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  1. aziz

    Sluggish screen in XL+?

    I got an XL+ to replace old mk2, and noticed the screen is a lot "slower" and has ghosting, like if the LCD screen was in freezing cold temperature. Obviously it isn't, in a normal room. Is this a feature or a fault?
  2. aziz

    Marshall 1960BX megapack, several classic mics (250 impulses)

    Hi! Here's a big bunch of Marshall 4x12 impulses, around 250 in total. Rocking through Classic API preamp and several classic mics (with the mic+DI-method): Beyerdynamic M160 Beyerdynamic M88 Beyerdynamic M201 Sennheiser MD421-2 Shure SM57 Shure SM7b NoHype audio LRM-2 Neumann u67 clone The...
  3. aziz

    And now for something completely different

    Another snippet from our album project. I'm loving how this project is coming together. :)
  4. aziz

    Axe as a synth

    Spooky ambient noise, direct from axe with no post processing. If only Axe had a midi in for keyboard....
  5. aziz

    Song with a James Bond chord (work in progress)

    I finally got to use two James Bond chords in a context :) Here's a bit guitar-centric mix for Axe-people:
  6. aziz

    My digital thought of the day

    Ok, with all these black friday plugin sales, I bought a few plugins, and stopped thinking: Waves has a GTR -plugin, that basically tells me how good they are at simulating simple analog machines. Waves GTR -plugin sounds like dog crap that's been sitting in the sun for a week. What if all...
  7. aziz

    Vox AC15cc1 -impulses

    Hi again! I'm starting an album project, I've converted my grandfather's house into a makeshift studio for whole november. Naturally the first thing to do is some IRs! Actually, first thing was chopping some firewood to keep the place warm and cozy under the snow, but the 2nd thing! These are...
  8. aziz

    More IRs from Marshall BX, with my new favorite mic

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/9h39em2iiu09bag/MarsuBX(2).zip?dl=0 Here's some new IRs, with Beyerdynamic M201. Steve Albini is right, this is a great replacement for SM57, it seemed like it's impossible to get a totally useless sound, whereas with SM57, it's extremely easy. I've included all...
  9. aziz

    Variax 700 acoustic as a gig tool?

    How's the 700 as a gig tool, does it sound usable compared to a good acoustic with a pickup? My idea is to avoid feedback, which I get a lot with any acoustic pickups other than under saddle piezos, and those sound bad. Line6 doesnt howl, but does it sound any good either? Youtube videos sound...
  10. aziz

    Ideas for a superfat soft lead tone?

    I'm hunting a mega fat lead tone, as always. Dripping in pork fat-fat. The idea in my head is to combine some qualities from a Mesa/Boogie Studio22 and Bogner XTC, both amps (in my mind) have this unique quality with their lead tones, it's kind of a slight and subtle octave up -feel in the...
  11. aziz

    Longest solo I've ever had to make for a song

    Funny song, I fumbled up the first part of the solo, but I like the ending.
  12. aziz

    [NOT A BUG] Pitch block weirdness?

    Pitch block: set voices 1 and 2 to different pitches. Set voice 2 level to 0%: the voice 2 is still heard, if it has feedback any other than 0%.
  13. aziz

    Marshall 1960 BX, G12H30 and G12M25

    Hi again! Here's some 150 IR's for you to play with. This time it's the BX, so the upper speakers have usable tone too! I sampled all the speakers, A and D are G12H30 and B&C are G12M25 greenbacks. This time the microphones are: Shure SM58 Shure SM7 sE X1r (ribbon) sE Voodoo VR1 (ribbon)...
  14. aziz

    Amp gas due to Axe

    I like Swart model in the Axe, and now there's an used AST-30 available in my neighbourhood... Awfully tempting. Have you bought any amps you first saw in Axe?
  15. aziz

    Wish: automatic naming and saving for shooting IRs

    I wish the cablab ir shooting tool could increment the name and save the IR automatically with one click. In the current workflow, I type a new name, click capture, wait, save, and redo. Many times, I either forget to change the name, or forget to save before next capture. Optimal workflow...
  16. aziz

    Marshall 1960AX, G12H anniversary and Greenback, Sennheiser MD441

    I bought some new mics, so that obviously means more IRs, around 150 this time. Sennheiser MD441 has been on my wanted list for 20 years, now I finally got one. Also found a lovely little Telefunken D9 from somewhere 1950-1960, for fun vintage vibe. Then, I modified my old and broken SM57 by...
  17. aziz

    Marshall 1960 AX with Celestion G12H 70th anniversary speaker

    Here's an IR collection of G12h Anniversary in a Marshall 1960AX cab, mostly with SM57. I think it's a bit more balanced sounding than Greenback, but from the same family. The soundclip was made with mix02.syx, included in the zip. There are some weird ones that resulted from overdriving the mic...
  18. aziz

    Tip for IR shooters

    Overdrive your mic preamp! You're not supposed to do that, but hey, it works... Since the impulse technology does not capture the distortion, you'll get an intresting and unpredictable EQ change instead. The next time I'm shooting IRs, I'll do more of them, I did a few today as a "proof of...
  19. aziz

    Marshall 1960AX with Greenbacks, SM57 and e609

    Part 2 from this http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/marshall-1960ax-with-unusual-mics.115297/ This time with more usual mics, I aimed this to replicate my Marshall for direct live use, with SM57 and e609. Around 50 captures, and a few condenser captures and mixes thrown in for good measure...
  20. aziz

    Marshall 1960AX with unusual mics

    Continuation for my previous Engl IR's, here's some IR's from a Greenback Marshall. Non usual mic selection this time, the star of the show is a small Beyerdynamic from 1955. Instant vintage combo sound from a 4x12". Check em out. SM57 captures might come later, I already shot a hundred of those...
  21. aziz

    Wish: No unnecessary formats when converting wavs

    Currently the Cablab makes Ax8, II, IR, XL, and XL+ formats when converting files. I'd love if there was an option to choose which ones I want. No big deal, but it takes quadruple time converting those unneeded formats, and with 1000 wavs, it starts to add up.
  22. aziz

    Axe saves the day, again

    I've been wanting to try out my speakers with their AES/EBU input, therefore skipping one DA/AD conversion. I searched the internet for hours for an affordable way to to get USB -> AES/EBU... You see where I'm going with this...? :D Well, I didn't hear any difference, but it still seems like a...
  23. aziz

    Factory presets for Q 2.0 with volumes fixed.

    Somewhat evened volumes on all presets, most importantly, the weirder presets don't give you crazy clipping now. https://www.dropbox.com/s/u453zfm2jnzzdic/160212-011732-bank-A.syx?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/awqmaw8jah77mdf/160212-011732-bank-B.syx?dl=0...
  24. aziz

    Engl Standard 4x12 IR Collection, V12-60 speakers

    Hi! This is a IR collection of "Engl E412 Standart" with Celestion V12-60 speakers. It's a less captured cab than the usual Marshalls and Mesas. Mics include AKG 414, Sennheiser md421, 441, e609, and of course Shure SM57. Captured with 80's Marshall rack 2x50w power amp, MIC+DI -method. (Huge...
  25. aziz

    Tube amp technicalities: what would happen if an idiot connected two amps together?

    I'm not trying to do this, but as an academic question, I got intrigued by this: what would happen if one connects two tube amps and a cab with a simple y-cord, and only one amp is on? The amp would see the load of the cabinet, and the output transformer of the other amp, and would try to push...
  26. aziz

    IR collection of Marshall 1960 A with many mics

    I shot a few hundred IR's today of a basic Marshall 1960A, feel free to check them out. Mic+DI method. This was sort of microphone test to see which ones I like. Microphones used: AKG 414 Blue woodpecker ribbon (oops, i noticed a majir bug in these, fail) Neumann U87 Line Audio OM-1 SE...
  27. aziz

    Incoming project weekend

    Hmm, a few evenings of spare time, a closet full of mics, and API, UAD, and Focusrite Isa preamps. I might have some work ahead of me. I don't even know what that big Fender cab on the left is.
  28. aziz

    Stereo BBD-delay, ratio control controls feedback [NOT A BUG]

    Stereo BBD: Is the ratio control supposed to control the Feedback R in inverse? Turning the ratio to 0 puts the feedback R to 100% which causes instant horrific feedback and squeal? Turning feedback does not change the ratio.
  29. aziz

    Bug? Tape delay, high drive levels [NOT A BUG]

    I don't know if this is a bug or intended behaviour, but in tape delay models: higher the drive, quieter the repeats. Drive on 10 is silent.
  30. aziz

    Wish Looper: count bars

    Problem: looper, quantize 1/4, record 16 beats is the maximum automatic recording time. That's four bars, while looper has a minute of available recording time. It would be great to have the counter reach much higher numbers. Added bonus would be if the max number changed intelligently so that...
  31. aziz

    Demo of Ownhammer 2x12 Marshall

    Demo of all speakers from Ownhammer 2x12" library. Youtube video is a bad format for this, so I added separate files so you can jump around freely with Winamp etc. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cocefdbigl04k3e/Kajari.zipx?dl=0
  32. aziz

    Invasion of fuzz

    Funny ugly fuzz sounds. First, there's is actually no fuzz, just weird settings on amp block. Then, add PI fuzz and go crazy. Oh, and played with headphones so there's no help from actual feedback.
  33. aziz

    THD 2x12 and 4x12 cabs, anyone got one?

    How they sound, would it be a good overall cab? Not for djent, but everything else. Marshall Rock, Fender cleans, 80's lead tones etc.
  34. aziz

    Marshall JVM as a power amp for Axe?

    I tried JVM 410 as a poweramp for Axe. I disabled the cab and power amp modeling, Axe out1 into the JVM power amp in (fx return), selected the JVM models from the Axe, and expected to get the same sound as from the head itself. The result was not even remotely the same, what did I do wrong? I...
  35. aziz

    Fat 4x12" IR

    I shot some IRs for the evening, it was super fun! I've got an old loaned 4x12" that weighs a ton. I was going to share the 110 IRs so you could roll your own, but after wading through all those I figured it might be a better idea to give just one mix that works (for mid gain noodling). Feel...
  36. aziz

    Please relax the Licence thing to allow 2 computers

    It seems now I have to juggle it between my home PC and laptop. If I forget to do it before I leave the house, well, you're out of luck since it needs to be done on the machine where it was activated. :(
  37. aziz

    Random inaccurate stupid measurements of CLR and K10

    misfire fish
  38. aziz

    Master of puppets for FW19

    I just got a new guitar that simply needs this kind of tone so I made a tone match for FW19. I have no idea how it "should" be done but this is fun enough for me. The compressor does a lot in the original, I couldn't nail that. Maybe it's not needed for playing experience though.
  39. aziz

    Psyche falling apart

    Psyche creaking apart with ugly stuff emerging from beneath. = Farting around with high drive settings in delay block. I didn't expect the result I got in 1:27. :D
  40. aziz

    Null IR in cab block

    The cab block has preamp models that are suitable for many uses. Could there be a flat IR built in the cab block so that it's easy to use with other sources?
  41. aziz

    Ultrares-ness and IR length, browser vs. mix export

    Hmm. I think I have something wrong. Lets see, I open the CabLab browser, and select an IR that has lots of room, for example Ownhammer 4x10 room mic like here. Then I select that very same IR in the mixer window, and click export, and I get almost no room reverb. Here's how it sounds: The...
  42. aziz

    A small petition for IR makers - no room in the IR please!

    Please, do not mic the IR's so that there's lot of room in the IR, if the intended IR is to be used as an ultrares IR in the Axe. If I was recording a song with a regular amp, I can't think of any reason to record with a very short gated reverb baked in to the recording right from the start. A...
  43. aziz

    New speaker day - Genelec 8330 DSP spekers

    New speaker day - Genelec 8330 DSP speakers I got new 8330 Genelecs for my music bunker. The DSP correction for low room modes is pure magic, it removes a bucketload of mud! I've done basically the same thing in the living room with bigger speakers and Room EQ Wizard, but the smaller room...
  44. aziz

    Line6 PodXT - can it make a tolerable tone?

    I just bought a PodXT for shtf-backup, if the Axe ever goes down on a gig. Well, it sounds hilariously bad, about as fun as licking a battery. The plastic high gain nintendo tones might be useful in some joke songs, but is it possible to get a tolerable mid gain allround gig tone from this? (I...
  45. aziz

    Vox AC15 tip

    Put the master volume trim to around 3 and try the Fuzzbomb ir. This combo gives the Dumble models a run for their money! Lovely touch sensitive crunch. (Created with P90 pickups, results may vary and are not quaranteed...) :)
  46. aziz

    Downloading CabLab standalone fails, "invalid zip file"?

    I'm having same problem as another user here:
  47. aziz

    Dynamic Trainwreck crunch

    With Cabronita telecaster:
  48. aziz

    The mighty fire breathing JCM800 goes spandex

    JCM800 and newest Ownhammer creations go back in time to the era of spandex and Ronald Reagan.
  49. aziz

    Wish Tone stacks in alphabetical order

    Now they are a bit hard to search through.
  50. aziz

    Matias Kupiainen (currently in Stratovarius)

    Just wanted to share this old clip, he ended up in a Finnish power metal band Stratovarius shortly after appearing in this "guitar competition". I just love his picking attack and incredible accuracy, and also the sense of epic of melody (which cannot be found in this clip though... :D) Also...
  51. aziz

    Matias Kupiainen (currently in Stratovarius)

    Double post, plz delete uh oh, double post
  52. aziz

    Just when I thought I knew how good the Axe is...

    I ended up playing hours and hours today through properly calibrated Genelecs in a big room. I just couldn't stop. Specially the reverbs just came alive in a totally different way compared to how they are at my tiny room at home. And to think I own all those amazing tones, I just can't hear them...
  53. aziz

    Is it bad to leave on the tuner for hours, display went crazy

    The display went crazy after I had left the tuner on. Reboot fixed it.
  54. aziz

    Hangover song #8

    I'm having a hangover, so I made a fart song where the rhythm itself is an inside joke with our friends. I'm liking how this part starts to take shape:
  55. aziz

    Acoustic christmas stuff, Axe reverb

    My traditional acoustic christmas thingie. Too bad I didn't bother to practise anything so I just winged it. Axe reverbs.
  56. aziz

    Reminder of they day for acoustic users: tone match

    I've always used a tone match block in my (LR Baggs Lyric) acoustic presets, but only today did I bother to do a new tone match in live mode, which requires a mic preamp plugged into axe input 2. The result is even better! The live mode is higher resolution, and also it seems logical that since...
  57. aziz

    Wireleds Lemur/ipad editing

    Wireless Lemur/ipad editing The lemur editor with ipad looks fantastic. Imagine that working wirelessly without computer or other extra stuff. Axe fx3 stuff...
  58. aziz

    Reverb hold

    Do you feel that music often has too much sense and rhythm? No worries, throw away 7 minutes of your life while listening to the new reverb hold function in Axe. Piano style expression pedal, holding the chords with the reverb hold control.
  59. aziz

    Bug? Reverb block high quality/echo density bug [FIXED]

    Setting the reverb quality to high, any echo density other than 8 causes squeal.
  60. aziz

    Best compressor settings for country twang?

    Country is totally unknown area for me, but I'd like to use that classic snappy tone in another context. Now I'm using pedal1 with 7,5ms attack and around 35ms release. What are your best settings, oh you mighty chicken pickers?
  61. aziz

    How loud you play?

    I just got a cheap decibel meter, and was surprised how loud I like to play. I was at 100-105db while jamming alone. Then the drummer joins the party and suddenly we hit 115db. For audiences, this is dreadful.
  62. aziz

    Genelec announces a coaxial studio monitor

    I've got to start saving for these, only around $7000 for pair! The DSP in newest Genelecs is awesome, and this new one looks like the thing in the Monsters University movie, what's not to like?! I love how Genelec isn't afraid to do new stuff. Genelec 8351A
  63. aziz

    Ownhammer 1x12" and 2x12" studio libraries are now complete

    In case you've bought them earlier, go ahead and download them again, now they have all the speakers sampled.
  64. aziz

    Searching for a emotional lead tone

    I'm trying to achieve a tone that has that "octave above the note" -feel that a real Bogner XTC has, a fun singing tone. Mesa Studio22 does something similar too. Thick harmonics or something, I don't know.
  65. aziz

    Mushroomy impro in C#

    Mushroomy impro with my new Squier classic vibe. I haven't yet decided if I will shoot this one with a shotgun or not.
  66. aziz

    Free IR loaders for PC?

    What plugins could I use for these fancy new longer IR wavs (amp factory) with PC? Does Poulin Lecab2 support this lenght files?
  67. aziz

    Demonstrating mic positions for recording

    This was posted in another forum, good stuff: a soundboard for demonstrating mic positions: SM57 mic position test
  68. aziz

    Tip of the day (or night actually)

    For night tweakers: keep a collection of output 3 DI recordings, played with various guitars and styles. If you feel the normal tweaking urge attacking at night, or want to check out other people's patches or whatever, and your better half is sleeping in the next room, you can use those files...
  69. aziz

    Happy accident with factory presets

    Happy accidents with factory presets I scrolled through the new factory presets, and stopped at MrZ 38. "Hmm..." Changed the cab to ownhammer L-BB, and BAM! There it is, my next two weeks:
  70. aziz

    Euro red "squish"

    Euro red used to have this sort of "soft" attack and super thick, almost octavefuzz-like feel on melody notes, which I remember hearing in real 101 head too. It's been much harder amp in last two firmwares, what tweaks could I do to get some of that bounciness again? I've tried Sag and CF comp...
  71. aziz

    Am I using enough delay?

    I love delays and reverbs.
  72. aziz

    Summer psalm

    Have a great midsummer day! Here's an impro with summer psalm from 1600's, widely known in Finland.
  73. aziz

    The phantom power connector behind the Axe, what connection it is?

    The phantom power connector behind the Axe, am I crazy if I change it? It's a 2.5mm DC plug, and all standard Boss stuff and all pedals I've seen use a 2.1mm version. Would I be mad if a change the connector to the more widely used 2.1mm version, so I wouldn't have to rely on the one and only...
  74. aziz

    My new favorite Mesa MkII -type sound = Hot kitty with lots of changes

    Hot kitty with many advanced parameters changes. I get a tighter tone than I do with Usa lead models. Pair with your favorite IR's and rock, I use Ownhammer L-BB.
  75. aziz

    FW15 Suhr badger 30, Ownhammer 4x12 L-BB

    Suhr Badger 30 with my favorite 4x12 IR, "Ownhammer L-BB SS Median" from the 4x12" vintage collection.
  76. aziz

    Cheap and light backup rigs?

    What do you use for emegency backup? I could make throug a gig with one "good enough" tone, in medium gain territory. I was thinking of a regular old Pod, bad tone and wrong connections, but at least it's cheap.
  77. aziz

    Fast method for superb guitar relicing results

    Relicing is a long and tedious process. This is the method only the best factories use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVBiFgtScao&feature=youtu.be
  78. aziz

    Most useful uses for expression pedals?

    I'm setting up a pedalboard, and I can't decide whether to include one or two expression pedals, and that decides the pedal board size. Normal vs. ridiculously big. So far I've used one pedal, and I believe it would control wah for 95% of the time, and something weird in the last 5%. What are...
  79. aziz

    Small tip for epic rooftop delays

    I tweaked my dramatic solo -preset, and ended up with exp pedal controlling the amp gain, and also delay input and feedback. Basically this is a foot controlled ducked delay. -> When you press the pedal down, amp gain is higher, the delay input gain is higher. Back up the pedal, delay input gain...
  80. aziz

    The 100w jump plexi in the Axe

    I've only recently tried this in a band setting, I haven't cared for it too much for recording or home use. My previous allround rock patch for band use is/was JCM800. !!!!!! What the hell is this thing?!?! It growls like the heaviest high gain monsters, only more audible and useable because...
  81. aziz

    My idea of a Fat stereo Dumble tone

    FW 13.07. Fat stereo tone that of what I imagine a Dumble amp would sound. I went a bit overboard with effects, but still trying to retain clarity, feel free to bypass them. X amps are for quieter volumes, Y is for loud (tweaked thru CLRs), Y is fatter and does not get shrill at any volume. Exp...
  82. aziz

    Midi I/O: Map from preset, map to preset, how to use?

    When would I use this and how? Manual: These three parameters work to specify which preset and scene will be loaded for each incoming program change message when MAPPING MODE is set to “CUSTOM.” For example, if you select “15” for MAP FROM and MAP TO values of “100,” and “2” incoming...
  83. aziz

    Got an audition for tomorrow

    They gave me seven songs I'm vaguely familiar with but never played. It's gonna be a long night! Yay, wish me luck!
  84. aziz

    Dummy test of Ultrares and high res

    I did a super quick test: 1. play a DI track 2. reamp it through OH highres CB FN42 SS Studio vintage -ir 3. reamp it through the provided Ultrares version of the same. The Ultrares was 0.5db louder so I normalized them both. The only difference I catch is that the Ultra one sounds like it...
  85. aziz

    Axe2 as a Swiss army knife: Room correction EQ

    I went and bought myself new Genelecs. I decided to check out my room with a measurement mic to check out what frequencies are the worst in my room, it helps with positioning and adjusting the speakers. (They have several dip switches to adjust the bass and treble frequencies in various ways.)...
  86. aziz

    XLR outs buzz when Axe is turned off?

    I noticed something funny with the XLR outs when connected to my Genelecs: when I turn off the Axe, I get buzz from the speakers, the same kind of buzz I'd get if I held a cord connected to an amp. Click the Axe back on, and the speakers go back to silent. I guess the Genelecs are doing...
  87. aziz

    Some factory IR's are not phase aligned?

    I noticed yesterday that some cab IR's seem to not be phase aligned. I was making a dual cab tone, and with some 4x12" IR's, the sound is a a few samples late compared to the other IR's, resulting in a phasey comb filtered tone. I checked this by panning them hard L/R and then recording and...
  88. aziz

    Small tip for the wah block, the tracking parameter

    Well, here's a tiny, perhaps obvious tip for anyone who's bothered to read the manual. I took out my pedal board in order to put it for sale. Crybaby is the only pedal from my board that is modeled in the axe, so I decided to test it against the Axe wah. With the default settings, the Axe wah...
  89. aziz

    Is the band commander the most versatile amp in Axe?

    Here's five tones from the band commander model. Just the basic amp controls in the two first pages, no drive pedals. Different IR's and guitars. The last one is a bit un-Fendery.
  90. aziz

    Merry christmas. Acoustic with axe as a reverb machine.

    I'm in love with the axe reverb.
  91. aziz

    Riff of the day #21

  92. aziz

    I love my Axe2

    A traditional religious song that is always sang in the spring when the schools end here in Finland. Slightly modified though.
  93. aziz

    Testing an epic chorus

    We made a trolling song yesterday, and that inspired me to make a slow big chorus. Now I just need an idea for a MarcoSfogli'sh melody and we're golden.
  94. aziz

    Super hangover

    I made a hangover song, finished just before the I started puking.
  95. aziz

    Wish Slightly wild: phase adjuster

    OK, here it goes. Often when using two amps and/or many cabs, their phase is not the same, and this results in wimpy tone. Adjusting delays in the cab blocks can help with this, but it is very difficult to get them right without seeing what is going on. It very easy in DAW, just zoom to max and...
  96. aziz

    What does the mix in Drive block do?

    When the mix is 0%, the tone is still different when engaged/bypassed? So, what am I mixing with this control?
  97. aziz

    Bug? Chorus voices don't go down to 2

    Example: Chorus type is analog stereo. Voices: 2. Adjusting the voices up with the knob, and then back down, and I get stuck at 4. Using mouse wheel goes all the way down to 2 but just clicking and adjusting only goes down to 4.
  98. aziz

    Looper parameters?

    Does the AE3 have looper modes somewhere? "Mono, stereo, mono undo, stereo undo"?
  99. aziz

    Mesa black shadow?

    Does anyone have IR's of this? I have that speaker from a Rectoverb combo, now sitting in a 2x12" open back cab, but no mic preamp or power amp to make IR's with. I'll try and make a few some day though. Too bad I've sold the Mesa combo a decade ago, it was a nice big ported 1x12". Now in this...
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