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  1. CodePoet

    Orion - SDB Audio

    Sounds great!
  2. CodePoet

    Yek's presets for covers

    @yek - looks like you pulled the Solo Dallas trick out of the Highway To Hell preset? What are your current thoughts on using that trick (via the 2 dynamics COMP blocks)?
  3. CodePoet

    Ozzy's "The Ultimate Sin" Live w/Pro Shot Video and Audio

    Of course! :D What's your patch like for that tune - is it stereo? Seems like there's a good dose of reverb on there, which fits great. Is that in the patch or added at FOH (or later)?
  4. CodePoet

    Ozzy's "The Ultimate Sin" Live w/Pro Shot Video and Audio

    Love you guys - awesome video! Did you guys make those illuminated crosses?
  5. CodePoet

    Tuesday nights

    Great show Larry! Glad to see you're better than ever - love the video production you've got going on.
  6. CodePoet

    Dallas Guitar Show 2021

    It's Texas, of course it's on. Larry Mitchell mentioned he was going to be there during his livestream last night.
  7. CodePoet

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 12 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Release Candidate

    Yek - I think the instructions for the Axe-Fx III hard reset should be slightly modified for clarity - see what you think. The wiki shows: Axe-Fx III — Press LAYOUT, select the Amp block, press the RESET soft knob But perhaps this is more clear: Axe-Fx III — Press the LAYOUT soft knob...
  8. CodePoet

    Genesis, Live at Bataclan France Jan 10, 1973 (16mm->4K)

    Yep - there's a long journey to "Sledgehammer" and "Sussudio" from here. Awesome video quality on this - neat to see.
  9. CodePoet

    Got Jabbed Today

    Wow @Larry Mitchell , glad you're through that. Just got my first one today. It's wild how everyone can have such different reactions to COVID and the vaccine. Glad you're back to live shows - enjoy your naps!
  10. CodePoet

    Dennis De Young.

    Well...that was happy. It could have used some dragons and Vikings though.
  11. CodePoet

    Wish Variac reduction range

    I run negative AC on my thermostat via the Heat setting. :)
  12. CodePoet

    Brian Setzer style Rockabily sound with the Axe FX 3 + PRESET INSIDE

    That's great - love your videos! Great playing!
  13. CodePoet

    80's Solo - Friedman BE-100 and Strat

    That is perfect for an 80's vibe, but beyond that it's some great playing - nice job!
  14. CodePoet

    Some King's X on bass

    Yes! His live bass tone is huge. The 12-string bass sounds killer too.
  15. CodePoet

    Just Received My FC-12 - personally tested by Max Planck

    Obscurely enough, in college my roommates had a running bit about Max Planck. There's just something about him using that "ck" in his last name instead of going with the more likely-used "k" that got us riffin'. Nerds...
  16. CodePoet

    Just Received My FC-12 - personally tested by Max Planck

    Or was it: Marco Polo? Mandy Patinkin? or of course ... Matt Picone?
  17. CodePoet

    Some King's X on bass

    Awesome! Love to hear someone jammin' King's X. That's the best stuff!
  18. CodePoet

    FM3 + FC36 = WTF-39

    I thought this was the basis for the new Fractal Audio Fitness platform. The first game is "Fractal Frenzy" - see a light come on, play the associated chord, run over and stomp it. Repeat til sweaty.
  19. CodePoet

    Live Workflow for Cover Bands - Song Lists vs Complex Presets

    I've found that if you're playing in a cover band scenario with need for many types of tones, going with separate presets for songs is the way to go as switching between presets is very quick and you can keep each preset (fairly) simple. If you're in more of a jam / improv situation and are...
  20. CodePoet

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    If you don't own the real amp, then you're not profiling it with any product I suppose. The Axe-Fx already has lots of amps "matched" (at a model # level, not an individual level), and you can furiously tweak them out from those starting points with more "digital organic" flexibility. Bottom...
  21. CodePoet

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    Yes, I know the GEQ band you're referring to - it's so blatantly obvious. Maybe .03... :D :p
  22. CodePoet

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    Yep, that's pretty darn close to 100% in a mix context. This is why the arguments of profiling/tone matching are of little interest to me - outside of a short-cut aspect (which is a hollow win in the long run), the framework of the Axe-Fx allows you to match anything you want.
  23. CodePoet

    Burg's HIPOWER FW:16 - video demo and download

    You just had to bite on that challenge, didn't you? :) Awesome, looking forward to what you come up with!
  24. CodePoet

    NGD - Wolfgang Special

    Thanks for the efforts! I’ll see if I can figure out how they have the wiring harness attached to the switch.
  25. CodePoet

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    It's found in the Speaker tab of the Amp block in the hardware. Axe-Edit will need an update to show it there in the UI - I imagine it will be coming shortly as Michael Pickens rocks.
  26. CodePoet

    NGD - Wolfgang Special

    Thanks @rushfan for your experience - I emailed them already - hopefully will hear back soon. I think to get the coil tap going I'll have to expose the green and white wires which are tied together now from the factory pickup wiring. It looks like the EVH pickups use the Peavey wire colors...
  27. CodePoet

    NGD - Wolfgang Special

    @rushfan - I got a Freeway Switch - the 3x3-07 which has a pre-wired harness. Do you have a wiring diagram for hooking it into the Wolfgang? I was looking for a diagram all laid out so I wouldn't get my wires crossed...
  28. CodePoet


    Yep! But glad it ended well for the deer.
  29. CodePoet

    Remembering Randy Rhoads

    Totally agree - his tone on the stodio albums is pretty bad...unique at best. Tribute sounds more like a typical tone. Too bad we can't re-amp him.
  30. CodePoet

    Wish Auto Check for FW Public Beta

    I don't think the beta should be given a wide notice - if you're following along in the forum, you're at least an engaged user and can make an educated decision about installing it. For something unofficial, if you follow the Fractal groups on Facebook - there's pretty immediate notification of...
  31. CodePoet

    Axe-Fx III USB Audio Infographic

    That is great and is a handy reference - thank you for sharing!
  32. CodePoet

    White Lion - Little Fighter solo cover

    Vito had some great stuff. Very VH-influenced but he was very melodic and put together great parts and solos. That particular solo has a little bit of everything in it. Great job Matt!
  33. CodePoet

    You guys are in for another treat.

    Makes me think of Bull Durham: "She may get wooly...young girls they do get wooly..."
  34. CodePoet

    You guys are in for another treat.

    Will have to listen to my vinyl thru the Axe-Fx III now - we may need a new "FAS HiFi" model with some de-crackle parameters :).
  35. CodePoet

    Remembering Randy Rhoads

    Awesome again! Cool guitar!
  36. CodePoet

    Remembering Randy Rhoads

    Awesome playing Todd! Love the video angles!
  37. CodePoet

    PSA- Line 6 G10 Fire Hazard...!!

    Thanks for posting - I saw this posted today also. I had updated a while back to 1.05 to address the fire issue, but updated again today to 1.06. It's impressive that little thing could start a fire...
  38. CodePoet

    Question for those that sit at a desk with a daw, etc= Pretty regular!

    And I would like to find a good source of short curly cables if anyone knows of one...
  39. CodePoet

    click Reply - vent - click delete / or not

    I'd say to focus that time on the real people in your life - your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, people you run into, etc. Be inquisitive and gracious toward those people. What happens online (outside of guitar forums of course) is a false reality - it's full of people (or even actual...
  40. CodePoet

    Question for those that sit at a desk with a daw, etc= Pretty regular!

    Wheels and a short curly cable.
  41. CodePoet

    To the ones who went down the Eric Johnson rabbit hole

    I wasn't familiar w/ Chelsea, but she's great! Thanks for the link.
  42. CodePoet

    Tim Pierce Toy Matinee Video

    I love Guy Pratt's videos. Really like his use of the octave pedal on some of these tunes. Like he mentions in one of his videos, it makes him play different. And he uses that a lot by playing high up on the neck and maintaining the low-end via the Octaver, and then when he plays low you get...
  43. CodePoet

    Tim Pierce Toy Matinee Video

    I know - what a performance. There are some other live tunes posted on YT under the same account and they're all great.
  44. CodePoet

    Tim Pierce Toy Matinee Video

    That live version - wow. Mark Bonilla kills too. That ending is cool.
  45. CodePoet

    Tim Pierce Toy Matinee Video

    Sonically, it's one of the best. It's my test disc for checking speakers and setups. Great sounds. It's got it all :).
  46. CodePoet

    Tim Pierce Toy Matinee Video

    If you're into Toy Matinee, this is so cool. Tim talks about the album and plays licks from it (looks like he's using his Axe-Fx III as well). Such killer parts.
  47. CodePoet

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 5 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #2

    @bishop5150 - Hey Todd - I downloaded your new 1984 preset on the latest beta and on my setup the level was way too hot and over the red. I had to move the Amp Level down to about -12 to get it where it needed to be. Just my experience with it - hope it helps!
  48. CodePoet

    Goodbye to Lou Ottens

    I really miss mixtapes - an integral part of courtship back in the day :). Great doodle!
  49. CodePoet

    Anyone experience with Satellite Sessions?

    This seems interesting - wondering if it provides a lot more than swapping stems. If everyone's projects refresh automatically when there are updates then I suppose that would make things fairly easy, especially for the less tech-savvy folks.
  50. CodePoet

    Axe-Edit III 1.08.08 (supports fw 16.00 public beta)

    * Modified the Block Library's "Save" and "Save As" functionality to display a prompt to overwrite an existing block if the entered name matches an existing block library entry. As mentioned above, this is great - thanks!!!
  51. CodePoet

    Wish FREQOUT pedal

    @simeon's block is a nice single-block solution IMO and definitely usable in a live scenario to give a feedback flavor. I don't really find the Freqout to be more "natural", but maybe a little different. If you need to save some CPU cycles and can add a pedal to your setup, go with the...
  52. CodePoet

    Which 80's style hard rock and metal super strats should I consider?

    @Andy Eagle - so you don't like titanium block inserts? What is best in your opinion for block inserts and locknuts?
  53. CodePoet

    Temple Audio Amp Mod - an alternative to the SD Power Stage 170?

    What a form factor - that's very cool if it's viable.
  54. CodePoet

    Test pedals online and real-time

    Always wondered if someone would hook up gear to the web like this. You could upload a DI track, configure a remote preamp/FX unit, have it process it and send it back to you.
  55. CodePoet

    Test pedals online and real-time

  56. CodePoet

    Cover Band Tones

    Rock on - you're probably operating in a different scenario than the one I'm referring to. If your gig is about matching up tones and that makes your performance better because of it, then that's where you should be. (It'd be cool if people came up to me after a show and said they enjoyed how...
  57. CodePoet

    Cover Band Tones

    Having a great tone far out-weighs having a record-matching tone. A lot of times what you think is the tone from the recording doesn't work in a live context anyway. I cover a wide variety of tones/effects in my band's shows but I try to have as few presets as possible - it just makes life...
  58. CodePoet

    NGD - Wolfgang Special

    Thanks for posting that @rushfan - sounds good! That switch seems cool - looking forward to trying it out.
  59. CodePoet

    Journey Escape!

    Awesome as always Mark. Great tune - Cygnus is sounding powerful...
  60. CodePoet

    NGD - Wolfgang Special

    Thanks for the info. I’m not expecting it will be the best single coil sounds- just something with some added variety from the hums only. The neck and pickups are fast becoming my favorites too I think.
  61. CodePoet

    NGD - Wolfgang Special

    I've ordered a Free-Way switch for the Wolfgang and one for my Strat to check out. Seems like a great way to get a variety of tones with just a switch swap. Will see how it works out. I'll probably keep to the simple split coil options but it's nice you can do some other configurations with...
  62. CodePoet

    NGD - Wolfgang Special

    Still tweaking things but it's a lot of fun on this Wolfgang Special...I'm loving the range of gain I get from the volume control - way more than I'm used to...
  63. CodePoet

    NGD - Wolfgang Special

    Interesting - was watching a video the other day and the guy said the same thing...
  64. CodePoet

    NGD - Wolfgang Special

    After playing with things tonight, it could just be that my JP6 and the Wolfgang are polar opposites. I've struggled to get enough bass into things with the JP6 so I've found I have to dial a lot of bass out of those patches and lower the drive when using the Wolfgang. But the Wolfgang is very...
  65. CodePoet

    NGD - Wolfgang Special

    I think the bridge pickup isn't screwed down all the way and is too close to the strings. I'll set it up and see where we stand. I'd been wondering how EVH dives the G string way down and then touches the harmonic around the 2nd/3rd/5th fret when the string is slackened and brings it back up...
  66. CodePoet

    NGD - Wolfgang Special

    That could be the case - we'll have to see. Playing it a bit thru the Axe-Fx and the harmonics really jump off of it - much more so than my Les Paul or JP6. It's almost a bit of a mushy mess with my distorted patches. I'll have to re-dial things for this guitar. Any experiences or thoughts...
  67. CodePoet

    NGD - Wolfgang Special

    I've had one of these on order with Sweetwater for a few months now but one popped up on eBay and I grabbed it. Seeing all of @bishop5150 's new Wolfgang purchases was too much to handle :). It's a 2018 MIM in perfect condition - seems awesome so far. I've never held one before... Anyone...
  68. CodePoet

    Anyone in the US order an Airstep?

    I received one mid-January. Took 1 week to get it.
  69. CodePoet

    My FRFR sounds vs Marco Fanton's, same preset

    The tone is all in the GuitarFace... But seriously, I struggle with this too. Could be my guitars and pickups are all more trebly, not sure.
  70. CodePoet

    New Guitar Days: Wolfgang Specials

    Check out that photo - it's a great optical illusion.
  71. CodePoet

    New Guitar Days: Wolfgang Specials

    Is the fretboard on the maple-necked one scalloped? That one photo from the side makes it look so...
  72. CodePoet

    New Guitar Days: Wolfgang Specials

    Those look awesome! I actually just pulled the eBay trigger on a Mexico Ivory WG Special. Do all of the Mexico WG Specials have the carved top? (It's tough to tell on the photos of the Stealth :) ).
  73. CodePoet

    New UA Pedals

    Ha! Yep, it's their livestream. Here's a 2-minute overview of the tape echo pedal. You can find the vids for the other two I'm sure.
  74. CodePoet

    New UA Pedals

    Value-wise, you're spending $400 USD for the equivalent of a single block (sometimes more than a block worth) in the Axe-Fx III chain, without the flexibility of all the parameters available in the AFX. But UA has gone after some specific sounds, and they all seem cool and more importantly...
  75. CodePoet

    New UA Pedals

    Been watching the fanfare regarding the new UA pedals (as anything with James Santiago is always a treat). Putting all the UA self-congratulation and hype aside, they've gone after some specific vintage tones and I'm interested to hear your impressions of the sounds and if there's anything...
  76. CodePoet

    "Sweet Child O' Mine" Live Cover

    Great sound and performance!
  77. CodePoet

    RIP Hank Aaron

    A superstar in so many ways. The real home run king. I was fortunate enough to spend some time with him nearly 20 years ago during a morning waiting for jury duty selection funnily enough. No one save myself seemed to recognize him and I gathered the courage to say hi and pay respects. I'm a...
  78. CodePoet

    Guitar tab source that is accurate?

    Yes - that's a great site - quality backing tracks you can customize.
  79. CodePoet

    "Rio" by Duran Duran video

    Yeah, that early Duran Duran stuff some great parts all over the place, especially for bass. That Nile Rodgers influence on those recordings is great IMO.
  80. CodePoet

    "Rio" by Duran Duran video

    Cool man, thanks. Appreciate it!
  81. CodePoet

    "Rio" by Duran Duran video

    Here's a video of "Rio" by Duran Duran that my 80's tribute band put together this summer. Audio here is recorded live from the video session. Axe-Fx III is handling the guitar and synth tones and I also used it to add a little re-amp to the bass as well.
  82. CodePoet

    Toto's "Goodbye Elenore" full band cover

    That's a tour-de-force performance all around. The vocals are killer and as always you look and sound so smooth when you're playing. Loved it - thanks for sharing!
  83. CodePoet

    Reverb site

    As clarification, they're stopping support of "Reverb Sites" is which is what allows people to create their own website. Reverb.com will still be there.
  84. CodePoet

    Swedish Chef presets (sound effects)

    Listened to his Soundcloud tracks again - man, what an ear and talent for tone building. Wish he'd return...
  85. CodePoet

    Dark Mode for the Forum?

    Looks great! Thanks Ian!
  86. CodePoet

    Dark Mode for the Forum?

    I came in this morning and it was gone...I never got to say goodbye. So "Good-bye semi-dark mode. Thank you for the evening we spent together. Like the things we love the most, sometimes we have to set them free..."
  87. CodePoet

    Dark Mode for the Forum?

    Beautiful - looking good! Thanks @iaresee !
  88. CodePoet

    Dark Mode for the Forum?

    For me (on MS Edge), the Fractal [Dark] theme changed the border around the content but the body of the pages are the same - black on white.
  89. CodePoet

    I surprised my girlfriend Christmas Day by proposing Vid

    Very cool - congratulations Mark!
  90. CodePoet

    New Guitars Day - EVH Wolfgang Specials

    So the Wolfgang USA and Specials don't have a tummy cut/forearm cut, correct? Do you miss it on the Specials or does it feel about right? I still can't believe you snagged the Ivory Special on Musician's Friend while the rest of us are left waiting for months ;).
  91. CodePoet

    "Christmas Time Is Here" - Clean Johnny A style with bass and plex delay

    Here's my recording of "Christmas Time Is Here". The patch is in the style of Johnny A. and uses a parallel path that drops things down an octave to mimic a bass. There's some Plex delay you can bring in with a momentary switch as well. Patch is up on Axechange...
  92. CodePoet

    Josh Smiths new pedalboard

    The soloist does sound nice. It's funny to see him getting so excited about things we do regularly in the digital domain of the Axe-Fx like mixing effect levels and routing signals.
  93. CodePoet

    "Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas" and "Deck the Halls" - FM3

    Great job. "Have Yourself..." has such cool chords - one of my favorites lately.
  94. CodePoet

    TSO Livestream is this weekend - plus another Axe-Fx III TSO cover

    Simple - I just dialed in a warm room reverb and the Axe-Fx III took care of the rest. ;)
  95. CodePoet

    TSO Livestream is this weekend - plus another Axe-Fx III TSO cover

    The Trans-Siberian Orchestra livestream is going on this weekend at www.tsolivestream.com - nicely filmed, sounds great. They set up in a soundstage in Nashville and recorded the show up-close and personal with the full compliment of backgrounds, fog, lasers, etc. They're doing the performance...
  96. CodePoet

    Moving from III to III MKII

    I moved from the III to the III Mark 2. Just restored my backup, presets, cabs, and was back in business.
  97. CodePoet

    The new DS1 Mod is unbelievably good

    That is awesome to hear as I have a Keeley Seeing Eye - will have to compare (and then sell it). Thanks Cliff!
  98. CodePoet


  99. CodePoet

    Starship SN8

    Pretty good test...just turn down the Variac to about 90 volts and they should be good to go...
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