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  1. J

    EV-1 will soon be offered in Black Only

    I'm willing to trade my limited edition silver EV-1 for 2-3 black EV-1s :D
  2. J

    FC-12 and Temple Audio

    Duo 34 with a de-rubbered FC12, 2 EV-1s, and a switchbox here; holes on the FC12 lined up perfect, EV-1s are two-screwed on instead of using a plate
  3. J

    FS AxeIII (Mark I) $2000 shipped to CONUS

    Price drop to $2000, was probably a bit on the high side.
  4. J

    WTB WTB Axe FX3 Canada

    I'd be willing to ship to Canada -> https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axeiii-mark-i-2100-shipped-to-conus.167105/
  5. J

    FS AxeIII (Mark I) $2000 shipped to CONUS

    Mint condition! Only used in my home office Plastic is off the screen, sorry :/ Comes with original boxes / packaging Price includes insured shipping to CONUS I'll take paypal (you pay fees if not doing gift option), venmo, or crypto
  6. J

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Go on... :D
  7. J

    adding a looper pedal - do i need a stereo pedal

    If you're listening through stereo monitors, you'll get more fun out of a stereo looper for sure. After your amp/cab blocks, you'll do a Out 3 (stereo to the looper) then it'll come back into In 3 (stereo from the looper) to Out 1 (your main output to whatever powers the monitors) That way if...
  8. J

    Wish I/O Routing Matrix

    Right now I have a "Input 4" patched to "Output 1" in all my presets to bring in a Beatbuddy drum machine pedal. Unless there's an easier way to always route a given input to the main outputs that I'm missing... +1
  9. J

    SOLD Temple Board - Plug and play w/your FM3/FC6 combo

    Aaaahhh... I ordered a good 70% of what's for sale here yesterday before I saw this post! 😞
  10. J

    Would a FC12 + EV-1 fit on a 24" Pedalboard?

    Musician's Friend deal of the day is this 24" board for: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/ultimate-support-upd-2416-b-pedalboard It seems like it might fit both, but it's very close... anyone ever tried?
  11. J

    Enable FC pedals/switches to send MIDI to downstream devices (such as DAW, other external gear)

    A 2020 bump on my biggest wish - a MIDI out block or Send MIDI funciton
  12. J

    5 Killer Tones - FW 11

    So I needed something to do while my oven was preheating; thought I'd come noodle on the AxeIII through a new pair of FRFRs for 10 minutes... clicked this preset since it was at the top of AxeChange... long story short, my oven's been hot and foodless for the last hour. All on 4/5 alone!
  13. J

    WISH: "Send MIDI function"

    Bump on my biggest Fractal wish!
  14. J

    FC6 vs Morningstar MC6

    Despite having/loving an FCx, I'm still holding onto my MC6 to control looper/DAW whilst daily hoping for a new firmware that increases the number of CSs or adds send midi function so I can lose it..
  15. J

    Help to find AC Power Adapter for 2nd FC

    In theory the PS that comes with a Digitech Drop or Digitech Whammy should work..
  16. J

    WISH: "Send MIDI function"

    @hoots - two seperate issues > Can i send ANY information out of the 3's midi ports Yes, but only 6 predefined CC/PCs from the Control Switches - but then you couldn't use the control switches for anything else. And 6 is a small number. > from an external pedal plugged into the fc. ...nope...
  17. J

    FC Internal Firmware 1.05

    Heh, it had dropped a character once for me, but only once, and I wasn't sure if I imagined it or not... Good to get confirmation that I wasn't crazy :p
  18. J

    Wish Ability to route MIDI to/from USB

    +1 Bought a decent USB-MIDI cable, but if I have it and the AxeIII sharing a USB port on my laptop, I occasionally lose connection to the AxeIII in AxeEdit... Having USB-MIDI drivers work out of the box like they did on the II would be nice
  19. J

    More CS

    I'd happily take 20 external CSs (for sending MIDI) and some internal CSs as well
  20. J

    WISH: "Send MIDI function"

    - No, you can't sent MIDI to external devices via external switch - Yes, you can send MIDI to external devices via builtin switch: - The 6 Control Switches work... but there's only 6 of them :p - Leaving no CS's left to control a looper pedal - Yes, you need a MIDI-USB cable from the...
  21. J

    WISH: "Send MIDI function"

    Any kind of "something" to send more MIDI commands (on press, not on scene change) would be very welcome... doesn't have to be too complex, just a way to "send CC x on channel y with value z" when hitting a switch... Definitely don't want a MFC-101 (or even keep a morningstar around) just to...
  22. J

    WISH: "Send MIDI function"

    Rather than asking for more Control Switches, what would be even nicer is a simple "Send MIDI" function, that could just assign a button to send a hardcoded PC or CC message. That way one could use the FC12 to: - Control external loopers - Control DAWs - etc... Without having to parcel out...
  23. J

    WISH: More Control Switches

    Bump on this! Just ordered a FC12 as my spot came up, so very excited! But if that 6 was bumped up to 24, I could also sell my Morningstar, and just have one big pedal on the board...
  24. J

    WISH: Ext. Switch assignment as Control Switch 1-6

    This would make taking advantage of the FC6 special invitation whilst waiting for the FC12s more viable!
  25. J

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    And today it moved from 9:35am to 9:36am haha... ah well, at least it's moving!
  26. J

    FC-6 + FC-12 Manual

    Anyone know what's new/changed between the original 1.00 manual and the current 1.03 manual?
  27. J

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    New store only has the FC-6... Wonder if product pages are still being brought over? Or is there more FC-6's to go around?
  28. J

    Morningstar MC 6 + EV-2

    EV1 working just fine w/ the mark 2 here too...
  29. J

    Some Can-It questions?

    > What is an alt? Alternate scene - If you have Button 1 mapped to Scene 1 with a single click, or Scene 5 with a hold or doubletap - If you have Button 2 mapped to Scene 2 with a single click, or Scene 6 with a hold or doubletap - If you have Button 3 mapped to Scene 3 with a single click, or...
  30. J

    Some Can-It questions?

    Trying to decide between FC12, or FC6 + keeping a Morningstar MC6... If it's possible to answer some of these, I can start planning a pedalboard layout... Tap/Tuner - Is it possible to setup one button to be tap tempo, unless it's held, then it activates tuner? Scenes - It seems like having 8...
  31. J

    Wireless Headphones?

    Yeah, Bluetooth headphones are right out. I'm using these RF headphones (make sure and get the 2019 edition, the legacy edition was hissy) with the AxeIII and it's great fun: Don't know if you can connect them directly, I'm using them through USB (AxeIII -> Mac -> headphones)
  32. J

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 1.19 Public Beta

    Okay, after more time playing around with 1.19, in my (completely unscientific), this update has taken the Pitch Shifter from "close enough to a Drop that it's not worth keeping a Drop around, although not -quite- as good" to "better than the Drop" - nice work Fractal!
  33. J

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 1.19 Public Beta

    Okay, saving the preset without changing anything, then rebooting the unit fixed it. Pitch block sounds/feels better than ever!
  34. J

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 1.19 Public Beta

    Something seems wrong - turning on a pitch block to tune down a step now adds so much latency it sounds like a delay effect... It went from like 20ms to 300ms; seems a bug.
  35. J

    Unlocked FBV3 / MkII controllers (full color / MIDI)

    I have enough posts! https://github.com/kquann/FBV_MIDI
  36. J

    MC-6. Small, fully programmable midi controller

    @MorningstarFX https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-iii-firmware-version-1-13-beta.140483/ :D
  37. J

    Axe-Fx III w Morningstar MC6 MKII - Looper issue

    "Looper Mode" on the MC6 II drops the sensitivity of the buttons, so that the stomps are more responsive. Doesn't actually send any MIDI anywhere
  38. J

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.09 Public Beta #2

    What's the diff between just Beta 2 and Beta 1?
  39. J

    Thoughts on purchasing an older interface

    Just way more ins/outs/channels than I need anymore. It's great quality - I loved using it. I'm using a RME ADI2-DAC for output now, and love it.
  40. J

    Thoughts on purchasing an older interface

    Ah bummer, I still need to list mine!
  41. J

    Stupid FC-6/FC-12 question...

    For me, it's either going to be: - Get a FC12 to control the AxeIII and an Infinity Looper or if the only external MIDI support is the current scene MIDI block - Get a FC6 to control the AxeIII and dedicate my holdover Morningstar MC6 to the Infinity Looper I expect I'll be happier either way...
  42. J

    FC-12: These photos don't do it justice

    Could you use 4 buttons for 8 scenes by doubling up? Like show "Scene 1/2", where a press would choose 1, and a doubletap or long press would choose 2?
  43. J

    FC Series Controllers Waitlist

    10:33AM EST here..
  44. J

    If the III was 2U (or 1U!!!) I would have ordered one by now

    I would have ordered one if it was anywhere between 1-12U
  45. J


    I have a 34" ultrawide hooked up to my Mac - yeah, it may not take up my whole screen, but it looks nice scaled up to max vertical resolution. I'm happy with the scaling
  46. J

    Anyone having any latency issues with USB?

    You can crank it down to 8 - doing so on my 2015 mbp doesn't result in any cracking
  47. J

    MorningStar MC6 mkII Preorders

    Anyone got theirs yet? Mine should be here sometime between tomorrow and next Tues...
  48. J

    Wish Value Knob Press Configurable as Layout or Enter

    > I have to fight my urge to push it for "Enter" when scrolling around with the value knob. The number of times I've pushed it thinking it was "Enter" is about equal to the number of times I've spun it around :p
  49. J

    Axe-Fx III Manual Update

    Looks like another update today - anyone know what's new/different?
  50. J

    Axe-Fx III USB Firmware Version 1.06

    Named ports blocks are nice! ->
  51. J

    [FIXED in 1.07] Drop tuning with Advanced Whammy broken?

    > Seems to me that the latency is lower using dual shift over using the advanced whammy. Seemed the opposite to me (pre-1.06; haven't advanced whammy since since the dry comes through sometimes)
  52. J

    How loud should the fan be?

    The fan in my III is incredibly silent.. way quieter than the Noctua I'd modded into the II. I'm so pleased with the lack of fan noise, that this thread is making my paranoid my fan's not on and my unit's going to burn out :p
  53. J

    Any FC release time info ?

    I'm definitely planning on buy a FC or two when they're available, but I'm very glad that the AxeIII is in my rack now, not at some future point when FCs are ready!
  54. J

    Just tried the Advanced Whammy droptune..

    I'd been trying to make it work with the the dual shift before, but yesterday's manual update had a nice FAQ recommending the Advanced Whammy instead. After about 10 minutes, my review: FS: Whammy DT and Digitech Drop Not needed anymore!
  55. J

    On Board Tuner - Accurate!

    Yes, agreed! I don't have a highend turner to A/B against, but the AxeIII tuner definitely 'feels' better than any other tuner I've used.
  56. J

    MC-6. Small, fully programmable midi controller

    ..and it could be cool to keep around as a dedicated looper controller post-FC
  57. J

    MC-6. Small, fully programmable midi controller

    In for one... seems like the sweet spot for a FC6/FC12 holdover - small, cheap, LCD, and desktop editor.
  58. J

    Implemented Dedicated drop/capo block

    If there was a dedicated 100% wet mono pitchshifter (think Digitech Drop or Morpheus Capo), would it be able to have lower latency than the Dual-shift pitch block?
  59. J

    Any FC release time info ?

    I do really wish they'd give a rough estimate on the FC's... "a few more weeks", a few more months, or next year? There's the midiflorian starting a group buy soon, and the MC6 MKII goes on preorder tomorrow... don't want to miss both of those if we're going to need a pedal for while, but don't...
  60. J

    Wish Security code unlock

    You could always add a fallback "Bean mode" where it works, but is limited to a single tone designed to sound like a first-generation Pod :D
  61. J

    Axe Edit III - Update

    Any way to join the betas? I'm a software engineer so I can write up useful bug reports if/when it crashes :D
  62. J

    Help with Input1 level

    I have it at 18% for a Seymour Duncan Custom III humbucker - any higher, and I get red on hard strums
  63. J

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.04

    Just a datapoint - I've been on 1.04 since it was very first announced, and haven't seen ^ bug
  64. J

    Axe-Fx III as audio device and routing outboard gear

    ..or you could use S/PDIF out from the VDrums into the S/PDIF In on the AxeIII, and use a single cable whilst avoiding extra A/D and D/A conversions
  65. J

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.04

    Various GUI enhancements and improvements A knob selects scene now!
  66. J

    Guitar Wireless Latency experiences

    What are all you users of wireless setting your Input Instr Impedance to?
  67. J

    midiflorian - The new ultra versatile midi foot controller

    > What's the cost? Their website says "Suggested retail price of 189 USD" ..if they have these in stock for $189, I forsee many many orders (myself included), and then many many used ones for sale here once the FC6/FC12's come out :p
  68. J

    Wish Info+Tuner screen

    The physical outs show the post-knob analog level.. I'd like to see the digital out... More than that the meters though, just having the tuner on a screen with preset/scene would be really nice
  69. J

    Wish Info+Tuner screen

    I'd love to seen a "home screen" page that showed: - Current Preset name - Current Scene (either by num or by name) - Tuner somewhere between the tiny <>'s on every page, and the full-screen tuner - Input/Output meters (can configure which ins/outs to show) - Maybe an RTA (can configure which...
  70. J

    No axe edit for Mac?

    - The interface is incredibly well thought-out, easy to use, and intuitive - I still can't wait for Axe-Edit, just because my unit is racked near the floor, and hunching over is no fun now matter how good the UI is - ...but I'm still glad they didn't wait until Axe-Edit was done before shipping...
  71. J

    Unofficial First Impressions Thread

    Wait, mine didn't have sticky plastic over the screen...
  72. J

    Unofficial First Impressions Thread

    First impressions: - It's sooo quiet! Like, silent. - Front panel looks better in person than in promo pics - Screen is eye catching - I/O (over USB) is amazingly flexible
  73. J

    Quick Polyphonic Pitch Shift Demo

    Which pitch block setting? Fixed harmony, or dual/quad detune?
  74. J

    Has the Ax lll shipped yet?

    At least one has... but it won't be here until Monday.
  75. J

    Congratulations FAS and good luck with phase 1

    No! Keep your snow away from Utah, and our UPS trucks!
  76. J

    Axe-Fx III - PDF Manual!

    You should edit a question mark in your title - got me too excited :p
  77. J

    Axe-FX III Goodies suggestion

    I want to see graphs comparing the aliasing in the edges of a tiny Helix and a tiny Axe3! :p
  78. J

    Axe3 Droptuning - as good as/better than Digitech Drop/Whammy?

    I'm planning on selling mine.. I'll send it to you to do all kinds of A/B clips first if you'll ship it to whoever I sell it to after
  79. J

    Axe3 Droptuning - as good as/better than Digitech Drop/Whammy?

    Sorry, I'd searched for "drop tuning" instead of "pitch shift"
  80. J

    Axe3 Droptuning - as good as/better than Digitech Drop/Whammy?

    For using a pitchblock just to drop the tuning from E Standard to D Standard or the like.. - How's the quality on the Axe3? Improved over the Axe2? - How's the latency? Same, or lower? - Is it good enough that we can ditch Drop pedals? (I could never get the Axe2 quite there, even with the...
  81. J

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    - On the AxeII, Outputs 3-4 are hardcoded to the input signal DI, and Outputs 1-2 you could choose FX send or main outs.. - On the AxeIII, does this mean we'll be able to get the FX send AND main outs at the same time over USB?
  82. J

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    As somebody that bought a new AxeFx II XL + less than a month ago... suck!!!!
  83. J

    Possible to get FX Loop AND processed signal over USB?

    I'd like to put a whammy/drop pitch block before the FX loop, so that I have a "dry signal" that's droptuned, but dry otherwise... But is it possible to get that signal and the final output at the same time over USB? Or am I forced to choose between fx loop and processed for inputs 1-2, and...
  84. J

    Quiet fan in my II!

    Hmm... this would fix the only gripe with the AxeII... it is very, very loud. I wouldn't even mine paying for a quiet fan as long as it doesn't affect the warranty...
  85. J

    A request to 6.00 Beta Testers

    Could you use the raw guitar stems from Led Zeppelin II and see how close you can get? Led Zeppelin - 1969 - Led Zeppelin II Multitracks (Flac + MP3) - Guitars101 - Guitar Forums :)
  86. J

    Bug? Mac USB Issues

    Haven't read this long thread, but thought I'd input that I have no troubles with USB recording on my Hackintosh Mac...
  87. J

    What The Hell?

    You can always create an aggregate device in Pro Tools 9+ or Logic...
  88. J

    Unjustified move

    Haha, I'm the creator of that thread and don't mind seeing it moved; once you get your AxeII the Waiting List ceases to be interesting, relevant, or topical...
  89. J

    Where in the US?

    Definitely avoid Southern Utah :p
  90. J

    What would your rig look like if there was no Fractal?

    Probably some kind of Mesa amp with lots of MIDI controls, an all-in-one effects box that does the 4CM thing, and the same MIDI controller I have now...
  91. J

    Where are you From?

    How do you add yourself to this?
  92. J

    How is the "coupon" email titled...?

  93. J

    Release notes for upcoming firmware

    Expose ALL THE THINGS! :D
  94. J

    The built-in interface is a really nice feature, but...

    Turn your computer into a hackintosh - put MacOS on. Then you can aggregate too :)
  95. J

    TUTORIAL - How to setup reamping with REAPER on a Mac

    Not sure as I've never tried Cubase... I imagine the Profire has a lot more inputs/outputs than the built in digital output, so your inputs/outputs will probably be offset..
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