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    Patch for nylon string guitar

    I have a pretty cheap classical guitar with nylon strings and crappy pickups. It doesn't sound any good straight in, so maybe an amp and cab sim and some effects and EQ will help, but I have no idea where to start. Does anyone have a patch made for nylon strings that I could take a look at? Thanks.
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    We need beta-testers (musicians) for our collaborative jamming-app (iOS)!

    We are in the final stages of creating an iOS (iPhone) app that allows the users to record themselves (audio/video) on top of other users' recordings. Would be great if some Axe-FX users would like to give it a try. If you have an iRig you can use that for recording direct, otherwise you can use...
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    Playback volume drop after FW18

    I just installed FW18 on my Axe-Fx II, which I also use as main soundcard on my computer. I usually have the output 1 level at around 9:00. There is no volume difference when monitoring, but playback a recording or any audio file is dead silent, I have to set the output level knob to at least...
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    Working on an app - struggle with mixing audio sources together

    I'm working on an iPhone app where you can record layers of audio and performing some basic operations like panning and volume adjustment before mixing them together. I'm having problems with maintaining good quality when doing this. When I mix two different sources together it sounds OK, but as...
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    Dream Theater - About To Crash (Reprise) Cover

    My attempt on this awesome song. Let me know what you think :)
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    Syncing audio and video

    I'm doing a youtube cover and recorded the audio into cubase while capturing video with my iPone 5. I loaded the files into iMovie and messed around until I found the correct spot for sync. When I play it from the beginning it's in sync, but as it plays the audio moves very slowly out of sync...
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    Double vs Quad tracked

    https://soundcloud.com/asolberg/pull-me-under-tone-test First one is the original. In the second part I recordered the same four times, two panned 80% left/right and two panned 100% left/right. The third part is the two takes 100% left/right. Imho, the quad track sounds much closer...
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    One string missing, bad for the guitar?

    I have a MusicMan JP6, it's about 5 years old. A couple of weeks ago a string snapped while I was playing at home. I didn't have time to change strings and I left the guitar it in the case. I meant to change it the next day, but I had a lot of stuff to do so it ended up lying in the case with...
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    Mesa Boogie Mark IV / IIC+ tones

    I'm struggling to get the tone I want. The low end doesn't feel right at all. I'm aiming for what I'm hearing in this clip of the real amps: I'm not getting even close to that feel in the low end. With settings like Bass 0-2, mid 4-5, treb 6-7, drive 7, master 3 etc I still always feel...
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    Patches from a certain muscly, bearded guitar player

    http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/63202-version-10-00-stuff.html Cliff, any chance these will be available on Axe-Change soon?
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    The Best of Times Solo Cover

    I've covered the song before with my Standard, but I really love this solo and I figured I'd do a new take with the MK II.
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    Scenes From a Memory Tone Match - Fatal Tragedy Cover

    I used Jammit for tone matching and for the backing track. I skipped the solo part in order to not completely ruin the song... :) Let me know what you think.
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    Triple tracking?

    For metal rhythm tracks, I guess double tracking and some times quad tracking is the most standard way to do it. But listening to some of the songs on Scenes From a Memory using Jammit (where you can isolated the tracks), it definitely sounds like Petrucci has three takes on the rhythm. Two...
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    Octavarium ending solo

    I was working on a tone match of Petrucci's lead tone on BC&SL, but I ended up doing a quick take of this one instead :) https://soundcloud.com/asolberg/octavarium Not perfect but it'll have to do since it's the middle of the night here and I have to go to work in a few hours... Let me...
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    Louder mix

    When I have a backing track and I want to record something, I always tweak the Axe II until I'm happy with the tone and hit record. When I'm done, I never do any post processing. The only thing I do afterwards is to lower the levels until the clip warning is gone. This way my recordings always...
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    Lost Not Forgotten

    Figured I'd start learning this awesome song today. It's way too hard for me though, just barely learned the "easy" part so far... Still working on the tone, but I think I'm in the right direction. Let me know what you think!
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    Just got my 2

    WHOWHOWHOWHOWHOWHO!!!!!!! Just unboxed it plugged in my guitar, I've only tried 3 different stock presets AND OH MY GOD I'M IN HEAVEN!!! This is really bad news for my girlfriend who will not in any way get any attention from me what so ever this weekend. I'm not even sure I'll be able to...
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    Mark IV / V Graphic EQ

    The Mesa EQ is after the pre amp but before the power amp section, correct? If we use a PEQ to replicate the exact bands and Q values and place it after the amp block, should it basically do the same thing as the real thing or should we expect a big difference in the sound?
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    4x12 Stiletto vs Rectifier

    Video shows an A/B comparison between the two cabinets. I'm a little surprised because to me it sounds like the Stiletto has more lower mids, less highs and sounds fuller, while the Rectifier has more high end and sounds thinner. This is pretty much the opposite of what I hear with the Recto vs...
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    Spiky highs

    I've had this spiky high freq issue for a long time now. Especially the high E and B string sound so thin and spiky nomatter what I do with the patch. It's a general problem that occurs on all patches. It may be more prominent with certain cabs and EQing but it's always there no matter what I...
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    On The Backs of Angels (again)

    http://soundcloud.com/asolberg/on-the-backs-of-angels Been planning to do a full youtube cover for some time, but I always end up tweaking...I'm pretty happy with the tone now, but it sounds a little to dark and seems to drown in the mix some places, especially at the ending riff. Also...
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    Outboard amp with Axe-Fx Standard

    If I have a patch with a signal chain like this: [amp] - [cab] - [PEQ] - [delay] And if I had a Mark V head and no cabinet and I wanted to record direct. Could I in theory just bypass the amp block with the head and still utilize the cab sims and the rest of the chain? If so, does anyone...
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    Should I consider buying a pre amp?

    Why do some people use pre amps with the axe, and how are they used? I've done some breakthrough on my rhythm tones lately, mainly because of a combination of IRs and detailed EQing. But still there is something missing. And it seems that the amp sims doesn't really do it for me. Therefore I...
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    Achieving this kind of overdrive

    Starts at 0:20. I'm not sure how to get a tone like this. Is this simply the Mark V alone or does he use a Tube Screamer in the clip as well maybe? In any case, whether I use a TS in front of the USA Lead 2 or not, the distortion doesn't sound anything like this. It's hard to explain sound in...
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    Tone shaping

    I often come to a point with a patch where I'm very happy with the tone of either the lower strings or the higher strings. But never all of them together. I like to have my rhtyhm tone sharp and bright but at the same plenty of low end. When I achieve this, the higher notes sound waaaay to thin...
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    On the Backs of Angels

    I used Match EQ to create an IR out of the original guitar stem. For some reason, it sounds very close through my headphones, but through my rokit 6 monitors it sounds too muffled. Haven't worked on the lead tone, so it's just the rhythm with some delay and reverb. Before I record the...
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    Speaker volume

    About to set up my Rokit 6 monitors. Have used headphones excluselively before, hope this will make my recordings sound more live and less steril. I live in an appartment and I have some really lame neighbors who never miss an opportunity to complain. So to avoid being constantly disturbed by...
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    DAW level

    When I record or import tracks, I always have to bring the level down to avoid clipping. Doesn't have to be my recording, if I import other songs or isolated tracks, they are usually way too loud to playback. One track may be fine, but as soon as I mix in several tracks, e.g. recording over a...
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    Ozone Match EQ is amazing! (Dream Theater content)

    Tried this matching EQ today for the first time, and I got closer than I've ever been before. Finally the fat and chunky low end I've been looking for. There's still a lot to improve, but I'm very happy with it for being my first take on this matching thing. The playing is a little sloppy, I...
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    Challenge: On the Backs of Angels tone

    I actually prefer the tone on the previous album, but this sounds pretty awesome as well. Since they released isolated tracks for this song it would be cool to do a cover. But I haven't been able to reproduce this sound (from about 2:00 in the video). I've mostly used only one cabinet, but...
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    Pickup swap question

    I've just ordered a Dimarzio Crunch Lab pickup to replace my D-Sonic on a JP6. I'll be running a Crunch Lab/Air Norton combo. I've never changed a pickup before and frankly I know very little about how the wiring and electronic stuff works. I'm kinda scared of breaking something. Do I have to...
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    Bose QC15 headphones...wow??!

    Before boarding a long holiday flight as I bought a pair of these headphones that has active noise cancellation. They work extremely well for reducing noise. I figured I'd try them as monitors when I got back home and BOOM. They work A LOT better than my Beyerdynamic DT770 pro! The sound itself...
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    Bose QC15 headphones...wow??!

    Before boarding a long holiday flight as I bought a pair of these headphones that has active noise cancellation. They work extremely well for reducing noise. I figured I'd try them as monitors when I got back home and BOOM. They work A LOT better than my Beyerdynamic DT770 pro! The sound itself...
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    Anyone know how to get this compressed overdriven tone?

    I really like the tone from 4:45. It's pretty different from Petrucci's standard live tone, I think there's a big difference in the overdrive and it sounds much more compressed. Does he use a compressor? I thought he only used that for cleans.
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    Hotel California acoustic solo

    Trying to get a decent nylon tone and Iridium's patch helped a lot! Sounds so much better than anything I've ever come up with. I still have some issues but I think that's because of my pickups. I struggle with getting enough volume without clipping. Also I'd like it to sound more full, I think...
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    High gain recording with headphones

    I know headphones have been discussed several times here, but I still have some questions regarding headphones vs monitors. What I know: - Since it goes directly into the ears, all room acoustics are missing. - Headphones are rarely flat in the frequency response - The lows often sound thin...
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    Really need help identifying trouble frequency

    I've been struggling with this forever now. Lower notes I play sound so undefined, over-processed, distorted and muffled. I've always felt it's a low end issue, so I've tried everything to tame it but it doesn't help. It feels like the gain is very unevenly distributed. When the lower strings...
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    This is the life (new DT album)

    Listened through the new album, and I really love the ambiance. Recorded a short clip of the end solo in "This is the life". I wish it was longer!
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    Audio interface input gain question

    A couple of questions: I have a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB interface. It has a L-R input for Mic / Line / Instrument signals in one. Should I use Line or Instrument when connecting 1/4 from the Axe-Fx? Is does the input gain knobs alter the signal other than volume? I mean, I get the same volume...
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    Comfortably numb

    Not what I usually play, but figured I'd give it a shot. I'm not that familiar with the original so it's not perfect.. Playing through my JP6 and a somewhat modified factory preset. Let me know what you think!
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    Boost switch on high gain amps

    Do people use it?
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    Guitar maintenance

    My guitar (Music Man JP6) is almost 4 years old, and I've never done any maintainance other than cleaning the fretboard when changing strings. I've also switched between 0.9 and 0.10 gauges several times. Intonation seems fine, but what bothers me is a constant low end / mids issue. I've...
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    Isolating tracks from a 5.1 mix

    There are a number of backing tracks online that have the guitar tracks isolated out of the original, making it barely audible, and perfect to play along with. They are originally mixed in 5.1 surround. Does anyone how to do this? I tried to google but either I suck at it or there isn't that...
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    Can anyone recommend some articles?

    When I ask something on this forum, I often realize that it's not just related to the axe-fx, it's more about my knowledge of guitar mixing and sound processing in general. I figured I should finally start learning the basics :) Can you recommend any articles or guides with detailed information...
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    Instrumedley on xylophone!

    These kids got some skills........really fun to watch, especially if you've heard the original! :)
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    Tips for high end "width"

    Since we've just had a discussion about eliminating ice pick highs, I figured I'd ask how to get the highs more filling and widespread (in lack of a better explanation). I sometimes feel they sound pretty thin. I think the amp's depth control may help, but then the low end is very affected as...
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    How do you justify the time you spend on here?

    People don't understand, especially not my girlfriend - why I always need to quickly browse the forum whenever there's an opportunity. I've given up on trying to explain because people don't get it and I'm not even sure myself anymore. It's just an addiction. :) What do you tell your girlfriend...
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    Low end.....again

    I need to get to the bottom of my low end issue...it's haunting all my presets I created a simple patch with just an amp and cab. The amp is the IIC+, with drive 7.50, bass at 3.50, mid 4, treble 7.50, presence 3.00, master vol 3,00, and everything else untouched. Recorded the same thing...
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    Master Volume!!!

    I've always felt like there's something fundamental wrong with my tone, both lead and rhythm. I've experimented with about every parameter there is, which doesn't have to be a negative thing as it has made me understand more and more how things work. BUT. Since I've read so many times "keep the...
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    Forum settings, posts per page

    Just wondering if there is a way to display more posts per page? I think 10 posts per page is too few, and I generally prefer just scrolling down in long threads rather then pressing next page all the time... :D
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    Under a glass moon solo

    Under a glass moon.mp3 - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download I started learning this song recently so this time I actually have something to blame the sloppy playing on...:) Experimented with higher Master vol than usual, I think it was easier to get that early petrucci...
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    Since the guitar is a mid instrument, why is it so normal to scoop the mids? I've been doing it all along just because I felt I had to, but now that I'm experimenting without the scoop, it sounds much better...it sounds more alive and not so dull.
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    Tried to get somewhat close to the Live at Budokan tone...just played through the whole thing, and there some parts I'm not able to do so it's kinda sloppy at times :D Found a cool backing track online without the guitar track. Tweaked and played through headphones so i may sound like shait on...
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    I struggle with whoomping and indistinct low end on my rhythm patches. I mainly use the USA LEAD 1 or the IIC+ 1. I have the master at 3 bass at 2-4. Before the amp I have a filter to tighten the low end, and then a TS808 with drive 0 level 10. I have the amp's low cut at around 100 hz. I...
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    7-string vs 6-string guitar

    I have a JP6 and I want a JP7 as well, but at the moment I can't afford one. I figured an alternative would be to just replace the JP6. I've never played on a 7-string guitar before, so I don't know how it feels. The only reason I want one is that I want to be able to play a few songs which...
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    Black Clouds & Silver Linings tone

    I've been trying to do a complete cover on a couple of songs on this album, but although I feel I'm pretty close to the tone, I just end up tweaking every time... Recorded some parts of The Count of Tuscany, and I need some feedback on the tone :) The backing track is all isolated tracks from...
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    250 and 500 freqs

    I'm having some trouble with these. I've been trying to nail a certain rhythm tone, and I've gotten pretty close, but I have a general rhythm tone issue, which is mainly when playing on lower frets on the A and D string. Not sure how to describe it, so with the lack of words I'll go with...
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    First live experience with the axe...

    The occasion was just my dad's 50th birthday celebration, but they rented a local club in Oslo where big names like Clapton and Springsteen have performed on stage. So I show up an hour earlier with just my guitar, Axe and Macbook. I could see the sound guy's skepticism to the Axe while we...
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    Goin to play live for the first time

    I only play at home and record direct, I've never played live, at least not with electric guitar. I'm very happy with my direct tone, and in a week I'm gonna play live and I'm wondering what my approach should be. It's a 50th birthday party, but it's gonna be quite big and they've rented a local...
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    My Axe-Fx

  61. T

    Closing in on Petrucci lead tone

    Let me know what you think :) Patch:
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    Help me a/b original recording

    First one is a short part of Petrucci's orignial isolated track, second is my attempt. I'm at the point where I feel I'm getting fairly close, but then I'm out of options as to what I need to tweak to get it more similar. I hear a big difference, but I cannot put my finger on what it is. First...
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    New pickups/guitar?

    Hi, I've only owned two guitars. An ESP ltd flying V, and now a Music Man JP6. The ESP was horrible, and the JP6 was so much better to play. I never tried the JP6 first, I just ordered online for about $3k. I don't know anything about guitars, I just want them to sound good and be easy to...
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    About to crash / Goodnight kiss solo

    I really like Petrucci's tone on this album. But I find it difficult to nail the smoothness in his lead. I usually have a drive block before the amp, but not in these two recordings. I think the highs are slightly more smooth this way, but the lows are very muddy...
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    Figured I'd do something different for a change :) http://soundcloud.com/torkolort/cavatina This is the arrangement of Cavatina from The Deer Hunter by Stanley Myers, which is one of the most wonderful classical guitar solos I know. It's First time I've used a classical guitar through the...
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    Another Day

    http://soundcloud.com/torkolort/another-day Panned the original track a bit to the right and my recording to the left. Earlier today, I accidentally added an Enhancer block to the patch, which I've never used before. And I liked it. Not really sure how appropriate it is to use it for leads etc...
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    Videos like this make me want to put my guitar on ebay...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdgACLA2vO0 He's 11 years old for crying out loud :o :shock: :o :shock: Seriously though, how :?:
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    Glasgow kiss

    http://soundcloud.com/torkolort/glasgow-kiss Feel free to comment on the tone. Curious as to how it sounds outside my setup. For me it sounds like the tone has a cold...probably need some more EQing...
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    Gain trouble

    Hi, When I play it feels like the volume knob on the guitar is lowered. I constantly feel like I need more gain, because it feels like the notes aren't coming through especially on the higher register. Recorded a little sample using the first stock preset (Studio Lead) which has the USA Lead...
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    Direct recording - acoustic reinforcement

    There have been a couple of posts about the use of headphones as monitors when recording direct. There are different opinions regarding this, but what really started to convince me was what Cliff said in one of the posts: Because there's no string and body reinforcement. When you play through...
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    Can audio interfaces alter the sound?

    Hi, I'm recording direct through a TC Elektronic Konnekt 8 audio interface, into Cubase 5 on a computer running XP. Recordings generally sound very harsh, somewhat digital, has less gain and still more noise opposed to when playing through an Atomic. The "core" sound is there, but it has all...
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    Sustain, noise etc

    Hi all, Even though this is my 100th post, I still have to ask some basic questions :) I can't figure out how to get a nice sustain on my leads. I thought it would help to increase the gain, but no matter how high I set it, I still don't get anywhere close to getting that long lasting end...
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    Another dimension...

    Just discovered this song by Liquid Tension Experiment. Just had to try out this part, must be one of the coolest riffs ever IMO! http://soundcloud.com/torkolort/another-dimension Didn't find any backing track so I doubled tracked over the original.
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    Reverb mix level

    Hi So, I've completely underestimated the importance of reverb when recording direct. I made a thread like a month ago asking why my direct recording sounded so bad as opposed to playing "live". Then Cliff and others mentioned that I should add some reverb, but I had a reverb block so I kinda...
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    In The Presence of Enemies solo

    http://www.4shared.com/audio/gi9RXQxN/I ... emies.html Let me know what you think :)
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    Direct vs mic...need help

    I must be doing something wrong, and I hope you guys can help me out! The first part is the Atomic Reactor FR with an SM58 into mic input on a my TC Electronic konnekt 8. Never done this before, and can't play loud so I cranked up the gain on the interface. It's in mono. Second part is stereo...
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    Stream of Consciousness

    http://www.4shared.com/audio/UQ4iO4Lf/S ... sness.html I don't have any monitors, so I have no idea how it sounds to everyone else...sry for the abrupt ending, just didn't feel like record the whole thing as I'm not sure about the sound. Comments are welcome :)
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    Upgrading my recording setup..

    Okay, so I really have to improve my recording setup. I just don't know where to start, and as I am very low on money for the moment, price is a big issue (damn online poker). What I've used until now is a TC Electronic Konnekt 8. The problems are starting right here. First of all, the device...
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    I need some education...

    A little background: I have very little experience with amps and gear. I have owned a Mesa Boogie Nomad 55, which never gave me the sound I wanted (I'm a Petrucciholic). First of all I guess that particular amp was not the right choice. Secondly I had no idea how to tweak it. After that I tried...
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    The count of tuscany...again

    http://www.4shared.com/audio/FNrkfnwn/T ... scany.html Used the patch that cardinal of crunk shared in his post. Thanks a lot! Instead of the redwirez cab, I used the V30. Just to point out how noob I am, this is probably the first time I'm even close to doing something right. Earlier when...
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    Octavarium solo

    Still something missing when recording direct vs playing through my Atomic... There's more hiss and less gain and clarity and I don't know why. It's like the noise gate is gone when I record direct... Anyway here it is, let me know what I think...
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    Please help me add wah to this patch...

    I really don't know how to add wah to a lead patch without ruining the sound... I'm trying to get close to the tone petrucci is using live for the Lines in The Sand solo: http://open.spotify.com/track/5AmBvKG6PNNSudTMotNoaw or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bcadgg6uJkU Thanks for helping :)
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    The count of tuscany middle solo with new patch

    It sounds pretty good through my monitors, not so good on my computer speakers. Maybe something happens during the export, I don't know...what do you guys think? http://www.4shared.com/file/233599823/c ... _part.html Here's the patch if anyone wanna look at it and help me improve it...
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    Sultans of Swing solo

    http://www.4shared.com/file/217789486/8 ... ltans.html As you probably notice, this is NOT my kind of music. Just wanted to try this song, don't know why :) Feedback on tone and playing is welcome!
  85. T

    Request: Lines in the sand solo

    HI Does anyone have a patch that sounds close to this solo? How does he get that smooth high gain clean tone? :o Thanks!
  86. T

    The Dance of Eternity....

    Obv I fall in love with the most difficult DT songs... http://www.4shared.com/file/203295679/8 ... rnity.html Didn't find a decent backing track so I just played along with the original.
  87. T

    Best of times solo attempt

    http://www.4shared.com/file/202806222/7 ... times.html There are a lot of mistakes, but I learned this solo yesterday and recorded today, so I'll just blame it on that........ :) I used the "SilverLinings" patch I downloaded from one of the users here. Feedback on how to improve the tone is...
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    Help! The Germans have invaded my Axe Fx!

    I was just finished playing when I thought I heard voices outside. It took a while before I found out it came from the Atomic! :o I could actually hear them speaking German, and it seemed like they were on a train station or something. I kinda freaked out because I remembered that scene from...
  89. T

    Messed up sound when recording

    I need some help here... I use a TC Elektronic Konnekt 8 firewire interface into Cubase. My first attempt was to use balanced out into one of the mic channels on the interface. Didn't sound good. Then I tried regular jacks from output2. Sounded even worse. When I play through the Atomic it...
  90. T

    The Count of Tuscany attempt with crappy patch.........

    I created this patch in less than 5 minutes. Just added drive, amp, cab, delay, EQ and loop and recorded. Hardly any tweaking, because I suck at it. It sounds awful imo. :) But I'm trying to learn... http://www.4shared.com/file/190383516/8 ... TCOT1.html...
  91. T

    First recording....what happened to my axe fx??

    So, originally I was just going to post a small clip of the Master of Puppets preset in order to get some feedback regarding what's wrong. When I bought my axe fx in august and tried this preset, it sounded amazing. I have not done any changes to the preset but suddenly one day it sounded awful...
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    TC Electronic Konnekt 8...

    Hi, I've been struggling to get my Konnekt 8 working so I can start recording with the Axe-Fx. My first issue was actually to get the Axe-Edit to work on XP. I was getting bad checksum all the time and figured I'd try to see if installing windows 7 would help. It did and everything with the...
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    Playing at a funeral

    Hi, I'm going to play Cavatina in a funeral next Friday. I've played in the same church once before, and even if I just used a crappy amp it sounded amazing because of the acoustics in the room. I'm playing on a classical nylon string guitar and I do have an acoustic amp, but I think there's...
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    Anyone tried the Cakewalk UM-2G midi interface?

    Hi, First time i hooked up my axe fx to a computer was with my brothers laptop. I had never done anything like this before and had low expectations. Surprisingly everything just worked. I used the editor to upload presets to the axe fx and all seemed good. When I tried the exact thing at home I...
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    Setup for recording

    Hi, First let me say I have very little experience with pretty much all the technical aspects of musical equipment. Although I've been playing guitar for 7 years, unfortunately I do not have the patience or time to learn and understand how everything works. I am one of those guys who just want...
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