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    Calling all Peterson tuner owners/experts...!!!

    Hello guys! I'm looking for any users of the Peterson 590 or 490ST model tuners...I picked up a 590 for a great price but I noticed that there was an extra tuning profile in the 490ST for guitar that the 590 didn't have...and I wondered if anyone knows what that tuning is? This extra setting is...
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    Is master volume supposed to always be at 10...?

    Hey guys! Just got my III today and I was going through some presets and they all seemed pretty noisy, even the clean amps. I looked around a bit and found that almost all the master volumes were set to “10”... Even the clean amps were distorted at that level...and that just didn’t seem normal...
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    Noise and clicking sound from axe 2

    Hey guys! Have an issue here I was hoping you guys could help with. I have an AxeFx II that seems to be causing some noise and a "clicking" sound that almost sounds like a click track in the background. I have a brand new PRS Tremonti running straght to the Axe 2, via a mogami platinum cable...
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    Axe II Driver problem???

    Hey guys...I just recently upgraded to the current version of the firmware as well as the newer usb driver and axe-edit. After install I was able to connect to the axe 2 and it seems like axe edit is communicating with the axe 2 ok...however, I still have this error showing up from the...
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    technical question on Midi connections ...Cliff?

    Does anyone know if the 7-pin midi input is just a standard Midi connection with the extra pins for the power? Put another way...a normal midi connection only requires pins 2,4, and 5 to be connected, so what I'm wondering is if the midi functions on the AXEII are any different? I still need...
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    Need CREED "What if" patch help...

    Hey guys...! I'm new to the Axe II, and I'd like to create a patch to get the sound that Mark Tremonti has on "What If"...particularly at the end of the song, it sounds alot heavier there than it does in the beginning. But at any rate...I'm not sure where to start??? I've heard some AMAZING...
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    Does anyone use the Axe 2 for vocals???

    I'm curious to see if anyone has/does use the Axe 2 for vocal processing? Looking for some advice on what works, and what doesn't... Any patches designed for vocals?
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    New info about AXE 2 front panel jacks...

    I know there was some discussion awhile back on the Ultra about moving the back panel connections to the front, people were trying to source 7-pin MIDI connectors that fit in a standard Neutrik D-pattern cutout...well, I've talked with the guys from Redco, and they've found a source for them...
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    TONE MERCHANTS ... Shipment of AxeFx II's ?

    Just wondering what the status is on the Tone Merchants monthly allotment? Are they going to be getting anymore units anytime soon? Only 15 were shipped back in June...none in July. Trying to figure out some kind of timeframe here...I know they were expecting 25 a month...but that hasn't...
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    First shipment made it to TONE MERCHANTS!!!

    Brad confirmed that they recieved the first shipment of AxeII's today!!! Looks like they got 12 units...so the first one's on the list get ready! Man it's great to see them finally rolling out...thanks Cliff and Fractal!
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    FRACTAL WORLDWIDE is at it again on Ebay with an AXEFX 2 !!! $3,999

    Here's the link... *NEW/RARE* FRACTAL AUDIO AXE-FX II / TWO - v11 Firmware | eBay This is the guy who I thought was actually Fractal back when I first started looking for an Ultra...I though Cliff got this guy banned from selling these or something? Or maybe just from mis-representing...
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    How will the FRACTAL direct waiting list affect the PRESALE Tone Merchants buyers?

    I was one of the original PRESALE buyers and I'm wondering how this new waiting list direct from fractal will impact those of us who got in on the original PRESALE through Tone Merchants? Keep in mind we had to pay $1100 UP FRONT...I'm a little worried that we may get pushed to the side now...
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    New message on Axe FX II home page....

    Just noticed this... "NOTE: Quantities are limited. As units are built they are added to the store inventory. As demand far exceeds supply at this time, the store sells out quickly. We expect availability to improve over the coming weeks/months." Don't know how long it's been there...but I...
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    Have all the AXE FX II units been sold for today? 6-15-11

    I saw in another post where someone is claiming to have gotten one at 9:30 this morning...can anyone else confirm? If it's true then it's done for the day! Anyone?
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    Fractal says "SOLD OUT"...but what does that mean?

    Does that mean just for today? Or just for whatever number they added to the store? Or does it mean the whole first batch of units? In other words, if it's the whole batch then there's no use checking the store every minute...if it's just today, then we can relax for today and try again...
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    Forum rules?

    Ok, I've posted two threads and both got closed before I could respond... One was asking how to purchase an Ultra, and mentioning an eBay auction from someone named Fractalworldwide, that was claiming that the unit was shipping direct from Fractal Audio. I commented that I didn't think that...
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    Mgavin...here's your link

    Well, I guess someone didn't like my comment or something cause they closed the thread...here's the link to the eBay auction I was referring to: FRACTAL AUDIO AXE-FX ULTRA - NEW AND UNOPENED v.10.05 | eBay Is this not Fractal Audio on eBay? The screenname is Fractalworldwide and it says...
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    How to actually purchase an AxeFx Ultra?

    Hey guys! I'm looking to order an Ultra, but I can't seem to get a response to my emails and there's no phone number to call that I could find? I understand they are out of stock or on back-order or whatever, but how do you even order one??? Thanks! Brian
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