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  1. aPeRSon

    How do I delete an entire bank?

    IIRC, in AxeEdit --> Manage Presets, you can select a single (blank) preset, copy it, then select multiple destination presets by selecting the first (destination) preset, hold the <Shift> key and select the last (destination) preset. With all the destination presets selected, Paste and they...
  2. aPeRSon

    Black Strat on the auction block

    My money is on Kirk Hammett buying it. Would make a nice partner for his ex-Peter Green / Gary Moore Les Paul....
  3. aPeRSon

    Problems with FX Loop

    D’oh! That Output 2 knob must have been laughing at me all the time - I knew I’d missed something obvious! Thanks for the help and guidance gents - it’s very much appreciated.
  4. aPeRSon

    Problems with FX Loop

    I’m having problems using the FX Loop functionality to incorporate an external stomp box in some of my presets. I’m pretty sure I’ve missed something fundamental, but having gone through the manual several times now, I’m still having the same problem - my presets are silent when I engage the FX...
  5. aPeRSon

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    Just noticed this is part of the stuff included in the latest firmware update for the AxeFx III: The Basic GUI page now reflects only the controls found on the actual pedal. In cases where the actual pedal does not have any tone controls a simple Tone control is included for convenience. Cliff...
  6. aPeRSon

    Vendor [AustinBuddy] 1000+ Dream Rigs TonePack for Axe-Fx II Available NOW!

    I’m just about to purchase these for my Axe-Fx II XL - have I missed the introductory price window?
  7. aPeRSon

    My tribute to "THE POLICE" live teaser

    How did you recreate the Electric Mistress element of the tone? Did you use Matt’s blocks, or use your own ears - could you share your settings?
  8. aPeRSon

    Understanding Clocking

    It’s worth checking your CPU usage on the Axe with the selected preset - the crackling may be due to this, rather than it being a clocking issue. Anything above mid eighty percent can cause the behaviour you’re describing, so you may need to simplify the preset.
  9. aPeRSon

    APPLE IOS 12 - really???

    I think Apple introduced a version of dark mode in iOS 12 - try this: Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colours > Smart Invert
  10. aPeRSon

    Preset Volume!

    If you’re using an MFC, I think there’s a way to assign 2 switches as vol + and -, with the live changes being automatically saved to the preset, but I can’t find the thread. If I remember correctly, the changes are even stored in the individual scenes within a preset. If anyone can point you...
  11. aPeRSon

    Nick Johnston Tone Attempt...

    Confirmed. Saw him perform in Glasgow in November - I was in the front row, right in front of his AX8. Played a great set!
  12. aPeRSon

    MOAEE - Electric Mistress Flanger

    Well, that’s embarrassing.... Will definitely try it - thanks for pointing me in the right direction, buddy!
  13. aPeRSon

    MOAEE - Electric Mistress Flanger

    Could you (or anyone else who has purchased the preset) post a sound clip? This alone would make me buy the preset(s). Or if Yek would be so kind just to post the block(s), it’d make quite a few of the Electric Mistress lurkers really happy....
  14. aPeRSon

    Here are some of the tones ive been messing with for a while.

    Ah - that's the trick I was particularly interested in! The presets sounded "chorusy" with out having a chorus block and aren't swirly - couldn't quite figure out how that was done! I'll give that a try - thanks for sharing the tip!
  15. aPeRSon

    Here are some of the tones ive been messing with for a while.

    We seem to have a very similar taste and those tones sound great! Any chance you could share the presets? I'm curious as to which methods you've used to create most of those sounds!
  16. aPeRSon

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.00 Public Beta

    EH Electric Mistress, but that's just me being greedy!
  17. aPeRSon

    OMG just upgraded from Eleven Rack to Axe FX II XL+

    Welcome to FractalLand! Don't worry about the legendary learning curve - since the last few firmware updates, its gotten easier and easier to dial in whatever sound you're looking for without having to go beyond the basic amp settings, but the deeper options are worth exploring once you've...
  18. aPeRSon

    Commercial U2 preset packs

    Fantastic news! While I wait for the album versions, I'll procrastinate over which ones I'm after - Pride and Streets definitely, Iris almost certainly, Vertigo, With Or Without You.... Hell, I bet I'll snap and get a tour pack before you've finished the JT tour!!!
  19. aPeRSon

    Commercial U2 preset packs

    I've been following your work for quite some time and truly appreciate how much you've put into these presets - the clips sound amazing! In the fullness of time, do you have any plans to release versions of the original album tones? Also, will there be a future option to purchase single presets...
  20. aPeRSon

    Input 2 question

    It was pretty straightforward - installed all the drivers from Fractal, then with the Axe connected over USB, I set my Windows default audio device to be the Axe and any sounds that the laptop makes are played through the Axe while it's connected. So playing songs in iTunes results in the audio...
  21. aPeRSon

    Input 2 question

    I used to plug my phone / iPad into my Axe, so I could play along to songs - I just put the FXL block in the bottom RHS of the grid and connected it to the output (no connection to the input) and it worked fine using a y cable (3.5mm stereo jack to 2x mono 1/4" jacks). Using a laptop over USB...
  22. aPeRSon

    CAB #62 VOTE NOW to SAVE (or not)

    I'm all for progress, but it seems that this particular cab is quite popular and being used by plenty of people. Having tried Larry's presets, I can also vouch for how amazing they sound, but I remember them being amp and cab bundles - so don't we already have the solution: Keep the factory...
  23. aPeRSon

    PRS Custom 24 owners - need pup advice

    ^ This. My son bought a Misha Mansoor Jackson that came with BK Juggernaut pickups and we were gobsmacked at how amazing they sound. So much so, he bought another set for his latest guitar (a Strandberg) and they sound just as good in that one too. The company make a good range of pickups and...
  24. aPeRSon

    AxeFx And Jackson PC-1

    Loving that tone - any details on the preset used? Factory, or one you've developed?
  25. aPeRSon

    How would you build an 80s style chorusy clean sound?

    This ^ One of my boyhood guitar heroes is Steve Rothery from Marillion and I've tried many, many ways to emulate his clean sound. I remember reading that he used a chorus pedal into a JC120 (with its chorus engaged too), so it shouldn't have come as a surprise that the trichorus absolutely...
  26. aPeRSon

    Marillion/Kayleigh clean and lead needed

    Thanks for posting this - tried it last night and it only needed a few tweaks for levels (and a touch more brightness) and it was awesome!
  27. aPeRSon

    How can i get the "Royal Blood" sound?

    Watched this just last night and found it fascinating - these guys have made quite a few Sound Like videos, but this one seems to be far more detailed than their previous ones. Not every bit of kit they used has been modelled in the AxeFx, but it's a great starting point and source of information.
  28. aPeRSon

    I played a 5150-III 2x12 Combo this weekend.....I'm surprised how I felt in regards to Axe-FX II

    They turned out to be very different to how I expected them to be. My son had been buzzed up to try one for some time and I was really just curious to see how they felt, played and sounded. My son had the first go and as I watched him, I thought "that neck profile and the fanned frets are going...
  29. aPeRSon

    I played a 5150-III 2x12 Combo this weekend.....I'm surprised how I felt in regards to Axe-FX II

    Really interesting - I had a very similar experience just a few weeks ago. My son and I took a day trip to a guitar store a couple of hours away, with the intent to try out a Strandberg guitar (or two). The folks at the shop treated us really nicely and after an hour or so on a little Engl...
  30. aPeRSon

    FREE ML Cab Pack 20 Preset-Cab Bundle: JMPre-1 & Brit PR75

    Finally got round to trying this bundle out yesterday. One of my favourite songs to play along with is I Believe In A Thing Called Love and as soon as I hit my first chord on this preset, I thought "ooh - I know EXACTLY which song this is perfect for". Two hours and four sore fingers later...
  31. aPeRSon

    MOAEE - Electric Mistress Flanger

    Hi JavaJunkie - do you have any plans to revisit the blocks you posted to emulate this wonderful stomp box? I remember spending some time figuring out how to get it all working, but by the time the penny dropped, a new firmware that completely reworked the flanger block was released and I could...
  32. aPeRSon

    Where the streets have no name - Organ intro

    Have you tried Simeon's synth presets? I can't remember if there's an organ one in the set (it's a wee while since I had a run through them), but they'd be a good starting point for tweaking.
  33. aPeRSon

    playing backtracks live through AXE FX-II without computer

    This. Exactly how I used to do it, but now running iTunes (and AxeEdit) on a laptop. Works perfectly!
  34. aPeRSon

    Advice on playing along with iTunes tracks via USB

    I didn't know that - will definitely take a look. Hopefully, I'll get a chance tomorrow evening. Genius! I could add a midi track to call up my preset(s) automatically and do the scene changes too! Gotta love this black box! :D
  35. aPeRSon

    Advice on playing along with iTunes tracks via USB

    A normal practice session for me involves hooking my laptop up to my AxeFxII XL via USB and playing along with iTunes tracks. The AxeFxII XL is set up as my primary sound device on the laptop and everything is working fine - I can hear the tracks and guitar, whilst listening via a pair of Yamaha...
  36. aPeRSon

    MOAEE - Electric Mistress Flanger

    Wow - I've been lusting for this tone/block since I got my XL. Tried it last night and it's really, really good! Interesting and detailed info on that link too - do you have any guidance on how to replicate the Andy Summers and David Gilmour settings for the actual pedal on your block? Excuse...
  37. aPeRSon

    Question for Cliff and those who have updated to V19

    Okay - I'm convinced (not that it took much to convince me, after hearing the difference between V17 and V18!) - hope to get some spare time this week - can't wait!
  38. aPeRSon

    Question for Cliff and those who have updated to V19

    I've not taken the plunge to V19 yet, as I have a question about this section of the release notes: 19.00 Improved many of the Drive models by applying “G3” techniques. Note that this may cause significant changes to the behavior of some models. Of particular note is that the taper of the...
  39. aPeRSon

    Pre EQ'ing for different guitar sounds.

    Thanks very much for posting the preset - I'm fairly busy for the next wee while, but I should get a chance to try it in a week or so - looking forward to it! In the meantime, here is a link to the block files (from JavaJunkie) for the Electric Mistress emulation...
  40. aPeRSon

    Pre EQ'ing for different guitar sounds.

    Can you share how you emulated the Electric Mistress flanger? This is something I've tried to do on several occasions (including downloading some blocks and controller files, but they seemed to result in just a regular flanger effect), to no avail. Andy Summers, David Gilmore and Alex Lifeson...
  41. aPeRSon

    HIGHER RESOLUTION AXE EDIT? "Please!" and Fill Screen!

    It's worth checking that Axe Edit is running in 1:1 mode - I've found that it does look a bit fuzzy if you resize the window (I had stretched the window, so it'd be running full screen on my laptop, when I saw this). I didn't notice the 1:1 button in the top right hand corner until a few days...
  42. aPeRSon

    FW15 Flanger and Chorus

    Did you ever get a chance to rework this block for FW 15.02? Andy Summers was a major inspiration for me in The Police's era and I've always wanted to have that sound...
  43. aPeRSon

    MP3 player into Axe-Fx II XL

    That fixed it - I finally got a chance to play this afternoon and tried it with just the FX loop output connected and I had plenty of level adjustment available! Got a good balance by boosting the .mp3 level by about 15dB. Thanks for all your help!
  44. aPeRSon

    MP3 player into Axe-Fx II XL

    Thanks guys - I'll try both methods!
  45. aPeRSon

    MP3 player into Axe-Fx II XL

    My previous home setup used a Line6 Pod HD500 and I often played along with tracks from my phone, using a stereo mini jack cable into the Pod's mp3 input. There isn't a dedicated mp3 input socket on my Axe-Fx II XL, so I'm using a new cable with 2 x output jacks, into the Input 2 rear sockets...
  46. aPeRSon

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.00 Public Beta

    I just got my XL a week ago and have only had about 3 hours play time on it so far (and have been absolutely blown away), so please forgive the noob question. I've not created any of my own presets yet, so I'm relying on the factory ones to get started. With 384 of them to page through...
  47. aPeRSon

    Expression pedal with toe switch for wah?

    D'oh - I must have skimmed past the Auto Engage section (7.2.4) too quickly and missed the part about disengaging the wah: "The classic example is a Wah that turns on automatically when you rock the pedal and then turns off when you return to the heel-down position" So, between the Auto Engage...
  48. aPeRSon

    Expression pedal with toe switch for wah?

    Thanks for the quick replies! I did like the idea of the auto-engage mode for the wah, so it's effectively waiting for me to move the pedal and it would engage the wah automatically as soon as it sees movement, but how do you then disengage the wah? Would I have to assign a footswitch to...
  49. aPeRSon

    Expression pedal with toe switch for wah?

    I'm currently using a Pod HD500, but I'm on the waiting list for an Axe-Fx II XL, which I intend to buy with an MFC in the very near future. In the meantime, I've recently joined this forum and been reading the FAS manuals in preparation for the (hopefully imminent) arrival of the new gear, but...
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