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    Closed Improved Virtual Capo & FreqOut-similar feature

    Would love to ditch my digitech drop tune and use the built in virtual capo for downtuning 2 whole steps or more As well as something similar to the freqout - feedback on demand I'm a dreamer :)
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    Closed Scene mode, LED 'active' scene and Dimmed 'inactive but loaded' scenes / 2 different color LEDs with each scene?

    originally stemming from this post of mine: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fm3-ring-led-question-with-scenes.164063/ I use scene mode mostly for each preset. Some presets i use all 3 switches up to 6 scenes, some I do not but still use the same layout. Currently each switch is toggled...
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    FM3 ring LED question with scenes..

    I wonder if it's possible that when in scenes mode, that each preset with however many loaded scenes, can have dimmed color rings for the currently inactive (but loaded) scene, while having the active scene fully illuminated? That way for example if i have a preset loaded with let's say 4...
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    help with FM3 config..trying to make it super simple

    Coming from an AX8, i thought the FM3 would be similar in terms of setting up the switches and programming but man maybe I just don't have the smarts. I can't seem to make this work the way I had with an AX8. Here's how I'd like to do it, if it's possible... With the ax8, each preset was a...
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    FS AX8, PRS and other goodies

    all sold, close'er up! AX8 Mark II SOLD PRS CE 24 1996 SOLD Donner A/B/Y Pedal SOLD Tremol-No Large Clamp Type SOLD Lace Alumitone Pickup 3.4k splittable with original box SOLD PRS Patented Moulded Tremolo with bar. Came off a 2019 PRS CE 24. SOLD
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    ok, i know this is crazy...but..

    has anybody ever modified the ax8 chassis? I have a crazy idea.. first off, i don't use a lot of the switches, any external pedals, i use just a droptune and a boss fs-7 for volume changes. Is it crazy to imagine that, one can some how, take away, oh let's say the top 4 footswitches, take out...
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    2 guitars, 2 different amp settings, one button to switch between globally?

    Ok so, i'm pretty sure the ax8 cannot do this, but maybe, there's a workaround. Let's say I have 2 guitars, each that sound different, and I've EQ'ed them differently using the same amp block but different settings. How can I, switch between these two amp settings, while still using scenes...
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    Wish no extra lights when in SCENE MODE

    When I click into scene mode (F1 assigned) there's the small red light, YET, there's also the bigger green preset light showing me where my preset is. I find this to be very distracting, and i end up confusing the two lights that are on when playing live. I don't need the green preset light to...
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    Wish Bigger SIZE preset names on main page for scene mode

    I do sort of wish this is possible, but the main layout is literally a tiny little line of the preset title, and then huge P1 P2 P3 etc symbols. I'd much rather have a HUGE title, and tiny little P1 P2 P3s etc. I'm talking just about the main page. I use the AX8 in scene mode only. Each bank...
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    Wish Scene volume increase and decrease using built in switches

    Just like the bigger brother I'd love to be able to assign any of the footswitches (F or regular) as scene volume increase/decrease. Right now on the AX8 it's possible with an external footswitch, but it also lags/stutters. Would love it to be just like the axe fx, all in the unit and no latency.
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    Scene volume increase and decrease functionality

    new to the AX8, on my previous Axe FX II I was able to assign any of the footswitches to be a global volume increase/decrease in which that specific scene's output volume would be adjustable on the fly and also instantly saved. Each increase was by a db for each click. Does this function exist...
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    how to use X/Y settings question..

    Ok let's try to keep this as simple as possible, I have 2 amp settings for different guitars, when I change guitars, I want to switch over the amp settings that i've inputted, i thought X/Y would do this. The only problem is that it DOES, but doesn't carry on throughout to the next preset or...
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    Updated to 3.2.0 = The version information could not be queried

    running on FW 18, mac 10.9.2 and axe edit asked me to update so i thought sure why not. As soon as I did, problems-galore! Axe Edit 3.2 said it needed FW 19 or newer to run so I decided arg ok again another update sure fine let's do it. so now everything is up to date, Axe FX 2 FW 19, axe...
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    help! whammy woes!

    I've searched and read through a lot of the whammy posts here and still can't seem to figure it out.. I have my midiboard setup properly one switch activates the wah, another activates the whammy, perfect. The issue is my whammy when using the expression pedal goes from heel down (nothing) to...
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