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  1. MGW

    FS Rio Grande P90 Barpack Set Cream

    Selling a set of Rio Grande P90s in cream. Got them for a project that's no longer gonna happen. They're in great shape with plenty of lead. $125 shipped and PPd CONUS. Rio Grande Barpack Set Website
  2. MGW

    FC width with the sides removed?

    Does anyone know the width of the FC6 or 12 with the plastic sides removed? Thanks!
  3. MGW

    What kind of guitar is this?

    I'm completely stumped. What kind of guitar is this?
  4. MGW

    Look what I did...

    So...I decided to roll my own extension for the MFC. What a pain! All by hand... no brake press. Took several hours.
  5. MGW

    My first AxeFX II modification. EPROM anyone?

    Got the eprom a few weeks ago and haven't wanted to install it because it obviously has to come out of the rack. This got me to thinking...how to set it up so I don't have to remove from the rack to boot from the ROM in the event of a bricking? SO...I wired up a switch connected to J26. I...
  6. MGW

    Excessive CPU Usage! with CPU @ 42% FW 14.2

    Was building a tri-chorus patch a la Dann Huff using the Quad chorus and I keep getting an Excessive CPU Usage! message. Here's the kicker...CPU usage shows only to be at 42%. Any ideas? I have swapped out the Quad for two chorus blocks and do not get the problem even though the CPU usage is...
  7. MGW

    AFII day one

    Well day one as an AxeFX owner is in the books. Spent way more time than I should have yesterday. However, when I tried to build a patch to take to rehearsal, it was quick and easy. No midi, no patch changing. Just nice an simple single channel Marshall. Worked great. Couldn't tell I...
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