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  1. deftim13


    $22,000 is the fine he will be hit with if he does not cough up the financial records for the band. Not how much the members are seeking. I've seen Ghost a ton of times starting in 2012 and know Simon and Martin pretty well. Tobias was always cool but man, such a dick move. They have all known...
  2. deftim13

    Black Friday Sale!

    Damn, these sales always end right when I can afford them. Just got my November bonus. Was hoping to pick up the deal with the expression pedal.
  3. deftim13

    Metallica doing BBS sessions - AFX in evidence

    It's measuring sound levels. You can see as lars plays harder it lights up. When James yells at it the same.
  4. deftim13

    Metallica doing BBS sessions - AFX in evidence

    Head to the 1:41 mark to see it.
  5. deftim13

    Metallica doing BBS sessions - AFX in evidence

    Thought it was cool to see AX8 being used in the tuning room!
  6. deftim13

    IK iLoud Monitors Connection Question

    I had an opportunity to pick up a set of the new IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors for really cheap. Looking at the connections I am unsure how I would get these connected to my Axe FX. What are my options using the TRS 1/8" connection? I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question but I...
  7. deftim13

    Baritone Crunchies - Recto 1 Red, Brit 800 and ML Zilla cabs. Presets included.

    Guitar sounds great but I am really digging that bass tone....
  8. deftim13


    I wonder if the bass player used an Axe FX for the Deezer sessions they filmed? His tone on that video is amazing. Listening through headphones it cannot be beat as a bass tone.
  9. deftim13

    DT-880 headphone question

    Quick search on Google brought this up. Looks like a known issue. Try the fix described and if it doesn't work I would return. http://www.head-fi.org/t/579944/solution-found-for-dt880-grattle-rattle-problem-at-low-frequencies#post_8061410
  10. deftim13

    DT-880 headphone question

    I have zero rattle at any level. I push mine with a headphone amp and maxed out nothing close to what you are describing.
  11. deftim13

    X's Winter NAMM Thread....\m/

    I will be there again this year as a guest of Carvin. Gotta love Flock. What a character. See you there.
  12. deftim13

    NAMM NAMM NAMM here I come

    I will be there. See everyone that makes it out. Look for a Fractal Audio shirt and that will most likely be me!
  13. deftim13

    Shutting off the tempo light

    Black tape....;)
  14. deftim13


  15. deftim13


    I am on 12 shows now and was very lucky to see them early in their career. Recent shows are nothing short of amazing. Have had the pleasure of meeting the entire band on several occasions and they are extremely down to earth and are extremely grateful to meet fans( said thank you to me more...
  16. deftim13


    Check out Pinnacle to the Pit on Deezer sessions. The bass tone is out of this world!
  17. deftim13


    Wait till you see them live. I just hit 10 shows last night in San Diego. They are on another level right now and their live shows are killer.
  18. deftim13


    Search Ghost Deezer sessions on Youtube. The bass tone is massive. I have listened to it over and over with headphones on and it is amazing. First few seconds he plays a little bit then Pinnacle to the Pit. Check it out!
  19. deftim13


    If you look thru several videos from this time frame the stage gear changes a lot. Just three months later Orange gear is on stage and the bassist had totally different gear. The probably rented gear on certain fly in dates for festivals and one off shows though out the states...
  20. deftim13


    Check out Subvision, Repugnant and Magna Carta Cartel. Bands the members were in.
  21. deftim13

    How can I achieve Metallica's LOAD album tone

    Here is the link to his Load tone Matches. Depending on your FW you may need to adjust a few settings like MV out output. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-preset-exchange/83050-metallica-tonematches-patches-extravaganza-v2-0-a-3.html#post1010812...
  22. deftim13

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    I think Cliff needs to find someone that can make "tubes cooking" scented air fresheners....
  23. deftim13

    T-Shirts Clearance Sale

    Fractal Audio Systems T-Shirt
  24. deftim13

    Headphones&EQ recommendations

    880's are Semi-open reference headphones. 770's are closed back and 990's are an acoustically open headphone.
  25. deftim13

    Kirk Hammett tribute! FW19, factory ML Sound Lab IR's & JC120 tonematch. With Preset!

    Having all of the ML IR's which one are you using for that first sample? Would love to duplicate this. Have the same guitar so this should be fun!
  26. deftim13

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.01 Public Beta (1)

  27. deftim13

    WAH block is on after power on unit with MFC attached.

    Well just upgraded to 19.01 and noticed something odd. Every time I turn my Axe FX on it auto engages the WAH block. This is without an expression pedal hooked up. I disconnect the MFC and power off then back on and it's not engaged. I did not touch anything in the MFC. How do I stop the MFC...
  28. deftim13

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.01 Public Beta (1)

    Awesome. Just gotta remember to find a cab and leave it. I love the process so much that I just cannot help wanting to scroll thru cabs ;-) Enjoy your vacation!
  29. deftim13

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.01 Public Beta (1)

    Updated last night and had a chance to play with it this morning. If you have any dephase on and move to another cab it resets my AxeFx. Updated to .01 this morning and same thing. Better now but if you scroll thru a few cabs quickly it does same thing. I can scroll one cab forward/backward and...
  30. deftim13

    TWO new Cab-Packs!

    What is cab 5 in this sample?
  31. deftim13

    Getting close to that Hevy Devy tone.

    Very close man! Huge Dev fan here myself. Got to meet him at NAMM and had the chance to chat with him for awhile. After a few minutes of being a complete fanboy we talked guitars and gear for a few minutes. I begged him to share his patches again and he said possibly as he is going through a few...
  32. deftim13

    FW19 and Cab Pack 13 Recto riff!

    Mind sharing the guitar track by itself? Would love to hear it soloed. BTW, that track is outstanding.
  33. deftim13

    New Herbie Patch fw19b2 (no drive at all!)

    Damn! What cab are you using for this and how many tracks are you putting down? This is exactly the tone I am looking for.
  34. deftim13

    What guitar stool would you recommend?

    Z-Line makes an awesome task chair. Memory Foam in the seat and it's very comfortable for long sessions. Amazon has them in stock and relatively cheap.
  35. deftim13

    Where can i Re-Download Cab Lab 2?

    Outstanding service. Anyway to get the code for the upgrade resent to my email? I thought I filed it away but I cannot find it. After this thread popped up I finally made the decision to upgrade.
  36. deftim13


    If you have even a .01 older firmware then the person that made the preset it will not work. 18.12 presets will not work on 18.06
  37. deftim13

    Deftones in studio - do I spy a Fractal behind Steph ?

    Looks like he finally got his 8 String Floyd on his Tele. I would kill for that guitar!
  38. deftim13

    Giving credit where its due.....if you ever need help w/ Fractal products

    Had an issue setting up a parameter on my MFC-101. Went over to his website and on his live chat Chris had me setup in under a minute. After fixing my initial issue he walked me thru a couple other potential issues I may have had down the road based on my first issue and walked me thru some...
  39. deftim13

    Drive Block into High Gain amps

    For Younger you may get lucky and find someone that has a keg left. Only on tap though. I miss Hopslam. Use to trade for it a few years ago but my buddy moved so not more for me.
  40. deftim13

    Drive Block into High Gain amps

    Great advise. Btw, love the avatar. Love me some Pliny the Elder. You try the Younger yet?
  41. deftim13

    Metallica Playing Corp. Gig - Is that a rack of Axe-Fx's...

    Second time Metallica has played a gig for one of their party's. Kirks neighbor is the CEO and they are friends. Maybe they got a "friends and family" discount. Best part is one of the stipulations was fan club members had to be able to attend. They gave out a lot of tickets to fan club members.
  42. deftim13

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    Well I am truly sorry for asking. I breezed through several pages looking and figured it would be quicker to just ask. Next time I will just ensure I look through all 30+ pages cause I have a ton of time to spare...
  43. deftim13

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    Downloaded, fired up a Recto and OH MY GOD!!!!! This is mindbogglingly good! Thanks Cliff for making me stay up all night to play and going in to work tomorrow as a zombie.
  44. deftim13

    How about a conclusive 'Plug This There' guide for MFC-Edit please?

    What connection do I use for the MFC Edit software? Currently use a Ethernet cable. Want to be able to use my Mac to edit my MFC functions.
  45. deftim13

    EV-1 Silver in the store

    I am one that likes the Silver much more then the black. Actually thinking about asking if anyone wants to trade...:?
  46. deftim13

    Mark Day Face Peeling FW18 Video

    What song is this? Still cannot believe this is from an iPhone 6.
  47. deftim13


    Loved my first one so much I ordered two more. Two black and one silver.
  48. deftim13

    Axe-Fx II at NAMM

    I was in attendance and was there for this performance. It was awesome seeing this and getting to meet you. Sounded great.
  49. deftim13

    EV-1 Expression Pedal

    Makes that MFC look tiny! Cannot wait for mine now.
  50. deftim13

    Fractal EV-1, excellent expression pedeal, well done design team

    So glad I grabbed a couple of these ( one black one silver). Really looking forward to getting them now after this post!
  51. deftim13

    Cat 6 Ethernet Cable for MFC

    Thank you. Rig is stationary so that should not be an issue as far as flexibility.
  52. deftim13

    Cat 6 Ethernet Cable for MFC

    I just purchased an MFC and went and bought a cable online. I noticed the MFC says Cat 5 cable but I purchased this one: 10 ft Pro Audio Cat 6 Ethernet Black Cable w Neutrik Ethercon RJ45 Plugs | eBay It has Cat 6. Is this going to be an issue? I can cancel this order and order a Cat 5 is...
  53. deftim13

    EV-1 Expression Pedal

    Outstanding. Thanks for the help!
  54. deftim13

    EV-1 Expression Pedal

    So what does the in/out for the volume control do and how do I use that?
  55. deftim13

    EV-1 Expression Pedal

    Couple of questions on this. I ordered a pedal and went ahead and ordered the MFC at same time. Would it be better to hook this into the MFC or straight into axe fx? Can this only be used as expression or volume or can us use both?
  56. deftim13

    Direct to iPhone 6

    What are you using in the Axe-FX to record with? Garageband?
  57. deftim13

    Ownhammer V3 Vector Libraries (Mesa/V30)

    I wish Kevin could just figure out how to auto bill each release, download automatically and just set it up on my Axe Fx for me. Cannot wait to try these out as I have been loving all the Mesa Cab IR's lately.
  58. deftim13

    user Presets that use user cabs

    If it loads 100% blank you are using an older firmware then what the person who made the patch was using. Even if is just a .01 off and the patch will load as blank.
  59. deftim13

    Blank presets fro AxeChange??

    Same thing for me happened a few months ago. Someone posted that you cannot load a patch that was made with a newer firmware to an older version. You have 17.02 and these were made with 17.03. I just tested with 17.02 and they were blank. Upgraded and they are fine and work great. Even though...
  60. deftim13

    I'm producing a Cab Pack for Fractal Audio Systems

    So with Fractals no free-bee rules are you going to have to pay for it still? :?
  61. deftim13

    Guitar with Evertune Bridge

    Thank you! I may hit you up once this guitar lands. I just want to go to a heavier gauge string and need help with setup. Picked up a Washburn Ola Englund 7 string. Excited to see how this thing works!
  62. deftim13

    Guitar with Evertune Bridge

    Thank you! I may hit you up once this guitar lands. I just want to go to a heavier gauge string and need help with setup. Picked up a Washburn Ola Englund 7 string. Excited to see how this thing works!
  63. deftim13

    Metallica with Craig Ferguson for an entire week.

    Best part is they filmed this all in one day. Wish I could have made it(got an invite from Metclub) but work got in they way. "I love and respect Metallica more than anyone out there." With 32 shows under my belt ( including 5 last summer in Europe) I beg to differ. :encouragement:
  64. deftim13

    Guitar with Evertune Bridge

    Anyone here play a guitar with an Evertune bridge? I have a chance to pick up an Ola signature Washburn for well below retail but am not sure about the bridge setup. Love the idea but how hard is it to change string gauges and setup? I have watched all the videos on the site and still am a...
  65. deftim13

    Fractal Store Shipping

    If you leave it on "more carriers" you can use the drop down and select USPS as an option. $6 for first class and $9 for priority shipping to CA.
  66. deftim13

    Headphones problem!!

    I have close to the same issue. It seems that my tone sits almost 75 to 80% to the right. When I use my headphone amp it sits dead center.
  67. deftim13

    New Guitar Day.....

    Can you shoot a couple pictures and show us? That guitar is amazing!
  68. deftim13

    Cooper Carter just released another Axe tut on setting up Performance preset

    Mine was in the file when I downloaded 15.06. It has a folder in it with IR's and the 1x12 is in that folder. It's also in the download for 16.00.
  69. deftim13

    Blue (Mo-Fi) Headphones

    Do you use them in active or passive mode?
  70. deftim13

    High gain, high notes dying

    One thing that pops out at me though as I read the first post is it only happens with this amp. Based on the OP's statement that "They sustain with regular sounds, and other amp models" it seems that he is only having issues with this amp and nothing else. So is it really his guitar or something...
  71. deftim13


    Please post the patch!
  72. deftim13

    Whitechapel, FAS Modern heavy 7 string

    Would love to hear just the isolated guitar. Been looking for a Whitechapel tone match.
  73. deftim13

    Metallica tonematches/patches extravaganza v3.0! (FW15.03)

    I have been jamming the Justice tones for a couple days now. The Blackened is my favorite. Turned on the SAT switch and it is now one of my favorites for just jamming. Odd how much reverb is on some of these tracks but you do not realize how much "room" is mixed into the tones until you listen...
  74. deftim13

    Cab-Lab worth it? Ownhammer

    Well worth the price.
  75. deftim13

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.05 Released

    Just about to head to bed and now this!?!?!?! Another sleepless night for me!
  76. deftim13

    Power conditioner, yes or nay?

    I like the simple one switch on/off function, extra power outlets plus a little extra security "just in case" thing.
  77. deftim13

    5153 Red Sat Switch Issue [NOT A BUG]

    The saturation switch for the 5153 red is the same for Authentic and Ideal. The volume drop stays the same. The other 5153 channels work like they are suppose to.
  78. deftim13

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.03 Released

    Bingo, that worked. I made the mistake of downloading the factory presets trying to fix the issue and forgot to backup my presets though... Guess it's time to start over again. Luckily with the last couple of updates I slimmed down to just a couple amps and only a few patches to meet my needs.
  79. deftim13

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.03 Released

    Since updating pretty much every stock patch is super loud and clips the unit. I updated all presets thru the utility menu with no luck. Anyone else have this issue?
  80. deftim13

    Thoughts on the FW15 rectos?

    Def. did not say tight. Just that "That grainy, sizzle with a nice bite to it." is what I mentioned. I cannot get out of the loose, flubby bass territory without getting to an icepick treble tone. Going to keep trying this weekend and play with a few advanced perimeters.
  81. deftim13

    Thoughts on the FW15 rectos?

    Care to share a patch so I can try it. I still just cannot seem to get a decent sound. Been trying for the last hour. I am using an ESP M-I with an EMG 81. Also use a Fender Jim Root Strat with Emg's.
  82. deftim13

    Thoughts on the FW15 rectos?

    This is the tone I was able to dial in today but cannot get it with the AXE FX. Listen to 3:20. That grainy, sizzle with a nice bite to it. Any suggestions to get this kinda tone out of my unit?
  83. deftim13

    Thoughts on the FW15 rectos?

    Actually just came on here to ask the same question. Listen to the stock patches and they are a weird farty/flubby bassy mess. I cannot dial in a good recto metal tone to save my life. Went to Guitar Center today and played a Triple Rec. and in just a couple minutes had a brutal tone that...
  84. deftim13

    Sat switch thought

    Thank you!
  85. deftim13

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.00 Released

    It seems to me the volume drop when the SAT is engaged is pretty drastic. I know it is what a real amp does but I do not remember it being that much of a volume decrease when engaged on my amps. I have a couple of patches that use scenes where the SAT is on or off depending on how much gain I...
  86. deftim13

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.00 Released

    The SAT now acts like a real amp. It's in the release notes. Not a fan of it myself.
  87. deftim13

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.00 Released

    "If you've made a preset in 15beta then you don't need to do anything. Just load the preset and rock out." Cliff posted this a few pages back.
  88. deftim13

    V9 Cabs, Anyone Use 'Em

    Never use them and please go right ahead and replace them with UR.
  89. deftim13

    Dialing in patches for the Beyer DT 880 Pro 250Ohm

    I have found with the DT880 my patches need a little "room" added to make them sound less sterile. It's in the cab block and I add roughly 15-18% room and it makes my patches come alive. Other then that they are the same as my FRFR.
  90. deftim13

    Palm mute strangness?

    I have started to use a mixer block and blend the amps that way. Try that also.
  91. deftim13

    Why can't the axe sound like this?!

    Layer a few more guitar tracks on, add bass and drums and that would be brutal yek....
  92. deftim13

    Headphone mixer for Axefx..any suggestions?

    I am using the ART Headamp6. You can find one on eBay for under $100. Very transparent and you can do a lot with it.
  93. deftim13

    Headphones usage

    I went through several headphones and once I picked up the DT880 Pro's it was like a whole new world with the Axe FX. Def. recommend you invest in a pair if you are going to use headphones!
  94. deftim13

    Changing input levels in patches

    Not possible but def. has been requested before.
  95. deftim13

    anyone here don't keep their modeling mode at "authentic"

    Grid Modelling? How does it affect your high gain patches?
  96. deftim13

    Purchasing Cab Packs. Why no Pay/pal?

    I would guess fees involved are more then just the credit card fees.
  97. deftim13

    Metallica - Orion - 3 Lead Presets (Tone Matched)

    Very nice! This solo is one of my favorite to play along to. Great job!
  98. deftim13

    FRFR Frustration

    Is an RCF NX12 considered a vocal monitor? I am using an RCF NX12. Is that considered to be flat or does it have a boost like you mention?
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