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  1. midifine

    Blade Guitars - Blade RH4

  2. midifine

    Blade Guitars - Blade RH4

  3. midifine

    Happy Christmas Everyone!!

  4. midifine

    Peter Florance Telecaster Set

    Bought the Florance Telecaster Set, I find them really great, just give them a try:) ...and the Voodoo Sweet 56 for Stratocaster... [video]
  5. midifine

    Need Help.. please!!!

    I have bought a Strat and the owner doesn't know which pickups are installed, can anyone please tell me if he know the manufacturer of the pickups in the image? Thanks a lot!!
  6. midifine

    Fender D'Allen PU's Johnny Blades Mesa Clean

    Fender Stratocaster D'Allen Johnny Blades PU's, Mesa Boogie Rectifier Clean Channel, moving from Neck to Bridge!
  7. midifine

    Henrik Linder - Dirty Loops use the Axe FX II!!

    The bass player Henrik Linder from Dirty Loops use the Axe FX II for Bass, I think he deserved to be on the front page of FRACTAL AUDIO SYSTEMS between the Artists who use the Axe Fx... such a great musician!!!
  8. midifine

    You must see this!!!!

  9. midifine

    Real ADT Britt800 FW 14!!!

    For those who want a Artificial Double Tracking Plugin, from Waves, Reel ADT, just listen and give a comment, Amp Britt800, Cab OH_412_MAR-CB_V30-CH_Studio-Modern. IMHO the best on the Market... first take stereo track only, second with the ADT, Factory Default Preset.
  10. midifine

    Deep Sea Dive!! Inspired by simeon patch!

    Insipred by the new patch from simeon.. great job..Thank You!! Here it is: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Deep Sea Dive - by simeon
  11. midifine

    It's Christmas Time...!!!!!

    It's Christmas Time and I would like to share with you all my main presets, hope that you like them.. Merry Christmas to everyone, God Bless You All!!!! I have made today a backup of my Axe and I would like to share with you my main Bank A with all my presets that I use...
  12. midifine

    AXE FX II FW 11 & Fender Tele Richie Kotzen!!!

    Fender Telecaster Richie Kotzen with Axe Fx II FW11, signed by Richie Kotzen on a Workshop in Austria, best Telecaster on the market!!! Patch, Shiver Clean with a lot of Reverb and Delay!! For Kemper Fans... Forget It!!!
  13. midifine

    Taylor, Telecaster & Axe FX II FW 11b!!!

    Another story, Taylor with Axe Fx II and a little Telecaster with Richie Kotzen DiMarzio PU's.... about Axe there is nothing to say..still No. 01, even in Beta FW!!!
  14. midifine

    Taylor & Axe FX II FW 11.0 Beta!!!

    Played with Taylor 314ce thru Axe with FW 11.0 Beta! Comments & Suggestions are welcome!!!:encouragement: Patch Axe-Change - Download Preset - Acoustic/TripTik Clean - by Midifine
  15. midifine

    Demo Axe FW 11.0 Beta!

    A short demo of the new FW 11.0 Beta, IMHO sounds better as any FW till now, thank you Cliff & FAS Team for your work, I'm happy every second when I play thru your wonder box... Amps: Axe FX Brit JM45 & Super Verb Bass: Axe Fx Ampeg SV G&L S-500 Guitar with stock PU's DAW: Logic X with the...
  16. midifine

    Ruby Rocket... FW 10.06!!!

    New Ruby Rocket played with G&L Legacy.... thank you FAS Team for such a wonderful Amp... since FW 10.06 everything sounds much better... I don't know what will come next... Patch: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Ruby Rocket - by Midifine
  17. midifine

    Change Scenes from MFC.. Strange sound, FAS please help!!

    Helo FAS, made today the new FW 10.04, and by change the Scenes from MFC I have a strange sound.. if I change the Scenes from Axe Edit, it doesn't make anymore.. I don't know if it has to do that one Amp model is on X and the other one on Y. I have tryied to put 2 Amps in parallel and by...
  18. midifine

    Lukather 1990! Thank you winger & Swedish Chef!

    It's the best way to thank for those who share the Patches for Axe Fx II!! Played with LP Bonamassa with SD Bonamassa PU's!! Original post from winger on Axe Change: "Clean and lead patches were originally created by Swedish Chef for FW4. I tried to combine these using scenes for FW10. It...
  19. midifine

    Dirty Shirley FW10!!!

    Short Dirty Shirley Amp FW10, only Amp, Cab, Reverb & Delay... just perfect!!!! LP Bonamassa Model with Seymour Duncan Bonamassa PU's!! Preset Axe-Change - Download Preset - Dirty Shirley - by Midifine
  20. midifine

    VGS Eruption Select + Axe Fx II!!

    One of the best guitars on the market and a +1 for the EverTune Bridge. For the price that you pay for this Guitar it's the best quality what you can find around the world. And it sounds very very good. The EverTune bridge is the invention of the 20th Century, and I never played something so in...
  21. midifine

    Bulb Clean (Periphery)

    Bulb Clean Tone from Periphery - Misha Mansoor.. Great tone for clean sounds. Thank you Misha!!! Fender Strat with Dave Allen, Johnny Hilland PU's!!! https://soundcloud.com/midifine/bulb-clean-periphery Patch Download Axe-Change - Download Preset - Bulb Clean - by Periphery
  22. midifine

    Silent Night, Holy Night Axe FX II!!!

    Slowly but sure it's Christmas time.. made with Axe and Omnisphere for Choir.. Pad and Violin only Axe... Silent Night, Holy Night Axe FX II!!! by MIDIFine on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  23. midifine

    Smooth Splawn Marshall

    From the PT Splawn Marshall M Patch made by FractalAudio, changed a little for my taste, and played with a Fender Hot Rod with D'Allen Pickups (JohnnyBlades), without the ToneMach Block and with the OwnHammer OH Beta 412 Bogner V31 SM57 F-9 IR's. Hope you like it as I do!!! Smooth Splawn...
  24. midifine

    CLN Acoustic Axe Fx II!!

    Thanks for the patch from fremen, changed a little to fit my taste, record with PRS 513, no pre or post processing, just played thru the Singlecoil and Humbucker from my guitar to see how many possibilities are with only one patch. I don't need to say what a precious box the Axe is, everyone who...
  25. midifine

    For fremen an MFC-101 from the FAS Community!!!

    I think it's time that we do something for one of our community.. fremen needs a MFC-101 and I would like to spend some money for him that he can buy one... but I thought if we all that we have already the wonderful work on Axe Fx II and the others who would like to have them just put together...
  26. midifine

    Axe FX II No Amp, only Cab & FX!!!

    Made today a Hip-Hop Jingle only with a Cab sim. and the FX part from Axe FX II, and I was really very pleased that you don't really need an Amp Sim., Axe sounds even without it. Just amazing what this black box can do!!! Thank you FAS for this!!!! Recorded wit a Tokai LC2-M with Seymour Duncan...
  27. midifine

    Guthrie Govan & Axe FX II!!!

    Just bought the new from Guthrie Govan The Late Night Sessions 2 and I love to see the such a great guitar player use the Axe Fx II and I was a little bit disappointed to see the in the package you can't find the patches for Axe... Please give us the Guthrie Govan settings dear Fractal Audio...
  28. midifine

    Faber Concerto PU's & Axe FX II!!!

    'Till now the best PU's that I have ever played!!! Axe FX II Stock Britt 800 model Amp!!! Faber Concerto PU's!!! by MIDIFine on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  29. midifine

    No ToneMatch!!!

    I'm just working at a Commercial Jingle, and I realize that I don't need the ToneMatch function in the FW 6.0.. it sounds only with the Recto Red Modern and Friedmann HBE... the deal was to make something to sound very,very heavy... Is it so?:roll Axe FX II: Recto Red Modern...
  30. midifine

    Rammstein feat. Marylin Manson - The Beautiful People!

    Need help from you guys!!! For few days ago was in Germany the European Music Award, and saw there Rammstein with Marilyn Manson, and thought to check if Axe can reproduce the Rammstein Sound... I'll be glad and thankful for every comment and suggestion what can I do more to come closer to the...
  31. midifine

    Axe Fx II Not Ready Song

    I'm working on a song and I would like some comments from you guys, and I think in this way I can make it better as it is now! Feel free to leave a comment...Thank you in advance!!! Axe Fx II Presets: Brit 800, Friedmann HBE, DeLuxe Verb, all stock presets. Guitars: PRS513, Fender Strat...
  32. midifine

    ESP D-Activator/Axe FX II!!

    Just changed yesterday the Seymour Duncan pickups from my ESP Eclipse with DiMarzio D-Activator and I am so impressed about the sound that came out thru Axe Fx II that I want it to share with you.. about Axe there is nothing to say..still No. 01!!! ESP Eclipse D-Activator Neck Axe FX II...
  33. midifine

    Def Leppard - Love Bites Intro Axe Fx II v5.0

    Heard today the last Album from Def Leppard and at Love Bites song I thought I must try to reproduce the sound.. I think is very close to original even with my PRS513.. The part that I played is on the right and the original on the left..I think with a LP would be much better.. what you think...
  34. midifine

    Axe FX II Ave Maria!!!

    Ave Maria, Ave Cliff, Ave Fractal Audio Systems!!! I love it when you can do more with the best Guitar Preamp Processor in the World!! It is not that Axe FX II can reproduce the best Amps in the world, he can make more than that, and what you hear is played with my PRS513 and a Cello patch...
  35. midifine

    Merry Christmas Fractal Audio Systems!!!

    Merry Christmas Cliff, Merry Christmas Fractal Audio Systems, Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!! Thank you FAS for this wonderful Christmas! God bless you all!!! Merry Christmas Fractal Audio Systems!!! by MIDIFine on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  36. midifine

    Axe FX II Christmas Feeling!!!

    It was the best Christmas Gift that I ever become in my Life... I must say, that I've made myself for me and my soul... Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!! Axe FX II Christmas Feeling!!! by MIDIFine on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  37. midifine

    AxE FX II FW 3.03 Marshall JM45 Wah!!!

    I have discovered the wonderful Wah setting and I was so excited of this sound that I had to make something to share this with you.. and the Amp Hi Resolution from the new FW 3.03 is just.. I don't know what to say... there is no post production on the recording.. just the backing track from...
  38. midifine

    AXE FX II FW 3.03 Marshall JVM!!!

    I wanted to try the new Marshall JVM from the new FW 3.03 and that was coming out... during the recording I was changing a little bit from here and there, that's why my playing is bad.. but sorry for that... at 2:12 I have enabled the BB Preamp Drive... Hope you like how the AXE new FW sounds...
  39. midifine

    Axe FX II 4-th Song!!!

    A sad winter Song.. only AXE FX II, no post procession.. and only Axe Presets!!! I love this WONDERFUL BOX!!! THANK YOU FRACTAL AUDIO SYSTEMS!!!! Axe FX II 4-th Song by MIDIFine on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  40. midifine

    AXE FX II Synth Smooth Jazz

    Just tested today in the morning some Backing Tracks from Guitar Playback and testing the Axe Fx II what he can do more as to be a Wonderful Box.. and this came out.. sorry for the bad playing, still learning.. Hope you like it, and thank you Wallimann for the backing Track.. I'll buy them all...
  41. midifine

    Axe Fx II 3-rd Song Rhythm!!!

    Another version of my 3-rd song with the Wonder Box!!! No post processing..only the Axe..even the bass.. I don't have one, played the bass with my PRS 513!!! Axe Fx II 3-rd Song Rhythm!!! by MIDIFine on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  42. midifine

    Axe FX II 3-rd Song!!!

    Just another song with Axe Fx II! This is a wonderful Box and the possibility's are without limit! Thank's again Fractal Audio Systems for the inspiration!!! Axe FX II 3-rd Song by MIDIFine on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  43. midifine

    My 2-nd Song with AXE FX II!!!!

    You can call it as you wanted, but this WODERFUL CASE give me so much inspiration... Thank you Fractal Audio Systems for your time and your work!!!! Recorded with PRS 513 without post processing!!!! It's only AXE FX II FW 3.02!!! Axe FX II 2-nd Song!!! by MIDIFine on SoundCloud - Create...
  44. midifine

    My first sound on my new AXE FX II!!!

    Recorded with PRS 513, no sound processing after!! http://soundcloud.com/midifine/axe-fx-ii-demo
  45. midifine

    AXE FX II in Germany ARRIVED!!!

    Today around 9 AM I have it... I have waited since January this Year!!! I'm so happy and I will tell later how it is for me, but for the first impression it will make me HAPPY!!!
  46. midifine

    Fight For Your Right To Rock!!!

    On August 24, 2011, agents from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service raided Gibson's facilities in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee and seized more than 10,000 guitar fingerboards made from Indian Rosewood along with computers and other records. The US Government claims that Gibson...
  47. midifine

    Amazing!!! Without Axe!!!

    Just watch this amazing guy... and he's not waiting for Axe FX II!!! Jake Shimabukuro plays "Bohemian Rhapsody" | Video on TED.com
  48. midifine

    Waiting for.... Axe Fx II....!!!!

    .. in waiting for Axe FX II since January 2011... was wondering if this sound can be made with the Axe FX II... I have recorded in Logic with my Boss GT-10, Stylus, Omnisphere and Trilian... :? For those who already own the FX II I would appreciate if someone could tell me if it's possible such...
  49. midifine

    Axe FX II ????

    Just made a track and I want to know if you can hear the difference.... I'm shure that all Axe Ultra fans can hear it.. I'll be glad for some comments... Axe Fx II ??? by MIDIFine on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
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