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    Living on one preset - is it wrong?

    I have my main live kitchen sink type preset with 8 scenes, that does all my gigs. I play around with others for fun and I use way more when recording, ie. whatever amp works for the track.
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    How to change rosewood LP to sound like a maple strat\tele?

    You cant make a LP a Strat and vice versa.
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    Art SLA-2 cable questions

    I would go xlr in then you have to use the binding posts as outs, as that is your only output option.
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    No Consensus on Poweramp/Cab Impedance mismatch

    The only issue in your particular scenario is less output on 16ohm side.
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    Popping over spdif

    Make sure both units are set to 48Khz sample rate. Set the iD22 to external clock and select spdif as the source, also make sure the axefx is set to output spdif. If clocked correctly the status light should be green? I think on the iD22. No guarantees though when using an unknown box converting...
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    Need help choosing the best interface!

    Budget? Workflow? Native or dsp? Apogee, Avid, Prism, Metric Halo, Slate VRS8 Antelope, UA Apollo, focusrite Rednet,Rme, presonus Quantum. Invest in external mic pres, or buy a converter with pres that can link multiple units, or extendable via Adat and use something like Audient asp880...
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    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    I was meaning how do the two compare as utility backpacks, not specifically for fc12
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    Need help choosing the best interface!

    Best is a relative term.
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    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    Has anyone compared the Daddario to the mono?
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    Red Sound Elis8 FRFR Review and MF 10 Comparision

    Mine arrived a few days ago and have been unboxed awaiting my tender caress hahaha Will give them a run and compare to my Friedman ASC10's tomorrow hopefully.
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    Red Sound Elis8 FRFR Review and MF 10 Comparision

    My bundle has and is sitting in Singapore for the past 3 days, on their way to Australia. TNT still says delivery by 6pm Friday hahaha I find that difficult to believe. Oh well, they will get here when the do, and not a minute sooner, as my partner says.
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    Austin Buddy / York Audio Collaboration?

    I thought about this a little more, we can do that now by buying the York Audio and Austin Buddy then there is all of both, presets and IR's. Plus I couldnt see Austin Buddy doing presets that dont mainly utilise the stock IR's, which are great as well. Just some thoughts.
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    Ideas for first DAW?

    Put all the names up on a board, stand back 3 Metres or so, close eyes, throw a dart. Whichever name the dart goes through use that, the key is, whichever one it is, learn it really well and you’ll be fine.
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    Skid row "I remember you solo" question

    The I remember you solo I'm pretty sure was ada mp1 played by Scotti Hill. Mic pres and a bunch of studio eq, comp and whatever else during the mix phase, plus whatever the mastering engineer did.
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    Test with Stereo FRFR Speakers (ambient sound)

    Ordered a pair direct from Red Sound, great communication so far. Lets see how long it takes for me to get them here in Australia, when I get them I will compare to my Friedman ASC10 pair.
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    Transcription software?

    Why not transcribe (notate), the music? Transcribe! is great for transcribing and good notation software like Musescore is open source.
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    Which pedalboard are you using?

    Peda ltrain jnr max works for me.
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    What is the height of your strings on the 12th fret?

    https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.statista.com/chart/amp/18300/countries-using-the-metric-or-the-imperial-system/ Only 3 countries use the old imperial system.
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    What is the height of your strings on the 12th fret?

    I’ll never understand why some people don’t use metric.
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    What is the height of your strings on the 12th fret?

    So what are all those numbers and measurements in millimetres?
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    Matrix Protect light intermittently on

    Only thing I will say is that, I will not buy another product that does not have local support for it.
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    What's your base tone?

    the core tones of my live gigs, recording is different, is the ac20 or a deluxe reverb pushed a littlr, with comp for clean. The bogner blue for various levels of dirty crunch through to higher gain pushed with a ts pedal in front. Mixture of York audio ir’s, for clean, dirty, crunch and lead stuff.
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    Apple Silicon

    A lot of speculation in this thread.
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    How to approximate DS-1 distortion and also M-Audio Crunch Box

    For the Crunch Box use the Suhr Riot, they are... lets say... very similar.
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    Basic Settings When Using FRFR

    see post #4 you may need to high pass at 100hz or more.
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    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/HugeGuitarRacks/?ref=share Huge Guitar Racks I am pretty sure. Yup.
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    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    Loved the old HRI, a serious wealth of knowledge and some cool cats. I’m in the FB HRi group, but the forum was the days.
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    Status LEDs

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    Thinking about upgrading to the MKII

    No dig at anyone or anything, but how are people short of preset space? I use presets for different bands, artists, tracking, live and have room on the MKI but I also keep them on my MacBook and in the cloud, for those just in case and for storage. How can people use more than the 512 on the...
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    When I arm a track in Reaper to record, it starts to ‘clip’ and distort.. surely it’s a simple setting issue..?

    you are clipping your input in reaper. The input level of your interface needs to be much lower and/or the fractal output needs to be much lower. Aim for -12dbfs on the Reaper input meters.
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    How come that every speaker I play amp or modeler thru it very bright?

    Depending on the size of your room, I would suggest that those Adam A77x are far too large. If the room is not treated I suggest that is a good place to start, otherwise your speakers and room will lie too you. Other than that, in the cab block sweep the LPF (hi cut) to find where it sounds...
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    Guitar tuning / setup question

    How much left hand pressure are you using? The higher the fret profile, the lighter the touch.
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    Axe-Fx 3 Australian Availability

    Andrew/Independent Music has always been great with me.
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    That "elusive" 80s tone....

    Also remember, most of those 80's clean tracking session tones were direct console no guitar amp. The preset Steve Stevens put up for Flesh might give you an idea of where to start but use the tri chorus. Use comp after amp, or later in the direct chain. Pitch shift +-9 or 11 experiment with one...
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    Rounded or Pointy Pick Tip? Flexy or Stiff Pick?

    Depends on what I am doing, I keep a ,multitude of different types eg. material, gauge, shape, size pointy or butt end around for tracking. But, my own preference when Im playing or practicing for me or gigging (wow that seems like a lifetime ago), is Daddario Nylpro + 1.5 and/or black ice 1.5...
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    Anyone wish they had bought the FC-12 instead of the 6?

    AXEFXIII- bought both, only ever used the 12 so I just sold the 6.
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    Best MacBook for Axe 3 and Protools?

    Either the newest 16" MacBook pro, or a used 2015 15" retina with i7, 16gb ram and 512 SSSD
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    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: PRNC 110 OX Lite

    Awesome! I wasn't having a dig or anything, I just noticed that he commented on Mr Stevens Facebook post. Love your IR's by the way.
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    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: PRNC 110 OX Lite

    Dave Friedman made comment on that post about use of trademark @York Audio
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    Your preferred way to add boost to lead?

    Are you asking for a gain boost or a volume boost?
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    macOS Catalina

    No issues here, but any 32bit apps wont work on catalina.
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    Would a Friedman BE-100 amp/full stack make a decent bedroom amp?

    I think you may be surprised at how small some of the “rockstar” rigs are.
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    Discovering classics feat. SLO 100

    I want to be able to bond with the SLO model, but I just can’t gell with it. The model gets quite dark, When ran at 5-6. However, I do enjoy the physical version.
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    Whats the point of this? Who gives a shit that it is made in China, the R&D, QA and QC are what matters. I'd rather have Fractal as an option to buy, rather than another failed music company.
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    FRFR cab or studio monitors, for bedroom playing?

    If I was home plying only, I would drop the coin on some nice Studio monitors and use them.
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    Friedman ASC-12....Worth it?

    They should be run loud
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    Meh nothing special, but I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder. On content note, he is a shill, and a bully. KDH has a good exposé if anyone is interested.
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    Australian pricing?

    This has been done to death. Do a search. Independent Music has fair pricing. It is not an accurate picture when you just do a conversion from the listed US price to Aus. For a start add shipping then duties and gst. Your math is off, more like 300-400 extra per unit. If you dont like it dont...
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    studio monitors

    How long is a piece of string?
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    Going solar

    Different perspective here, from a non-us citizen. My house is complete solar, no connection so completely off grid power wise. It’s great, a small outlay of $ in the beginning and some maintenance along the way. More than happy, saved a heap of $ over the past 15 years off power bills. But I...
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    PreSonus Studio One and Axe-Fx 3

    Hahaha ok whatever.
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    PreSonus Studio One and Axe-Fx 3

    turn down the output knob on the front of your axefx and make sure the blue monitor button is lit on the track, and the green z is engaged on the master channel.
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    Issues and bugfixes with Fractal Audio products

    So sell and move on to something else.
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    Question for Leon Todd

    hahaha yes I can vouch for that the phrase "...he's a mad c#$!..." or "...he's a sick c$@!..." can be used in a few situations hahaha It's almost frightening how much we hear and/or use the c and f.
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    Cab block room parameter question

    Its to simulate a cab on the floor, early reflections from floor, walls, mostly floor I think.
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    Question about the Tuner

    On my fc it jumps around to the point that I don't use it anymore, but I do use the unit screen tuner and find it great. I also notice the fc screen tuner usually doesn't match the unit itself. Not trying to start anything, because this has all be said before, just my experience with my unit.
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    FS WTB - FC6 in Australia

    I bought both awhile back, but have not used the fc6 at all, still has plastic on the screens only taken out of the box, never plugged in. If I can't think of a use for it by the end of the weekend I'd do it for $850 posted, I am in Victoria so thats Australian dollars.
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    How far are “we” from hardware for VST?

    Thats been around for a decade or so, these days it is far more economical, easier etc. to just use a decent laptop.
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    Looking at getting a new interface, Completely confused now......

    Pick dsp or native, pick budget, pick feature set you require, buy, make music. Just my .02c
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    iZotope Ozone Elements 9 free

    US only for all the non US members.
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    Stock Cabs Don't Sound Real?

    Someone needs a hug.
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    Steven Slate Drums or Superior Drummer 3

    Trigger is for using an existing drum and placing a sample over it. What you are after is SSD5, excellent product, have used Slate drums for years and been very happy. I also have Addictive drums, only pull that out occasionally just for something different.
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    Anyone with Presonus Quantum 2626 experience?

    You need to set up your i/o in studio one. The Quantum is a native interface and the daw controls i/o and monitoring. Try YouTubing some vids of you aren't sure.
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    UAD Luna

    No thanks, not interested in the UA ecosystem, hope it works well for those in it though.
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    I need help with my Axe-Fx III USB Recording setup

    The manual chapter 3 pg19-20
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    Is overdrive NOT distortion?

    Overdrive and distortion are two very different things/sounds. Try the googles, enough to read for days.
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    FM3 Audio Out of Sync in DAW

  68. A

    My Live tone FRFR vs Cabs

    WTF? Someone has been in isolation too long.
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    [fixed] Compressor/Gate Zipper Noise

    Try re downloading and reinstall firmware.
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    Vendor ZenRigs Ultimate Preset Pack (including morphing presets) available NOW!

    That is very not cool. They should be removed and the user banished.
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    Help! I have no idea how to make a mic work! Axe Fx-III

    This requires a mic pre to work correctly. The BAE 1273 is nice.
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    FM3 ..... USB 2 Type B Port on the back of the FM3 ......No Power Provided ** UPDATED **

    Summary to the question that was answered ages ago: USB b port no power ever. USB a port yes if or when it is enabled. Done
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    Amps you have owned and loved, but don't expect to be ever modeled

    Australian amps: Sherlock Fathead-my all time fav, George Evans Soniq 50 and an Ulbrick Stadium or Arena.
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    Temple Audio Boards

    Why oh why isn't there a board same depth as the Duo but 28"
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    VAI hears 1/1000th of a second latency in Modeling (No Way cheap shot)

    Meh, some don't like modelling some do. Thing to remember Vai is a businessman, and a good one, what he is doing is selling his signature Synergy module.
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    Fender Guitars Fined in UK

    Dont assume the U.S. structure is the same the world over.
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    Ooh... New Ibanez Vai models!

    Jem yes, Pia no.
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    2020 AxeFxTutorials update

    I know that all too well. What has helped me is some exercise, and planking several times a day, just very briefly each time. Good luck with it.
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    *NEW* Custom Master MIDI Foot Controller for Axe-Fx III

    Holy shit! Those screens look fantastic!
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    Volume control

    I find the sweet spot on the master volume, then use the level to, well, level.
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    Best Amp for Clean Strat Quack?

    Anything fender, I’m using the Deluxe verb for that sort of thing at the moment.
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    Wishing our Australian brethren safety from the fires.

    I would whole heartedly disagree with some of this, but this isn’t the place for a political discussion. Cheers Anthony
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    Vendor Poll - What cabs do you want?

    Oh yeah, this would be nice as mentioned a few posts ago a 4x12 with 12-65's.
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    Did Anyone Ever Try the SKB Fly Racks?

    I use the 3u shallow, perfect fit.
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    Live Setups with your Axe-Fx III

    1 cable to FC, cable between guitar and axe, 2 cables from axe outs to cab in's or 1 if going mono, 3 iec cables for power or 2 when going mono.
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    11.02 beta1 Block error

    The latest version.
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    Amp - Cab IR suggestions for a Live Situation

    Any 4x12 ir with V30's or K100 then eq one side to be scooped and the other with pushed mids.
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    11.02 beta1 Block error

    Hi all, updated to the current beta, when I launch axe edit iii I get a notification saying there is an error reading block library. Anyone else having this happen? Advice, ideas etc.? Cheer Anthony
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