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  1. Tubehead

    AX8 Tone Match - Yes (Sort of!)

    Hey all... pursued a thought and wanted to share the outcome... Can you Tone Match (TMA) on an AXE8? No - not in its current state but here is what you can do if you have a AXE FXII or know someone who does. I just came home from a week's vacation and was walking the beach and decided to put...
  2. Tubehead

    AX8 Delay Block Volume difference

    I apologize if this has been discussed before... I searched the forum and could not find an applicable thread... Has anyone noticed the volume difference with a bypassed DELAY block versus an engaged DELAY block. Seems like there is a 3 - 4 db volume increase when engaging the block. I was...
  3. Tubehead

    AX8 Owners who upgraded from Axe Fx (Poll)

    Hey AX8 owners... Hopefully you're taking this poll because you previously owned a Axe Fx XL, XL+, etc. What did you (do you plan to do) with your Axe Fx?
  4. Tubehead

    ATA Flight Cases for Suhr Modern guitars

    hey! Ive been looking for a case (Brand/Model) which will accommodate my Shur Custom Modern guitars and have not really had any luck finding one. Was wondering if anyone here had any luck with a good case worth of flight travel. Thanks!
  5. Tubehead

    Loving the Q2 JTM45

    i just wanted to show some love for the JTM45 in Q2. I use this amp regularly for crunch (non high gain) and the new Q2 firmware really brought this amp to life! Really enjoyed it last night during my gig.
  6. Tubehead

    Guitars and Airplanes

    Hey guys - My band is starting to do some travel across the US and I am looking for a new guitar case. I have my eyes on a SKB iSeries like the one in the link below. SKB 3i-4214-PRS | Sweetwater.com Any feedback or recommendations? Thanks in advance
  7. Tubehead

    IEM Ear Buds - Suggestions

    I want to ask a question in hopes that someone here could to guide me… I currently have an in ear monitor system which I like, but the provided earbuds are mediocre at best. Things sounds good until the bass kicks in, and then the entire spectrum of what I hear changes. Instantly, the highs and...
  8. Tubehead

    Enabling a drive with an expression pedal

    I may be overlooking the obvious here, so if I am, I apologize... I have a drive pedal in my chain of effects which is currently bypassed. I am controlling delay, eq and a few other things with my expression pedal for solos. When a solo comes, I rock the expressional pedal to toe down and then...
  9. Tubehead

    18.07 - Delay 2 Bug [NOT A BUG]

    Delay 2 is messed up on the MIX parm. The value wheel changes the percentage (which is defaulted at 100%) but the graphic knob on the display does not move according to the numeric value, It stays on 0% no matter what.
  10. Tubehead

    ACDC Shoot to Thrill (Tone Match)

    Hey all I grabbed a live recording (MOGG) of ACDC's Shoot to Thrill and tone matched both Malcolm's and Angus' guitars. Removed the guitars from the track and re-recorded them using my Axe FX. I'm including both the SYX files here for you. I know there is a lot of metal posted here, but perhaps...
  11. Tubehead

    Cornbread & Caviar

    Some new country
  12. Tubehead

    99 Red Balloons

    A little 80's Flashback :)
  13. Tubehead

    FW 13 - Hot Vox (Original tune)

    I wanted to share a song a friend of mine and I wrote. I decided to use a Vox amp in the AX2 and dialed it up a bit to give it some grit. Didn't want that Marshall vibe but wanted it to be rocking.
  14. Tubehead

    UR Question

    If I take a UR cab and the put a Tone Match after it, I think I can then combine the 2 of these in Cab Lab to create a singe cab which includes the Tone Match.... but, will the addition of the tone match make the "new" cab non-UR? In other words will the newly created cab with the tone match...
  15. Tubehead

    FRFR Frustration

    OK - Have another show last night where I plugged into my AFX and sent a direct line out to FOH. A continuing frustration is that when I hear my guitar in the monitors (and probably FOH) it is NOT the tone I dialed in! I spend a lot of time dialing in my presets. I use these presets to record...
  16. Tubehead

    Producer Cab Pack 3: OwnHammer UltraRes (First Impressions)

    Hey all Just wanted to say that with the release of FW13, I really started digging into Cab IRs more and doing some homework. I auditioned all of the FREE UHR cabs and then also auditioned RW and OH cabs which I had from prior purchases and played around with them a bit before finally deciding...
  17. Tubehead

    Producer Cab Pack 3 - UltraRes

    Just curious for those who purchased this Producer Cab Pack their reviews of both the sound of the cabs and the variety to choose from. The 10 incoluded with FW 13 sound great but really about 2 - 3 of the 10 really caught my ear. Just curious from those who took the plunge and gave them a go...
  18. Tubehead

    Fractal Audio Support Feedback

    About a week ago during a recording session, my AxeFX 2 had its display go "blank". It was though someone had turned the contrast to zero and nothing was readable. After powering it off and on several times, I knew that I could no longer program/use the unit without a working display so I...
  19. Tubehead

    Saturation Switch - Whoah!

    I was expecting this switch to be another amp tweak to fatten things up or provide another subtle option for amps, but I have seen this thing really produce a fork in the road. It completely changes the way I approach the gain stage and makes you really target that option for your patch...
  20. Tubehead

    Reamping with Reaper

    Does anyone have the ability to exaplain to me how I can configure Reaper to make use of the AXFXII and reamp? It looks as though when I choose the Axe FX2 ASIO drivers, I will not be able to listen to my previously recorded tracks since I used the other ASIO driver. Has anyone done this yet...
  21. Tubehead


    Does anyone know who wrote the old Axechange (axechange.net)?
  22. Tubehead

    Axe FX II USB Driver

    As many probably have... I've downloaded the new manual and have given it a quick read and saw that the USB driver for the Axe FX II was to be accessed/downloaded on the support page. Haven't seen it yet and since orders are supposed to start tomorrow8), was just wondering when the USB driver...
  23. Tubehead

    Axe FX II - Firmware Updates

    Does anyone know if the AxeFx II will have the ability to update the firmware using the USB interface? I think this would be quicker and easier than the Midi process with the Axe FX1. Lord knows, it would be nice to not see "Bad Checksum" anymore. :)
  24. Tubehead

    Acoustic Wedding & Cocktail hour

    Hey guys! I have been hired to play a wedding and the cocktail hour this coming weekend for an out of town gig. It will be played on my Martin D28 Acoustic guitar equipped with Fishman pickups. I will play through the PA as I do not have an acoustic amp. I started looking at Acoustic preamps...
  25. Tubehead

    My Axe FX (JCM 800) Video - Rebel Yell!

    Here is a clip doing a Billy Idol cover of Rebel Yell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEG7K6AhoYk A lot of people are asking me about the JCM800 settings I used and this is a good example of a *Live* application of it. Guitar is a Gibson Explorer with stock pickups.
  26. Tubehead

    Jessie's Girl - Axe Fx JCM800 Model

    Cool sounds from the 800 amp model http://www.kenboatman.com/uploads/jessiesgirl.mp3
  27. Tubehead

    My Axe Fx makes me wanna "Beat It!"

    Here a blast from the past! Lol :lol: http://www.kenboatman.com/uploads/beatit.mp3
  28. Tubehead

    Axe FX makes me wanna Beat It!

    Using the 6.09 firmware JCM800 model. http://www.kenboatman.com/uploads/beatit.mp3
  29. Tubehead

    Old 80's Type Cover Band Tunes

    This was on the "old" forum and I decided to post over here on our "new" home. http://www.foolingbetty.com/mp3player/05%20Santa%20Monica.mp3 http://www.foolingbetty.com/mp3player/15%20Man%20in%20the%20Box.mp3 http://www.foolingbetty.com/mp3player/04%20Good.mp3 Decent guitar tones all from...
  30. Tubehead

    Old School ACDC

    This was on the "old" forum and I decided to post over here on our "new" home. http://www.almostacdc.com/mp3player/11%20If%20You%20Want%20Blood.mp3 http://www.almostacdc.com/mp3player/08%20Dirty%20Deeds.mp3 http://www.almostacdc.com/mp3player/10%20Highway%20to%20Hell.mp3
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