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    Monitor connections with Interface and Mixer

    Hello, I have a Mackie 1402VLZ3 and a MOTU M4 (4 in/out interface). I have a pair of Headrush 112's and a pair of M Audio BX5A D3's. I plug my AXE FX 3, Kemper etc into the mixer and out of the mixer into the M4. My question is what is the best way to connect the speakers(both pairs have dual...
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    Help! Is this an Ipad or Ipod?

    My friend gave me several of these and he called it an ipod mini? I can't find anything like it? It looks more like a small ipad? Anyone know the model?
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    Mixer Preamps and Processors?

    Forgive me if this sounds dumb. But if I plug my Axe Fx or any processor via the xlr cables into the mixer mic inputs will the quality of the preamps of the mixer make a difference or does it only matter for microphones?
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    Dry Signal upon Playback?

    I'm using the AXE3 MK2 with a MOUT M4 audio interface. When I record into Reason 10,FL Studio 20 etc. I get a weak signal, and when I playback it's totally dry, no effects? I use a Kemper as well and it has a great input signal into the MOTU and sounds great on playback. I know I have something...
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    Axe FX direct to powered monitors or Mixer?

    As of now I have my AXE plugged directly into a pair of Headrush powered monitors. I'm now thinking of getting a mixer and going AXE into Mixer and Mixer to powered monitors? As well as running my mixer into an audio interface. My interface has only 2 mic/instrument line ins as well as 2 line...
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    Audio Interface Line Input signal

    I have a MOTU M4 interface that I want to use the AXE 3 with(I know the Axe is a great interface as well, I have a different purpose for this). The instrument/Mic inputs I'm using with Microphones, therefore, I have 2 Line inputs That I want to use the Axe with. I tried using different outputs...
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    Input 2 No Sound!

    Hi, trying to use the AXE 3 as my audio interface. Have my outputs of the audio interface connected in stereo to Input 2. When I play a synth the level meter lights up(input and output) on the front but I'm getting no sound out of the speakers? I'm sure something is routed wrong??? Messed around...
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    XLR Y Cable into speaker?

    Hello, I have the Axe 3 and a Kemper. I have two Headrush FRFR speakers both have 2 xlr inputs(1 & 2). However, I'm already using one of the inputs(#1) for my interface. Therefore, I want to connect the Axe and Kemper into the xlr(#2) using a y cable and plug it into the headrush. I would not be...
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    2 button Footswitch with AXE III

    I've heard connecting a footswitch to the external expression inputs will only support single button switches? Is that still true with the AXE III? Or can you connect a dual switch with a TRS cable? I'd like to change presets(up and down) UPDATE: Just found out from Fractal IN case anyone else...
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    Weird Volume Swell on Presets

    Hello, Upgraded to 12.01 and I notice an unnatural volume swell on presets, it happens on many but I've noticed preset 9 and 11 this happens on. I can't figure out what's causing this? I also used headphones to see if it's the output. I disconnected my midi controller(Rocktron Midimate). So i...
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    Rocktron or Voodoo Lab Pedal Switchers?

    Anyone have any experience with these? I’m looking to turn pedal effects on/off and switch amps, as well as use the MIDI to turn effects on/off in the AXE FX II. These seem to do both??? Voodoo Lab - Pedal Switcher™ http://www.rocktron.com/products/controllers/patchmateloop8floor/
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