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  1. MisterE

    NoGD - PRS SC 245

    Well, I did it and went ahead and bought it. (Favorite Single Cut Thread) It's a 2015 SC 245 / McCarty Pups: 58/15 I switched the controls and the turned the selector switch so the bridge volume is closest end selector up selects the bridge pup. With the layout of the controls I can have the...
  2. MisterE

    Bug? - MultiDelay - Quad Series - Loud thump when switching channels

    When using the Quad Series Delay in the Multi Delay Block, I get a loud thump when switching channels. Not so when using any of the other types. Also not when switching between Quad Series. And only when the block is bypassed
  3. MisterE

    Does pasting a channel to a new amp block require resetting with new firmware?

    With the new Cygnus FW, it's best to reset the amp blocks. In order to avoid going over all the parameters, I was thinking of the following: Save the amp block to the library. Soft reset each channel - or do I need to do a hard reset? Insert the amp block from the library (as AMP2) Copy each...
  4. MisterE

    NOGD - Music Man EVH

    With Eddie sadly leaving this mortal coil, my interest in one of his geetars was rekindled. So I got looking for an Music Man EVH. Ans I found one, right here in little Belgium:
  5. MisterE

    Retirement plan - learning to play the piano - any suggestions?

    I'm retiring in a couple of months and I'm thinking about learning to play the piano. I was screwing around with an old midi keyboard and an couple of plug-ins while working on a song and that got me interested. Anyone have any suggestions for a good course for beginners? I was also looking at a...
  6. MisterE

    Blue Book of Guitars - usefull and/or accurate?

    I've got a couple of old editions of the Blue Book of Electric Guitars and I was wondering if anyone uses the website to check the value of a guitar? Is the info reliable and/or accurate?
  7. MisterE

    Wish Allow MIDI control of the Control Switches

    When you're using a controller other than the FM6/12, it would be nice if we could control the Control Switches through MIDI. Like for the AustinBuddy-packs for instance. He's using CS2-6 in his presets and without the FM's, one would have to go through about 300 presets and change the controllers.
  8. MisterE

    Midi light stays on with no pedal connected

    A friend of mine has an Ultra and he says the Midi light stays on, even with no pedal(s) connected. Any idea what could be causing this?
  9. MisterE

    Wish Pitch/Harmonizer - display current value in performance tab

    I have the Pitch 1/2 and the Harmony 1/2 in the performance tab. I can also change them with the GT22. It would be nice if the performance tab showed the current value when changing it with the GT22. Same for the Key if possible. Also for the Pitch: display the same way as the harmony on the...
  10. MisterE

    Bug? Strange Amp switching behavior (MIDI)

    Latest FW. I'm using 2 amps in parallel I have a button on my RJM where I can switch both amp's channels simultaneously. This used to work fine but now, only one amp's channel gets changed. Even stranger, the amp who's channel gets changed, won't go back to the channel the second amp is on...
  11. MisterE

    Low output on OUT 2

    I've set everything the same as OUT 1 but the output on OUT 2 is very low. When switching the cables on the patch panel I use to connect OUT2 to the patch panel to OUT 1 the output is OK So there's no problem with the cables. I think I checked everything but I can't find the fault. Any idea what...
  12. MisterE

    FW11.02b3 - Cracks and pops when using wah on Marshall type amps

    This seems to occur only with Marshall type amps (Plexi, JMC, Friedman) I tried this with Class A amps and PVH 6150 and didn't get any pops and cracks. First part is a collection of when it occurred using the wah, after the silent part I switched to a class A amp. CPU is around 82%, same as on...
  13. MisterE

    BUG: Block turns on by itself when using Wah

    I'm using External 2 to control the wah and External 4 tot control the Formant. Both use auto engage. When using the wah, sometimes the formant is switched on. When looking in AxeEdit, I see the value of the External 4 gone to maximum and so switching on the formant. To be clear: I use a button...
  14. MisterE

    Heritage H-150

    With all the LP love going around and me having sworn never ever to buy a G-geetar, I found this to be tickling my fancy lately: I heard nothing but good about these but I was wondering if anyone else could share their experiences.
  15. MisterE

    IR Play - Input Select missing

    With the last update, Input Select of the IR Play block is missing. I used these blocks to get a far L-R mix with two amp blocks. Amp 1 panned L into IR Play1 - Input Left and panned Left Amp 2 panned R into IR Play2 - Input Right and panned Right The input select is no longer visible but if I...
  16. MisterE

    Turned on the Axe-Fx ... All but the first two presets gone

    I have absolutely no idea what went wrong. Yesterday all was fine. Today, I turn it on and all but the two first presets are gone :(:(:(
  17. MisterE

    All presets except preset #000 gone

    Just powered up the AxeFx III and all presets, except the first one are gone? What could have gone wrong?
  18. MisterE

    Stereo 8-stage phaser..... holy crap

    Anyone tried the 8-stage phaser???? popped it in, default settings crapped myself holy moly never played so slow for so long....
  19. MisterE

    Wish Row that is unaffected by scene change

    Practical example: You want to use scenes to only change amp/cab or some selected fx and leave others unaffected. Put all blocks you do not want to be affected (retain their state) on same row. Turn on a block in the row that is unaffected. Switch scene to change amp/cab for example Block in...
  20. MisterE

    Giving it a rest is sometimes good - man this thing sounds good!!!

    Due to some personal problems and currently being fed up with parts of the music business and bands in general, I quit playing for a while. So after a few months, the urge to noodle a bit came back. I was planning to do an update of the GT22 and started playing with one of my old Plexi patches...
  21. MisterE

    Another graph

    Just to show the dedication of the man: RED: number of amps BLUE: firmware updates
  22. MisterE

    Bright at maximum setting - strange distortion and compression

    A friend of mine was trying to make a patch with settings he saw in a video. The amp was a Plexi 100W High. When playing softly it sounded ok but when hitting the strings hard, it sounded very distorted, sort of like the bitcrusher, and heavily compressed. Is this normal when you set the bright...
  23. MisterE

    Help Wanted - Intro of this SQ song...

    Thought I try it here as well.... Intro of the following song: I'm looking to recreate the sound of the intro. I've gotten pretty close with a Tele, a vox and a dimension chorus. But the sound is to thin, it lacks the body and chime of that of the Quo. I would appreciate some pointers.
  24. MisterE

    Help with another SQ song - That's A Fact

    Intro of the following song: I'm looking to recreate the sound of the intro. I've gotten pretty close with a Tele, a vox and a dimension chorus. But the sound is to thin, it lacks the body and chime of that of the Quo. I would appriciate some pointers.
  25. MisterE

    Wish Longer delay in cab block -Solved

    For the trick to widen your sound - get a better stereo separation - we sometimes use the Petrucci trick. This s a delay of 6; 9 or more milliseconds on one side of a stereo cab. Now you can only go as high as 1 millisecond. You need a mono delay and two volume blocks to achieve this. This adds...
  26. MisterE

    Help - Trying to recreate this Status Quo sound

    Listen to 07:12 for the specific sound. Status quo - Roadhouse Blues Live It's a Tele into a Marshall. I've gotten pretty close with a 100W Plexi Jumped and a M75-PR cab. But somehow I don't get the cutting sound. I've tried thousands of IR's. I have just about every Marshall Cab Ir there is...
  27. MisterE

    Testing Tele pickups - can't rely on specs

    I'm currently testing three pickups with the following specs according to the manufacturers: DiMarzio Area T: B: 6.0 / M: 6.5 / T: 7.5 DiMarzio Area T Hot: B: 6.0 / M: 6.0 / T: 6.5 Seymour Duncan Hot Stack: B: 5.0 / M: 6.0 / T: 6.0 But the Area T sounds...
  28. MisterE

    Axe-Fx sounds flubby and too distorted

    Since Q08, I've been struggling to get the sounds I had before. Everything sounds to flubby, distorted, mushy. Here's an example of a Plexi 1970 100W with a PRS408 https://www.dropbox.com/s/hnp6hfnfj2qj4fv/Plexi%20100W%20Q08.02.mp3?dl=0 Preset...
  29. MisterE

    Another Atomic replied only after posting on the forum thread ;-)

    Yep. After four years of performing without a hiccup, one of my CLR suddenly produced no sound after powering up. I emailed Tom and posted on the Atomic forum. After a week no reply. Sent another e-mail to Tom and one to support@Atomicamps but after a week again no reply. Seems that I'll have to...
  30. MisterE

    tascam lm 8st

    Anyone used one of these? It has two separate stereo outputs. I think it could be a good solution to combine the Axe-fx with other preamps, synth units, piëzo's, a feed from FOH. and send individual mixes to the FOH and personal monitors.
  31. MisterE

    Wish Looper ON/OFF switch

    Now you have to turn on the looper per scene or for all scenes. If you want to turn on the looper on the fly, there's no button. I can do this using Midi, but a dedicated footswitch would be nice. Just like individual footswitches for Record, Play,..
  32. MisterE

    Bug? Lag on external controller upwards of 59% CPU

    This is definitely not good. I was trying to incorporate my Gordius with the Ax8 to use the Gordius to switch the function of the controller. Easy you would think. Not so. I noticed a severe lag when using a Whammy connected to external controller 2. The lag is so severe that, after several up...
  33. MisterE

    WISH: Amp-Cab X/Y footswitch

    Option for a Amp-Cab X/Y footswitch. This way you can switch the amp/cab combination with one footswitch. AmpX could be a Marshall with a 4x12" cab as CabX AmpY could be a Fender with a 2x12" cab as CabY This way you can switch between two totally different amp/cab combinations. Not just the amps.
  34. MisterE

    Bug: Amp X/Y foot switch does not work

    The Amp X/Y foot switch doesn't work nor does it display the state correctly. I used it in a scene where I switched from X to Y and it doesn't display it's state on the foot switch.
  35. MisterE

    AX8 - One week to set up

    So, I got the AX8 early this weak and only had time to set up a few presets. I converted them from the Axe-Fx XL. I changed the folder in the workspace for each preset, giving them names like "Clean"; "Crunch", "Lo gain"; ... since that's what they were basically for. Importing in the AxX8 was...
  36. MisterE

    Looking for IR's that make an amp blend well with acoustic guitars.

    I have a few guitars with piëzo's and I would like to use them together with the regular magnetic pickups. The amp sims I like to use are Cameron CCV, Friedman, Plexi's, JCM800... and in the high gain departement the 5150 Red. So I'm looking for IR's for the mags that blend well with piëzo's...
  37. MisterE

    If you like synth pads & drones...

    This is something I wanted to post a while back but never got around to it....until now. I want to show you a little demo about a small synth unit that can easily fit in the back of a rack. You can play synths using MIDI. It uses standard GM sounds. This is the website for the little thing...
  38. MisterE

    Cable for custom 2Way MIDI & Power (Europe)

    For those looking for a suitable cable for 2Way MIDI & Power: For the European customers: I found a cable for 2way MIDI & Power: Sommer Cable SC-Octave Tube - Thomann Belgium Sommer Cable SC-Octave Tube, Dia PVC 6,5 mm, Internal cores (Audio) 5 x 0,14 mm2, (Control) 2 x 0,50mm2, thomann...
  39. MisterE

    Parisienne Walkways

    My version of Parisienne Walkways recorded live. All Axe-fx, including synth pads.
  40. MisterE

    travelling from abroad to US (Chicago) to play

    On May 1st, we'll be playing at a festival in Chicago. The organizers are booking our flights as tourists and have advised us not to take any instruments or equipment with us. The backline will be provided for the headliner and most other bands will be able to use it. Since I'm not using a...
  41. MisterE

    Clip from the band I just joined on YouTube

    Ostrogoth - The Clouds Last year I was approached by my friend Rudy "White Shark" Vercruysse. He asked me if I could fill in for him when he was being treated for cancer or when he felt he wasn't feeling well enough to play. So I joined the band for a couple of shows as a backup for Rudy. I...
  42. MisterE

    Very hard to quickly adjust boost in all presets for various line-ups

    I use a pedal that's attached to the output volume and set the minimum by setting the minimum cc value for that pedal at 115 for a trio and 110 (or less) when playing with a larger band. I also use a command that sends a minimum volume cc of 115 or 110 when loading a preset. With the Gordius, I...
  43. MisterE

    Axe-Fx XL sending midi data although send realtime sysex is turned off

    Axe-Fx keeps sending: F0 00 01 74 06 23 00 7F 5F F7 Edit: After turning the unit off and on again (an old IT Crowd trick) the following happened: The screen remained blank all lights on the input volume meters were lit and stayed on the screen slowly faded in on to the IO-Midi screen Removing...
  44. MisterE

    Axe-Fx Xl displaying weird values

    I noticed my Axe-Fx sometimes displays weird values: Pitch block Y was programmed as "INTEL HARM" but when activating it it shows "TREMOLO" When switching between X and Y it goes back to "INTEL HARM" Scale "2.1 dB" track mode "0.0" So far I only noticed this in the Pitch block.
  45. MisterE

    New Larkin Newsletter and I'm in it

    Hello boys and girls. My new geetar & bass aka as Bermeir & Galahad are featured in the Chris Larkin's October newsletter. http://www.chrislarkinguitars.com/component/content/article/34/109.html Some more news about the Leonardo Project which is sponsored by the European Community to promote...
  46. MisterE

    NBD - Larkin Reacter 5B

    Along with my new guitar I also brought back a bass from Ireland. The story about the build can be found here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/lounge/88315-ng-nbbd-new-geetar-new-bass-build-day.html I'm not a bass player so I can not compare to any other It's a light and comfortable instrument...
  47. MisterE

    NGD - Larkin Soloist - Piëzo & Sustainiac

    Last week I returned from Ireland where I collected my guitar & bass from Chris Larkin. You can read about the build here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/lounge/88315-ng-nbbd-new-geetar-new-bass-build-day.html I've tested the guitar and it exceeds my expectations. It's definitely the most...
  48. MisterE

    NG&NBBD - New Geetar & New Bass Build Day

    Hi All, A while back, I ordered another geetar from Chris Larkin. The order was for a soloist model, archtop, neck through. This is the conspec: Customer Geert Annys (VSP) Quotation/Update/ date 04.03.14 Model Type Soloist carved top Bedemir model Body Timber Mahogany or fiddleback...
  49. MisterE

    Midi clock sysex doesn't work on XL

    I used sysex messages to set the tempo for each song because of the problems with sending a continuous clock signal from the Gordius. It seems that with the XL this doesn't work anymore. This was the code: F0 00 01 74 03 02 0D 01 20 00 1E 00 00 01 37 F7 30BPM The identifier is still the same. So...
  50. MisterE

    XL - 5 new effects with X/Y states but unswitcheable with CC

    Compressor Gate GAQ PEQ Trem/Pan These now have an X/Y state on the XL. But there's no way to swith them using CC
  51. MisterE

    MFC and XL - how to access Bank D

    MFC and XL - how to access Bank D? In the specifications of the MFC-101 it says: 384 presets. But the XL has 512 How does that work with the MFC-101?
  52. MisterE

    Proud dad here - Check out my son's band Highway Jack

    Just released some video's of their EP release: https://vimeo.com/91597909 https://vimeo.com/91597911 https://vimeo.com/91597912 https://vimeo.com/91600963 https://vimeo.com/91597907 my son's the one with the Axe-Fx of course ;) For more info: Highway Jack
  53. MisterE

    High Pitch Interference through monitors

    We moved to anew location for rehearsals and I noticed a high pitch squel (like feedback) through my CLR's. At first I thought it was my guitar that created the feedback, but I had it with all my guitars. Moving the CLR's to the back didn't solve the problem, neither did lowering the volume. I...
  54. MisterE

    Overwrite library block

    When I want to save a block with the same name, AE displays a message saying I should give a different name because the block already exists. I would like an option to overwrite the block when using the same name.
  55. MisterE

    FW 13.01uses a lot more CPU

    It seems that FW13 uses a lot more CPU. My Drone preset suddenly became unusable. When trying to switch preset with Axe Edit my unit froze.
  56. MisterE

    Delay messed up after FW12.03

    Delay: problems after FW12.03 - SOLVED I did the whole Update All Presets thing. I used a dual delay with a controller attached to mix, feedback l-l and feedback r-r. When mix would be increased to 50%, feedback would decrease to 0. Now ther's no possibility to attach a controller to either...
  57. MisterE

    New Ownhammers - Kevin is on a roll!

    Just got the news: Now on the site are two new speaker cabinet libraries: 112-GTR DLX MIX Vintage Speaker Collection 112-GTR DLX MIX Vintage Speaker Collection - $19.00 : OwnHammer.com - Store 212-GTR BOG-SH MIX Vintage Speaker Collection 212-GTR BOG-SH MIX Vintage Speaker Collection -...
  58. MisterE

    ABCD - Amp Block Choice Dilemma

    With so much choice of amp blocks in the Axe-FX II, choosing gets harder with each firmware upgrade. I want a simple bank for live use with 5 amps: clean low gain dirty mid gain high gain I want a bank with eight amps of each category for recording purposes and to be able to try some different...
  59. MisterE

    Saw Harem Scarem yesterday

    Went to see Harem Scarem in a local pub yesterday. Man, these guys still sound great. Because of the 20th anniversary of Mood Swings, they played most songs of that album. And guess what....Pete used an Axe-Fx!! Great guitar player and a very nice guy!!
  60. MisterE

    Attack of the drones

    Big thanks to Simeon for the inspiration and another big thanks to Yek for his preset I based mine upon. Axe-Change - Download Preset - Drone G-D - by MisterE Some improvisation over the drone:
  61. MisterE

    Changing input on AF changes the values for fine and coarse mousewheel

    When changing the input from ANALOG to USB or back, the increments for coarse and fine values when using the mousewheel change. The values for coarse and fine go from 10 and 1 to 13 and 1.3 or sometimes 19 and 1.9 or anything in between. it's random. Fact is: when changing the input, the values...
  62. MisterE

    coarse & fine adjustment interval changed

    Coarse adjustment when using the scroll buton was +-1 and fine adjustment 0.1 But somehow this got changed to +- 13 and +- 1.3 I have no clue how to set it back to the original values.
  63. MisterE

    For those lookig for a pure IR

    Hi, Prometh's post about RedWirez made me look at those IR's again. I first started reading the "Dialing In Your Tone" guide from RW. And one thing's for sure: I didn't want to try every IR and I sure don't want to spend to much time mixing and trying various combinations. But I had the same...
  64. MisterE

    Petrucci interview in Premier Guitar: no mention of the Axe-FX

    What's up with that? No mention of the Axe-FX, not even in the list of his gear? John Petrucci: The Ultimate Evolved Guitarist | Premier Guitar
  65. MisterE

    Pedals lagging when CPU is around 92%

    I noticed my whammy and wah started lagging. I thought it was because either my controller and/or Axe-Fx were connected to USB. This has happened in the past and could be solved by disconnecting either apparatus from USB. But now this didn't work any more. So I tried by deleting some blocks to...
  66. MisterE

    Global block bug FW11.03

    I made a new layout to use with different drive/amp/cab combinations. I saved all these blocks linked to G1, drive, amp and cab included. Then I imported the drive, amp and cab from another preset. In these presets, the drive, amp and cab were not linked to any global block. Saved to a new...
  67. MisterE

    pedals lagging when connected to USB

    Trying to set up pedals while using Axe-Edit can be very annoying. When connected to USB, the pedals start lagging. And I'm not talking about milliseconds but practically a whole second. If you move your pedal very fast, it can't keep up. Doesn't matter how the damp is set. Anyone else noticed this?
  68. MisterE

    MisterE's amp collection for FW 11.03

    Elloo me lovelies, Here's the new list of all amps in FW 11.03 Included in the zip file is the spreadsheet as usual, the presets and clips with my beloved blue pointy thing superstrat and 4 positions on my Fender 35th anniversary strat. Here you go: Axe-FX II FW 11.03 Amp List - spreadsheet...
  69. MisterE

    FW 11.03 reverb Y bug

    Reverb Y doesn't work, no reverb not from any type in the Y block All parameters were changing on the display of the Axe-Fx when editing in Axe-edit but there was no reverb coming from the Y-block. Mix at 100%, level 0% - no reverb. I only worked when copying from X to Y
  70. MisterE

    NGBD - New Guitar Build Day

    Hi All, About two years back, I had a sevenstring built by master luthier and all-round funny and fabulous person Chris Larkin. The story about that geetar can be found here: ASAD Sevenstring For my 50th birthday, the Light Of My Life got me this Also made by Chris. I love strats. So I decided...
  71. MisterE

    MisterE's FW 11.0 Amp Presets + Clips

    MisterE's FW 11.03 Amp Presets + Clips Hidi boys & girls, I've just finished compiling the new list of all amps in FW 11.03 Included in the zip file is the spreadsheet as usual, the presets and clips with my beloved blue pointy thing superstrat and 4 positions on my Fender 35th anniversary...
  72. MisterE

    FW 11.0 CPU Load spreadsheet

    I've checked the CPU load for the various blocks with their different types, shunts, amps... And here are the results: CPU Load.xls Last time I checked was December 21st of 2012. It's remarkable to seen how many different types have been added. Thanks FAS!
  73. MisterE

    Bug? Pasting block deletes modifier (solved)

    I have an external controller attached to the mix in the delay block. When copy this block and paste it in another preset, the modifier is no longer connected. This block is a global block in my presets.
  74. MisterE

    Amps less dynamic in FW11.0?

    While I've been making the amp bank for FW 11.0 it fely like the amps I used the most were less dynamic than before. For example the Friedman HBE. I liked how the amp cleaned up nice when turning down the volume on the guitar. I keep the Drive low, around 2.00. But now it's very hard to get it...
  75. MisterE

    Looking for Sysex for pitch block

    Hi, does anyone know what the sysex code for the intelligent harmonizer is? I'm looking for the code for the following: Key Scale Voice1 level Voice2 level Voice1 Pan Voice2 Pan If I could get all the sysex commands for the pitch block, that would be cool too ;)
  76. MisterE

    Pitch Block - Inteligent Harmonizer Bug

    For the setting of the voices 1 = unison instead of 0 1 up is 2 1 down is -2 It would also be good to see the actual value when controlling these with external controllers.
  77. MisterE

    Mr.E's All Amps Presets for FW11b

    Hi folks, here's the batch of presets with all the amps for FW11b. FW11b Amp Presets Excel sheet with the following fields: - Preset (original amp name) - Axe-FX amp name - Suggested cabs - Producer cabs - V9 cabs - Factory preset # cab used + name - Drive - Overdrive (if available) - Master -...
  78. MisterE

    Some FW11 beta observations

    Treble and Presence definitely seem to work a lot better Bass can or has to be lowered Sound is thicker As I'm going through the amp bank that i'm making I noticed the following: less need for bright switch FAS CRUNCH: bright cap value seems to be 10x to high. instead of 1000pF, to me it sounds...
  79. MisterE

    MisterE's Presets and Clips of all v10.09 Amps

    I've made a list of all amps + one of the suggested cabs, similar to my previous list. Since I was asked to make some clips, I started working with reamping. This made it easier to check the levels. I matched the amp and cab block level against the level when I bypass each block. There are...
  80. MisterE

    FW 10.6 All amps + cab

    Hi, I just finished compiling an amp list similar to the one I've done for FW9.0. Amp List FW10.6 I've added a spreadsheet. Amp List With the following columns: Name of preset Amp Cab suggestions Producer cab suggestions V9 cabs suggestions Cab used Name of Cab used Drive Master Level Cab...
  81. MisterE

    Global block bug V10.6

    I checked my global block for cabs and it I noticed the following: My main preset upon which these blocks are based are on #4 I changed the cab block and saved the preset. I opened the presets that had the cab block linked and although it still shows G4 in the cab block, it doesn't correspond...
  82. MisterE

    There are too many amps I like - no problem with the Gordius LG

    After each firmware upgrade, I had more and more amps I liked. Choosing is very hard. i like a setup where i can choose on the fly with same layout: drive ore comp - wah - phaser - whammy - amp - pitch - cab - chorus - flanger- delay - multidelay - trem - reverb - looper So I started with about...
  83. MisterE

    My Atomic CLR's are gone....

    For two weeks :D Since I've received them, I've been tweaking my presets and was quite happy with the result. I've compared them to my LEM T4MA's - which are also coaxials and sounded quite good compared to the more expensive RCF's. And today I went to see my friend, who's a keyboard player, to...
  84. MisterE

    Changing bright cap has no effect in SLO-100 Rhythm

    I like to play with the value of the bright cap. But on this particular model it has no effect. I could turn it all the way up without hearing any difference. Is this by design?
  85. MisterE

    FW10 Amp bank

    I'm making an amp bank for FW10. Same as I did for V9. This time, I set the amp gain in the global settings to 0.00 dB I'm making a spreadsheet with the following headers: the amps real name the FAS amp name Cab suggestions Producer cab suggestions Cab# used with a column that looks up the Cab...
  86. MisterE

    New song by Syntheon with a bit of noodling by me - all Axe-FX

    Here's a new song from the upcoming CD by Syntheon. I did all the guitars using only the Axe-Fx.
  87. MisterE

    V9.02 All Amps + Cabs

    Hi, I had a bit of fun making presets with all the amps in the Axe-Fx II and one of the suggested cabs (see Wiki) included is an excel file with the details about the presets: Name - Amp model - suggested cabs - used cab - Master - Level I tried to tweak as few advanced parameters as possible...
  88. MisterE

    Have some fun, lock yourself up for a week with this monster and try it all

    While we're waiting on the release of the result of Cliff's next epiphany, Fractal and Ownhammers IR's, I thought I'd prepare myself a bit. In order to have some sort of baseline I set out to make a bank with all the amps and their appropriate cabs. I'll use the X-cab as the base to compare...
  89. MisterE

    Bug? Sending MIDI CLOCK or TAP TEMPO triggers sysex response & clicks

    Axe-Fx II firmware 9.02 When tapping the tempo on the Gordius LG(X) it sends a Midi Clock command. This triggers a sysex response from the Axe-Fx: F0 00 01 74 03 21 27 F7 Sometimes the response only lasts a few clicks, sometimes it goes on for much longer. This also causes clicks for as long as...
  90. MisterE

    MIDI Clock trigger sysex command

    MIDI Clock triggers sysex command I noticed I was getting plops when using the tap tempo on my Gordius. It sends a Midi Clock command. The Axe-Fx sends the following sysex : F0 00 01 74 03 21 27 F7 I notice in the cab block the Mic L and Cab R knobs switching back and forth. Very strange.
  91. MisterE

    Chance to win a free ticket for Steve Vai in Dublin

    Check out Chris Larkin's monthly Newsletter. You can win a free ticket for Steve Vain in Dublin next Tuesday December 4th. Chris' Newsletter is always a joy to read and contains a bit about the beautiful part of Ireland where he lives, tech tips, something about the workshop, a pic of someone...
  92. MisterE

    Musomap - a great way to find musicians

    Check it out: http://www.musomap.com/
  93. MisterE

    Flatten the response of your FRFR system

    Cliff gave a great tip in Voes' post about tone matching the internal cab. There's a pink noise generator in the synth block. You could use it, in combination with a microphone like the Behringer ECM8000 to flatten the response of your FRFR system. Maybe try it at different levels.
  94. MisterE

    How do you organize your cables?

    I'm looking for a solution to keep my cables tidy and organized. I was looking for some kind of soft case with dividers to organize the cables but I can't seem to find anything. I've got guitar cables, Y-cables, stereo cables, XLR-cables, MIDI-cables, Ethercon cables,... and I want to keep them...
  95. MisterE

    pitch clipping

    On a preset with lots of blocks, I get clipping when engaging the pitch shifter. I suspect it's the CPU but there's no warning and CPU is around 87% https://dl.dropbox.com/u/14506389/V8%20-%20pitch%20clipping.mp3 This is the preset...
  96. MisterE

    Can I use Axe-manage to audition presets from the preset banks in V7?

    Better safe than sorry I always say and it never hurts to ask. So using Axe-Edit for auditioning V7 presets is a nono for now. Cliff advized to use a midi-librarian. I tried midi-ox but I can't seem to send individual presets from the V7 banks. So I was wondering if perhaps using Axe-manage to...
  97. MisterE

    Safe to use Axe-edit to audition presets from the preset banks in V7?

    Since we've been advised to refrain from using Axe-Edit to edit presets, I was wondering if it was safe to use Axe-Edit to audition the V7 preset banks?
  98. MisterE

    Slow instrumental with Cameron CH2

    This is still a work in progress. I used the Cameron Ch2 with my Larkin. For the rhythm part, I used the JCM 800. I kinda like the Cameron because you get nice harmonics and it's very dynamic. It cleans up nicely too when rolling back the volume. And it has a nice sparkle...
  99. MisterE

    No more need for a treble bleed?

    Lately i've been playing a lot with my Larkins (see my recordings ;)) They don't have a treble bleed as my other guitars have and I didn't miss it. When I turned down the volume, the tone somewhat stayed the same, just cleaner on gainier amps. I just grabbed on with a treble bleed and, when...
  100. MisterE

    two new recordings with my Larkins

    I made a two recordings with my Larkins and the Axe-Fx II The first one is with my Larkin 7 string with piëzo's and my Larkin Superstrat for Lead: The second one is with my Larkin superstrat for backing and my Larkin ASAD for lead: On the second one, I also used Jamstix. I find it a very...
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