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  1. Kamaleon

    A time to forget (video)

    using my trusty ax2 for reverb and delay through an sm58 hope u like it
  2. Kamaleon

    Hi all back with some music :)

    Hi brothers and sisters i was quite touched to think ppl actually missed my company and would like to share this new piece i made only an idea so far hope u like it love u all remember that
  3. Kamaleon

    Rock song

    Hey this rdy for vocals what u recon new mix
  4. Kamaleon

    The sound of a broken heart

    hi, going through the axe for some ambiance. wrote this for someone i lost
  5. Kamaleon

    Tweed deluxe jam

    Used the tweed sim with real rat and gain pedal in front on about 10% each.
  6. Kamaleon

    Work in progress

    a tune im working on this is pretty much the intro..the axe2 is used yes at the end what ya recon?
  7. Kamaleon


    mucken around
  8. Kamaleon

    Expression and wah question

    Hi all just curious as to know 1/what actual tools can i use with the expression pedal besides the wah? 2/ does anyone have a steve vai type wah patch to share?? thanks in advance
  9. Kamaleon

    New Funk

    experimenting with music as usual hope ya like it
  10. Kamaleon

    Merry christmas - new riff

    merry christmas to and your families.. peace JN
  11. Kamaleon

    Live 'n' Learn (progressed further)

    what ya recon?
  12. Kamaleon

    Live 'n' Learn (sneak peek)

    writing a rock album, keeping it simple what ya recon??
  13. Kamaleon

    Funky blues

    was bored
  14. Kamaleon

    Tech House with axe2

  15. Kamaleon

    Afternoon jam/solo

  16. Kamaleon

    One chord riff

  17. Kamaleon

    Song idea - feedbacl pls - 5150iii sim

    just an idea
  18. Kamaleon

    1ST time in a while - Rockin' Rhythm and Blues

    hey brothers! hope ya like it
  19. Kamaleon

    Great song..

    This aussie made one of the greatest songs you will ever hear
  20. Kamaleon

    Hi all Love ya's

    I havent been neglecting my msgs friends split with my mrs a few months back still love my axe2 family, ready to record some tunes peace joel
  21. Kamaleon

    Me singing live

  22. Kamaleon


    8 string test
  23. Kamaleon

    Midi guitar

    every sound is guitar through reason 7 using a midi PUP
  24. Kamaleon

    Wired. - take 2

  25. Kamaleon

    Riff and tone test

    any good
  26. Kamaleon

    Quick riff

    have a good day brothers
  27. Kamaleon

    Just cruising..nothin fancy

    my music isnt always perfect or do i need praise i post simply to share or feedback when needed have a good day brothers
  28. Kamaleon

    A brief encounter

    with me peace
  29. Kamaleon

    Riff and track idea

    full of mistakes but what ya recon?
  30. Kamaleon

    A trip i took

  31. Kamaleon

    Tuesday morn riff

  32. Kamaleon

    Never felt so good

  33. Kamaleon

    Me on a kit and riff

  34. Kamaleon

    Happy Birthday (for a friend)

  35. Kamaleon

    labamba unplugged (quick job)

  36. Kamaleon

    Razor - track idea

  37. Kamaleon


  38. Kamaleon

    5150 8 string test

  39. Kamaleon


  40. Kamaleon

    I need a loud stereo rig and i need it now

    any help lads? talk to me and im at your mercy
  41. Kamaleon


  42. Kamaleon

    Rock idea

    quick idea,, mixing is poor but the riffs good?
  43. Kamaleon

    The kinks - you really got me' tone test

    i am covering this with vocals like the tone?
  44. Kamaleon

    some acoustic for a lady

    recorded on phone quality not the best fender amp sim
  45. Kamaleon

    First 8 string quick tone test

    any good
  46. Kamaleon

    The rudest dude Electronic / metal / hiphop

    somthing different
  47. Kamaleon

    im in church

    Im in church rdy to rock soon. the audience is pumped
  48. Kamaleon

    Guitar instrumental

    i know ive posted this a while back just after some additional feednack b4 i re record cheers in advance - negative feedback welcome
  49. Kamaleon

    How great thou art (rock)

    il be playing this at a church..no shit u like?
  50. Kamaleon

    SLO 100 (late night jam)

    jammen the slo 100 amp...sweet as lil scale happy cos i started practise again..sry bout that if u like it.. like it on my fb page ! https://www.facebook.com/joelnorthridgeofficial
  51. Kamaleon

    One of my first ever songs and recordings (maaaaaany yrs ago)

    was made on a tascam 4 track thinking of re doin it i jazzed it up on a DAW to make it postable lol
  52. Kamaleon

    5150 rock tone test

    any good?
  53. Kamaleon

    8 string guitars?

    anyone have experience with finding or buying a GOOD 8 stringer? ive been waiting months for a dc-800 carvin was just told another month... !!!!! kiuuuuuunts! any other good builders?
  54. Kamaleon

    Sliesman kit demo (mew riff :)

    any good?
  55. Kamaleon

    Ludwig drum kit ,, feedback pls

    like this kit or no heelp
  56. Kamaleon

    Full track :Original fw11

    sry i meant fw12 this version is 3 versions b4 what it is today
  57. Kamaleon

    bfd2 - take 2

  58. Kamaleon

    quick bfd2 test

    any good? the drums
  59. Kamaleon

    Chill out loop

    after a loud gig like tonight i like to come home, make chill out loops un mixed or mastered, sloppy jus chill
  60. Kamaleon

    New Toy

    i luuurv it
  61. Kamaleon

    I have a Facebook page

    Thats FACEBOOK similar to facebook only better Hey i have a new facebook page, theres nothing on it now.. but there will be. later this year i will have completed my EP and il also have a heap of random tracks so feel free to LIKE it thanks in advance to those who do...
  62. Kamaleon

    Final word on Drums?

    BFD2 OR superior drummer 2? im tooling up anyone had experience with both?
  63. Kamaleon

    5150 III Demo (short metal riff)

    what ya recon
  64. Kamaleon

    Quick Mellow tuune

    i was at a bbq today and i said. that techno is shit (for this bbq) do u have any jimi, or blues? nope nope i said what DAW you have he said reaper so i made this and they looped it, so we were mellooow full of mistakes but aaargh
  65. Kamaleon

    Soundcloud issues

    anyone else having trouble uploading to soundcloud?
  66. Kamaleon

    Happy bday Oralee33

    who ever you are happy bday bud (or sexy girl)
  67. Kamaleon

    New trem system

    hi a local bloke in sydney has designed a new trem system i had a play its pretty cool what ya recon? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=177186509103074&set=vb.496189710417337&type=2&theater
  68. Kamaleon

    Guess what

    i had to move house for my sister last week.. she came over yesterday to thank me etc this morning i goto make a coffee.. guess what???? (walks around room with hands in the air??? ...???) she knocked my farking kettle off! i looked and theres a gap.. where the kettle was
  69. Kamaleon

    FW10 ..Full Track.. Original

    trying youtube for sound 6160 and slo 100 amps used hope yall like it "i come in peace"
  70. Kamaleon

    Track for album - need feedback

    honest feedback on the mix please if you can. using head phones and need to get it close as possible for when i get to use the monitors thx heaps earthfriends
  71. Kamaleon

    Righ demo ..need feedback

    UPDATED thats....... ROUGHHH! demo (one take stuff) just stuff im writing heres a sample never mind the shitty tone or recording
  72. Kamaleon

    Scuttl buttn (IDEA 2)

    tossing up ideas and pathces for this tune and others, for a 3 piece band im building in syd
  73. Kamaleon

    The invasion

    im turning black earthlings
  74. Kamaleon

    I need help

    hi all! I need help i want to learn scales. Everything i play is by ear, but now i actually want to learn all about scales from the ground up, can anyone point me in the right direction? such as good books and tutorials? no half assed lessons or books pls. or tom hass or who ever it is...
  75. Kamaleon

    Flying in a blue dream

    its far from perfect i just dont have the time (and im not joe.....) its an easter present
  76. Kamaleon

    Scuttl buttn (with solo)

  77. Kamaleon

    Scuttl buttn riff

    jus for fun
  78. Kamaleon

    Sound like a slide?

    trying something new. sound like a slide? (using whammy)
  79. Kamaleon

    An old hymm (accoustic)

    my arrangement Hymn'
  80. Kamaleon

    Razorback (compreessed)

    tryen somthn
  81. Kamaleon

    The last march

  82. Kamaleon

    Rough jam

  83. Kamaleon

    Experiment (with solo)

  84. Kamaleon


    sort of a cover
  85. Kamaleon


  86. Kamaleon

    Monday with Vocals

    Someone put some vocals on 'monday' what you think?? (he made his own quick lyrics) and if anyone else wants to to do it lemme know
  87. Kamaleon

    Peace extended mix

    axe11 is used for effects!
  88. Kamaleon


    incase any of you have miss understood me. Ilove you all.. peace
  89. Kamaleon

    Sold to pump audio

    thx pump
  90. Kamaleon


    how i feel when i walk on the street
  91. Kamaleon

    Monday night

    its like monday only night (improved)
  92. Kamaleon


  93. Kamaleon

    Sunday night...

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