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  1. aPeRSon

    Problems with FX Loop

    I’m having problems using the FX Loop functionality to incorporate an external stomp box in some of my presets. I’m pretty sure I’ve missed something fundamental, but having gone through the manual several times now, I’m still having the same problem - my presets are silent when I engage the FX...
  2. aPeRSon

    Advice on playing along with iTunes tracks via USB

    A normal practice session for me involves hooking my laptop up to my AxeFxII XL via USB and playing along with iTunes tracks. The AxeFxII XL is set up as my primary sound device on the laptop and everything is working fine - I can hear the tracks and guitar, whilst listening via a pair of Yamaha...
  3. aPeRSon

    Question for Cliff and those who have updated to V19

    I've not taken the plunge to V19 yet, as I have a question about this section of the release notes: 19.00 Improved many of the Drive models by applying “G3” techniques. Note that this may cause significant changes to the behavior of some models. Of particular note is that the taper of the...
  4. aPeRSon

    MP3 player into Axe-Fx II XL

    My previous home setup used a Line6 Pod HD500 and I often played along with tracks from my phone, using a stereo mini jack cable into the Pod's mp3 input. There isn't a dedicated mp3 input socket on my Axe-Fx II XL, so I'm using a new cable with 2 x output jacks, into the Input 2 rear sockets...
  5. aPeRSon

    Expression pedal with toe switch for wah?

    I'm currently using a Pod HD500, but I'm on the waiting list for an Axe-Fx II XL, which I intend to buy with an MFC in the very near future. In the meantime, I've recently joined this forum and been reading the FAS manuals in preparation for the (hopefully imminent) arrival of the new gear, but...
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