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  1. michaiel

    Closed Create Patches Without FM3 Connected?

    I have some down time at work and would like to build some patches, but cant bring FM3 to work. Is there a work around for this? Thanks
  2. michaiel

    Re-amping Analog 96kHz

    I was trying to answer another post about using Cab-Lab 3 Standalone in Pro Tools when I realized I wasn't re-amping at a true 96kHz and wanted to post a possible solution... Since there won't be an AAX version for the plugin version AND we are fixed at 48kHz, I wanted to try re-amping "analog"...
  3. michaiel

    Antares ATG-1 as a controller for the Axe FX XL+

    Does anybody have a thread started about using the Antares ATG-1 as a scene and bank controller for live use? I haven't found anything on the internet or this forum yet....
  4. michaiel

    Axe Fx XL+ and Antares ATG-1 Midi

    I am assuming it is possible in theory to run the ATG-1 like the MFC101. I just want scene and bank changes via the ATG-1 AND simplify the cables running to it (power and midi). Question is is there a converter available to use the FASlink (XLR) connector and the midi i/o of the ATG-1...
  5. michaiel

    80s Lead Tone with Roland JC-120

    Anyone had any luck creating an 80s lead tone with the Roland JC-120? Supposedly running a "distortion" pedal thru the Roland JC-120 was used on Queensryche Empire album. Been trying to duplicate this with limited success with the Rat pedal. Cant seem to dial out the honky tone of it though...
  6. michaiel

    TC Electronic Sub'N'Up Octaver Pedal

    I have had a lot of fun with the TC Electronic Sub'N'Up Octaver Pedal, but have failed to duplicate a effective octave up effect with the axe fx pitch shift that tracks as well as the pedal. Any body know how i can possibly emulate the pedal as closely as possible with axe fx? thanks
  7. michaiel

    Tone Match Question

    I have my Axe Fx XL+ connected SPDIF to my interface and not sure I understand how to do the "Offline" version... I have an audio file in Pro Tools and want to Tone Match it... Could someone point me to an existing step by step instructions or forum post that covers this? thanks
  8. michaiel

    Queensryche Patches

    Found a couple of Queensryche patches to learn on the Axe Exchange. Does anybody have Mark Day's Queesnsryche patches? The V9 patch I found for him has a dead MobileMe link... ;( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Zu3xprPhAk Thanks
  9. michaiel

    Def Leppard Foolin

    Anybody have a Foolin preset? I have seen several audio files, but nothing on the exchange. thanks
  10. michaiel

    Turning Tuner ON/OFF with Pedal Jack

    Can I use a momentary or switch to set up my Axe Fx II XL+ to mute and turn on the tuner via either the Pedal 1 or 2 jacks? I have been reading thru the manual, but haven't found which page it is on. thanks
  11. michaiel

    Keyboard Short Cuts

    Is there a list of keyboard and/or mouse shortcuts for the Axe Fx Editor? thanks
  12. michaiel

    FASLINK to Midi Adapter

    I have been looking for a small foot controller for my Axe FX II XL+. I would like to take advantage of the FASLINK connector and wanted to know if anyone could recommend a Midi to XLR converter that would be compatible with the Fractal. Almost all of the foot controllers are still using...
  13. michaiel

    AXE-FX Dead!

    My Axe-Fx does not power up. I bought it directly from Fractal back in December and have been using almost every day, but last night I powered up the studio and the Axe-Fx is the only thing not working. I did an email to Fractal. Has anyone experienced this? I have multiple sessions this week...
  14. michaiel

    Patch Setup Questions

    Could someone chime in and help me setup this signal chain. I want 2 amps Clean Overdrive I want to use an expression pedal to fade between the two amps I want the xlr for FOH I want the aux for going to the amp on stage. I wanted to include a pic but the "board attachment quota has been...
  15. michaiel

    Liquid Foot Jr. Expression Pedal Question

    I have 2 separate rigs setup in Axe Fx (Clean and Distorted) and I want to use an expression pedal to fade from Clean (heal) to Distorted (toe). I know this could be a Light-Foot forum question, but I wanted to check here also and see if anyone has been able to do this here. I am new to both so...
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