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  1. StratnVox

    Bug? The problem described appears to violate Foot Switch Functions as per para 3 on page 14.

    I have the current version 12.11 FW, FC6 plus my custom gig software running on an 2013 MacBook Pro with a MIO USB midi interface. The software plays audio file backing tracks and as each track is selected, sends a PC midi request to select the correct AxeFx III preset. I elected to use bank 3...
  2. StratnVox

    Shadows Presets

    I invite anyone interested in Shadows and/or Hank Marvin music to download the "Shadows Presets for AxeFx III" zip file. The contents of the zip file include a README.pdf (please do read), 40 preset files and a spreadsheet in 3 formats listing 230 Shadows tunes for which backing track are...
  3. StratnVox

    Shadows Presets for Quantum 7.02

    Following the release of this Firmware, I have reworked some 55 presets for Shadows and so-called "Surf" music. The Shadows should never be regarded as "surf music" but guitar instrument music ranging from "Rock and Roll" to popular music. Many of their 600+ recordings are instrumental...
  4. StratnVox

    Shadows Presets - Quantum 6

    As Cliff and the FAS team release firmware upgrades, I have been experimenting with the new sounds. Thanks again for your continuing efforts for excellence. Since Quantum 6, I find it easier to achieve the vintage Vox sounds using less blocks and configuration. The result is this latest release...
  5. StratnVox

    New Shadows Presets

    Over the last few months I have worked on these presets in an attempt to achieve the tones and feel generated in the Early Shadows recordings. With Cliff's advances in Quantum and the ability now to select the tube type of the preamp in the AMP block, I have achieved something very close, at...
  6. StratnVox

    Bug? Q2.01 Public Beta 1 - AMP block not saving changes/ auto reset - Resolved in Beta 2

    Using the latest Beta (the 2nd one), when I select the Ef86 tube now, it is either not being saved or reverts back to 12AX7A when the preset of recalled. Very easy to reproduce. Grab any preset with an AMP block, change the preamp tube to Ef86 (should be EF86), save the preset, move to another...
  7. StratnVox

    Bug? Quantum 1.03 - Bright Cap value MR Z HWY 66 [NOT A BUG]

    Following my post in Quantum 1.03, I started looking for EF86 based amp and found the MR X Hwy 66. Initially it sounded terrible until I checked the Bright Cap Value after resetting the block. Bright Cap Value was set at 6799 pf. Is that correct? I found 60 pf just great and it now sounds...
  8. StratnVox

    Bug? FW 13.07 - Amp AC Line Freq gets returned to 60Hz

    While I believe this parameter has only subtle effects, after changing it to 50Hz (local actual freq) it has reverted to 60 following the installation of 13.07. If this parameter has little or no effect, should it be depreciated in future or if not, shouldn't our settings be maintained? Thanks...
  9. StratnVox

    FW13.0 MutliDelay Quad Tape delay (FIXED)

    Just loaded 13.0. Using the new version of Axe Edit, clicked on a preset with MTD that previously was based on time. All are now set to temp63/64 ?? This is a show stopper for me as I have about 45+ presets relying on MTD non tempo based. If I don't attempt to go to the MTD block, it plays OK...
  10. StratnVox

    Shadows Presets

    With quite a sizeable interest in Shadows music among Axe-Fx members, I invite anyone interested to download the "Shadows Presets" zip file. The contents of the zip file include a README.pdf (please do read), 47 preset files and a spreadsheet in 3 formats listing 230 Shadows tunes in backing...
  11. StratnVox

    Shadows Sounds

    Here are a couple of recordings down today showing how the AxeFxII with FW11 can produce some real vintage sounds. These are covers of the hits made famous by The Shadows. The preset of these tunes is in axechange!
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