for up/down

    So in the foot limbo between selling my LF and waiting for the MFC-101, it would be nice if I could at least scroll through presets... I have a dual footswitch laying around: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/prod ... sku=421520 If I were to get a stereo -> dual mono splitter cable, could I...
  21. J

    Trying decide what to do rack wise

    Okay, my original plan was to use a DJ style rack, with rack units in the bottom, and pedals on top, so I could reach the knobs easy. But I've since decided to sell all my pedals (KoT, Keeley comp, GRX4, EHX 2880 avail now...) and just use the Axe-FX along with a looperlative for looping. So...
  22. J

    Waves GTR controller dropped from $600 to $99

    http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/GTRGround/ Wonder if this could be used with a USB-MIDI interface with the Axe? Not something I'm interested in per se, as I have a LFJR until the MFC101 comes out... But thought someone here might be!
  23. J

    I think I'm going to get a DJ rack for my setup

    I think I'm going to get one of those DJ racks that has racks for a mixer on top... Then I'll put my real rack stuff in the bottom, and use 1U panels spaced to make kind of a Pedaltrain type thing on top, where I'll put my guitar pedals and a loop switcher for them... that way my pedalboard is...
  24. J

    Axe Edit, Liquid Foot, Tuner data, same time

    This is driving me nuts... not going to be able to probably enjoy my axe-fx rig until I get this working! :oops: Would this hypothetically work? I already have a MIDI splitter (3 way... I'll also be able to use it to trigger a MIDI pedal switcher), but need a MIDI merger if there's a...
  25. J

    Good options for buffer, DI, and reamp?

    I need a buffer, because I'm going through a 15 foot cable, into two true-bypass pedals, through 18 feet more to the amp... I need reamping, for well, reamping... I need DI (with a thru) for well, reamping... I'd really like a MW1 Studio Tool, but that's probably out of my price range... then...
  26. J

    Loading IA Status from the AXE-FX on the Junior

    So rather than using the default way the Axe-FX uses MIDI, where things like Drive1 or Chorus1 get their own dedicated CC, I am assigning an External controller in the IO menu to a CC#, so that one switch on my LFJR labelled "mod" can switch either chorus, flanger, phaser, etc... depending on...
  27. J

    Gain staging for a looper in the FX Loop

    Okay, so I have a Boss RC-20 in my effects loop, and that's all... If I create an FX Loop block last in a preset, I adjust the output2 volume on the AXE-FX so that input on the RC-20 is just below clipping, and adjust Input2 on the AXE-FX until it looks the same level on the LED meters as...
  28. J

    Back and front inputs

    How can you use them at the same time? I was thinking it would be nice for interfacing with the DAW to just have the guitar plugged to the front, and an output from my recording interface to the ones from the back... That way I could switch between monitoring my guitar playing or changing the...
  29. J

    2 exp pedals in LF, 2 in Axe?

    Just trying to figure out my setup still... I'm thinking of getting: Mission Engineering SP1LF -> LF JR inputs 1 + 2 (the switch takes it's own input, right?) Roland EV5 (already have this) -> AxeFX 1 Boss FS-5U -> AxeFX 2 That way I'd have a tap tempo switch, a dedicated volume, and then an...
  30. J

    Anyone using a pedalsnake with the AxeFX?

    Thinking about getting a pedalsnake system, making it simpler to get all the wires back and forth... 7 pin MIDI Guitar in Effects send/return 2 footswitch send/returns power? I have two questions though: 1) I use two true-bypass pedals before the Axe... on pedalsnake's website, they say that...
  31. J

    Right-angel 7-pin MIDI cable

    What ones are there? The one I have (a Hosa I think) has the right angle going the wrong way, so the cable goes UP from my pedalboard, instead of down into those nice holes the Pedaltrain has...
  32. J

    Possible to use up/down footswitch with Liquid Foot?

    Is it possible to plug an up/down footswitch into one of the ports on back the LF JR, and use that to change banks? That way I could use 4 button mode instead of 3 button mode...
  33. J

    LF JR, AXE-FX, Axe-EDIT, Atomic FR, Interface

    Hey all! I've now got my rig bought, just waiting for it to get here! While I'm waiting, I wanted to make sure I have everything I need to hook it all up, because it would be wholly depressing to finally have all the units come, and not be able to use it until some cable came... So I'm...
  34. J

    Will the AFX ULTRA replace these pedals?

    Getting rid of most of my pedals to buy for it, but I'm going to have one ordered by the end of the day... Wondering if it can replace these pedals? WHAMMY: I know that it does pitch-shifting, how does it compare to the Digitech Whammy? Most of the time I use the octave up or 2x octave up...
  35. J

    How well does it take pedals?

    Hello everyone... I'm considering simplifying my life and getting one of these instead of my current rig of a JSX 212 combo and around 15 pedals... But I love the overdrives I get with the Analogman King of Tone... If I put that in front of the Axe-FX, would I get awesome sounds like I do with...
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