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    Can someone help with dotted eighth notes?

    for U2 sounds, detail explanation on FX, ... I just can highly recommand the great tuturials from Michael http://www.u2guitartutorials.com/ you will find an answer to ALL of your question there. Nothing less to say. The rest is only linked to your own talent as a player.
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    Staying positive / calm? (during a pandemic)

    I leave in an area in france (alsace) where we are in the middle of the storm. I just can say that it is scary. some people say it is about the same thing as the seasonal Influenza. I would like to share this opinion, but it is very difficult to do so. Some working colleague of mine are in...
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    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    I am located in the east of france, near the town of Mulhouse were all began for us here in france. I personally hope that i am not infected yet. At least my family and I have no symtoms at all, and we carefully respect the french quarantaine. I just only can say that the situation is really...
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    Is there an easy way get the tones needed for “With or Without You” (U2)

    Fremen has an Ebow patch too. pretty convincing.
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    Discussion en français !

    Epiphone les paul custom (white) Gibson les paul studio goldtop avec P90 Squier mexico 70 (grosse tête de manche) Epiphone by gibson S400 (stratocaser ; ma premiere guitare) Ibanez AF125 archtop (jazz)
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    Discussion en français !

    Salut à tous. Je ne suis pas un pro comme certains ici, mais je possède un axe FX II depuis de nombreuses années. Je mettrais ce thread en favoris et surveillerai s'il se passe quelques chose , ou si je peux aider quelqu'un qui a des soucis! Sympa de discuter un peu en français ;) 🍻 Je joue...
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    So, convince me to sell my Kemper...

    Sorry, it is not what i wanted to explain. Kemper is known for profiling. If our friend has already profiles he loves, why not to stay with the kemper ?. I suppose that kemper can mimic pretty well real amps if profile is well done. I just was trying to explain that in my opinion (and i don't...
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    So, convince me to sell my Kemper...

    Axe FX makes the difference with routing, flexibility and FX. (if we may consider that kemper is as able as axe FX to simulate amps ) If you are only using a guitar straight into an amp, the question remains open ? Keep if possible your kemper and purchase an axe fX.
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    New modeler from Strymon

    to come back on strymon iridium (I don't know one myself), I can sse here plenty of example which would do the job on a small venue. To illustrate what i was saying above. https://www.youtube.com/user/chuddgriffin/videos A lot has to do with the player and his capacities to use the gear at...
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    New modeler from Strymon

    i love my axe fx as all of us, but honestly this kind of small modeler in pedal form and a sturdy multi FX like line 6 M9 or a compact pedal board (I let you choose) makes the job perfectly for playing in small venues and/or at home. Of course all all-in-one floor modelers are making the job...
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    Jazz Tone & Preset

    I gave a look at your presets. Very nice presets. Unfortunately I could not succed in converting your jazz preset from Axe III for the axe II with fractool, but it is not so important . Thanks a lot again for sharing the other ones ;)
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    Bug? The Axe Fx II midi-ports do not work in REAPER

    You are perfectly right. The midi thru doesn't work (I am not a midi specialist enough to confirm the opposite) I didn't understand that aspect well in your first post . What I explained is that you can perfectly have midi dialog Axe FX II / Reaper (scene or preset change) by using a midi...
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    Jazz Tone & Preset

    Just great. Thanks a lot for sharing. I will look carefully at that.
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    Jazz Tone & Preset

    Thanks . I have seen it. My question was more if you have directlt an Axe FX II preset available. I will convert this preset for Axe FX II with fractool then. I just hope it will work .
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    Bug? The Axe Fx II midi-ports do not work in REAPER

    Well, not sure what to answer, because i am not a specialist, but I can assure that i have done many classic midi things within reaper + Axe FX II and my midi foot controller Voes MC10 I mean: Scene / preset change (need a midi track on reaper project) Start / stop play along files (need an...
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    Jazz Tone & Preset

    It is just a brilliant tone and of course playing . congratulations ! do you have maybe an Axe FX II preset to share ? (Or I will try to convert it )
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    Windows 10 Sucks!

    As i said, she has now a macbook pro which upgrade without any problem. I am happy that OS update will be available for free in the future both for mac and windows environment.
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    Windows 10 Sucks!

    Very difficult for me to explain in english the all thing. (french) It is not just imovie, but also other software. As I said, i don't think it happens with the current Mac OS. It happened some years (period Tiger and follower) if I remember well (not a all specialist of Mac OS names). But at...
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    Windows 10 Sucks!

    Sorry for the misunderstood (if any) My wife had several MacBook pro. At the exception of the last one (two years old), she always encountered very annoying problems with the mac. With the time, many of the standard software from the computer doesn't work anymore. for example imovie, …. (I...
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    Windows 10 Sucks!

    I have windows 10 on my laptop and gaming PC. My wife has a macbook pro. I personally prefer Windows environment. Mac is a great laptop too, but I am a windows guy. Maybe a question of habits too. apple environment is just to closed for me. Not being able to use some software because a new...
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    Tragedy in Paris

    It may be probably rebuilt in 5 years with modern architecture, but I doubt about it. If I would be president, I will take the opportunity to demonstrate to the rest of the world the french "savoir faire" of carpenters etc... This is really available here in france, but it is unfortunately...
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    Tragedy in Paris

    As a french guy myself, I felt sad to look at that live on TV yesterday evening. A nice piece of history have gone. Important is that nobody has been killed. It already happened in the past . Reims Cathedral roof, Luneville castle, parlement de Bretagne Castle, ....First and second world war...
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    Very different sound with headphones vs monitors

    Playing with headphone can (in my opinion) not be exactly the same as playing with studio monitors and/or real cab. But modelers sounds great with headphones too. It is great to practice, for ambient music with reverbs, delay, .....We get the "special" FX very well. I have no problem to use...
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    Tone versus Feel. The real amp in the room.

    Very interesting thread (not the first one on the subject, but always interesting) I will not explain again which have been explained really well. My own experience (and nothing else) I play at home (in a room :D) with backtracks, and i have both studio monitors (8 inch coaxial speakers) and...
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    Looper best practices

    Axe FX II had already half speed looper
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    Quality of everything is getting worse

    (out of topic) The alfa romeo giulia is (in my opinion) the sexiest car avalaible in europe. the stelvio is a great looking car too. Maybe not built as a german car (i own a mercedes), but look a moment at these curves ! (and look at the prices of german cars. They can for sure be well built !)...
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    Quality of everything is getting worse

    I agree on the sentence Quality of everything is getting worse Other said, it is not only the quality, but also the features added to the product which make them less reliable. (electronics, connectivity, ...) Plus the trend to release a new model every 6 months. Plus the lack of competencies...
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    Pro tabs of U2 songs

    Thanks a lot again. This is a precious work. I have to mention here that my comment was made before I have a look at the guitar pro themselves. I don't own guitar pro and I have just read your tab + videos. Finally, I have searched and installed tuxguitar and I could read the guitar pro...
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    Ares FW update. Honestly can't tell any actual difference.

    I don't always see a big difference after a new firmware, especially when there is a new one every week ! In the last one, there for sure something different with the vox. I will say that the axe fx is a little like a child, if i can make such a comparison. I don't see daily changes with my...
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    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    Thanks a lot for all of these improvments during many years. I could yet dedicate my (unfortunately) limited guitar time to fine tune my preset with this final firmware. I am sure that at the end will sound better as ever.
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    Pro tabs of U2 songs

    A big thank you for this awesome tab (not forgetting the Backtracks too !) Just a question regarding the backtracks. It is not very easy to know exactly when to start playing. Immediatly, ? After one measure ? It could be maybe useful to had some kind of count at the beginning, with an other...
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    Good time or terrible time to buy Axe-Fx II?

    If you like upgrading firmware every week for the next five years, go with the Axe III Joke ! Of course the Axe FX III is a beast and better and ......If you can, go for it. I personally have a axe FX II mark 2. I don't imagine replacing it , even in dreams, even for the Axe FX III. It...
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    LES VIDEOS DU LUNDI - AX8 - (Monday's Videos)

    Thanks Nicolas ! (merci aussi pour le fantastique service de G66.eu)
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    I use studio monitors all the time

    thanks for your comment. I am personally not a specialist of loud and loudness. For a guy like me with a normal family life, very loud is when your own wife is ready to call the police to organise some admission into a psychiatric clinic. Intended that with 102 db you are already destroying...
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    I use studio monitors all the time

    I use these one https://www.fluidaudio.com/products/fx8.html I have always been happy with them, and I only play with them at home. I am really surprised not to see more reviews and/or people using them with their Axe FX II or other modeler They sound great in my opinion, they are pretty cheap...
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    Open Sourced Axe-Fx 2

    I suppose that if there has been possibility to further devellop the Axe FX II, it would have been done by fractal directly. An AXE FX II is a combination of software and hardware. Open source is a nice thing . It breaks monopoles, it allow genious people to bring software at some level they...
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    The infamous "amp in the room" vs FRFR discussion

    I also think that the clip#1 blows away the clip#2 But I understand what Michael want to say. clip#1 is a "High fidelity" clip. It is per definition what we can have in a CD album, or say what the Edge would have put on a release track. It is the result of a real amp captured with a mic ...
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    Axe FX II with Tech21 power engine 60

    Thanks for your answer. between my initial post and your answer, I could make some tests by myself, and I am happy so far. - Tech21 power engine + Joyo American in front (clone of Tech21 Blonde ; simulate fender type amps fr direct recording) in front It sounds nice. Powerful . Very easy to...
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    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Thanks a lot to the Fractal audio team. I am plenty satisfied with my Axe FX II for my needs. With this last firmware, I know that I will have something fully mature, which will work and sound great for years. Maybe not as an AXE FX III, but great. I also know that I will don't have to take...
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    Axe FX II with Tech21 power engine 60

    Hi everybody. I had the opportunity to pick up a second hand tech21 power engine for cheap yesterday . As it is like brand new and it was in my village, I decided to purchase it , even if I don't really need it. Very nice built, looks great, not to big and heavy. I am a bedroom player. I play...
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    What aftermarket MIDI controller are you using?

    I use a Voes MC-10 (Axe FX II).
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    U2 - “Zooropa 360” Clip

    In my opinion, it sounds really good Toopy. Maybe the playing is not 100% like the Edge, but who really cares ? For you to compare, my own attempt. I should manage to complete learning the song (I also use an auto-wah, just because I don't have an expression pedal myself) I remember...
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    Voes MIDI Controller anyone?

    I own a voes 10 buttons. Perfect for my axe fx ii. The editor is pretty easy to use, two function are assignable per button (long press) I personally have 4 buttons for presets, 4 buttons for scene, and two buttons for bank up/down (+/= 4 presets). Very easy. Preset names can be recovered...
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    Best u2 Pride I have heard

    VIC can not sound bad. I love how it sounds. Just fantastic
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    Alternative Foot Controller

    I have a Voes MC10. It makes all that I need, and even more (programmable with an editor) It is also very compact. If you don't need bidirectional midi, it is a great little midi controller (you can import the Axe FX II preset name in just a few seconds.) http://www.voes.be/
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    Amp in a Room vs Studio Recorded Tones

    I took me a lot of time to clearly understand this. I use monitors (also FRFR) With the current state of amp models, it is now virtually possible to load an amp, let everything default, then you just have to load IR's and cab (even from other amps) until it sounds good to you. It is difficult...
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    Amp in a Room vs Studio Recorded Tones

    Very good summary. Honestly, I had the opportunity to stay in a room with guys playing in different system (U2guitartutorials forum meeting) Real amp with pedals Amp modeler in real amp Axe FX + FOH HD500 + FOH PC rig with VST + FOH ... When the guy know what to do with his rig, and of...
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    Why are there so many d*ckheads on Facebook?

    I have never been on facebook, twitter, snapchat, what's app, linkedin, ..... Maybe it is because I am 51 and I don't grow up with such thing. I didn't really see the point of it. I prefer by far forums where I can share my view on focused things that I am interested in. And just that. I can...
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    Headphones vs Monitors

    If your are not obsessed with sounding like an "amp in the room", playing with headphone is a great solution. It is also a great solution for your family :D It may depends on the type of music too. But ambient music, things with lots of effects , delays, reverb, ....backtracks, stereo I play...
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    What do you use for backup if AX8 dies at gig?

    I am not at all in the position to need backup, because I only play at home :D, but if I was in this situation, i will pick up a second hand pod HD500 or something like that. I have used one before my Axe FX II, and I have been very happy with it. It has not the same power and features, but it...
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    Amazing Grace

    Beautiful. I am sure that your cousin appreciate that from where he is now. It is a great gesture from you. I will play the melody thinking of him once at home. 44 is just to young to die.
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    Class D amps

    I should check that (just curious, because I am plenty satasfied with my monitors in my music room). Thanks for the answer. I have a nice stereo amplifier + colum speakers I don't use often anymore (nice quality, just that they are not my main hifi system ) It costs nothing to try, and it will...
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    Class D amps

    Interesting to give it a try, just because of the cheap price (no risk). For those who want something ready, there is of course the all-in-one version, which is also very cheap but for home use only, just one question. What is the difference with using an old HIFI amplifier. ? (I have one...
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    5" vs 6.5" vs 8" monitor?

    you can also buy a passive cab + poweramp and plug in the Axe FX if you want to have a real speaker sound in your room. Plenty of possibilities at all prices, depending of course on the cab / speaker quality / poweramp quality. With a 2x12 passive, you can even run stereo effect, which is...
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    5" vs 6.5" vs 8" monitor?

    If you want your sound as close as real amp + cab in your room, you can go with a 10" or 12" FRFR on the ground (a lot of real amps have 10" speakers). You can also use a real cab + power amp with the axe FX II (and power soak if you want to reduce the volume like some people do using real...
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    How Long Until III’s Amp Modeling Definitively Surpasses the II?

    I precise a little more. I suppose that if we could all plug into the same cab (wood, dimension, construction) + speaker as the "real thing" everytime that we change amp model, it would be very difficult to make any difference with the original amp. The amp simulation is probably already pretty...
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    How Long Until III’s Amp Modeling Definitively Surpasses the II?

    The question is about how close the AXE FX II was already from the "real thing". Everytime that there is a new firmware release, it seems that all is fantastic, great, and that it could not be better. Then there is A/B video and comparison to explain that. Also, I suppose that the Axe FX II is...
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    My latest template for worship presets

    I just spend one hour testing your preset, looking at the same time at your video . It is just awesome ! I have an Axe FX Mark II, and after conversion with Fractool the preset came with a wrong amp . Bassman instead of AC20. But it doesn't matter. I changed that, just put on an IR I like, and...
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    Is it me or is the Axe fx 3 aesthetically unpleasing?

    The Axe FX III is a fractal product, and it looks like a fractal product. This is a question of personal preferences, but Fractal audio decided to keep on going with the same type of design/layout. This is their own marketing choice. They could have put out a brand new design identity, but...
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    My latest template for worship presets

    Very interesting video. It sounds wonderful for mayn types of music. And of course, as a U2 fan, I can ignore such a template with an sdd , two "vox" type amps in parrallel, two memory man delays with dotted 8th and 8th in parallel, and some kind of shimmer. ;) I will be very happy to give it...
  61. M

    Is a power conditioner really necessary with axfx?

    I have a cheap furman for my (small) rack, just because I just want to switch Axe FX / computer / etc.. with just one button. Plus I don't like the idea to use everyday the small switch button on the Axe II itself.
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    New FX Downloaded to AX8 but no sound

    Or you downloaded a preset for AXE FX II. In this case, you have to convert it with fractool.
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    Only 2 Amps?

    As an idiot playing alone at home, I didn't ever considered that some people wanted to plug more than one guitar or bass at a time into the Axe FX. Because of that, I didn't really understood the point of having 4 amps available. For me alone , two amps have always been enough :D
  64. M

    FC12 will be compatible with Axe Fx II mk I?

    I have this one. Voes MC10 No bidirectional, but very easy to import names from Axe FX II I am very happy with this compact midi controller http://www.voes.be/
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    So what I use today after selling my AF2 last year.....

    Very nice. Some days, I wonder if I should not do the same . I mean, when I am fighting with a routing I don't understand with my Axe FX II. But honestly, it doesn't last long. I made the choice of the Axe FX II because it is very compact and ideal for bedroom player. I hesitated between...
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    I might be getting off the Axe-Fx train

    I am a little like you, and I may understand your point of view. Like you I am not a power user, and the learning curve is becoming steeper with the time. I had a pod HD500, and I was really happy with it. I made the choice of AXE FX II (Mark II) , and I have been disapointed at all. It is a...
  67. M

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Bravo ! It looks great and sooo powerful . Unfortunately for me it means that I will probably not get any update anymore for my Axe FX II, but I already got so many of them in the past . I could personally more concentrate on optimized my presets on a stable firmware now, without thinking of new...
  68. M

    New Boss GT1000 !

    The available choice is fantastic today. Strong competition among fractal, Line 6, Boss, ...... The problem for all other brands as Fractal audio is that already own an Axe FX II. Also they can put what they want on the market, I don't see the point to change due to the fact that I already use...
  69. M

    A Gift from Fractal Audio! Free Cab Pack!

    Thank you for this gift ;)
  70. M

    Loop FX block Level

    Glad to read that you could solve your "problem" and that it sounds good to your taste ;) Of course the settings are different with every pedals we can put into the FXloop. For me the all settings logic of this AXE FX loop remains unclear, even if I am also satisfied with the sound from my...
  71. M

    Loop FX block Level

    It is also not 100% clear for myself. I am not sure that I understand the all thing precisely, and I could not find information on the manual. That said, I made some experiment , and I can deliver you the results of my own trials. I have tried to put a homemade clone of SDD3000 preamp into the...
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    Will there be a Windows 10 driver?

    I had the problem last week after update wun10 1709. Axe FX not recognized anymore. I had to reinstall the drivers (important to follow the instructions and delete the old driver before installing again the last one) I had a error message after installing, but after a reboot all was okay. It...
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    Goodbye Old Friend

    I have a cat myself. It should be not exactly so, but losing such a companion is like loosing someone close in the family. They are indeed belonging 100% to the family. I probably accept more from this little animal than I would accept from my son ! Our cat died 3 years ago (19 years old). It...
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    Secretfluid (free IRs)

    The secretfluid 3 looks like the frequency response of a old good AC30 with selestion blue sample (I may be wrong of course :D) Many thanks for sharing for free. In a time where all seems to be a question of money, it is worth to mention.
  75. M

    What amp covers the most territory ?

    If I may make a proposal, I would say the old good AC30 (or clones as Matchless DC, ...) It works with clean + heavy FX (U2), old good 60's rock and pop clean (Beatles), hard rock (Deep purple), super clean (the shadows), distorsion and loud (Queen), ... This amp is a real beast. Very versatile
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    Midi Phantom Power

    I just take the opportunity of this thread to say that in this precise case, I am not very happy with fractal audio. I purchased a midi controller Voes MC-10 recently. Of course I would like to have phantom power to use it. As every guitarist, I have somewhere 9V alim for pedals , and I...
  77. M

    I hate iLOK

    I have bought Cablab (don't use it much but it is a nice software) But I just hate ilok as a lot of people. Everytime that there is a major update of Windows 10 (nothing to do with fractal), it is a pain to make ilok and cablab active again. I have to deinstall ilok, reinstall, sometimes...
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    Changing Scenes via MIDI triggers in a DAW automatically?

    just look at this video from Bigtim It is made for sendig CC from reaper to pod HD500, but it is exactly the same thing for sending CC to the axe FX It is very easy to do.
  79. M

    Changing Scenes via MIDI triggers in a DAW automatically?

    You can change automatically scenes with a daw (i use reaper for that playing with backtrack) and use the MFC manually at all time You need for that a midi track with cc34 at the moment you need changes
  80. M

    DIY Axe-Fx Foot Controller for $50 (Open Project)

    Is the code on post #22 right for the initial definition 3 x 5 switch row, preset/scene/looper discribed in the first posts of the thread ?? is it the most recent version of the code ? I have tried to read the code (not specialist of arduino at all) and I don't see anything particuliar...
  81. M

    Commercial U2 preset packs

    then Olivier, have you tried to reduce the input trim on the amp page ?? put it at 0.5 instead of 1, and it already makes a difference (at least with my guitar) (@ bigtim : Tchao my friend !!! o_O )
  82. M

    Commercial U2 preset packs

    Thanks for your answer Edo. I don't understand exactly what you say, but it is not dramatic. I must think about it ! I know that I/O setting (Axe FX II) and Input Status (Axe Edit) is something different, and at the moment it is enough for me. (All things that I say or have tried is just to...
  83. M

    Commercial U2 preset packs

    Well, there is a possibility to change input on the basic page of the amp block in axe edit, on the right of the page, under level. => input select Level / Balance Input select Bypass mode I have quantum 8.0 and axe edit 3.14.2 Am i wrong ? I took a picture , but is it really nessecary to...
  84. M

    Commercial U2 preset packs

    I don't have exactly the same problem as zolaive, but after some test at home with my strat I can confirm that there is some huge difference depending on the Input 1 setting (direct on the axe FX II panel) with Left only, it sounds "normal" to me with sum L+F, it is all overdriven, sounds awful...
  85. M

    Commercial U2 preset packs

    Great answer Edo. It could not be clearer ! Many thanks
  86. M

    Commercial U2 preset packs

    another (maybe silly) question to EDO. I am not an AC30 specialist of AC30, but I know that there is many input config (hig/low , normal/top boost, ..) Which one are you using, if it not a secret ? May the AC30 Input you are using with your real AC30 have an impact on how you decided to...
  87. M

    Commercial U2 preset packs

    In order to be clear, just a question for Edo. If we have an Axe FX with ONLY output to two studio monitors, could you (again) confirm what setting we should use with your presets ? left only ? Sum L+R ? Stereo. ? I think it should make the things maybe clearer for many people. It is possible...
  88. M

    Commercial U2 preset packs

    Nice to see that you are on your way Olivier to find a solution ;) (Manu)
  89. M

    Suhr Badger 18 vs Fractal Badger 18 Emulation

    Fantastic vidéo. Many thanks for sharing. There is probably some differences, but for me it demonstrates how good is the axe FX as a versatile modeler
  90. M

    Fractal Audio DRIVE Models: Yek's PDF Guide (latest version: April 2021)

    Many thanks for sharing such amount of information with us
  91. M

    New Midicontroller Voes MC-series

    I love your design Compact, but all that we basically need is available at a very fair price. I already have a basic homemade controller, but if i ever would like to purchase an new one, i could consider the mc10. I am also very curious about your delivery time
  92. M

    Vendor FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    It seems like a fantastic tool indeed, especially for people playing live and who are staying away from the Axe FX II itself. I must be honest, i won't purchase it. Not because of quality issue, but just because I don't have a smartphone myself (I want to stay free ;) ) , and only an old...
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    FRFR 5 inch vs 8

    just in case, I have a pair of 8 inches monitor , coaxial http://fluidaudio.net/products/fader-series/fx8/black Maybe not the most expensive or well known monitors, but I am VERY happy with them and my axe FX II in my small music room. I recommand them, (and will be happy to have some other...
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    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    (Mark II owner. I purchased my Axe FX II because the XL was released) I gave my vote for removing the modeling version feature, because I personally never use it. BUT first I ignore totally what could be the real benefits for Mark II owner in terms of new firmware. I suppose that just the...
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    MK1 & MK2 owners: How many FW upgrades have U done?

    I have purchased my Mark II with FW 17.0 (if I remember well). I have made all regular FW update (no beta), and never installed an older FW version after upgrading
  96. M

    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    As an owner of Mark II, I understand perfectly your point of view. I will be very happy if I can keep on receiving (some) new upgrade at the price having "only" the last modelling version, but I can understand that the people like you who have paid for a "more powerful" AXE FX II (XL /...
  97. M

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.01 Public Beta

    Same here +1 on latest modeling version, if it is feasable. That said if (as a Mark II owner) I can not have any update anymore, I could for sure live with that. Personally and for my use, I will purchase the next generation AXE FX when my current one will be electronically dead. It means...
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    DIY Axe-Fx Foot Controller for $50 (Open Project)

    Fantastic. It is for sure the most imaginative prototyping enclosure I have ever seen. Brilliant ! And of course, thanks a lot for your contribution. I have an arduino mega at home that is unused because I have never been able to use it properly. I will look for sure closer at your project...
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    Need help with Arduino: Scene Change randomly selects preset 34 instead of CC34

    Thanks for the information. It is always interesting to read about the efforts of other people on the forum. I agree with you. Building our own controller is very rewarding, even if it is not as powerful as the MFC-101.
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