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  1. dukemcrae

    FM3: play connect your iOS, Android or PC or Mac?

    Can I just extoll the virtues of how frickin great this community is? I've owned Fractal stuff for ...maybe 10 years now? And any question I've ever had has always been politely answered with great detail - thanks guys :-) This makes the product even better than it already is, which...
  2. dukemcrae

    FM3: play connect your iOS, Android or PC or Mac?

    Thank you guys!!
  3. dukemcrae

    FM3: play connect your iOS, Android or PC or Mac?

    Thank you, the manual is not very clear at all about that… So I need a Male lightning to a male USB-b connector - nothing seems available like that...
  4. dukemcrae

    FM3: play connect your iOS, Android or PC or Mac?

    I’m trying to hook up my iPhone to play audio backing tracks through my FM3 I plug-in my iPhone 10, using a lightning cable into the USB-A input on the back of the FM3 I play music on my iPhone, and I can hear through the speakers of my iPhone, but I see no input lights on the FM3, and no sound...
  5. dukemcrae

    Isolated Guitar Tracks. Your favourite + Source?

    Hey! I will try and find the hard drive I had all the files on for you!
  6. dukemcrae

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Nice Rack is the most professional organization I've dealt with - they've built all of my racks and boards, and I feel like a Rockstar when I look at how they've set them up.....kudos to them.
  7. dukemcrae

    FS RCF NX 12-SMA Active Coaxial Stage Monitor Speakers & Protective Covers

    Hey! Toronto here... Any pictures? if it's easier, email them to dukemcrae@yahoo.com
  8. dukemcrae

    Panel feed through 7-pin midi socket

    which company/where did you find the jacks?
  9. dukemcrae

    Compact/Low profile XLR cable?

    I've also thought of this, and had a few occasions where someone drunk has stepped on a cable close to the board end - and this is my thought, as of yet to actually do it: I have my MFC101 mounted on a pedaltrain board and i've thought of making all the connections underneath the board, so the...
  10. dukemcrae

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    Looks awesome!!
  11. dukemcrae

    FX8 Preset Master List

    On that note, Yek, Thank you for all for your contributions - I don't contribute much, but i've always read and appreciated your responses and details for everyone....
  12. dukemcrae

    Joe Bonamassa Drive presets

    really nicely done!
  13. dukemcrae

    Wah-wah settings

    There definitely is a way of doing this - I'm away from home and can look it up later - but look for "auto-engage" I think this may be it: The Control (= sweep) parameter in the Wah block is attached to a controller. Go to that parameter and presss Enter. The "modifier" menu will open. Go to...
  14. dukemcrae

    The Cars - "Let's Go" Cover

    really great!!!
  15. dukemcrae

    Post Your Rig!

    Lovely setups!!! What’s in the upper left corner of the AX8 board?
  16. dukemcrae

    Controlling External Devices With MFC101

    Thank you Unix-Guy - You are very polite and extremely helpful in my humble opinion, and I have read many of your helpful posts. I read this post/Original question with mild excitement as i'd like to use my MFC-101>Axe FXII to control my TC-Helicon Voicelive rack as I have them both on the same...
  17. dukemcrae

    STP's Plush

    well done!
  18. dukemcrae

    Axe-Fx Looper & Beatbuddy? (MIDI Sync)

    I have both and only recently hooked up the Beat Buddy to my VoiceLive 3 as a first step for a few acoustic gigs, but plan on setting up my AxeFXII and the beat buddy for a WAY better sounding setup...
  19. dukemcrae

    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    Best comment ever!
  20. dukemcrae

    Fractal Facebook page

    I'm on all the Fractal Facebook groups/pages, and I've found that a lot of the people that are on there (not the majority) are non-fractal owners that do seem to be there to bash the system, and that's fine if that's their prerogative, but I do enjoy calling them out, and when they are moaning...
  21. dukemcrae

    Is it me or is the Axe fx 3 aesthetically unpleasing?

    I will buy it anyway, but I wish less face space was devoted to the level meters, and more to the screen ( I wouldve liked to have seen half of the faceplate as a screen), but i'm thankful that Cliff and team made it at all!! I jsut go with the fact that they know best, and also, they've made a...
  22. dukemcrae

    Who's Planning To "Eventually" Move Up To The III?

    I'm selling a kidney and my first born to get one - and will keep my FX8 for 'amp' gigs, but will sell my Axe Fx II to fund the III
  23. dukemcrae

    Keith Urban Tribute. Wow.

    he's an amazing performer, singer and player, and from all accounts, a heckuva nice guy!
  24. dukemcrae

    Pretending by Eric Clapton

    Being in a Clapton Band, ( shameless plug: www.foreverman.band and www.facebook.com/foreverman ) I’d love to figure this out as well!
  25. dukemcrae

    Yorkville FRFR speakers - Made in Canada and bulletproof - some good info

    I’ve used their stuff for years, and I’ve been using two Yorkville Elite e10P speakers with my Axe FX II for years now. They are absolutely fantastic, and even though they’re are only 10” woofers, they have tons of bass, and they are bulletproof - they’ve been dropped, and dragged through every...
  26. dukemcrae

    New FX8 user + block question

    Thanks Joe - This Forum is awesome. I was just looking for this in the manual as well.
  27. dukemcrae

    Any Neil Young Fans?

    A good friend lives in Omeemee, she's going to go, and I plan on driving up from Toronto early friday to see if I can get in as well!
  28. dukemcrae

    External midi footswitch recomendations.

    You could also look at the Morningstar MC-6 - I have one, and love the thing. https://www.morningstarfx.com/
  29. dukemcrae

    What type of FX8 rig are you running?

    FX8 (4 cable method) into my Fender Princeton Recording Amp - absolutely love it. Being able to get the lovely fender cleans, and all the lovely effects from the FX8 is amazing. It's my small gig/small jam rig - otherwise I bring my AxeFXii big rig
  30. dukemcrae

    Glo-Riser pics

    This is great! what size/model Temple board is that?
  31. dukemcrae

    RIP Gord Downie ... The Tragically Hip

    A few things to add: A quote I saw about Gord - "The Lead Singer Of Canada Has Died" - that sums it up. When The Hip played their final concert in Kingston, the CBC played the whole concert with no ads. That amazed me, and I can't imagine any country in the world that would do that - no...
  32. dukemcrae

    Small MIDI Controller

    This. Best little midi pedal I was able to find. Midi phantom powerable, and crazy programmable.
  33. dukemcrae

    Newbie irritated by RCF Art 712-A MK IV

    hey Guitbasstarrist, I have the RCF NX10SMA: http://www.rcf.it/en_US/products/pro-speaker-systems/nx-series/nx-10-sma and it's a higher end model, but still RCF, and originally I did find my speaker a little bassy, ( which I was amazed, for a 10" woofer), but I adjusted the global EQ on my...
  34. dukemcrae

    FX8 and small amp with no FX loop questions

    I ended up buying one, and it's amazing - fender cleans, and an effects loop to boot....love it with the FX8
  35. dukemcrae

    My Axe-centric studio room

    hey Chewie5150 and fellow Canuck! Nice setup! Question for you - i've got an MC6, currently use it to control my TC Helicon Voicelive pro, but was thinking of using it to make a mini-pedalboard to control the AxeFX, for rehearsals or small gigs where I don't want to bring out my MFC101 with 2...
  36. dukemcrae

    The Cars - Live on Fallon

    Absolutely frickin LOVE The Cars....
  37. dukemcrae

    FX8 and small amp with no FX loop questions

    The fender Princeton recording amp looks to be a perfect fit, lovely tones from a high-end fender amp, and an effects loop....
  38. dukemcrae

    Post Your Rig!

    Holy shitballs I love this. Well done, Yek!
  39. dukemcrae

    Where can I learn more about IEM's?

    I set my rig up with a little mixer, so I have my vocals and my axe FX on 2 channels, in stereo, and another feed from the FOH , preferably without my vocals or guitars. Then I can control how much of me get, and now that I'm used to it, I absolutely love it. I use the Shure ULXD4 wireless for...
  40. dukemcrae

    an advise ......for FR/FR

    Just to chime in...... I also have the RCF, only I have the NX10SMA, and absolutely love them!!! They sound perfect at any level! I've compared it with the NX12, and they seemed very equal to me, great at low volume, loud volume, and more bass than I'd ever need if I dial them up that way.....
  41. dukemcrae

    Cheap Sunglasses - ZZ Top Cover

    Great job, love the different sounds and tones throughout!
  42. dukemcrae

    VIDEO ADDED -- Feel Your Love Tonight

    Holy shitballs, that was great! Well done!
  43. dukemcrae

    What wireless system do YOU use?

    Same here - I love love love the battery life of the lithium units, I've never had one even come close to going dry on me. I now have 2 ULXD4 half rack units in my rack - one for my mic, one for my guitar ( and one PSM300 for IEM, using the same batteries!) Never had any signal issues at all...
  44. dukemcrae

    Lighting at the back of rack

    I love this - I tried to find them in North America with no luck though.......
  45. dukemcrae

    Wish Preset exchange

    I second this suggestion....
  46. dukemcrae

    Does the mixer matter? Do all mixer produce the same sound quality?

    This x 1,000,000. Always. Turn down, protect your hearing. Thank you, Yek.
  47. dukemcrae

    No more stomp box....Fractal Audio FX8

    You guys will love it! I replaced my boss pedal board and I've never looked back…
  48. dukemcrae

    Trailertrash Pedalboard Arrived Today

    Looks awesome - how much was it?
  49. dukemcrae

    Love the FX8 - and why I didn't buy one (at least not yet)

    Hi Mark, what I found I did was to buy the FX8, and just figure out the basic stuff - literally how to plug it in (using 4cm) with my amps. I did have the advantage of owning an AxeFX first, but the process was the same. - once I plugged in, I just started to play. tried out all the presets...
  50. dukemcrae

    Anyone else using a pedaltrain 1?

    That's why I actually mounted my MFC-101 on the underside of the Pedaltrain - I didn't need the height or angle that the Pedaltrain offered, and I find having the back of the pedaltrain's 'leg' blocks the back of the MFC, it works as protection against drunks stepping on my cables!
  51. dukemcrae

    Front Input vs Rear Input

    I use a wireless (Shure ULXD4), and plug into the front, only in case the wireless were ever to go down, I can plug a cable in immediately and keep going. I keep a cable on top of my rack at every gig.....even though I've never had to use it. Originally I A/B'd the front and back and heard no...
  52. dukemcrae

    Need a backup

    This. Best answer.
  53. dukemcrae

    Need a backup

    ??? They ship worldwide.........
  54. dukemcrae

    Need a backup

    this- and it's small: http://www.morningstarfx.com/
  55. dukemcrae

    Buying new FRFR for myself for Xmas. Plz help me decide

    I say go forth and conquer!
  56. dukemcrae

    Buying new FRFR for myself for Xmas. Plz help me decide

    I second this message!
  57. dukemcrae

    Let's Talk Cover Band Setups!

    One of my bands, I run an Eric Clapton tribute band ( http://foreverman.strikingly.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/forevermanband/ ) , and while I was originally using Strats and aiming to use the correct amps - old tweeds, Soldanos for the 80's sounds, I started to have more fun just using...
  58. dukemcrae

    Is MFC101 done with upgrades?

    I think there may be more software upgrades for it, but I don't know for certain. I do know that FAS has been coming out with other products, so their focus needs to be on other items as well.....and of course would be prioritized by the needs of each of those products. fingers crossed there...
  59. dukemcrae

    Is there a detailed list of presets for the fx8

    You're correct Fatjac - thank you... So, OP is correct - there is no detailed listing of the effects in each preset...but perhaps he/we can make one. I don't know of a way of exporting the info from Axe-Edit, but maybe there is a way?
  60. dukemcrae

    Is there a detailed list of presets for the fx8

    And the wiki has this: http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=FX8_factory_presets
  61. dukemcrae

    Is there a detailed list of presets for the fx8

    And, in the meantime, I used the search function and found the list I based mine on, from the amazingly awesome Cooper Carter: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fx8-preset-master-list.103584/
  62. dukemcrae

    Piezo/Acoustic preset and video

    Well done! Sounds lovely!
  63. dukemcrae

    Is there a detailed list of presets for the fx8

    There is a list, I was able to find it, I'll forward it/paste it here later on/when I have a chance, I have it saved on my laptop. I've put it into an excel spreadsheet.
  64. dukemcrae

    Yorkville NS10C?

    I have 2 yorkville e10p's and a single RCF NX-10sma, and I always find I have to dial back the bass on them. I tried a pair of the nx10c's and loved them! They're half the price of my e10p's, but still loud and sound great. I may buy 2 to use if I feel like carrying a smaller speaker,( or...
  65. dukemcrae

    Atomic CLR - can't buy one

    i'd also suggest looking at/getting RCF - I use NX 10-SMA and love it.....and easily available in Canada, and super high end sound.
  66. dukemcrae

    WISH: Simplification

    I'd be a fan of this as well - there are times when I do wish to tweak the fine crazy details of Axe Edit, but most of (99.9%) the time, I just wish to do the simplest changes.
  67. dukemcrae


    you'll love it, I have an Axe FX and an FX8. love these things.....
  68. dukemcrae

    tube amp experts care to chime in?

    I always turn my Axe FX on at least one hour before my gig to let the tube amp sims warm up via a computer algorithm designed to closely replicate the warmth, sound and feeling of a tube amp warming up. ;-)
  69. dukemcrae

    Confused On Cables

    Hey! congrats on the purchase! Regular XLR cables work wonderfully - you'll only need one to connect the Axe FX and MFC....
  70. dukemcrae

    What's So Great About Stereo?

    I was looking at these the other day, also looking at the JC-20, are you happy with yours and how it sounds with your AX8?
  71. dukemcrae

    “What is and what should never be” - Live at the Hard Rock Cafe Toronto

    Axe FX direct into the house because I forgot my fancy-ass powercon connector for my RCF monitor, but that didn't matter, just asked for more me in the monitor... Wasnt really rehearsed, so it was a bit sloppy for my liking, but I love my Fractal so much, I thought I should post it. I messed...
  72. dukemcrae

    Humbuster confusion in fx8 manual

    Just had the same question as well in regards to which end goes to the FX8, TRS or the blue TS. on the fractal page selling the humbuster cables, it says: '.....the black end (TRS) to connect to the Humbuster output of your Fractal product and the blue end (TS) for your amp or other device"...
  73. dukemcrae

    Best wheeled case for Axe FX 2?

    http://i.imgur.com/iWF9Uni.jpg My rack has more than you say you're using in yours, but just to show you it.
  74. dukemcrae

    Best wheeled case for Axe FX 2?

    I use the Roto Rack series - and love it - VERY secure: http://www.skbcases.com/music/products/prodlist.php?f=&o=&c=117&s=80&limit=10
  75. dukemcrae

    To Tube or Not to Tube With an FX8...

    Hey Philipacamaniac, I have a new FX8 and 2 blues juniors, but they don't have fx loops, and when I test the FX8 with the 4cm method on amps that DO have fx loops, they sound much, much better. Are you aware of a mod to them that would allow an fx loop? If not - which mods do you find worthwhile...
  76. dukemcrae

    4 Button MIDI pedal programmable ?

    I'd vote for the http://www.morningstarfx.com/ option, they are great products and great people to work with!
  77. dukemcrae

    Has the Axe FX peaked?

    Much like the iPhone and many tech products that come out, at first there are leaps and bounds, then subtle refinements, but still, we'll always have improvements. If the AxeFX is like the iPhone, will they get rid of the headphone jack in the AxeFX? ;-) It's still the greatest piece of...
  78. dukemcrae

    AX8 in a mall???

    Great job!!! Would've loved to have heard the solo as well!
  79. dukemcrae

    Post Your Rig!

    This brings tears to my eyes it's so frickin clean and perfect......
  80. dukemcrae


    I had never heard of this guitar amp before! Very cool!
  81. dukemcrae

    Fractal vs. Helix: Let the comparisons begin! (Video series)

    It makes me smile to see someone compare two products on one of the products fan base home forum, and everyone is giving him praise - very nice to see! Great video, by the way!
  82. dukemcrae

    Splitting guitar signal AB/Y advice needed.

    Hey Rexx, I commented on Facebook as well - I just remembered I have a Boss splitter pedal you could try as well.
  83. dukemcrae

    Looking for suggestions on a piezo-equipped electric

    Thank you for all of the excellent suggestions – I might look at a new music man, but I'm going to go try all of these at my local guitar store first! You guys are the best!
  84. dukemcrae

    Looking for suggestions on a piezo-equipped electric

    As the title suggests, I'm looking to take advantage of the great acoustic patches on my rig, without having to change to an acoustic guitar in the middle of my set. I currently play an Ernie Ball MusicMan BFR Silhouette as my main guitar, and it is set up with two humbuckers and a single coil...
  85. dukemcrae

    Les Paul blues noodle

    Well done!!!!! Great playing Cainer!
  86. dukemcrae

    Anyone else using a pedaltrain 1?

    I found the same issue with my hard case, so I installed my MFC and in my case, two volume pedals, on the underside of the pedal train board. I didn't need the height or angle, just somewhere to mount the pedals. You can kinda see it here, the pedaltrain board is upside down:
  87. dukemcrae

    Great idea for used acoustic strings!

    This is a great idea. When I was in Madagascar about a decade ago, I was in the airport leaving after my trip, and carrying my guitar. I was approached by a very poor looking man, and as I was getting ready for him to ask for any spare change, he asked if I had any spare strings. He played...
  88. dukemcrae

    IEM Systems-What do you use/recommend?

    I got the Shure PSM300 because I called Shure Canada, and the sales rep said it had the same frequency response as the PSM900, at a much lower cost. I got the 'better version' with the metal recover case. Came with Shure SE215's, and I love them. One thing that led me to getting the PSM300's...
  89. dukemcrae

    FRFR as a backline, does stereo setup make sense

    Also used one for years, and even though I've been 100% fractal/direct for years now, I still keep that mic for when I have other guys with tube amps play a show with me......
  90. dukemcrae

    How do you take care of your Axe-Fx in the best way?

    Personally, I wouldn't vacuum the vents, but I do take a can of compressed air to the unit.....
  91. dukemcrae

    Blown Away

    Cooper Carter's stuff is great, Also check any and all of Chris from katsukuri media's vid's as well, he's another great resource!
  92. dukemcrae

    Matrix + Atomic CLR passive?

    I'd like to know this as well, I am always trying to make my stage setup neater, and if I can run one cable to a speaker instead of two cables (one power and one XLR), that would make things much neater and easier. Is there a sound trade off?
  93. dukemcrae

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    Ditto here - I'm selling my Mission pedals if anyone wants them, I do prefer the Boss, and one day will get the Fractal ones _ they are great as well....
  94. dukemcrae

    I am having trouble deciding on a MIDI foot controller for AXE FX 2

    this. yup. fully agreed. I've tried the Midi Mate, the Midi mouse, fcb1010 and MFC, and LOVE the MFC.
  95. dukemcrae

    Axe Fx II mkII with an acoustic

    what presets did you use KSPeace?
  96. dukemcrae

    Axe Fx II mkII with an acoustic

    it's on my list of things to set up and try!
  97. dukemcrae

    Mini/Micro FRFR - Are one of these the best option? Others?

    they really are - and for the price, they're a great little speaker!!
  98. dukemcrae

    Mini/Micro FRFR - Are one of these the best option? Others?

    http://yorkville.com/loudspeakers/nx/product/nx10c/ 25 lbs, and they sound great...
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