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  1. SarasotaSwing

    First time with power amp and guitar cab

    Ever since I've owned my Axe-FX I've only ever played it through my RCF, which I do love. That said, I've been curious about using a power amp and guitar cab. I have a Hughes and Kettner 1x12 loaded with a a late '50s Jensen Alnico speaker with an oversized magnet (it's been hemp reconed, can...
  2. SarasotaSwing

    Any way to do this in the Axe-FX?

    I stumbled across this pedal (I have no affiliation with this company - never even heard of them till yesterday) that separate separate adjustable gain for bass, middle, and treble bands: http://vfepedals.com/triumvirate.html This looks extremely useful. Any way to do this in the Axe-FX?
  3. SarasotaSwing

    Best named pedal of all time

    Umm, you have to hand it to the Chinese. Apparently this pedal will also help those who have problems keeping it up. Guitar Pedals Super Hard On--Booster - Mogoo Music Technology Co., Ltd
  4. SarasotaSwing

    All 4ths (P4) tuning

    Tom Quayle tunes his guitar in all fourths (Perfect Fourth or P4 Tuning), and Stanley Jordan has done so for years. The clear advantages are that it makes the fretboard symmetrical and allows for more movable chords. I find this highly intriguing and am going to give this a shot, as I've been...
  5. SarasotaSwing

    Pink Floyd to release new album

    Pink Floyd Roll Out Plans For 'The Endless River' | Rolling Stone Hey now.
  6. SarasotaSwing

    Eric Johnson Plexi Lead

    Axe-Change - Download Preset - Plexi EJ Strat - by SarasotaSwing My attempt at Eric Johnson’s lead tone. Optimized for the bridge pickup in my 24 ¾” scale Strat, which is a DiMarzio Virtual Solo (Lace Holy Grails in the neck and middle). It’s a medium output pickup, rated at 280 millivolts...
  7. SarasotaSwing

    Remove amp in Amp Block Y state?

    I feel like an idiot even asking this question, but I can't find an answer in the manual, Wiki, or anywhere else, so what the hell. The Y state of the amp block seems to have the '59 Bassman there by default. Is this by design, and if so is there any way to remove it so there's no amp at all in...
  8. SarasotaSwing

    Not So New Guitar Day

    2008 Ibanez AS103NT, $450 shipped w/case on Ebay. I've owned a ton of top-notch high-end guitars in my 40+ years of playing, and I'm telling you this is one of the best purchases I've ever made. Gorgeous flame and finish, high-quality build and attention to detail, plays like a dream and sounds...
  9. SarasotaSwing

    New Guitar Day - Ibanez AS103NT

    Haven't bought a new piece of gear since I got my Axe-FX II almost two years ago. However, the new guitar sickness is a powerful and almost irresistible force. I've always craved a proper hollow-body, but the ones I've wanted have always been just too big to be comfortable too play (i.e. a...
  10. SarasotaSwing

    Yours Is No Disgrace

    I'm working on a patch to reproduce Steve Howe's sound on the Yessongs (album and film) version of Yours Is No Disgrace (1972 tour). The main issue (other than his impeccable technique) is that I don't own an ES-175 but that can't be avoided. *LOL* His rig was really not all that complicated...
  11. SarasotaSwing

    Pykmax review

    For starters, I have no affiliation with this company - I just saw the product in another thread and decided to check it out. I've been playing for over 40 years, and while I subscribe to the notion there is no "correct" way to hold a pick, I do believe that some ways are more "efficient" than...
  12. SarasotaSwing

    Santana Rig Rundown

    Rig Rundown: Carlos Santana | 2014-05-07 | Premier Guitar Interesting. Mesa, Bludotone, Dumble. Minimalist pedal board. No distortion or overdrive pedals needed!
  13. SarasotaSwing

    Renaming Presets?

    So what I want to do is take a factory preset, change the amp and cabinet, and save it with a new name. I saved the preset as a snapshot in AE 3.0, and made the changes to the amp and cab. However, AE will not save the file to disk with the new name. Manually changing the file name didn't work...
  14. SarasotaSwing

    Maximum quackage

    If you're a single-coil Strat type guy looking for maximum quackage in positions 2 and 4, for me these Vox models can't be beat. I haven't tried the Morgan yet, but for clean in-between goodness these absolutely rule.
  15. SarasotaSwing

    Robert Fripp on a game show....really!

    Frankly, I didn't believe what I was seeing when I watched this! Robert Fripp & Toyah Wilcox ~ All Star Mr & Mrs - YouTube
  16. SarasotaSwing

    LED indicators all screwed up on presets

    Hey guys. I've never changed any of the defaults on my MFC or Axe-FX II (10.02). The only thing I've done on the MFC is upgrade to firmware 2.16. I've downloaded some presets from the Exchange and loaded some of Fremen's new presets, that's it. I'm now just noticing that on my MFC that some...
  17. SarasotaSwing

    Missing Delay Block Conundrum

    I downloaded Tyler's "Tin Pan Alley" patch, which is absolutely fantastic. However, there's a mystery that neither he nor I can figure out. There's clearly a delay block in this patch, but it is not showing up as an IA switch on my MFC-101. All the others (rotary, reverb) are as they should be...
  18. SarasotaSwing

    Amp levels

    Just installed v.10 and all the new presets. I could have sworn I read here that all the amp levels had been set to -12db. Is that correct, and if so, where can I find this? Thanks.
  19. SarasotaSwing

    Version 9.02 banks

    Anyone have a link to the last set of factory preset banks before v.10? (9.02). I thought I had them on my PC, but I seem to have misplaced them. I never loaded them and want to make sure I have copy of them. Did a forum search but can't find them. Thanks.
  20. SarasotaSwing

    My new PRS 513

    Have to brag about it a little, it's so beautiful!
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