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  1. seclusion

    Discovery of the Day... 058: 5F8 Tweed

    On my Ax8, it’s been my amp since 2016, use a shimmer drive for lead. I bought a pack of amp presets (a lot of them) dialed in right. i think I’ve found a replacement amp, then AB them and back I go.
  2. seclusion

    Hiwatt, SMH

    In the fringe world it makes sense
  3. seclusion

    I'll never understand what makes it so difficult...

    I also would say that until I had a Fractal unit, I wasn’t hearing all my mistakes / crap guitar as easily. So for sure my playing has improved, bought some better setup instruments. But for me being able to clearly hear an amp/cab combo with blowing my ears off has been a godsend. Still on an...
  4. seclusion

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    Wow, the clips are sounding completely alive! This may pull me away from my Ax8. Birthdays coming....
  5. seclusion

    AX8 restarting when I hit a footswitch? wtfff

    I’m in Costa Rica, play on the ocean, contact spray is in my gig bag. 3in1 light dab on the foot switches I use. spray and wipe cables constantly. debating a battery backup as most locations have bad power and power outages constantly
  6. seclusion

    AX8 restarting when I hit a footswitch? wtfff

    Never had that issue, suggest another power cord, open up the unit and ensure all ribbon cables are connected, or better yet, reseat them. If you are in a humid area maybe contact spraying all connections.
  7. seclusion

    Stringing up guitar concept

    Locking tuners, I wind extra string around the tuner and clip excess leaving 2” of string, this allows me to move the string down when I break at the floyd, edge brand whammy bridge. I think I’ve had maybe 2-3 strings break somewhere else in my hundreds of string changes. Always at the bridge.
  8. seclusion

    Next big thing for Fractal

    IFAM Internet Forum Agree Mechanism. Where all posters first fact-check their responses which result in no conflict, factual posts, opinions are filtered to super small font. A) results in far fewer posts, as many posters are busy learning how to fact check. B) same as above only regarding...
  9. seclusion

    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    This is in response to the how close is your string height at 13th fret! It is suggested for this FW to adjust for higher action
  10. seclusion

    Lok-N-Roll Compensated Locking Nut

    I had this problem with my new Ibanez Premium S1070, see attached... I traded the locking tuners from my retired RG770 that fit snug in the new saddle. The originals seen here on my old RG twisted slightly when tightened. Never had that on 8-9 locking guitars I’ve had. never noticed for a month...
  11. seclusion

    AX8 starts automatically scrolling banks

    Contact spray,
  12. seclusion

    Do you actually wait 5 seconds for firmware reboot?

    Thinking for tech support... 1st question, did you wait 5 seconds before restarting after firmware update? If no, No support for you! :p
  13. seclusion

    FM3 thru USB frustrations

    Try changing Logic to 48kh
  14. seclusion

    New FM ???

    The Floor Monster 2000. Whoo... Once you get your vaccine, with 5G, you will be able to control your Fractal device with your mind. No buttons needed. We suggest you learn proper guitar amp terms to have better control of your device...
  15. seclusion

    AX8-Edit 1.9.2 (public beta for Big Sur)

    Seems ok on my iMac
  16. seclusion

    Cardboard Guitar?

    That’s nuts
  17. seclusion

    New Mac or New Mac? Questions

    I agree completely, I haven’t yet seen a session loaded with heavy instruments yet. Drummer, SD3, Omnisphere, Kontakt noire. Etc. Then mixed with a few doses of Arouser, Mu, Zynaptec, Soundtoys and More. As much as I’d like a laptop with mucho power, I’d take it with me and break it. A 43” iMac...
  18. seclusion

    New Mac or New Mac? Questions

    The M1 seems to be blowing tests out of the water. It’s early days, but more tests show the MBP M1 a step up again from the M1 Air. For music related software it’s going to take a while, but many 3rd apps are running in Rosetta 2 and performing well. Not getting hot at all while performing heavy...
  19. seclusion

    A Go-Fund-Me for Another AX8 Firmware Update

    I love my Ax8, held hope for a few more updates, then watched as the other devices excelled at what they can do. I'd much rather see Fractal efforts in bringing new devices and updates to the latest devices. I'm looking forward to the Fm3 updates to see the direction that takes. No regrets in...
  20. seclusion

    AX8 editor and Mac OS Big Sur

    I haven't had issues running on 2017 iMac since i installed Big Sur
  21. seclusion

    Apple Silicon

    Copied from another user OK, here's the first interesting technical point: Logic Pro is running in Apple Silicon mode, but is running Intel plugins. In Activity Monitor, the process using the most CPU is AUHostingCompatibilityService (Logic Pro). With one instance of Spitfire LABS loaded, it...
  22. seclusion

    Apple Silicon

    Shows a guy running protools on an M1 air In rosetta 2 Seems to run very smooth. Also, no instruments in the session, which seems to knocks down performance.
  23. seclusion

    AX8 editor and Mac OS Big Sur

    I have mine running On Big Sur 2017 iMac took a bit to fire up, I unplugged usb and back in and rebooted the axe and it’s running. I have rebooted a few times for various updates etc. and now Ax8 edit connects each time. Not sure if it’s officially supported.
  24. seclusion

    Apple Silicon

    So Logic Pro running native Arm with Rosetta 2 plugs won’t work? I kinda figured it'd be a cluster mess.
  25. seclusion

    Apple Silicon

    The question remains if plugins will run in Rosetta 2 on an arm machine efficiently. No one knows yet. It does make one wonder say Logic Pro which has been ported and optimized to run on Arm, having non-ported plugs running in tandem. Also it’s not clear, say if I migrate my system to arm...
  26. seclusion

    Big Sur 11.01 Compatability..

    AX8 Edit seems to be working ok in Big Sur with 11.01 release.
  27. seclusion

    Apple Silicon

    I’m interested in seeing these entry level machines maxing out their performance. In a Daw, I’m more interested in the iMac variant that will come later. But hopeful these new machine can run full bore consistently.
  28. seclusion

    Apple Silicon

    They mumbled it was 4x's more efficient at loading stuff in Logic Pro. Realize this is their entry CPU for Mac shared across 3 devices. Max 16 GB ram, 20 hrs battery life is insane. No fan needed in the Air. They also mentioned from many developers that to make their software universal, some...
  29. seclusion

    Very OT: 4G vs 5G vs who cares?

    But once you get the latest COVID vaccine it will of course have 5G implanted, we’ll all be onboard. I'm just not sure, do we need a 5G iPhone if we're already vaccinated? In all seriousness it will be fast, assuming you country, district is rolling it out.
  30. seclusion

    FM3 Status Update

    Gracias and intrigued.
  31. seclusion

    Acustica Audio plug ins

    Tried a few times now and I’m a preset guy. I lIke, click on eg. Bass preset, listen on/off, then fiddle with dials, I’m not aware of any support for that. IMO, They have such a huge variety of plugs popping up constantly, but no real direction, I wish they would show the support for a 1/10th...
  32. seclusion

    Ibanez S1070pbz

  33. seclusion

    Ibanez S1070pbz

    That’s what I just picked up, I had to adjust it for 10-46. And it shipped from US to Costa Rica, so letting the wood adjust. I have several Ibanez S models and this one is a premium with edge II. the neck is a bit thinner width but the fret board is very nice. I can send u all the spec sheets...
  34. seclusion


    Sux, definite influence for me! Thank you for sharing your tunes with us
  35. seclusion

    MacOS Big Sur

    They are here on the site. when u install them, have settings, security section open. you will have to click open anyway in security for both drivers and axe Edit.
  36. seclusion

    2011 iMac finally died.....

    My vote goes to a larger 43” screen that looks and acts like a giant iPad Pro when they release the Arm iMac Pro july/Aug next year. iMac mini 21”, iMac 27”, iMac Pro 43” Hoping for a fanless design, that works with touch, keyboard and mouse. They still haven’t figured out finger goo yet. Only...
  37. seclusion

    Axe FX III mkII - will my mk1 get left behind with firmware updates? Answer - clearly not. Thread edited due to excessive negativity from one person.

    I think the LED colors should change depending on your playing abilities. Or If your intonation is off, Black, Cable screwed, Yellow, dirty strings, Green. if you haven't played in a week, Pink
  38. seclusion

    macOS Catalina

    I believe Catalina was the 32bit cut for software in Mac OS, previously in Mojave you would get a warning but it would still operate. There shouldn't be anything in Big Sur that should cause any issues with an Intel Machine other than maybe security things (I bet is the issue). Being a Beta...
  39. seclusion

    macOS Catalina

    Spectrasonic was gone, Fabfilter FFpro3 (the rest were fine) Zynaptiq Adaptaverb, some others I don’t use often. Those are my meat an potatoes go to. So back to Catalina and no problems with it On the latest
  40. seclusion

    Jim the Pigeon

    I’ve sent him down from Costa Rica to pickup my Fm3 as there isnt a distributor here. 🤣
  41. seclusion

    macOS Catalina

    I had used Big Sur Beta's, 1&2 were just fine. beta 3&4 both had plugins not work, not even the manufacturer show up in Logics plugin manager despite being in the Components folder and working with Catalina and the first 2 betas. One group of plugs all work but one from another manufacturer. No...
  42. seclusion

    Linseed Oil

    I use lemon oil, I sweat a lot and in Costa Rica the humidity is something else. I had wondered about linseed oil.
  43. seclusion

    2021 FORD BRONCO

  44. seclusion

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    Quantum, Aries, Kale? Say it ain’t so Joe...
  45. seclusion

    5 Minute Tones

    Thats awesome, I also have to remind myself when writing and recording to set the BPM for delays to the song tempo, makes a huge difference in the delays "fitting in"
  46. seclusion

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.10

    What about a 7 or more stringed guitar.... :p So an AxeFX 21 + all crammed into a 1 rack space and no fan, but big screen that I can shut off when my eyes hurt. Then I'd like the option to do the 4 cable method for all that, just in case but xlr and all other I/O still fit into one rack space...
  47. seclusion

    Apple moves to ARM

    Don’t forget, the current line of “unsupported” macs still have critical security support for longer than “official” non-OS updates. Further to that a strong unsupported Mac tweaks to keep older devices still rolling with Catalina And beyond. I do miss watching my G4 show all 4 cores at 100%...
  48. seclusion

    MacOS Big Sur

    So after making backups of my OS on 2017 iMac, I installed Bur Sur Beta 1. I let the OS load, has some security approvals to load. But after 15 minutes testing safari etc, I started Fractal Ax8Edit, no problem. Loaded Logic Pro 10.5.1 and surprise there was no plugin revalidating. Everything...
  49. seclusion

    Why do people criticize guitar covers or band covers?

    I give credit to the band that does a replica of a song almost exact. That’s a level of perfection I know I can’t do. Sound wise there are many song that the sound of the guitar or solo sounds like hoop to me. When I play a cover tune I enjoy putting a spin on it, but at times other band members...
  50. seclusion

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    How to get an Axe III shipped to Costa Rica, that is the question.
  51. seclusion

    Tuner giving sharp B / High E Strings...

    Free Tuner apps on iPhone to verify it’s not the Axe. Sounds like the guitar needs a good setup
  52. seclusion

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08

    At TGP, the pub, funny jokes page. 🤣
  53. seclusion

    Would you sell your AX8 to buy a new FM3?

    Debating, just keeping the FM3 in the studio once my name comes up, keeping Ax8 for live, if that ever happens again
  54. seclusion

    Smaller venues (no PA)... opinions on Axe-Fx III with FRFR only?

    I have hostEd jam nights with 2 EV's 112's. One as stage monitor, one to the crowd mono. That was suitable for duo's, single players, bass and tasteful drummers. not everyone wants their head torn off and that worked for the room and say 100 ish people.
  55. seclusion

    Apple unveils biggest update to Logic since the launch of Logic Pro X

    No, drummer is not on the same field as SD3 and some of the addon kits. But drummer is great, quick way to get a groove going so u can put your idea down. Often I take out kick snar and use the percussion in a song. Liking the updates to logic, Brain hurts trying to see how it fits in to my work...
  56. seclusion

    What would you do if your brand new custom shop had a teeny, tiny, little scratch

    Sounds like an option for your first relic job... Tools needed, hammer, chisel, heat gun, concrete floor, various screw drivers, different grit sand paper.
  57. seclusion

    Where Has Integrity Gone?

    It’s going to be this way when you book your appointment to go food shopping.
  58. seclusion

    Covid-19 Pandemic Discussion

    Young kid somewhere out there, beat it while on heavy chemo.
  59. seclusion

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    The entitlement of people to do as they please will be the downfall of life as we know it. If everyone jumped on board and was isolated for30 days as of a certain date, should have been a month ago. but even start today, things could be much different. But telling people anything, there are 4...
  60. seclusion

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

  61. seclusion

    Gigs canceled due to COVID-19?

    I didn't wait for ministry, I canceled all my shows until further notice. It’s an interesting time, here in Costa Rica, I’m in a high tourist area that as of yet has done 0 preparation for this virus. The local FB site has many restaurants, hotels, tour companies that are posting as if nothing...
  62. seclusion

    UPS status: "Delay"

    UPS deliverer knows what it is and is editing presets for you, maybe getting a gig in before its delivered 🤣😎
  63. seclusion

    Cross-Compatible Presets!

    So is ares 1.0 FM3 Firmware the same as Axe III 12.03 Firmware, with updated flangers, phasers etc?
  64. seclusion

    AX8 and ARES....

    Watching the AxeIII updates, I do miss the being able to learn and hear the changes that Cliff makes to a firmware as I use the Ax8. the updates that we got were a great learning tool for sure. Most guitarists outside of the fractal continuum almost speak another language, or maybe it’s us that...
  65. seclusion

    AX8 and ARES....

    The only trouble I see is Fractal keeps enticing me with the Axe III, FC6 combo deal. ☺️ Must resist, the Ax8 is more then enough, but the force is strong...
  66. seclusion

    Huge difference between FR/FR and PA

    Yup, I also keep my volume output low, ask for no eq, rev, comp, gain. I think some think that if they get some distortion on the board, they are “helping” keepin it cool... 😬
  67. seclusion

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #5 (Beta_4)

    Nothing is more of a buzz kill then having to learn something that has no benefit to the user. But ya, have your computer tech setup up your most used tasks and put them all together on One tile page. maybe MS should follow your direction, upgrade and there are benefits.
  68. seclusion

    I'm asking for help

    Assuming the Axe has been updated to current firmware? check that, amp sim is on, cab sim is on.
  69. seclusion

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    Elves, I heard, accidentally coded AxeIII 11.02 to Ax8 instead of the FM3...
  70. seclusion

    Looper Problems

    Make sure it’s at the end of the chain, to get everything u want going through it.
  71. seclusion

    [Update, no fix yet] Axe-Fx 3 Insane Hum From PC?

    Try running the PC with no ground pin. i had to run my PC that way years ago.
  72. seclusion

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00 Public Beta

    I must say, as we go through the FAS journey, I’ve learned many things about guitar amps n speakers then I ever thought necessary. Yeehaw
  73. seclusion

    Ordered an Axe Fx 3 last night. This morning I destroyed a Adam A7x Monitor! Dang!

    Yup worth sending the ax7 to have a look, may just a solder joint fix.
  74. seclusion

    Would a nearby lightning strike possibly fry my Axe-Fx 3’s USB socket?

    Here in CR, power cycles many many times daily. I have my whole studio run off 2 ups's. At first I only had a few pieces of gear run off of one ups, but now the whole shebang. lost a Mac Pro and digital mixer before I clued in.
  75. seclusion

    Looper volume

    Yes, in ax8 edit, just click on looper, save it. not at my machine but manually as well, I just don’t remember how,
  76. seclusion

    Footswitch issues

    In Costa Rica here near the ocean is havoc on parts, I use contact spray often and then I use lemon oil wet on a rag and wipe down all around the footswitches, could be just some corrosion
  77. seclusion

    AX8-Edit 1.9.1

    See bove, open security, in system preferences, login.
  78. seclusion

    Vendor [AustinBuddy] Dream Rigs 1000+Tonepack for AX8 Available NOW!

    Just read through 12pages and see off as heal up. disregard. I have just purchased as well, I am enjoying the sounds. Curious, I have an EV-1 for expression. On the wah modifier it shows the Off Values up at like 95%, Auto Engage Slow. The EV never disengages the wah. On my own presets, this...
  79. seclusion

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    I got it to move, thanks, so weird
  80. seclusion

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Weird thing, FracTool on a dual screen (Mac Catalina) I went to resize FracTool and I can't move FracTool or see the right side where the 2nd screen starts. I deleted and reinstalled, but defaults right back there. The blue is the 2nd screen, I'm stuck in the Middle... Thoughts?
  81. seclusion

    I had a Sobering Experience Last Night

    Yes instead of grabbing the volume knob, go 4 an eq, lessen fx's. im 6’4” and using my EV monitor on a stand by my ear has solved all my volume n clarity issues.
  82. seclusion

    Expression pedal EV1 FX3 calibrate Problems

    Yes TRS cable is important for this to function correct
  83. seclusion

    FASPICE XD for AX8?

    lets hope we get a taste of some Faspice
  84. seclusion

    I had a Sobering Experience Last Night

    Lots of good intel here, don’t forget everyones tone sucked at some point.very few amps if any have great tone at any setting. It takes time to dial in. It helps to record your sound live setting. Focus on fitting in the sound. If 2 guitars are chucking out, likely that’s what u will hear...
  85. seclusion

    AX8-Edit 1.9.0

    There’s a 1.9.1 update security tab, open anyways may ask 3x's for permission once for the downloaded file, once to open the dmg, then to install. have security tab open it will show up there. there were some issues with 1.9.0.
  86. seclusion


  87. seclusion

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 10.00

    Was thinking, once this goes to 10.01 then this matches the Ax8. so maybe 11 for all devices... :p:cool:
  88. seclusion

    MIDI Recording Jitter and Latency

    Yep, I have the quantum, will not get rid of that ever.to the Roland kits. i use with a TD9 and SD3 with Logic, I do set the low latency mode to ensure I hear best timing. i never listen
  89. seclusion

    7 string vs 6 string war!

    holy string change Batman...
  90. seclusion

    AX8-Edit 1.9.1

    Check in system preferences security, open anyway
  91. seclusion

    New Axe-Fx III basic price - $1,999

    That’s certainly compelling
  92. seclusion

    Way more break-up than real amps?

    Also ensure your output isn’t clipping. page over from main screen 2-3 initially when I setup I had some clipping on the output. some amps do this more then others when auditioning
  93. seclusion

    Safari not opening Forum page

    Doesn’t always work with vpn
  94. seclusion

    Can you model this amp functionality, Cliff?

    In for Pineapple saturation, only us Canuks will want.
  95. seclusion

    Why was the AX8 not upgraded to Ares?

    I apologize as it was said, “all products”... Was really meant as a joke, for line 6 Stuff
  96. seclusion

    USB recording, handling latency

    Logic has a setting called Low Latency Mode, in the above pic, click general. It is much better when clicked. Lower your buffer settings as long as you can. Or right click on your tool bar and add it to it there. I use it constantly
  97. seclusion

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    For Line 6 products too? :rolleyes:
  98. seclusion

    AX8-Edit 1.9.1

    BTW, I have updated to Catalina on my backup drive and Axe Edit is working great.
  99. seclusion

    USB Port - Anyone notice the USB port loose?

    Not loose on mine.
  100. seclusion

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    Most important, will it be firmware 11 or ares 2?
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