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    FS FM3 & Voes MX-9- $1300.00

    Bumped down to $1300.00
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    Any word on the FM3 getting the Axe III's Pitch Block?

    I think all of this goes back to the fact that the FM3 should have been designed with the Axe III CPU in a smaller format, but I don't know if that is possible. Kinda like a lower end Camaro or Mustang that has a V6 instead of a V8.
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    WTB Roland SDX-330

    Anyone have a Roland SDX-330 that they would be willing to part with?
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    FS FM3 & Voes MX-9- $1300.00

    For sale is an FM3 with a Voes MX-9 midi controller. Both units are pretty much mint. Voes stuff is great and is pre-programmed to work with Fractal units. Asking $1400.00 via PayPal so both parties are protected and shipping is free to CONUS..
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    Friedman Mini BE

    Yeah, I cannot count how many ToneTalk episodes have been done where they have railed against modeling, and now he has ultimately released a modeling amp lol. I think alot of amp makers' hatred towards modeling comes from some companies making crappy sounding models of their amps without their...
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    How do you rate Axe-Fx 3 effects vs Eventide and other high end stuff?

    I think there are alot of issues with using big refrigerator racks nowadays due to reliability and maintenance of those old units, they cost a fortune now, and you really need to know what you are doing or hire someone like LA Sound, Friedman or Bradshaw to put it all together so it will sound...
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    Tone Match Block

    I wish the FM3 would have the Tone Match block. Is it not in the unit due to CPU restrictions?
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    How do you rate Axe-Fx 3 effects vs Eventide and other high end stuff?

    I think another unit the Axe has done an amazing job at is the MXR-117 Flanger. No other pedal or modeler can touch that EVH flanger sound, but the Axe is the closest I've heard, it's basically 99% there.
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    How do you rate Axe-Fx 3 effects vs Eventide and other high end stuff?

    I think Fractal can pretty much emulate any effect with proper tweaking. The only thing that IMO it can't quite get the full vibe of is the Eventide Micro Pitch algorithm or "detune." But it might can with in-depth tweaking that I don't understand how to do. Like if you hear EVH using that patch...
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    AxeFx III Tri-Chorus vs Dytronics, etc.

    To people who have owned a Dytronics, Songbird, Dyno My Piano, etc., how does the Axe's Stereo Tri Chorus measure up to the real thing?
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    How do you rate Axe-Fx 3 effects vs Eventide and other high end stuff?

    I think Bob Bradshaw said that the Axe's 2290 is identical cause he modeled Edge's Fractal units after his old 2290s cause he ran out of presets, and he said you couldn't tell the difference.
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    TC-1210/TC SCF

    Are there any plans in the to implement a model of the TC 1210 and/or the TC SCF? I think the TC 1210 is probably the best rack chorus ever made because it also had a little bit of flanging going on which made it unique to me. I am assuming if one wanted to get that sound currently, you would...
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    FM3 Scene Changes

    Is there any way to set up scenes in a CPU intensive preset where you have a normal delay in one scene and a multidelay like a circular or pan delay in the other scene? I have a preset that barely has enough CPU and if I add another block, it will overdrive the CPU. I assume channel changes...
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    WTB Voes MX-12 (3x4)

    Anyone have one of these they are wanting to part with? I cannot find them on the used market.
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    FM3 Cab-Lab Issue

    I bought the standalone version of Cab Lab so I can convert Axefx III Tonematch blocks from Fractool into an IR. I had the Lite version and it would let me add in the TMA file, but I could not send it to an IR file because I needed the paid version. But on the paid version, it gives me an...
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    Tonematch Alternatives

    Is there any software that can take an isolated guitar track, EQ match it, like the AxeFx does, with your FM3 tone, convert it into an IR/Syx, then you can import the tonematched IR into the FM3?
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    PCM 42 & TC 1210

    How can I get the PCM 42 delay tone and the TC 1210 chorus sound in the FM3? I don't really know much about the PCM 42 tone, other than it is considered the holy grail of delay along with the 2290.
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    Cygnus Gain

    Isn't the Recto almost identical to an SLO 100 circuit with a crappy power section? Mike Soldano basically disowned Randall Smith over it.
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    WTB FM3

    I am looking for an FM3 around 800 bucks or so. They are available online now, but I'd like to get one for a little cheaper used. The prices on Reverb are ludicrous.
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    Feeling a little frustrated and overwhelmed

    Maybe if you are playing the Wish You Were Here intro on a 12 string lol Funny cause I think the Axe III has a radio static preset.
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    Feeling a little frustrated and overwhelmed

    You need to get the Blue Audio headphones that Cliff recommends. I have them and they sound great with Fractal stuff.
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    FM3 as an interface for a native plugin

    I am trying to use FM3 as an interface for Amplitube 5 native version, but I just hear the clean guitar signal. I have the Fm3 set as the input device and I have tried all the different inputs and outputs.
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    FS Axe-Fx II & MFC-101

    Lowering to 1400 if anyone is interested.
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    Helix Modeling Question

    I was always confused by Pete Thorn because he did a video for the FM3 presets, yet he has used the HX Stomp in 1 or 2 recent videos and I haven't seen him use a Fractal product since. It seems he prefers Helix for some reason.
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    Helix Modeling Question

    How come Line 6, a major company who is owned by Yamaha, cannot make really good amp and effect algorithms like Fractal, which is a smaller company? Seems like with the amount of money that they bring in, their development team would have the tech and resources. The Helix stuff sounds ok, but...
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    Think of it mathematically. USPS revenue mainly comes from the sale of stamps. With all of the paperless billing, etc. nowadays, it is easy to see how they are in the red. They pay employees pretty well, and Amazon is basically robbing them blind. Combine all of that and you have an agency that...
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    I wonder if Amazon is to blame for some of this along with pandemic and Christmas. They are probably totally clogging up the USPS network.
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    New FM ???

    Good point. But they are skeptical and act meh towards some modelers. I wasn't overly impressed with the sound.
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    New FM ???

    Cliff, what's your take on the Quad Cortex? I havent heard many demos of it. Andertons was going crazy over it.
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    FM3 Firmware Version 3.0

    How do you do that though? Lol
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    FM3 Firmware Version 3.0

    I noticed part of the update is fixing TM importing. How do you import a TM into the FM3??
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    FS Axe-Fx II & MFC-101

    Asking 1500 free shipping to lower 48 states only. Doesn't come with original box. Both units are in great shape. Axefx has minor rack rash on the bottom.
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    FS Axe-Fx III

    Sent you PM
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    Tonematch blocks to FM3

    How are people getting their TM blocks over to the FM3? Fractool?
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    Tonematch IR has no sound

    When I use Fractool to convert a TM block into syx it does not have any sound when I put it into the cab block. Any suggestions?
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    Deciding between the FM3 and Axe II

    I actually owned the FM3 a while back but the CPU limits annoyed me and it was kinda buggy and glitchy. And I didnt notice much difference in tone between the II and FM3 since the II has Ares now.
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    2.0 CPU?

    How has the CPU improved with the 2.0 firmware? Does it allow more blocks?
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    FS Helix Native License For Sale

    Selling my Native license for $250.00 if anyone is interested.
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    Deciding between the FM3 and Axe II

    I have an Axe II, but I am considering getting the FM3 due to it being updatable and similar to the III. However, I love the tonematch block on the II and being able to have 2 pitch blocks. Is there some way to replicate TM on the FM3 since it doesn't have that block like a third party software...
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    SOLD Axe-Fx III (Mark I) for Sale

    Sent you PM.
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    FS FM3 w/headphone jack

    FM3 for sale with headphone jack. 1600 obo. https://reverb.com/item/35867385-fractal-audio-fm3-amp-modeler-fx-processor
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    Axe Fx with Reaper Issue

    Sometimes I will use Amplitube for modeling and my Fractal for effects. I am just using Reaper as a DAW to load Amplitube, but I still hear the clean dry direct signal from the Fractal along with sound coming from Amplitube. How do I get rid of the clean signal?
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    Using FM3 in Reaper

    I am just using Reaper as a DAW to load Amplitube, but I still hear the clean dry direct signal along with sound coming from Amplitube. How do I get rid of the clean signal?
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    Using FM3 in Reaper

    How do I use the FM3 as an interface in Reaper with plug-ins?
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    Def Leppard Tone

    Does anyone know what Phil and Vivian are using in their AxeFx presets?
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    LT Sykes Preset wont work on FM3

    Thanks Leon! I will give it a try.
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    LT Sykes Preset wont work on FM3

    I did what you did, but the amps gain is on 10 and it doesnt have hardly any distortion. And the scene with the clean sound is barely audible.
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    LT Sykes Preset wont work on FM3

    Ok, I will try doing that. Maybe its where I converted it to FM3 on Fractool and for whatever reason it won't convert.
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    LT Sykes Preset wont work on FM3

    For some reason, I cannot get the Leon Todd Sykes preset to work on the FM3. I used Fractool and added a cab, and still cannot get any sound out of it. It is the only III preset so far that I can't get to work on the FM3.
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    FM3 sounds like an amp with a blanket on top of it

    No. Running dist pedals in front of the Atomic Amplifire through headphones. Sounds good with the KRK but terrible through the Blue headphones. And its the opposite with the Fractal.
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    EVH Chorus

    To me, the EVH chorus/DC-30 is different than your average chorus. Watch Pete Thorn's video on it. It has this certain "swirl" to it as the notes fade out. It kinda has this flanger, detune thing going on but the same type of detune as the Eventide. The MXR Analog Chorus that Eddie used in the...
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    FM3 sounds like an amp with a blanket on top of it

    What is funny is pedals sound like trash into the Blue headphones, but the Fractal sounds glorious through them, go figure...
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    FM3 sounds like an amp with a blanket on top of it

    Yeah, sounds like garbage with the Axefx. What is odd is they actually sound good when running distortion pedals into them, but the Fractal stuff just doesn't jive with them. What kind would you recommend that doesn't break the bank? I keep hearing Yamahas are good.
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    EVH Chorus

    The EVH chorus pedal. The Diver Down/Pretty Woman chorus.
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    EVH Chorus

    Does anyone know how to emulate the EVH chorus? It is a difficult chorus to emulate as it kinda sounds like detune, but not quite.
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    FM3 sounds like an amp with a blanket on top of it

    I recommend using Blue Audio headphones with Fractal stuff, to me it sounds more clear than my studio monitors. My studio monitors (KRK) are kinda bassy and boomy and it colors the sound too much-makes it sound muffled.
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    Expected wait time for FM3?

    Got my invite on Friday with headphone jack, a year from when I was put on the wait list. I totally forgot I was even on it. Apparently, I was sent an invite for a non-headphone jack unit a while back, but I never got it.
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    Pedalboard advice

    I am thinking about making a pedalboard to play into studio monitors with the Atomic Amplifire for clean sounds and IRs, and use the Boss MS-3 for effects. I want to use distortion pedals for crunch and high gain tones instead of the Amplifire high gain amps. How would I route all of this? The...
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    FS Axe-Fx II MKII for sale

    I have an Axe II for sale, 1300 OBO. https://reverb.com/item/34522525-axefx-ii-mkii https://www.ebay.com/itm/264788179760
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    Custom Tone Matches

    Does anyone do custom tone matching and making specific rigs on the Axe II & III as a paid service? Silent Underground Studio used to do it but he stopped.
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    KRK Rokit w/ Axe III Issue

    Why do the KRK monitors sound so boomy or boxy with the Axefx? When I use my Blue Mofi headphones, it sounds way more balanced and realistic as to what the sound is supposed to do. It seems like the KRK monitors colorize the sound. Is there a way to fix this? I have the monitors on foam pads to...
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    I/O Settings for headphones

    I have a set of Blue Mofis and whats the best I/O settings when using headphones?
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    John Suhr Modded Marshall

    Does anyone know how to set up a Marshall in the Axe to sound like the Aldrich/Reb Beach Marshall mod that Suhr did? I know they used a master volume JMP. I also know that mod is similar to the Suhr SE-100 amp.
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    Zakk Wylde Live & Loud Tonematch

    I have tried to tonematch the tone Zakk had on the Live and Loud album. I basically took the Jcm 800 preset and tweaked it and added the CE-5 chorus and SD-1 overdrive that he used. It may should have went before the amp instead of after it, but try it and let me know what you think! I also...
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    Blue MoFi Headphones

    I just got a set of Blue Mofi cans for 90 bucks. I've read ppl raving about them when it comes to using them for the AxeFx. Will they be way better than the Beats I use?
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    Bob Bradshaw's view on the CAE preamp model

    On a recent episode of ToneTalk, Bob Bradshaw said that the CAE preamp model doesn't sound anything like the real thing. He still praised the Axe-Fx due to the technology and effects, but did not like the CAE preamp. I think it sounds pretty close, but I have never played an original. Do amp...
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    Axe III Presets on the II

    How do you see the settings of each block?
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    Axe III Presets on the II

    Which amp models are on the III that are not on the II?
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    Axe III Presets on the II

    Since you can't put Axe III presets on the II vis Fractool, is there a way to pull up the settings on Axe edit of the preset on the Axe III so you can mirror it on the Axe II?
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    ARES on the II

    Does the Ares modeling on the II sound the same as the III?
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    Axe FX II maintenance tips for a new Axe user?

    How do you take off the rack rash scratches?
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    Axe-Fx II while waiting for the FM3

    I don't really want the AX8 cause it doesn't have ARES. I am in the market for an AxeFx II, preferably an XL if anyone is interested in selling one.
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    WTB Axe II MKii or XL

    I'm looking for an Axe II mkii, preferably an XL in good condition. I live in D.C.
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    Axe-Fx II while waiting for the FM3

    Would it be wise to pick up an Axe II while waiting for the FM3, seeing as how I didn't get on the list till August? Are there huge differences in sound between the II and III firmware.
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    FM3 Now Shipping

    When do we think the FM3 waitlist will level out and we can actually just order from the site? I went on the waitlist in August, so I am not expecting to get an invite until July-September. My 30th birthday is in October, and I can't think of a better gift to myself!
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    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    Would active pickups like EMG or Fluence fix the noise issues?
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    FS Boss GT-10 $200.00/obo

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/264527594424 https://reverb.com/item/29563095-boss-gt-10
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    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    Ive noticed that the only time the noise goes away completely is when I get my HSS strat and put it in position 4 where the middle and neck pickup are together, but it buzzes with every humbucker guitar I have.
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    Boss GT-10 for effects only

    What if I wanna use the Gt-10 for effects with a VST like Bias Amp 2? When I try that you can still hear the clean flat sound coming from the GT-10 and the effects sound doubled.
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    Boss GT-10 for effects only

    I am wanting to use my Atomic Amplifirebox for amp tones only and use my Boss GT-10 for the effects only. How do I set this up? I am going straight into studio monitors.
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    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    I did just do an experiment. I got all the cables I used and got a metal cooking pot and placed it on the router. When I hold the cable close to the router when the metal pot on it the noise is softer but when I touch the pot at the same time as ik holding the cable there's absolutely no noise...
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    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    Would a Wifi router cause alot of EMI if its right beside of my rig? I've noticed if I use my cable to gauge noise, I get a lot of noise when I put it around my router whether its on or off.
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    Axe-Fx III vs Helix

    How does everyone think the UAD amp models compare to Fractal? Ppl like Friedman and Suhr say they are the closest, but of course they are getting paid for having their name on it..lol
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    Axe-Fx III vs Helix

    Sounds to me like the main complaint is the Helix cabs suck. I loved the fact that the III had so many amps on tap, problem is I only used maybe 4 or 5 lol Im an amp-cab-delay kinda guy and maybe will use a pitch detune or chorus while playing clean. Hate using OD pedals & compressors, IMO if I...
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    Axe-Fx III vs Helix

    What do you think the Helix does better?
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    Axe-Fx III vs Helix

    To me, Kemper would be the best if only the eq knobs would function like the amp they are profiling but I assume that's impossible to do since it's a snapshot of an amp and not a model.
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    Axe-Fx III vs Helix

    Yeah I always loved the Fractal. The only thing personally is that I never used 1/10th of the features. The Tone Match feature was great in theory but the results were hit or miss for me. I also never needed to use all these diff channels and I didn't need alot of blocks unless it was for some...
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    Axe-Fx III vs Helix

    I've owned all the of the big modelers, Fractal, Amplifire, Kemper except for the Helix. I got an HX stomp on the way and will try it out. I tried Native but wasn't a fan cause my Presonus USB interface sucks and colored the sound too much. The III has a good interface and I know the HX stomp...
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    Axe-Fx III vs Helix

    As Axe III owners, what are your honest opinions of the Helix, assuming you have played or own both?
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    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    Idk if this would work or not, but what if I put a small metal object between my guitar and the computer and studio monitors? I read on a forum where a guy had this issue and he noticed if he put a metal omelet pan over his pickups, the noise went away. I obviously dont wanna put cookware around...
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    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    Maybe I have bad cables? They are pretty old. And I'm assuming wireless would make even more noise than cables. The only transformer that I know of is the elevator transformer down the hall but it doesn't seem to be noisier if I point it in that direction.
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    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    I noticed if I stand on the other side of the room in a certain spot it kills down the noise. But if I turn it back towards the computer/screen/studio monitors it goes a little crazy. But it's odd because when I turn all of that stuff off there's still noise there. And I noticed if I aim my...
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    FS Amplifire 12 for sale

    $525.00 obo, free shipping https://www.ebay.com/itm/264502426871 https://reverb.com/item/28942758-atomic-amplifire-12
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    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    It's a chainsaw-like buzz. And I'm using multiple guitars. I've noticed my 73 LP Custom doesn't buzz as much but it's still noisy. I am playing in a bedroom with studio monitors and computer. I tried using a wedge in the living room and it wasn't as noisy but there's still a buzz. And I hit the...
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    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    It's not a resistance, I simply don't know what the source is. I live in an old apartment building it could be anything, even something not in my apartment. It's more than likely the elevator transformer closet right near my apartment.
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    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    So there's not a product I can put in between my guitar and rack units that can filter out EMI?
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    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    The gate in the AxeFx doesn't work well it cuts off my notes and sustain and after I hit a note or chord you can still hear the noise. And I have turned off literally every electrical device in my house. My pickup is picking up electrical noise from the air.
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    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    So if I use an ISP decimator to quieten it down, does it go before or after the modeling unit?
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    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    Do high shielded cables like Mogami reduce airborne emi noise that's picked up by the pickup?
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