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  1. PBGas

    What are your favorite FM3 Accessories?

    I love the GearbyCeba magnetic covers on my FM3! They are great!
  2. PBGas

    Lay Your Hands On Me!

    Fantastic Job Mark & Co.! Thx for sharing and hope you are keeping well!
  3. PBGas

    Considering an Axe, have a few questions.

    I'm going to be honest, being someone who has always used amps all his playing days, this is the first modeller that has made me give up wanting to have an amp anymore. I've had my III for several years now and it has been reliable, amazing sounding and easy to use. I sold off my last 2 amps...
  4. PBGas

    Axe-Fx 3 Rack Case Suggestions

    I have an SKB short roto rack 4U. Outstanding case and easy to carry and use. I modified mine with some larger bottom feet. I run a patch panel in the open 1U and have a smaller Furman power supply mounted at the bottom of the case. It is the most perfect setup for me. I run a couple of...
  5. PBGas

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    I've had mine updated! I recently sold 3 of my Fender CS guitars to a collector and the other went to a trade for a new guitar. I also sold my Henrik Charvel. I'm now at 3 with one on order. I ended up with 4 brand new guitars...well 3 for now as the other is on order: 1- PRS Custom 24...
  6. PBGas

    Laney 112 FRFR arrives tomorrow

    Interested in hearing how it sounds! Please report when you can!
  7. PBGas

    FM3 - running through ?

    I have mine running through a couple of Friedman ASC-10s. They are tilted up at me and sound amazing!
  8. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III Power Cycles and Blinks & Power-cycles when FC-12 Connected (Resolved)

    I had this problem about 2 years ago. I believe in my case it was a combination of either my XLR cable or the neutrik jack on my pedalboard that I had it plugged into that was shorting out and causing the issue. I changed the cable and the jack and have never had this happen again. However...
  9. PBGas

    Thinking of upgrading FM3

    I have both. I would mainly use the Axe III for gigs and the FM3 for rehearsals and as a backup at gigs. In reality, the FM3 does everything I need and very well. At this time though, there are no gigs or rehearsals so, I use and enjoy them both at home.
  10. PBGas

    Is the FM3 reliable to you ?

    No gigs or rehearsals for the last while so no idea. I turn it on, it works and sounds great every day. Hopefully we can start to rehearse again soon. If it fails at a gig, I have a great backup so all good.
  11. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 10 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #7

    Have the Fractal models changed a lot with Cygnus? I have not updated yet from the last FW15 as I have to finish a contract and don't want to mess with things until it is done. I keep reading that they have changed in tone and it doesn't sound as good. Honestly, I find this hard to...
  12. PBGas

    Charvel Guthrie Govan vs DK-24

    Actually at one point I had both of them. The maple top was not as soft for obvious reason but again, it is a very thin coat of nitro on it. It scratched just as easily as the basswood. The roasted ash was a really nice guitar as well. Again though, a very thin coating. It was rather easy...
  13. PBGas

    Need your opinion: Austin Buddy vs Cooper Carter?

    He gets very deep into it. I mean the course syllabus is 21 chapters with multiple files in each chapter to view. Lots of setups, situations and settings as well as some great tricks.
  14. PBGas

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    I sold all of my Fender Custom shops and my masterbuilt tele to a collector last week who contacted me about them. I have dealt with him for a long time now as I brokered a bunch of the higher end guitars that he has collected. At this point I only have 4 now and am really happy: 2021 PRS...
  15. PBGas

    Charvel Guthrie Govan vs DK-24

    I've had the Charvel Govan. The neck and fretwork are absolutely stunning. Really a great playing and sounding guitar. I liked the pickups. They had a nice middy in your face tone. You look at it the wrong way and the body scratches and dents like no other. It is very, very soft. Upper...
  16. PBGas

    Need your opinion: Austin Buddy vs Cooper Carter?

    Honestly, Cooper's classes are fantastic. I learned a whole pile of what to do and how to do it via his lessons. I'm not interested in having someone else do that for me. I want to learn the most I can about the unit and make it my sound. It continues to be a fun time and a very enjoyable...
  17. PBGas

    Problems with my new AXE-FX III: It does not sound good?

    I remember when I got my III and I can’t believe I am saying this but almost 3 years ago! I had used a Kemper and Helix previously through the years but they didn’t work at all for me. When I first plugged the unit in l, turned it on and found the first high gain patch, I was like....why...
  18. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 9 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #6

    Much thanks for this and the work that goes into it. Cripes, I can't wait until this it out of Beta. I'm not touching it until that point.
  19. PBGas

    Bug in Cygnus Beta 5?

    Are you sure you didn't blow a tube doing that or worse, take out a grid resistor?
  20. PBGas

    I'll never understand what makes it so difficult...

    But apparently, the audience can tell if the tubes aren't cooking. :rolleyes: I know there are tubes working in the Axe III. I seen 'em and hear 'em inside the box. I mean...the fan in there is to cool the tubes.....right? ;) Because after all....it's just "realer" than the real thing...
  21. PBGas

    FM3 pedalboard dilemma

    Sennheiser XSW-D pedalboard wireless. That is what I put on mine in that space!
  22. PBGas

    FM3 and FC-6 on a Temple Audio Duo 24

    These setups with the FM3 and FC6 look simply amazing but quite honestly, I just would not have the space for something as wide as a 212 cab sitting in front of me at a gig. I would love to do this but just can't.
  23. PBGas

    Vendor The Complete FM3 Master Class with Cooper Carter - NOW STREAMING!

    Everyone's idea of the perfect presentation varies. I think what Cooper did for these is outstanding. There is some small chat as he sets the stage for what he is presenting which any good instructor will do and then he dives right into what he is explaining and setting up with full...
  24. PBGas

    Anyone sell all their tube amps?

    My opinion of this has changed since the fall of last year and my previous post. All of this comes down to a certain comfort or willingness to change. I wasn't always wanting to do this and it took me quite some time to be happy about it. In my case, when we were playing live regularly up...
  25. PBGas

    I have two frfr speakers. What are some neat ways I can leverage stereo output?

    Pan the Cab IRs hard right and left. Use the pitch feature in stereo with some slight separation. Sounds fabulous!
  26. PBGas

    Digitech Whammy 5 in FX loop

    Using a Digitech Drop right in front of the FM3 as well.
  27. PBGas

    Well I did it...sold my Axe-Fx 3. FM3 is going solo!

    I just can't bring myself to sell my III. I enjoy using the rack version. I have mine setup so that I use some tiltback rack arms that a kind user here directed me to and it works amazing as it tilts up in front of me. I like having the option of the extra power in case I need it.
  28. PBGas

    Big shout out to Line 6 Powercab 212+ as an amplification solution for FM3

    Powercab 212 is fantastic! I was able to borrow one for a month and it sounded great!
  29. PBGas

    7Strings - The sequel thread

    When I have had my 7 stringers, I always used 9-46 with a 56 on the bottom. I may get another 7 very soon so hope to use that setup again. I keep it usually in standard tuning.
  30. PBGas

    Backups in live situation

    I have an Axe III and an FM3. They back up each other depending upon what I am using live. There has been no gigs since March of last year so whenever that gets going again is when I'll be using them both live again. They have really saved my back and a lot of space on the stage/floor in...
  31. PBGas

    Question on the Cooper Carter instructional class

    The course is outstanding and very detailed! Enjoy!
  32. PBGas

    Who's got vintage style truss rods?

    That is the Stewmac tool, Bud! (forgot to mention that!) It works great!
  33. PBGas

    New Guitar Days: Wolfgang Specials

    Very nice! These look great Todd! congrats!
  34. PBGas

    Who's got vintage style truss rods?

    I slighly cut a very clean and small U-shaped access hole in all of my CS strats that have this setup. I took the neck off to do that and also trimmed the pickguard. I then use this tool and do all the adjustments myself: I actually prefer the heel mount setups as I have Floyd roses on all of...
  35. PBGas

    Best complement to Axe-Fx III

    FC-12 is amazing but I have learned to live with and enjoy my FC-6. I really don't want to carry a pedalboard the width of a 212 to rehearsals or gigs. We don't usually have a lot of space with 5 gents on stage. I also have an FM-3 that I use and I added a small Morningstar MC3 switcher for...
  36. PBGas

    How do you monitor your Axe-Fx III?

    I use a pair of customized Friedman ASC-10s. They are amazing! I got both of them barely used last year and have been happy ever since.
  37. PBGas

    From the Quad Cortex waiting list to a Fractal FX 3 owner

    I had the same revelation about 3 years ago. I precisely blame several users here who supplied regular live clips (cough....Bishop!). I also thank them very much for the encouragement! :) Enjoy the new box! It's amazing! I sold off my amps back in the fall because of how great it is!
  38. PBGas

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    Thx for posting some info on how things sound! Looking forward to whenever it becomes available.
  39. PBGas

    FM3 VS Quad Cortex

    I like a lot of the features in the QC. The form factor is nice as is the layout and what they have built into it. Ultimately though, I don't want to learn another GUI, no matter how easy it is. I am pretty vested in the Fractal stuff now with an Axe III and an FM3, FC6 and a couple of EV-2s...
  40. PBGas

    New HX Stomp...is it April Fool's Day? Or, in other words, WTF?

    They are probably getting the jump on the new Fractal :yum:"FM6".
  41. PBGas


    Love this show!!!!
  42. PBGas

    Next big thing for Fractal

    What you mean like this little beauty? How'd that work out? I liked the concept when it first came out (and I'd be lying if I said I didn't own one at one time) but in the end, it was a flawed setup. I really don't think we need another one of these.
  43. PBGas

    Axe-Fx 3 with Headrush 108

    I had a couple of Headrush 108s that I tried at different points when they first came out. Both of mine had vibration issues even with the bass reduced. I just returned them and gave up. I love how small and compact they are but in the end, they did not work for me.
  44. PBGas

    Talk me out of getting a 5153 lol

    I love the 5150 III Stealth in both 100 and 50w versions. Fantastic sounding amps and they look great! With me saying that, I sold my 50W version back in the early fall. Not a weighty amp to carry around but with the 212 and a pedalboard, it is a bit of a pain and being older now with not...
  45. PBGas

    What power amp do you use with your FM3?

    I have 2 x Friedman ASC-10s.
  46. PBGas

    Axe-Fx 3, FM3, and some advice

    I just get angry waiting for the tubes in the Axe III to warm up when I fire it up. Man that seems like a lifetime.
  47. PBGas

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Beautiful setup! I had the exact same JP2C-LE amp and it was amazing. I had mine back in 2018 and was using a Helix Rack and Control with it in 4CM and to change patches. Great that they included midi on that amp!
  48. PBGas

    Vendor The Complete FM3 Master Class with Cooper Carter - NOW STREAMING!

    I have both courses. I have found a few different areas of the FM3 that have been addressed that are machine specific. I am currently running through the FM3 courses. I still have to finish the Axe III course to get a bit deeper but quite frankly, I understand both units much better then I...
  49. PBGas

    FM3 Freezing using FM3-Edit and converting patches

    I can see why then. Not easy starting everything over. I hate to say it but you would probably be the safest to reset everything. Is there a way you can see the settings in your patches that are on there now and make note of things? It's a pain but at least you may have something to work with.
  50. PBGas

    FM3 Freezing using FM3-Edit and converting patches

    I simply avoided doing this and recreated what I did in the Axe III to my FM3 via the editor. Had both units on and put them both into view in open windows. I simply hard copied each preset and parameter I was using in real time. A bit tedious but once done, all good now. I haven't...
  51. PBGas

    Preferring the FM3 these days

    What do you mean you got no responses on TGP? You got like 18 of them!
  52. PBGas

    FM3 with studio monitors

    Focal make a great set of monitors! Nicely done! I have the Alpha 65s and as soon as I got them a couple of years back I could immediately hear things I wasn't hearing before with my previous monitors. Just fantastic!
  53. PBGas

    For those that have an Axe-Fx III and an FM3

    I have a III that I got when they were first released and continue to enjoy it! Simply a fantastic unit. I really was not expecting to like the FM3 as much but after using it several times now at rehearsals and getting to know the unit a bit more, I really, really like it. The 3 buttons are...
  54. PBGas

    Friedman cab?

    I have the York Audio Friedman pack. It is fabulous!
  55. PBGas

    Taking the plunge

    It really depends. If I am recording, I tend to use the Axe III more. Rehearsals, I always take the FM3. Honestly, either unit is great as it is.
  56. PBGas

    Taking the plunge

    I have both the Axe III and the FM3. Honestly, for 90% of what I do, the FM3 is more than sufficient. However, I got the III first a couple of years ago so I have just kept it and continue to enjoy it for some of those extra things that I may need....like a larger number of FX or some more...
  57. PBGas

    Friedman ASM/ASC: Stage volume question

    I don't know...I have 2xASC-10s that I installed Fender tilt back arms on that are facing me in front of my Axe III or FM3 at rehearsals and holy hell....1000Watts is just fine to be heard. The cab is only dark when you have it sitting flat like a guitar cab. Tilted up and it's punchy as hell...
  58. PBGas

    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    I got one of these a few months back for our band stuff for gigs. It is great!!!! It beats carry the 40lb box we had previously. However, it won’t be getting any use anytime soon. Damn Covid!
  59. PBGas

    New FM ???

    If they were to come up with something new in 2021, I would love it if they kept the form factor the same as the FM3 currently. I don’t know if that is possible though. As Unix pointed out above, an FC12 chassis with 6 buttons would be very cool! I could see them having 3 price points...
  60. PBGas

    MIDI with FM3

    At this point there isn't much gigging going on. There will be again some day! In my case, I was really considering getting the FC6 as I already have one for my Axe III. It is by far the best setup for any of these devices bar none. However, for my FM3 I went with a Morningstar MC3. A...
  61. PBGas

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.0

    Come on!!! Really? ❤
  62. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    What the?????? ❤
  63. PBGas

    What's your base tone?

    We play at lot of the 80s to current stuff. I enjoy playing with higher gain at anytime! Loved the JP-2C amp when I had it. I hope they update in in the future with that new reactive load setup that they have in their new Badlander series. It would be the one amp I would definitely buy again!
  64. PBGas

    Favorite Factory IRs!

    One of the Bogner R121 4x12 cab IRs. I just forget the number that I use. There are so many great ones!
  65. PBGas

    Axe-Fx 3, FM3, and some advice

    I use the III at home as my main unit for recording and playing. I have been taking my new FM3 to rehearsals and it has been amazing. I'm still trying to figure out everything on it but it is coming along nicely. I have to program my MC-3 switch to turn off/ON a few FX for certain songs...
  66. PBGas

    What's your base tone?

    I have a couple of different setups depending upon what works for the situation or recording. Not much going on live these days but we are rehearsing at least once a month if not more. I tend to make a preset with a couple of instances of the Friedman amps that work for me for Rhythm and...
  67. PBGas

    A Headphone Hunting Review

    I have the Neumann NDH 20 and they are amazing! Interested in those Slate units as well.
  68. PBGas

    FM3 Now Shipping

    So glad everyone is getting these quickly! absolutely love mine!
  69. PBGas

    Powered cab users: What are you using?

    I have 2 Friedman ASC-10 cabs. I installed Fender tilt back arms on them and these are my monitors when at rehearsal or playing live. I had the ASM-10 before but it doesn’t sound as good as the ASC cabs. Really happy with these and in stereo it is pure sonic bliss for me! They are small...
  70. PBGas

    Miley Cyrus Guitarist Using Axe-Fx III On Howard Stern's Show

    Friedman ASc-10 for his monitorl. Great combo!
  71. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.06

    Yes! Firmware Friday lives! Muchos Gracias!
  72. PBGas

    Ares 2.0 vs Axe-Fx III fw.14 (worth the upgrade?)

    A good decision! Well done! Overall it is a just much better unit and it should be. Like anything, most things get better as technology improves. I borrowed a friends Axe II years back when I was interested. I had a hard time using the built in editing and at the time wasn't able to use...
  73. PBGas

    Axe-Edit and FM3-Edit on same computer?

    Same!!!! Works awesome!
  74. PBGas

    Ares 2.0 vs Axe-Fx III fw.14 (worth the upgrade?)

    Rick Graham could make an original pod bean sound like gold in this day and age. The man has amazing skills, period.
  75. PBGas

    New to Fractal - question with regards to IRs

    I use my York Audio IRs as well and they sound great with the FM3 and Axe III. The stock IRs in the Axe and Fm are also fantastic. So much to choose and have fun with.
  76. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    There was only one shipping option for us north of the border. Mine was slated to arrive almost a week later but showed up very quickly!
  77. PBGas

    Using EV-2 for wah

    I don't know...I got really used to my EV-2's when I first got them a couple of years back. No issues. It is a really nicely designed pedal and I find it very comfortable and predictable when playing live.
  78. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    Won't be long. I purchased mine on the Friday and they had it up to me in Canada by Tuesday afternoon. What I love about buying from Fractal is that everything is included and calculated so there are no brokerage, tax or duty surprises after. Enjoy the new unit when it delivers!
  79. PBGas

    Cooper Carter Axe-Fx 3 Class

    https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/the-complete-axe-fx-iii-master-class-with-cooper-carter-v3-0-available-now.139623/ Oh yes. No question!
  80. PBGas

    Biggest Axe-Fx III surprise?

    Biggest surprise for me? The fact that after more then 2.5 years later of owning it, the unit still feels brand new to me and continues to sound better than anything else I have used to date!
  81. PBGas

    Real JP2C Cab Clone into Axe III?

    The good news is they put the new reactive load into the rear of the new Rectifier Badlander amp. The bad news...I still don't need an amp!
  82. PBGas

    Anyone using the Morningstar MC-6 with the FM3?

    I got my MC3 a few weeks back before my FM3 arrived. Just starting to figure out how to get it switching things. Lots of great vids out there to help. I'm taking the 6 button approach like my FC6 is with the Axe III. I'm used to that setup so hopefully I can set this up the same way or...
  83. PBGas

    Should I buy an FC-6 or an FC-12

    When I was using mine live....now that there are no gigs up here and won't be for some time....I needed the more compact setup so I went with the FC6. No regrets, it is super easy to use and I don't have a need for the extra buttons, weight or space taken up.
  84. PBGas

    Too much 1k mids in amp models?

    I have both here that I have been comparing all weekend. They are setup the same with the same cab and all settings through the same FRFR. They sound identical.
  85. PBGas

    FM3 Status Update

    Just got my FM3 this week to go along with my already amazing Axe III. Much thanks for the update and looking forward to whatever you guys come up with. Best products ever!
  86. PBGas

    Ozzy's "Diary of a Madman" Live

    Awesome as always! Coincidentally, I just got my FM3 delivered on Monday! Having both units now is the best of both worlds. Thx Todd for being the inspiration to convince me to move to Fractal for everything I do when playing live, recording or rehearsing. it’s made everything so much easier!
  87. PBGas

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    That is both expressive and impressive! :) Well done!
  88. PBGas

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    I think that looks like a decibel meter, not a clock.
  89. PBGas

    Top. frfr speakers?

    I got both of my Friedman ASC-10s used. One from my local list and one from TGP. I saved a lot of $$$. I've modified both of them with fender tilt back legs. They work and sound amazing!!!!
  90. PBGas

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    I don't think I am going to import anything when mine comes in. I'll just create new based on what I have on the 3 and go from there. It's not that big a deal to do and kind of fun actually. No gigs up in these parts these days so lots of time to get this done and enjoy.
  91. PBGas

    FM3 Now Shipping

    First waitlist confirm - Apr. 23, 2019 First non-headphone invite - passed on Headphone version invite - May 19, 2020 Re-sent headphone invite - Oct. 19, 2020 Ordered and confirmed - Oct. 28, 2020 Shipped Oct. 29. Update - received Nov. 3! Amazing service! Looking forward to the new unit...
  92. PBGas

    Brokerage fees and shipping the FM3 into Canada

    $1655 Can to Ontario today.
  93. PBGas

    Most "in the room" FRFR solution

    I don't think anything will sound as great as a 4x12 cab. There is just something about those 4 speakers rumbling in the registers! Besides, it is an actual amp tone you are hearing, not a mic'd tone. However, my solution after having a few FRFRs is the ASC-10 with some fender tilt back...
  94. PBGas

    Anyone sell all their tube amps?

    At this point, had initially thought I would keep my last tube amp and cab but I already have a buyer for it...so that is pretty much a done deal. For me, being able to use the FM3 or the Axe III through a good FRFR monitor that I like using (especially in stereo! ❤ ) and running the other...
  95. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III block to simulate FreqOut?

    With the Axe III, I was able to use my Drop pedal somewhere else. I have a Freqout on my board and it works great! I re-purposed the Drop pedal to my incoming FM3 board to save some memory use on the unit so that I use a few more FX on it instead.
  96. PBGas

    CoverPot for Axe-Fx 3 and FM3

    Interesting idea! I like the grips! Now, will these still work with one of the protective covers that go over the display and knobs? Will they stick out too far then?
  97. PBGas

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    How did you have the input jack switch between your wireless and wired?
  98. PBGas

    EQ'ing presets for live performance

    It’s never an issue if there is an engineer there. I adjust it to what sounds good and they go from there. They do their job and get the best sound for the band.
  99. PBGas

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Nice! I just got and MC3 as well. My FM3 will be here next week. Was programming the MC3 to work with the FM3 difficult?
  100. PBGas

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Mark is a great help and resource as well! Also one of the reasons I got the product. Cheers to a fellow canuck!
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