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  1. drawnacrol

    Convert 44.1K Impulse Response to 48K

    Hey, I couldn't find much solid information on how to do this so I thought I'd ask here. I have a bunch of 44.1K impulses and I want to convert them to 48K to load into my Axe-fx II. How do I do this? I'm using a Mac. Thanks! Edit: I imported the file into Logic(44.1k project), then converted...
  2. drawnacrol

    Dry track suddenly lagging in DAW

    I've been recording the last few hours with no problems but all of a sudden my dry track now lags behind the main track. Does anyone know whats wrong or how to fix this? I'm using Logic Pro and going direct via USB/
  3. drawnacrol

    Drive Block set itself to FAT RAT

    I was recording and stopped to tuned my guitar, pressing bypass and tuner. When I went to start recording again I noticed my tone was now full of hiss and feedback. I had a TS808 selected but the drive block set itself to a FAT RAT with some very strange High Cut settings. I'm using the...
  4. drawnacrol

    Crazy noises using USB as output device on iMac

    I'm using my Axe-Fx II as the output device for my iMac. Periodically when I'm using iTunes or Logic Pro everything turns to complete noise full of hissing and screeching. Turning the Axe-Fx II on and off fixes it but its a very strange bug. Is it a problem with Apple or my Axe-fx. I'll...
  5. drawnacrol

    7 String Metal - 5153 Red, Ownhammer, FW 15

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm9OnuG7mQE Original song of mine demoing the Seymour Duncan Nazgul pickup. All settings are at neutral. My signal chain is: T808 OD - 5153 Red - Ownhammer 4 X 12 SB75 Studio Modern - Low Cut/High Cut For lead guitar I used a bit of reverb and one of the...
  6. drawnacrol

    Dialling in a hi-gain lead tone for recording/studio

    Hey guys! I'm having trouble dialling in a hi-gain lead that sits in a mix. I made 4-5 patches last night that sounded great when playing but when I tried to record a solo section in one of my songs they just sounded horrible. It sounded like I was playing over the mix rather than the tone...
  7. drawnacrol

    DOOM - E1M1 Guitar Cover - 5153 RED

    Anyone who grew up in the 90s should know this one. My guitar is an Ibanez RG1527 with Seymour Duncan Nazgul and Sentient Pickups. My signal chain is T808 OD - 5153 RED - 4X12 V30 with multiple Mics - HI-pass/Low-pass with some EQ cuts to make room for the bass drum + snare
  8. drawnacrol

    Axe-Fx II repeatedly locking up on FW11 [SOLVED]

    Every time I click layout and try to edit one the parameters it locks up. The only solution is to turn it on and off again. Whats wrong? Update: The new midi driver for Mac seems to be the cause. As soon as I connect my Axe-fx to my iMac it looks up.
  9. drawnacrol

    Getting feedback when using preamp via effects loop

    I tried to use my Engl E530 with my Axe-Fx 2 and I got crazy feedback from it. I'm guessing I had it connected wrong but here are the ports on the back of the ENGL and Axe-fx. Can someone tell me exactly what I'm meant to do to use it in the middle of the chain like this? The ENGL has...
  10. drawnacrol

    Born of Osiris - M∆CHINE/Machine Sweep Arpeggio Cover

    My guitar is a Schecter Custom Shop 7 with a Bareknuckle Emerald in the neck. I'm using the Silent Underground IRs and I think the Diezel Herbert Ch3 model. Axe-Edit wasn't playing nice as usual so I lost the patch after recording. The Silent Underground IRs are really good for hi-gain leads.
  11. drawnacrol

    Tips for Hi-Gain Lead Tones?

    Hey, I'm having trouble getting juicy hi-gain lead tones so any tips you guys could share would be really appreciated!! I've no trouble with rhythms since they tend to follow a typical chain: Tubescreamer Drive 0 Tone 5 Level 5-7 - Peavey or Diezel Amp set to taste - Cab - Hi+Lo Pass - Shelf...
  12. drawnacrol

    The Reaver - 7 String Metal with FW 10

    Schecter C-7 Hellraiser - Metal - YouTube Firmware 10 is amazing! Palm mutes sound really dynamic and have a really nice chunk sound to them. Its also much easier now to get a good tone. Before I used to cut some of the bass to tighten up the low end before hitting the tubescreamer/overdrive...
  13. drawnacrol

    Axe-fx II - Melodic Death Metal - FW9

    Original metal clip in D standard trying out Firmware 9 on the Axe-Fx 2. The improvement in palm mutes and dynamics is crazy. I wasn't sold on previous firmwares and was thinking of selling it but FM 9 has sealed the deal. I can't wait to see how FW 10 turns out. I'm using a blend of the Diezel...
  14. drawnacrol

    Firmware 9 Metal Demo - DAS METALL + FAS 6160

    Schecter C-1 Custom - Metal Demo - YouTube Playing some unaccompanied original riffs using a couple of different Das Metall and FAS 6160 patches. Cliff has really outdone himself with the latest firmware. Palm mutes are much more punchy/dynamic and everything feels much more repsonsive. Hi-gain...
  15. drawnacrol

    Chelsea Grin - Shred Guitar Solo

    Using the Fas Modern amp for tone. Not really a good representation of the Axe-Fx 2 but I would never have been able to play this kind of shred with regular amp sims. They never responded right and always had a slight latency/lag. Enjoy!
  16. drawnacrol

    Using a mutli-band compressor on certain regions? Help Needed

    Hey I've come across this a lot on the andysneap forum and here sometimes: "I used the lower band of a multi-band compressor to squash the 100-250Hz region during the palm mutes to prevent them from becoming overbearing" - Nolly Can someone explain how I would go about this using the Axe-fx...
  17. drawnacrol

    Thuderstone - Virus Guitar Solo - FAS Lead 2

    I'm really digging the FAS Lead 2 amp at the moment. No harshness when soloing on the bridge and really smooth when using the neck.
  18. drawnacrol

    NGD - Home Made Desk for Axe-Fx

    I wanted a workstation desk but didn't want to pay €1000+ so I decided to make my own for a fraction of the cost. Not exactly "Home made" but using sets and boards from Ikea my mate was able to put this together in a few hours with a few screws/glue and only sawing up 3 of the boards. I'm amazed...
  19. drawnacrol

    Tone-Matching Tips & Tricks: Double Tone-Matching/Blending etc

    I've been doing this since Clark Kent first uploaded his tutorial to youtube so I taught I would share some of things I've learned about tone matching. I'm going to assume you know how to tone-match already. If not watch the tutorial's stickied at the top of this forum. I will just start listing...
  20. drawnacrol

    Axe-FX II Metal Test

    I've had my Axe-FX for about a month now. I've been quite busy but managed to record one of my own solos and make a video. This is my first proper mix so I'm still learning how to mix and EQ everything. Axe-Fx 2 - Peavey 5150 for rhythms + Carvin Legacy for leads Ibanez RG1527 with Bare...
  21. drawnacrol

    How would you connect a preamp/pedal via FX-Loop

    I was reading through the manual last night and I saw that you can connect a preamp to the back of the axe: "(17) - INPUT 2 — Left/Mono and Right, Balanced (1/4” Tip-Ring-Sleeve) Jacks (“FX RETURN”) — Connect to the output(s) of outboard equipment when using the FX Loop block. You can also...
  22. drawnacrol

    Fractal Audio specific cables

    I get the ethernet/5 pin midi cables but how does a "Cable custom wired for Axe-Fx II humbuster" differ from a normal guitar cable? Best-Tronics Mfg., Inc.: FAS05-XX
  23. drawnacrol

    Someone in Ireland with an Axe-Fx + Q

    Hey, first off sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I searched and read all the rules. I'm thinking of buying an Axe-Fx, I have the money but Its hard to know from people's videos and songs if its for me. I would be using it for direct line in home recording and some live use...
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