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  1. GuttaLaser

    Tribute to Eddie Van Halen (w/ free patch)

    One of the BEST (if not the BEST) and honest rendition of THE EVH TONE i ever heard in the WWW... and one of the BEST "intention" in the playing Man. This is what i call a real "ommage" to Eddie! And TNX for the goodies too!
  2. GuttaLaser

    TNX Eddie! TNX! RIP Man and play your guitar for the angels now!

    I'm an old T-Rex... and while Jimi Hendrix convinced me to pick up in my hands an electric guitar... Eddie showed me what that guitar can do! One of the first patch i posted on the Axe Exchange was a rendition of the Eddie tone made with my Axe Fx II. Ther are tons of patches bettern than...
  3. GuttaLaser

    3 Italian guys with FAS units: simply pleasure....

    Italians do it better!!! ... sayz the Italian guy from Sicily! ;):p:cool: So... now we have our Spaghetti-G3!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:
  4. GuttaLaser

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    yEAH... cool... but... I WANNA A BIG WHITE "MK II" WRITE ON THE FRONT PANEL!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
  5. GuttaLaser


    Are all the FAS audio driver already installed?
  6. GuttaLaser

    Axe-Fx 3 Streaming?

    The USB audio I/O of the Axe Fx is much more than a simply L/R stereo signal! The Axe is a kind of audio interface and via USB can carry 8x8 I/O channels! This is what you get from/to USB (From Fractal Wiki): USB In (from Axe-Fx III to Computer): 1+2: Output 1 (regular stereo output) 3+4...
  7. GuttaLaser

    Axe-Fx 3 Streaming?

    Seems you get the DI signal mixed in the bunch of signals feed from the USB connection (like a kind of mixdown of all the signald the USB can carry). Try to connect the l/r jackout from the AxeFx to the audio interface and don't use the USB audio function into OBS. Use the AxeFx USB only for Axe...
  8. GuttaLaser

    Using my Axe-Fx 2 on The Voice Australia

    Killer playing and tones Man! Love the power in KITN... think Morello is proud of ya Man! F***ng Great!
  9. GuttaLaser

    Thoughts on ‘chasing tone’

    Well your example is a bit too extreme imho! Who is really thinking that way?! I put it down more simple: If i want to cover Comfortably Numb or SOYCD i need THAT DG's sound, because it's signature and evocative sound and THAT sound make THE SONG. Not all the Guitar Super Stars have a too...
  10. GuttaLaser

    Thoughts on ‘chasing tone’

    Chasing Tones was a very important stage of my knowledge of the AxeFx Beast! Expecially climbing the learning curve of all those "deep" amp parametres that are not so evident (i mean not like just putting a reverb pedal in the chain) because they interact with your playing style. Sometimes a...
  11. GuttaLaser

    Comparing the Old Drives to the New Drives!!

    To my ruined ears the direct comparison exposed an overall darker sound almost on every models in version .02 But i think the nu versions are maybe more "real" sounding coz the "digital icy" perfection is now gone and if one need more brightness can tweack it in again with tone control and/or...
  12. GuttaLaser

    Marshal Plexi (jump) and Fender Twin in a single preset

    Sound and playing stellare come sempre! Grandissimo Marco!
  13. GuttaLaser

    How many tried the III and decided to just keep using the II?

    Well... just to be honest... i have the handbrake all up for now and stay with My AxeFxII with the RAC12 add-on and my MFC with 2 Mission pedals and my handbuilt 4 switches extension and the FracPad wireless app and the Yamaha wireless midi dongle. For me this is a complete eco-system... maybe...
  14. GuttaLaser

    This is what you can do with a single amp and single preset - FW2.03

    Ciao Marco, gran tocco e suono! :) Volevo chiederti se quello che sento nel video è una uscita diretta dall'Axe Fx III o il suono "live" della cassa REDSOUND (ma non vedo microfoni); ed in entrambi i casi se esci mono dall'Axe o in stereo. Grazie, ciao e complimenti!
  15. GuttaLaser

    SRV feel - "Austin"

    Killer track!
  16. GuttaLaser

    Axe-Fx III Wins Premier Gear Award

    There is justice on this Heart! Ok... now the story change: don't ask if the AxeFx III can sound like this or that real amp!!! Instead, ask if those amps... can sound like the AxeFx III !!!
  17. GuttaLaser

    'Cause We've Ended as lovers' - Jeff Beck cover

    Man... the only thing you need is a sexy Tal Wilkenfeld on bass on your side! :p
  18. GuttaLaser

    U2 "Streets" Clip

    The Axe tone is perfect and your playing too... but... you need to flip the pick and use the grip side! :p:D
  19. GuttaLaser

    Bond.... James Bond.

    Perfect title to me is "Tarantino meets 007" :D
  20. GuttaLaser

    “Don't Tell Me You Love Me”

    Killer as usual! The one and only man on the heart that can do a guitar solo without moving his fingers (almost) !!! :D Anyway... i'll order my Axe III if and only when Cliff will put a splashscreen with yhe Mark "Face" on the big Axe III's display :p
  21. GuttaLaser

    VIDEO: Axe-Fx III vs Axe-Fx II - Comparing the amp block

    The III have some fizz in the highs that helps the note separation and the focusing in the heavy tones, but became harsh and ice-picking in the Brit800 example (where i like the II much more). But the overall tones are pretty the same. My conclusion for this and the other comparison videos here...
  22. GuttaLaser

    Alice Cooper - Poison

    AHAHAHAHHAH Brò.... favola!!! Ti mancava solo la matita nera mezza scolata negli occhi!!! :p
  23. GuttaLaser


    If i think to my guitar sound like... a guitar... an amp... and some fxs... hell nope! Stacking and Axe Fx mkII over an Axe Fx III it's like using a cannon to kill a fly! But... if you think to your guitar rig... like a spaceship of tones and fxs... well... you have it!
  24. GuttaLaser

    A little taste of the new Tri-Chorus clean.

    You dear Mark... are definitely a big part of the success of he AxeFx! The BEAST (old and new models) sound f***ing good... but... your demos with your tasty relaxed playing style and your happy face... are the cherry on the pie!
  25. GuttaLaser

    future versions? (I.E. axe fx iii xl+)

    lightning/microusb connector to iOS and Android device with AxeEdit and FractalBot (resident in the Axe; upgradable versions). Wi-Fi with a browser for AxeExchange, firmware and software upgrade downloads. In a few words: a free-from-pc series of tools and the possibility of use a big touch...
  26. GuttaLaser

    Is it me or is the Axe fx 3 aesthetically unpleasing?

    Maybe the AxeFxIII XL++ will have more "nipples" to rotate on the faceplate (i.e. more knobs rows direct linked to the most common amp controls, other 4 rows of knobs direct linked to comp, drive, delay and reverb knobs with a led if that specific control is present in that amp or fx model...
  27. GuttaLaser

    Is it me or is the Axe fx 3 aesthetically unpleasing?

    Ugly????? That f***ing thing is pure PORN!!!! :p:D
  28. GuttaLaser

    III Avatar competition ?

    That's mine! :cool:
  29. GuttaLaser

    Axe Fx II XL+ USB

    No "internal" clipping... means no "inside Axe" clip? Maybe clip inside Cubase? Or... if you use the Axe as audio interface for monitoring and you are clipping the usb audio input of the Axe Or... if you use the Axe as audio interface for monitoring AND you have the USB I/O enabled and the audio...
  30. GuttaLaser

    Anyone find they don’t “need” drive blocks in most cases since getting the AxeII?

    IRL you don't have - i think - TONS of different amps. You have ONE amp or - if you are lucky - TWO amps and drive pedals can add some colours to those basic tones. But even with the AxeFx, if your basic amp tone is, say, an HIWATT or another clean/hard-to-clip amp, a drive block can help you...
  31. GuttaLaser

    (VID) Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall (Solo Cover)

    Wow TNX man! If may I... I wanna try to exaggerate just a bit with the compression! Just to have a more pronounced and fast attack transient of the note... that kind of "liquid snap!" of the pick against the string... is something subtle... like the difference between the "d" sound of "doom"...
  32. GuttaLaser

    Just got my AxeFx II.. 1st question!

    Do your research... but IMHO you are starting the bad way! Go deep inside the Axe Fx... and when you are ready... SELL YOUR MESA AND GET AN MFC101 AND 2 EXPRESSION PEDALS!!! And you are done! :p
  33. GuttaLaser

    FAS Wreck loud in the room - what a beast.

    YOU... f***ing BITCH!!! :p My only concern about all your videos is... how far my town and your town are!!!
  34. GuttaLaser

    Best Use of ABCD front panel dials

    That's why I use RAC12!
  35. GuttaLaser

    My Journey To Fractal - By Devin Townsend - Part 1+2

    Welcome Dev!!! Ok now... the long short... post here the f***ing patch for the intro of the live at the RAH version of Deadhead... (ya know... all new guys must pay something to access in Tha AxeFx Club!!!) :p:D;)
  36. GuttaLaser

    My AXE-FX II MkI is fried. :-(

    OMG!!! For ppl like me who live so far from G66 this is like a nightmare come true! :eek:
  37. GuttaLaser

    Best DAW?

    Only a long time use in studio and live recording for serious production can reveal the best DAW and even in that case not all the features can be "the best". Some daw can be the strongest in the midi area, some other in the ITB mixing and summing... so... to me THE BEST is the one that better...
  38. GuttaLaser

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.01 Beta

    Ok... now i can hear the dry glue in the cab's plywood ...cracking and breacking... and the dental bridges of the lady upstairs shacking... What next?! :p :D :eek:
  39. GuttaLaser

    One Month In...

    Welcome in the Nu World of Guitar Sound... BUT you must to know this: your social life ends here! :D
  40. GuttaLaser

    Amp models that took over

    Yep! I subscribe that! AND i try even the worsest cab (ie a 10" single speaker with an amp head that you know needs a stack of 2x 4x12) with no-or-different mics and/or with no-or- different mic preamp settings... Axe is nearly infinite!
  41. GuttaLaser

    Amp models that took over

    when that magic moment of "10 min of inspiration " (in a 4 hours of playing) arrive, the amp you are using in that moment became "THE AMP"!
  42. GuttaLaser

    has the axe replaced everything or not?

    I still have my HIWATT Custom 50 SA212 Combo... and all my boutique pedals... just... because I can! :p Seriously... how can i sell - say - my Chandler TD (signed by the Master himself) with a rare old-stock Mullard tube i waited for weeks from ebay?!!! I know... i'm getting old... and sometime...
  43. GuttaLaser

    I made a video - P90 action and some other nice tones

    Man... let the young birds doing their videos... We - The Old Tarts - know what Rock is! Like This! :p
  44. GuttaLaser

    Need advice to achieve this tasty raw sound

    I don't "hear" two different puppies.... I SEE 1 LP with HBs and 1 LP Junior with P90s! And I hear 2 guitar and 1 bass making an unison riff with a perfect synced drum... so: double track any angry Marshall with SM57 and a more mellow Marshall with a royer (not too panned) and put a bass and a...
  45. GuttaLaser

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    Not shure if we are talking about the same thing man. Don't think that the "pick chirp" is exactly an "amp misbehave"... I think is more something like a "fast tracking/rendering of the pick attack"... just a transient when the pick touch the string... like the pick was made of metal...
  46. GuttaLaser

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    You are not alone! I like that kind of "metallic chirp" transient in the note attack.
  47. GuttaLaser

    what albums has the axe been used on?

    Maybe something fron Mr. Vai and from Mr. Petrucci have some Axe spice in!
  48. GuttaLaser

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    Wow... hours are like days... these days!!! :p
  49. GuttaLaser

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    the longest beta... by far... isn't? :rolleyes:
  50. GuttaLaser

    Does it matter which Ernie ball volume pedal to use as Expression?

    2 Mission: one with switch configured for wha +volume (or other fxs) and one spring-loaded for whammy or other fxs
  51. GuttaLaser

    PLEXI 100W JUMP Rock/Improv

    Belva!!! :p
  52. GuttaLaser

    Tucanas. New vids, preset... QRev.9B.

    Sir, your playing it's so tasty! I try to pay attention to the tones... but your music always win!
  53. GuttaLaser


    li ho visti tutti!!! GIURO!!! :D
  54. GuttaLaser


    sei il solito ANIMALE!!!!! :p:D;)
  55. GuttaLaser

    Since no one will directly ask Cliff about potential new FW...

    waiting nothing from the Cornish garage? :D
  56. GuttaLaser

    Cutting Cab High's and Low's??

    Yep! It is!!! ;)
  57. GuttaLaser

    Cutting Cab High's and Low's??

    I'll give you my feedback (my studio monitor are the KRK VXT8 and my club PA are a couple of italian Montarbo 17w amped 600w each). But not too soon... coz now i'm digging into my nu "little" toy!!! DA BEAST!!! :p
  58. GuttaLaser

    Cutting Cab High's and Low's??

    I'm with you Danny, in respect of your big experience. But my 0.2 is that a guitar tone can have so many p.o.v Two of these are the pov of the player and the pov of the foh guy: these are never the same! AND there are many scenarios too. One scenario is a guitar player in a room facing his...
  59. GuttaLaser

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Hi Jackp, if you mean how to connect the AxeFx via the Yamaha MD BT01 to an iPad running the FracPad app - another MUST app by the Mighty French Boy Al Genadine (hi Al!) - you need to run first another app that is call "midimittr" (free download from the store if i remember well). So the steps...
  60. GuttaLaser

    Goodbye Old Friend

    So sorry Cliff. No matter if animal or person... it's a loss! My father died a month ago... and I can't just believe he is no more here.
  61. GuttaLaser

    Eric Clapton "Layla" Fender 57' Tweed Champ" Patch

    non una Strat? strano!
  62. GuttaLaser

    700+ Naked Amps TonePack by AustinBuddy Available NOW!

    Hey Man... just purchased the AxeFx II version of the preset pack BUT Winzip won't unzip the file because invalid characters in the filename and/or directories! WTF???!!!
  63. GuttaLaser

    Comfortably numb - live cover

    Great Man... simply GREAT!
  64. GuttaLaser

    How many expression pedals are you using?

    2 Mission, one with switch usually for wha when switched on and for volume (auto-engaging) when off, the other spring loaded (auto-engaging), for many things like whammy pedal, delay or reverb time and/or mix.
  65. GuttaLaser

    Thinking about getting an Axe

    Don't think... Just do it! (and then say tnx to this forum, to Fas and to Cliff)
  66. GuttaLaser

    A.M. ADA MP 1 80's Patch

    Ti ho immaginato in latex rosa shocking!!! Non ti dico!!! :D
  67. GuttaLaser

    Dr Z Patch (8 Scenes)

    Man tu sei l'unico che può inchiodare il Maz 18 di quel pazzo di Gearmanndude (che tutti scambiano per Jack Black) Datti da fare!!! :p
  68. GuttaLaser

    AxeFx2 JVM + Gibson Les Paul "Rock Fun Improv"

    Sta minchia!!!! :eek: Però... perdonami... la testa del ventilatore è completamente fuori tempo! :D
  69. GuttaLaser

    PHIL X Patch Inspiration

    ahahahahhaha a Profondo Rosso... ti avrei baciato in fronte!!! :p
  70. GuttaLaser

    New Factory Presets - Axe-Fx II XL/XL+

    any news about the mkII version? ok... i know: SOON!
  71. GuttaLaser

    Some more satch like rock

    Great style as always man! May I ask about the drum... i mean... pink flesh... or programming (in the 2nd case... what is your workflow?)
  72. GuttaLaser

    Four Ernie Balls go at it over a Frampton-esque track with Tucana tone

    Sir... with or without the Axe Fx ... your videos are always a pleasure!!!
  73. GuttaLaser


    Teaser bastardissimo!!! :p:D;) Una domanda: i preset li testi solo a fini di recording o li provi anche live in diretta al banco con volumi elevati (livello club almeno)?
  74. GuttaLaser

    Dr. Feelgood cover

    dunno if it's the bass or a backing guitar... there is a low rumble... maybe some cab IR that need some cut on the lows, but the main tone is spot on!
  75. GuttaLaser

    New full band prog-rock mix with Q8.02 and the OH Recto PP

    yes PPL... put that sh*t on the market... digital download... iTunes... whatever...
  76. GuttaLaser

    A.M. "CARUSO" Patch Neal Schon

    e c'hai raGGione!!! io ancora me lo sogno il noise gate che vorrei... qualcosa di dinamico che legge il segnale e si setta su vari livelli d'intervento a seconda di come gestisci i volumi con pedale o manopola o con i guadagni...
  77. GuttaLaser

    A.M. "CARUSO" Patch Neal Schon

    Ottimo! Forse - giusto per essere pignolissimi - proprio all'inizio il noise gate (credo sia quello) è un pò troppo "cattivo" con il volume della chitarra abbassato ma appena apri il suono si libera.
  78. GuttaLaser

    New full band prog-rock mix with Q8.02 and the OH Recto PP

    JUST... GREAT! period!!! sounds... mix... voice... drum and bass link... everything!!!
  79. GuttaLaser

    Echos From God - vid and preset demo

    "A poem! We got a poet here in the classroom L&G!" ;):p
  80. GuttaLaser

    Voodoo Love Lady

  81. GuttaLaser


    che cacchio devo dirti Brò!?... al solito PERFETTO! Suono... e diteggio!!!:D
  82. GuttaLaser

    Is this normal? (AE fx mix knob)

    For the 1st time I was playing with the mix knob (in Axe Edit) of the reverb block going over the 50% just for fun and to ear the texture of each kind of reverb in the magic box. I landend in the metal area and after some power chords my idea was to shut down the eavy verb for a total "dry and...
  83. GuttaLaser

    Help me make my strat bigger

    the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails... are killers puppies man! ;)
  84. GuttaLaser

    Help me make my strat bigger

    Dunno if i'm understanding well... you are comparing passive SC (custom shop) with active EMG? Man... use the hammer for the nails and the screwdriver for the screws! Thare are things that needs the Strato sound and things that needs other guitars&puppyes!
  85. GuttaLaser

    A recording from the desk.

    Nice and Tasty Gentlemen!
  86. GuttaLaser

    New Cab Pack! OwnHammer - 412 MAR Vintage Green - Player's Pack

    SLUUURPP!!! Man... if I understand what it is..... give the Cream Pack PRIORITY 1!!!!! than... well ... while i can imagine what the Black and Green Modern ones can be... (maybe the Black some MESA or other metal stuff and the Green Modern some modern Marshalls)... i can't imagine what the...
  87. GuttaLaser

    New Cab Pack! OwnHammer - 412 MAR Vintage Green - Player's Pack

    Hi Guitarjon... great taste in your playing!!! 80's ... bur with an updated touch! May i ask what is that white thing on the desk behind your back? Seems like a midi control surface or something like that but... what brand and model? TNX
  88. GuttaLaser

    Win 7 x64 + iLock License Manager + Cab-Lab 3

    Ok ppl, maybe this can help someone. Flash story: the iLock License Manager software needed to update and CabLab stopped working. BUT iLock can't update if some Win 7's KBxxxxxxx update are missed. The solution for me was the Win 7 cumulative update KB3125574...
  89. GuttaLaser

    I hate iLOK

    After months I figured out the solution of the Win 7/iLock side of the prob. An huge (450mb) cumulative upgrade procedure for Win (with a BSoD hart attak!!!) solved the prob and now i have an updated iLock running with all my licenses running and active! BUT CabLab3 is still kicking my nuts with...
  90. GuttaLaser

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.00 Firmware Release

    Key-words: CLARITY & STRINGS DEFINITION (alone and in the mix) Benefits: ORIGINAL/NATURAL GUITAR/INSTRUMENT TONE, MORE CLEAR AMP MODEL PERSONALITY, BETTER FX IMPACT AND CHARACTER (drive, chorus, phaser, vibe, wha) Surprise: STRATOCASTER + FENDER AMPS just WoW! Can't put down the guitar!
  91. GuttaLaser

    Need help for a "Satisfaction" tone

    I want that spitty/buzzy chainsaw distortion! Sound like an "8bit" but "8bit" doesn't help! Any advice about amp model and settings ando/or fxs? Please put me in the right direction! Tnx
  92. GuttaLaser

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.00 Public Beta

    Wow! Good weed out there!!! Who's your pusher?! Snoopy Dogg???
  93. GuttaLaser

    Rhiannon - Acoustic

    Great rendering and great voice of you daughter! Lucky father! Love all: the track and the Daugh/Fath synergie!
  94. GuttaLaser

    My battle with Mr Fletcher-Munson.............

    To me this is counterdeductive. At bedroom volume (less "energy") all we tend to exaggerate with bass/mid-bass 'coz we get that "fullness" that our monitor system can manage at low vol. The opposite with the treble: because are more audible we tend to lower the highs at bedroom vol. So when we...
  95. GuttaLaser


    No ti becco qui sul forum! Sono un vecchio chitarraiuolo di 54 anni con la malattia della musica e degli strumenti musicali che ancora non mi é passata e dopo aver suonato di tutto mi sono imbattuto un paio di anni fa nell'Axe Fx che... crea dipendenza!!! :D Per il resto... io sono della vecchia...
  96. GuttaLaser


    Te l'ho già detto una volta... ANIMALE!!!!! ahahahhaha!!! Scusami... ma quando vedo un isolano come (sono siciliano) me tirare fuori suoni e grinta come questi... mi gaso una cifra!!! Bravissimo!;)
  97. GuttaLaser

    In studio: Direct & IRs vs. Cab & mic?

    It's a real pleasure to talk with the "2001 A Space Odissey" Monolith. Anyway - if the Monolith can ear - ear this: there is no final user that can ear what you can ear with your top-notch gear @96K! So THIS is pointless! bye-bye baby engineer!
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