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  1. Kidmag

    Layout 3, "Effects", went universal?

    When I modified my effects in my layout 3 of one of my presets, it got applied to all of my presets. So now in every preset, my "effects" layout/menu is the same. I must have done something wrong - I thought that would only happen if I used the #9 Master layout. Any thoughts? after 30...
  2. Kidmag

    "Cherub Rock" - Set-up suggestions

    Hi All - hoping for some ideas to try - I'm tapped out. My band covers Cherub Rock and I'm searching for the rhythm fuzz/overdriven sound. Obviously Smashing Pumpkins layers about 10 guitars when they recorded that song, and my band is a 3 piece. But I'm trying to get a big big sound, with...
  3. Kidmag

    FM3 Arrived Yesterday!

    Long time AX8 user here who just bit into the FM3. Wow - I'm pretty darn impressed and overwhelmed! Just the sheer number of presets! I gave up last night , bleary eyed at about preset 300. I didn't want to get into the FM3 editor, I just wanted to feel/listen and go through the presets...
  4. Kidmag

    Pedal Sweep - best pot resistance?

    Hi All - I'm going to purchase a new pedal for use with my incoming FM3. I really like the small size and feel of the Ernie Ball Jr. which you have the option of purchasing with a 25K, 250k, or 500K pot. Do you know which resistance would function the best with the FM3? Thank you!
  5. Kidmag

    Pan Different Cabs?

    Hi - I'm on the FM3 waitlist. I know we get one amp block (with 4 channels), but how many cab blocks? Wondering if I can send one amp to two different cabs panned L/R to fatten up a live sound. To take it a step further, I'm wondering if I can send the signal out through the effects loop to...
  6. Kidmag

    Ugh - AX8 got stolen

    out of the back of my car. I'm a retard and left it in there overnight after band practice.. so bummed. Beyond the cost, I also don't have a recent back-up of my presets.... Must be at least 100 hours of work that went into the 6 main presets I used. I got it all dialed about 8 months ago and...
  7. Kidmag

    Hollow body flavor - Thoughts / Tips?

    Thoughts on how to tweak my JCM800 preset in the AX8 to have my solid body guitar adopt some of the flavor of my semi-hollow body guitar? I play mostly mid level overdriven alternative and blues rock stuff. My two primary guitars are an 80's Yamaha SA-700 (ES-335 copy) and custom Jazzmaster...
  8. Kidmag

    Spitball - Boss FS-5L Use

    Hi all, I generally learn so much from you guys, I figured I'd throw this out there and suck more info from the collective. I just found a Boss FS-5L latching footswitch deep in my pedal drawer and thought hey, I bet I could assign something useful in the AX8 to this. So anyone use an extra...
  9. Kidmag

    Trouble cutting through the mix

    Well.... a little depressed this morning. Played my AX8 for the first time with the band last night (running through an Atomic CLR on floor in front of me and through the PA). There was good and there was bad. Clean sounds were for the most part great. Lead tones for the most part were good...
  10. Kidmag

    Faking two Amps w/ Cabs

    Hi all, Working to get my hands around some stuff. I love the sound of using two separate amps, but I understand we only have 1 amp block in the AX8. I noticed you can do a "stereo" cab in the cab block and have two cabs to pick from (lets say cab A and cab B). If I go stereo and pan each...
  11. Kidmag

    New to the Party!

    I just purchased the AX8 and obviously I'm very excited! I'm saying hi to and want to thank the forum and contributors as I recognize what a great resource you all are, and want to say thanks for what I've derived already in my research. I'm pretty new to the modeling game, but have some...
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