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  1. Ernie Echo

    Axe as MIDI Interface!

    I use the Axe III as my main audio interface and send Midi notes from my Piano Yamaha CP4 to the Midi IN of the Axe to forward them via USB to my PC to record in Cubase. Cubase does not recognise the CP4 as an external Instrument. I would like to use the Axe also as a MIDI Interface. How can...
  2. Ernie Echo

    Power Amp/Cabinet Modeling ON/OFF!

    Can someone please explain why power amp and cabinet modeling turned ON affects the sound even if no amp blocks and/or cabinet blocks are used in the preset? I am using the Axe III pre a traditional Vox AC30 with amp and cabinet modeling turned OFF. When turned ON - which I would generally...
  3. Ernie Echo

    Wish Permanent Tuning/Mute Switch

    Ability to program a permanent Tuning/Mute Switch on the FC-12, so that a program change sent by a laptop to change a Preset via MIDI does not kick the switch out of tuning-mode. That would be helpful in a live situation, e.g. if a laptop starts a longer backing track intro to be able to...
  4. Ernie Echo

    FC-12 / Permanent Mute Switch!

    During a show we are switching the presets (not scenes) of my Axe III via Midi from a Laptop (connected to "Midi in" of the Axe III). Is it possible to program a "Mute/Tuning Switch" on the FC-12 that keeps its status even when a Program Change is sent from the Laptop to the Axe? I would like to...
  5. Ernie Echo


    Does anybody know the exact parameters of the famous concert hall reverb? And would be so kind to print them here?
  6. Ernie Echo

    [not a bug] Utilities/ADC Levels - Bug?

    Hi, all ADC values and percent are constantly flickering on my Axe III. Is this a bug?
  7. Ernie Echo

    Wish Outputs and Global Blocks

    It would be great to have Global Blocks also for the Output Blocks. Any chance for implementation with future firmware updates?
  8. Ernie Echo

    Global Blocks and Inputs!

    Hi, in the Axe-II I used to store 8 different Output Levels in the Input/Noisegate via Global Blocks to balance different Output Levels of 8 guitars. Now in the Axe III it seems not to be possible to save Input Blocks as Global Blocks any more. At least it doesn‘t exist in Axe Edit. Will GB for...
  9. Ernie Echo

    Ground Control Pro Voodoo Lab!

    Hello! Does anybody know how to select scenes directly via Midi using The ground Control? I am using The "4 Preset and 8 instant access" mode. All I Want to do is assign Preset switches 1-4 (no IA Buttons!) to scenes 1-4 in each axe preset. Cant manage To do that. Any help is Highy...
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