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    Significant Delay when switching patches

    Hi All, Proud new owner of an MFC Mark III. Hooking it up to my Ultra (v11) using MIDI. I can switch patches, but there are 2 notable issues: Lots of crackling/intermittent signal loss, like a if I had a bad audio cable Close to a 1 second delay when switching between presets Any...
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    Copy Output 1 to Output 2 - not always working?

    Hi Gang, I'm playing around with using a power amp to drive a 4x12 (using the 1/4'' out put) while at the same time running my FRFR using the XLR out (this is mostly just for extra oomph during practice whre my single FRFR solution gets a little washed out). At any rate, some patches send...
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    First Gig with AxeFx Ultra!

    So I had my first gig with the Ultra*. Running directly into a Yamaha DSR112 and also the front of the house board. Not the best video, but considering it was from a cheap digital camera, not too bad. The presets were very standard as I've not had time to dial in much. Used one of the CA3 amp...
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    QCS12 vs. Mackie HD1221 vs. EV vs. Yamaha...

    So I'm leaning toward getting a powered monitor/speaker for my stage volume and practice. I'm a metal player (no drop tuning though). Which powered monitor would be right for me? I'm willing to take in all opinions and facts (volume, $, weight, etc). I supposed my #1 concern is being able to...
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    Rocktron All Access - Help Needed

    Hi all, Is there anyone who can share the settings they are using with their All Access and Axe FX? I having trouble getting mine to work. For some reason, it wont switch channels. I see the Midi In light flash whenever I switch, but there is no other response from the Axe. I've tried...
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    Firmware Version and Installing Downloaded Patches

    Hi Gang, I have firmware v11 installed on my Ultra. I'd like to install some of these killer patches you guys have made but have two questions: 1. Will the firmware verison of the AxeFX that was used to create the patch matter? For example, Can I copy/install a *.syx file from version 9.0...
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    Advice on hooking up Axe FX, power amp, and cab.

    Hi gang, Proud new owner (well when it gets here on Tuesday) of an Ultra. In my basement, await an SKS rack case, power conditioner, an ART SLA 2, and a Line 6 Vetta 4x12 cab (stereo). To my knowledge the Vetta cab uses FV celestions with the idea being that the matching head was to do the cab...
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    In a rut and not getting anywhere

    So now that my Axe-FX is on the way, I can only blame my lousy playing on myself. :) That being said, I'm very much in a musical rut. I'm playing the same old pentatonic and minor scales and need to increase my knowledge of theory as well as improve my technique. I guess you could say I...
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    Any owners in Buffalo/WNY Area?

    If so, would you be willing to show off your Axe FX to another local?
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    Thinking about switching from Prophesy to AxeFX(amp/cab q's)

    Hi Gang, I stumbled across the Axe FX when I was buying a GK 2100 SEL on ebay (can't wait to get that by the way!). I had never heard of the unit and was a little surprised by the amounts people were bidding. I did a little research and was pleasantly surprised at what I found. I've never...
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