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    Best External Hard Drive for late 2013 Macbook Pro

    Can't add a second internal drive on a Mac. I'm not a Mac guy either, it's for my portable keys rig.
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    Best External Hard Drive for late 2013 Macbook Pro

    Thats along the lines of what I was thinking. I just wasn't sure if I was better off getting a USB hub or going thunderbolt.
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    Best External Hard Drive for late 2013 Macbook Pro

    Lots of knowledgeable folks here. I'm looking to transfer some of my sample libraries, omnisphere, etc. off my internal hard drive to free up some space. My macbook has 2 thunderbolt 2 ports, and 2 USB 3 ports. I'm currently using both USB ports, one for my keys and the other for the external...
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    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 12 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Release Candidate

    I'm really diggin the new Buddah model. Buttery was my go to mid gain right from the standard days. However, I always ran just the preamp and effects into a VHT 2/50/2 and a real cab. When Ares hit the Axe II I couldn't get the Buttery model to sound right through my tube amp and bogner cab so I...
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    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 12 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Release Candidate

    April 13th.....My birthday! In the morning we go into lockdown again and then I get home and see this. Things happen for a reason. Thanks for the birthday gift.
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    Cygnus Is Not Like Other Firmwares

    I'm running two high quality FRFR speakers in my rig and I really don't feel I'm missing anything that a 4X12 can offer, however.......This weekend I plan on pulling out my VHT 2/50/20 and my 4 x 12. I'm going to run one set of outputs to the QSC HPR 112i and the other output into my 4x12 and...
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    Other hobbies!

    @Maddface Those are stunning! If I was an American I would be all over that last one with the eagle.
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    WTB Looking for a license for Superior Drummer 3

    Hit me up!
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    I have a buddy that has that exact guitar and I really like it. He also has the Nighthawk as well. He's more of a tele guy though, so it's likely going to be for sale soon. If anyone is looking I could pass along contact info. The guitar is located in Canada.
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    Live Workflow for Cover Bands - Song Lists vs Complex Presets

    As a gigging musician and a sound tech, I'm not a fan of song specific presets unless your talking song specific effects, delay times, etc. Give me a couple of basic tones to cover the night and add which ever flavor of effect the song needs. My band plays 80's to modern pop/rock and newer...
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    Guitars with similar necks to EBMM Luke III

    I'm really loving the neck on the Luke III that I just traded an amp for. So much so, that I'm considering purchasing a HSS Cutlass. Before I buy something I'm thinking that I should consider some other manufactures too. Thinking maybe Suhr. Does Suhr make any necks similar in shape, size and...
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    Austin Buddy / York Audio Collaboration?

    Inquiring minds want to know!
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    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    Dude! What kind of SPLs are you recording that at. The video is shaking from the volume! Love it!
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    OK so I have to ask...before I just say...bleh...and stay with the II

    @grumpops I was in the same situation as you coming from a an Axe II and the MFC 10. I really couldn't see how the FC-12 would come close to have the same functionality as the MFC 101. I was completely wrong. The scribble strips, the multi colored led switch indicators and the deep...
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    Brady, Brady, Brady

    Gotta agree with everything said here. My dad took me to see Gretzky in Edmonton when I was a kid. We went early and watched the warmups from ice level til we go booted from those seats. Gretzky changed the game like no one before him and no one after him. To bring it "on topic" Gretzky did for...
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    New UA Pedals

    I thought the video was 2 minutes and 22 seconds. Quickly realized it was 2 hours and 22 minutes. Not gonna do it.
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    You Big Tease...

    I know for sure the release will be tomorrow(Friday) as I am going to be away from my Axe for 5 days.:(
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    How do you model an amp's FX loop?

    You are correct that there is a difference in sound placing the effects before the preamp or after the mic. However, the difference in sound between a virtual effects loop and placing your effects between the amp and the cab would be negligible. Especially on a MV design like the Legacy.
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    Copying the intro riff tone in Roxette's "The Look"

    Hey Fractal World, I don't know why this bothers me, but we cover this song in my band and I can't seem to get anywhere near the tone on the opening riff of the studio version. It honestly is irrelevant, because no one knows but me, but it still bothers me. In all fairness Roxette's band...
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    Axe-Fx III FC-12 MIssion Ep-1 Volume roll-off

    I'm not an expert here, but I'm betting it has to do with the difference in the taper of your guitars volume knob and the virtual taper of the assigned pedal. If you look into the taper of your volume pot online and then match your modifier slope to match that you should get the same results.
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    Why are we chasing the amp in the room sound?

    Hey Bill, I definitely didn't intend to hurt any feelings when I was critical of the DP clip posted. Again, that performance was amazing for it's time. The sound quality and mix is good, especially considering the gear/tech they would have had available in '72. It was also recorded before I was...
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    Gibson buying Mesa?

    I wouldn't trust any information from someone whose nickname is "Fluff!"
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    Why are we chasing the amp in the room sound?

    It's an interesting discussion because the fact is that neither of the clips had an amp in the room.
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    Why are we chasing the amp in the room sound?

    I like fun as shit! lol. The wife is gone today so.....Just for shits and giggles I ran out to the band trailer and dragged a pair of Yamaha DSR112 into the jam space. I've got the Axe pounding through a pair of QSc HPR112i and the DSR's. I better have my blast now because when the boss gets...
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    Why are we chasing the amp in the room sound?

    This! Recreate that stage experience AND give the audience a palatable experience! We can to do both nowdays.
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    Why are we chasing the amp in the room sound?

    We likely will continue to go around on the AITR issue to no end and as long as the debate remains civil, that's fine. I don't mean to be disrespectful to anyone here or anyone's personal tastes, but other than the fact that the posted DP video was shot in 72 I really don't see anything special...
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    Why are we chasing the amp in the room sound?

    Just a follow up to what Austin Buddy has said........ In my studio/jam room I've got a set of studio monitors for recording. On the opposite wall I have a set of QSC HPR112i mounted near the ceiling angled slightly down. I've got a Soundcraft Ui16 running those speakers. It's a great little...
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    Why are we chasing the amp in the room sound?

    I'm betting what you are hearing here is the extra SPL's and FM curve in effect. The headliner is always louder than the run up music. On top of that most guitar centric artists tend to mix the guitar louder live than they do in the studio. To be honest I haven't heard a real great live rock...
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    FS FC-6 for sale or trade for FC-12 plus cash on my end. In Canada but will ship.

    Hi There, The title says it all. I have an FC-6 that I would like to either sell or trade for a FC-12. I would kick in cash on my end. All values to be based on market values. Thinking $700 Canadian is about right for the FC-6. Hit me up with offers! Thanks, Neil
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    SOLD Kemper Rack + Remote + 100's of Profiles...mint...$1500

    Where are you located? Would you consider shipping to Canada?
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    I do like the concept of electric cars for their performance potential, the low maintenance that should be associated with them, and once the R & D phase of their development is behind us the cost should be far more reasonable than their gas fired counterparts. Where EV's concern me is the real...
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    @ModelGuitarist Thank you for bringing an insiders perspective to this conversation. There always are many sides to every story. I have several friends who work for Fedex and our postal system in Canada shares many of the same challenges that USPS has. Often in debates like this people take...
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    RIP Hal Ketchum.

    Yeah I had read it was dementia. Honestly after knowing a few people who have passed with dementia the quicker you go the better. Two years is fairly quick, a buddy of mine is still in his 50s diagnosed in 2013. He hasn't known anyone for a couple of years now. Sad.
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    RIP Hal Ketchum.

    Used to cover Small Town Saturday Night years ago. Still whip it out at the campfire once in a while. Too soon.
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    For those using power amp and speakers...what speakers ya using?

    VHT 2/50/2 into a Bogner Oversized Cab. My Axe II sounds amazing through this.
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    So this guys style-is, uh different, but, my lord!

    Super Cool! Except for the Helix. lol
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    FS Fractal Axe Fx II Mk I and MFC 101 Mk I......Located in Canada.

    Hey There Folks, I have a Axe Fx II MkI and the MFC 101 MkI footswitch with the magnetic kicktags for sale. Both units have been gigged, but they are in good cosmetic condition and 100% functional. I'll also include the XA-1 and XA-2 faslink adapters. I am asking $1400 USD plus shipping for...
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    Tell me about New Hampshire

    Congrats on the difficult decision. My wife and I went on a vacation a few years back. Flew from Saskatchewan to Montreal where we rented a car. We drove through most of New England and really fell in love with everything there. The country side is beautiful, the history is rich, the people we...
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    macOS Catalina

    No Will Farrell fans here?
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    For the people in construction - possibly a stupid question

    Where are you located? I would definitely check in with a local contractor or building inspector as to what the building codes are in your area. You might need a vapor barrier under drywall before you can insulate. 6mil poly or 2" minimum of spray foam in code here.
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    SOLD Fractal Axe-FX III + FC-12

    Where are you located?
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    Anyone been getting Guitar Player for free?

    What a great mother in law you had. She would rather have you flipping through the pages staring at guitars than staring at other women. lol
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    SOLD Axe FX III & FC12 - Mint Condition in original packaging!

    The reverb link says that the listing is sold. Can you confirm this is still available? Where are you located? Thanks
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    iZotope Ozone Elements 9 free

    Or crafty with your IP.
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    Covid-19 Pandemic Discussion

    I'm not picking sides here as I do enjoy the debate, but the scale on the NYC death graph is very misleading. I would have got a butt whipping from my first year stats prof for presenting a graph like that without a reference chart/graph.
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    Time for Fractal to go native

    Nope. I need the smell of tubes coming out of my Axe FX.
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    So this is interesting spam.

    I get it all the time. Funniest part is I don't have a webcam. One scammer threatened to send a link to the videos I was watching to my spouses email account. I replied and told him she watches the vidoes with me and asked him if he had any suggestions for content.
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    Covid-19 Pandemic Discussion

    @Dr. Dipwad Looks like the goverment might be thinking along the same lines as you are. http://a.msn.com/01/en-ca/BB12rvOr?ocid=scu2
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    Annoying email situation

    I have to agree. Worst part is, it seems like every company hires the same writer as all the emails are basically the same. I don't mind when companies have a link to their Covid-19 policy front and center on their website. That way if I chose to I can review it.
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    FT AX FX III for a power Kemper

    Where about are you located.
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    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    I've been talking about this point for a while now. This might be the key to fight this pandemic. The reality is this situation won't end until we develop herd immunity through either a vaccine or 70% of the population is infected. Chances are each one of us is going to get infected anyway. In...
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    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Damn, you guys have way too much time on your hands, but I do enjoy the reading!
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    Reconfiguring the jam space/studio area. Studio desk recommendations please.

    Hey Guys, I'm using this down time to catch up on a couple of projects I've been putting off. I want to reconfigure my music room into a proper jam space with the ability to do some decent home recordings. Recording will be secondary to rehearsals and I have an idea of the layout I want, but I...
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    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Thanks to the moderators here. You guys are doing a fantastic job of letting things drift a little outside of the lines, but I feel it is entirely appropriate given the situation. I for one have followed the thread from the beginning and I find the contributors to ALL be informative. I may not...
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    Pretty Cool to See, but also.....

    Hey StratMan68, We all love you on here. You post all kinds of cool links and little youtube nuggets that I wouldn't see otherwise. We're just having a little fun in these tough times. Take Care
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    FS Fractal Audio AxeFx II Mark I and MFC-101 Mark I for sale in Canada.

    Hi Guys and in particular my fellow Canadians. I am considering selling my AxeFX rig to fund an Axe III setup. Since all my gigs are cancelled for the foreseeable future now is a good time to do the transition. The AxeFX in in good shape having lived its life in a rack. The MFC is in average...
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    Pretty Cool to See, but also.....

    Wow! That's amazing. So small, I can't see it. lol. Must rely on quantum computing.
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    USA & International Stay-at-home / shelter-in-place orders: please post

    All Canadians are to stay home unless you work in essential services. Canadians may go out for groceries, medications, essential needs. You are also being encouraged to get out for exercise, to walk pets, etc. in an effort to maintain a healthy state of mind. We are to practice strict social...
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    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Yep. I am cautiously optimistic that we will succeed in flattening the curve in Canada. Our day over day growth rate of new infections is substantially lower than the US and Italy when you standardize a start point for all three countries. This is doesn't take into account that we are testing...
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    Cubase 50% discount

    The Sonar platform has been purchased from Gibson and the new owner is now supporting it again. I don't know many details, but if you're a Sonar guy you should check it out.
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    I Have My Window Open

    -32 Celcius here plus wind chill. I can't even get my windows open, they're frozen shut.
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    Way, Way, Way off topic.....App/Online form development ?

    I know there are some smart cookies on this site when it comes to computers. I want to setup either an app or an system of online forms assist with my business. Any help that could point me in the right direction would be appreciated. Our budget is somewhat tight. I run a food processing...
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    Drummers and programs....Help with a sample/sound.

    Yep. It's the deep snare sound I'm looking for. I just can't seem to find it in the box. I actually tried layering a snare and a tom on the same trigger. That got me the closest, but still not quite there. I'm going to update to the latest firmware for the Strike kit. Maybe there will be the...
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    Drummers and programs....Help with a sample/sound.

    I going to try to tap into the collective wisdom on here and see if I can get a bit of guidance with regards to a particular drum sound. I have an Alesis Strike Pro kit that I bought for rehearsals, etc. I should also say I'm not a drummer. I dabble a bit on the kit, but I wanted it for the...
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    How to sync the Tremolo to a Metronome?

    I'll have to pull my Axe out of the gig trailer and check, but I was positive that the trem waveform resets to the start point when you refresh the preset.
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    Axe Fx Standard as a MultiFx processor vs ????

    I agree that it should sound good, however, I do like some of the plug and play functionallity of something like a Line 6 HX. Just trying to weigh my options.
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    Axe Fx Standard as a MultiFx processor vs ????

    This might be in the wrong sub forum, if so mods please feel free to move it. Long time Axe Fx user here. My main live rig is still an Axe FX-II, although I will be grabbing a III in the near future. I've always kept my original Standard as a backup rig just incase. Recently, I thinned out my...
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    Need advice for a funeral

    I just reread you original post where you stated one song you do no one knows. I wouldn't worry about that. Just focus on picking a good song with appropriate lyrical content and deliver it well.
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    Need advice for a funeral

    Christian funeral? If so listen to "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me. It can be arranged for guitar. Canadian Artist Johnny Reid has a song called "Thank You" that is appropriate at some funerals especially that of a spouse you might want to give that a listen.
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    “Turn Up The Radio” Cover

    Great work Mark. This song completely disappeared from my radar and ironically in the last year I've seen two bands cover it and now your video. You absolutely nailed this one. It's kind of inspired me to put it on my to do list. I just know I won't be able to capture all the nuances as well as...
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    The Axe-Fx 3 works only at 48Khz

    Grabs a bowl of popcorn and a beer.
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    Quality of everything is getting worse

    The slid in overall production quality is a universal trend across many industries. I own a food processing company and the crap we've been getting lately from our suppliers is beyond junk. Just took a shipment of two different size cardboard shipping containers. On one box the ink for the...
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    LED "Bulbs"

    Have to agree with you Steady State. We just did a retrofit on a community hall and put in over 100 LED fixtures. Not the cheap home depot ones, but high price high quality commercial products. They are close, but just not there yet. The quality of light still doesn't compare to a halogen...
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    SOLD Axe-FX II XL - Canada

    I purchased my Friedman AMS-12 from this forum member and I can vouch for his credibility. My transaction with him was easy and the item was exactly as described.
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    Canadians - Axe-Fx III Price

    I'm kind of itchin to get my hands on one too. I upgraded my Axe II to the latest Ares firmware and it's real good, so I think I might make the leap in the next few months. Up till the release of Ares I have been gigging with a the power amp and cab modeling off and running through a VHT 2/50/2...
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    Dario Chiazzolino

    Three chords and the truth.
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    Can we make this sound? - "Hungry Like the Wolf" Synth

    We play the Duran Duran tune. I just play staccato arpeggiated chords with a dotted eighth note delay and some heavy swooshing flange. It recreates the vibe reasonably well. The key to that part is the choppiness and the motion.
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    Is there a name for this common D-chord thing?

    No word of a lie, but I was playing acoustic in church a number of years back and I used that little 'd' progression. After the mass had ended an older musician from the area came up to compliment me on the job I did. He went on to thank me for playing that little 'd' thingy. So I quickly...
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    Audiologists - Hearing Aid help.

    Thanks Guys, I will go back to my audiologist with a little higher level of comfort now. I will also reseach some of the brands recommended in this thread so I can go in armed with some knowledge. Thanks
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    Audiologists - Hearing Aid help.

    Hi There Folks, I know that there are a few audiologists on this forum. I also imagine that there are a few others with hearing loss as well so if you have any experience or advice you are welcome to join the discussion. I am a 44 year old male who was born with hearing loss. I was diagnosed...
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    Can someone help me find these picks.....

    Hi There Folks, Looking for some George Dennis 1.05 mm Orange Sharp picks. http://www.georgedennis.eu/pages/picks.htm I have been playing these picks for the last 15+ years and they have become an integral part of my style. Unfortunately it appears that no one in North America carries them...
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    Axe Edit wont recgnize Axe FX II ?

    I'm in the exact same boat. Swapped cables, installed and reinstalled, computer beeps, etc. Axe edit says none as well.
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    800 #34 and two Les Pauls go to Paradise ...

    Sounds great! The guy with the green Les Paul could be your brother.
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    Check out this guitar :)

    What guitar? I couldn't pull my focus from the playing.
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    The new HBE...

    Sounds great. Whats the cab? Neil
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    Should we be trying to do the soundman's job?

    I'm not sure what your market is like in your area. Are you in LA? Up here in Canada I carry the rig and I bring our own soundguy out of necessity as most of the venues we play have no sound at all. I was always envious of the guys who lived in larger centers because I figured the venues would...
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    Should we be trying to do the soundman's job?

    Thats the small part of the rig. We carry a 32 Channel X32 desk, a top of the line EV Pa consisting of 4 double 18 subs and 4 3 way tops plus appropriate power amps. We carry our own power distribution as well and a state of the art intelligent lighting system with truss, towers, 16 moving...
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    Should we be trying to do the soundman's job?

    This is awesome for running your monitors and how many of the bands around here do it. The X32 rack has become the standard monitor mixer around here. A ten space rack with the X32, IEMS, wireless mics, and a drawer for the packs and you have a powerful self contained rig that will deliver...
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    White Lion - Broken Heart

    Good work cdub. I too am a big fan of Vito Bratta. I find that all of his compositions are more that the typical eighties rock jams. He actually wrote his guitar parts as if they were songs on their own. His rhythm playing always had interesting chord voicings that actually worked. His solos...
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    Why is the AxeFX so sensitive to cabs?

    My live gig setlist is split up into roughly thirds. One third current(meaning last 5 years) top 40, one third new country(Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, etc) and one third 80's Classic Rock, think Journey, Bon Jovi. For tones I have three base tones I use. Occasionally I use a Blackface Fender...
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    Why is the AxeFX so sensitive to cabs?

    Hey Guys, I got tied up for the last day so I kind of disappeared from this thread. There has been some great discussion. I've also given my ears a rest and gone back to working on the FRFR project. I am getting some better results. One thing I was missing is the basic premise that chosing...
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    Why is the AxeFX so sensitive to cabs?

    Actually they do exist and they are quite common. Most proaudio companies will have a couple in their kit as they are used for calibrating audio rigs. Here is a link; http://www.earthworksaudio.com/measurement/ First off a couple of things. I am experienced in audio engineering having worked...
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    Why is the AxeFX so sensitive to cabs?

    Exactly my point. Would the producers of IR's not give us a more accurate representation of the actual cabs if they used a flat reference mic when capturing the IRs? I would think this would get us closer to the actual "cab in the room" sound that people seem to be looking for. If we want to our...
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    Why is the AxeFX so sensitive to cabs?

    I kind of knew the answer before I asked the question, but I wanted to stir up a discussion. As a gigging guitarist why do we want the microphone coloring "baked" into the IR's? Is the ultimate goal of the AxeFx not to get our cab sound to our FRFR system and FOH.
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    Why is the AxeFX so sensitive to cabs?

    I know, it sounds like a silly question, but..... I have a few of my real amps setup in my rehearsal space so I can a/b them with the Axe as I am trying to make the switch to FRFR. Experimenting with different real amps through different real cabs I found that while some combinations sounded...
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    Has anyone been shocked when going direct to FOH?

    If you are getting shocks from your mic, it is because there is a grounding issue somewhere either in your rig, the PA or your stage AC power. I always carry one of these in my rig and if I am ever suspect of the power I can check the outlets to make sure they are fine. Gardner Bender 120 VAC...
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