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  1. Ole

    Diamond (DBZ) Barchetta ST 7

    Any thoughts on this guitar? Anyone had one? Just got one cheap on ebay and hoping for the best :) At least it has the looks.
  2. Ole

    G66 on The Voice of Germany

    A little promotion from a proud uncle. (me)... G66 employee Eros was killing The Voice this week :)
  3. Ole

    EU waiting list

    Is over :) https://shop.g66.eu/fractal-audio/59/axe-fx-iii?c=9
  4. Ole

    Blade guitars

    I have an interesting offer to trade my Ibanez RG2550Z with a blade strat. I have no idea about Blade though, so looking for some info. Good or bad trade? Any help is much appriciated.
  5. Ole

    Soccer WC

    So... Who do you think will win? And who do you hope :) Personally I hope for Denmark, but also being realistic, so I think France will win the title. They seem to have the perfect setup this time.
  6. Ole

    Liverpool or Real?

    I personally think this will be the greates fight ever. My mind say Real, but I really really hope Liverpool can take it. Thoughts?
  7. Ole

    Morgan Picks

    I tried a new local (Danish) pick produckt, and omg was i supriced. Theese are really the best picks I have ever tried, cheap and seem to be very durable. They are cheap and even have free shipping so deff worth a try. http://morgan-picks.com/wordpress/
  8. Ole

    Dynacord AXM 12A

    Anyone have any experience with this one? Would be happy to hear any pros or cons. https://www.thomann.de/de/dynacord_axm_12a.htm?sid=f9d2d51ed4abe029ecaa17ee86e2bb99
  9. Ole

    Proud Uncle

    My nephew and his band ( all under 20 ) just made their first single. I know its nothing fancy wancy guitar shred, but I am still a very proud uncle, :) Almost forgot. Guitar is AX8.
  10. Ole

    Win A Majesty

    Some lots left. 3 are mine but if you think you can win, join the gang :) Outside UK needs to pay the shipping if you win. http://20community.com/ Here's another stunning @20 Prize Draw for you! It's the outrageously good Music Man Majesty - the signature guitar of Dream Theater's John...
  11. Ole

    Fractal Audio users on Facebook

    There is a new group forming on facebook for all users of Fractal Audio equipment. Join it here https://www.facebook.com/groups/410267525835379/410314645830667/?notif_t=group_activity
  12. Ole

    Happy Birthday YEK

    Happy birthday and thank you for all you are doing for this community.
  13. Ole

    25 cool presets

    Found this cool video
  14. Ole

    MFC tutorial by Cooper Carter

    Wanted top share this cool video by Cooper Carter. Sorry if it has been shared allready, but so many cool tips here.
  15. Ole

    R.I.P. Johnny Winter

    What a loss. A truely inspiring musician is no longer among us .
  16. Ole

    Cooper Carter reviews FW15

    Just wanted to share this amazing review .
  17. Ole

    MFC screw threads

    I am trying to find out what threads the MFC uses. It must be something american because 3mm is to small and 4mm is to big. I have no clue about american threads, so a litle helps from someone who knows this would be nice.
  18. Ole

    What made you smile today.

    This made me smile today, so want to share and hear if you got something as well.
  19. Ole

    Legend Guitar

    Was hoping someone would know something about this guitar. I just got this in a Ebay trade, for pretty much nothing, but it plays like a dream. Any input on what when and where aswell as a value would be much appriciated. Other pics can be found here since they are to big to upload on this...
  20. Ole

    If only I had this much talent.

  21. Ole

    GnR Paradise City

    Wondering if anyone made a preset for the clean, chorus beginning of PC? If so, it would be much appriciated, as I am having problems creating something close.
  22. Ole

    Making a bank

    Is there a way to put multiple presets i have saved on my desktop into a bank folder? So I can upload a full bankfile on my axe instead of just 1 preset at a time. Sorry if this has been covered. Tried to search but couldnt find anything.
  23. Ole

    A sad day in Denmark

    Sadly the biggest musik store in scandinavia is now out of bussines, and there will be an auction, selling the remains. Might be a good deal or 2 there. Holstebro Auktioner Link to the store: Musikinstrumenter. Alt i udstyr og tilbehør.
  24. Ole


    Just wanted to know what you guys think of Spotify. I use it alot, the radio channels, and found alot of new interesting music that I would never have heard of. And bought alot of them ofcourse. What bothers me is that it seems that certain artists (well known), no matter how many times you...
  25. Ole

    Soundcloud problem

    As the title say I have a Sc problem. I can't play any sounds on Sc. No matter what link I follow it just say " Sorry we can't find that playlist". I am at work, and 2 other computers on the same router works fine. So must be something i clicked off or whatever. Was hoping someone had an...
  26. Ole

    Looper newbie.

    Yes I finally got around to Play with the looper. Seen loads of Videos where People Change presets while playing. I simply cant figure out how. I tried the Manual but found nothing. If there is a Video somewhere I missed please link. Also how to Change the recording time is beyond me. Sry...
  27. Ole

    Soundcloud in Germany

    Somehow i can't get any soundcloud to work in Germany anymore. Tried on 3 diff computers so that is not the issue. Any germans here with same issue? Has it been screwd the same way they destroyed Youtube or?
  28. Ole

    Amazing Cover

    Really one of the best covers i have ever seen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8e2fJfiddx4
  29. Ole

    Tonematch Limmits?

    I was wondering if anyone found amps that can't be tonematched? Was talking to a KPA guy, and he claimed that TM was almost useless. (I know it isn't) I have no experience with TM at all myself, other then all the clips i heard here on the forum, so I wondered what the limmits really are for TM...
  30. Ole

    Low lipreading skills, but funny

    Stumbled on this, and had to share. "Beard With Glue"
  31. Ole

    Steve Vai For the Love of God

    Am trying to help a friend create a preset for this exact song. Was wondering if there would be a helping hand somewhere outhere:)
  32. Ole

    Home buildt Guitars

    Im planning on pickin up a homebuild set for a ( not yet decided wich ) guitar. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with (good or bad) building sets, good advice, or other fun stuff. This is purely a hobby thing, but thought it would be fun. And i cant be the only one :) I have...
  33. Ole

    Recording software

    First of all i hope this is the right forum for this thread:) Im completelly new to this so seeking advice. I would like to start recording a bit (hobby and for myself only) but have no idea what software to use. I can find around 1000 different by searching ;) so would like some feedback...
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