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  1. laxu

    Your best tips for getting a better sound through headphones?

    So I'm pretty happy with how my Axe-Fx 2 sounds through Genelec studio monitors but when at times I have to use headphones I usually am left wanting. I understand that it will have compromises compared to using studio monitors etc. but I'm sure I can get it to sound better than it does now...
  2. laxu

    Presets up/down button is inconsistent

    Up/down buttons in everywhere else in the UI select previous (up) or next (down) item in the list. Presets does this in the opposite direction and it tends to throw me off where I go to the next preset instead of the previous one. Please correct this to work like the rest of the up/down buttons.
  3. laxu

    Any improvements or planned changes to managing amps and cabs?

    As I was playing my Axe-Fx 2 today I started to think how the way amps and cabs are managed on Axe-Edit is unwiedly with the sheer number of options available. Unless I use the color coding feature I constantly have issues finding the amp model I want when I can't always remember what the model...
  4. laxu

    I might be getting off the Axe-Fx train

    I was eagerly waiting for the Axe-Fx 3 to see if it would improve on the one thing I've mentioned several times as my only issue with the Axe-Fx 2: the front panel. Reading thru the promo page for the Axe 2 I can tell that it's not what I had hoped. While putting the 5 knobs underneath the...
  5. laxu

    Help with Axe-Fx 2 SysEx messages

    So I'm building a software to communicate with the Axe-Fx 2 over SysEx but the Wiki is missing some function IDs. Could someone tell me how to do the following things? Get scene number. I know how to set it but not how to just read it. Does the Axe-Fx 2 even send this because if I change it...
  6. laxu

    Getting the most out of the Axe-Fx when using headphones?

    So I know headphones are hardly ideal for guitar playing but I am thinking of improving my headphone experience for those late night home jam sessions. I currently own two headphones, open Beyer-Dynamic DT 990 Pro 250 ohm and closed AKG K 272 HD. Listening thru either with my patches dialed for...
  7. laxu

    Wish: High quality assets so Axe-Edit scales properly

    At the moment if using Axe-Edit on high DPI displays like a 4K display, only some parts of the Axe-Edit scale properly. Buttons, sliders etc graphical components are noticeably blurry. Please make and use some higher quality assets on those so the app will still look good even if scaling is used.
  8. laxu

    Remember color filter chosen

    So I've started using my basses with the Axe-Fx. Thus I've assigned the red color to both bass amps and cabs. The issue here is that whenever I open the amp selection window again in Axe-Edit, it forgets that I had previously selected filter by red color. This makes it more of a chore to work...
  9. laxu

    Strobe tuner in editor?

    Could we get also the strobe tuner in Axe-Edit? As we already get the normal tuner this probably isn't hugely difficult to do even though it requires some programming to handle the spinning circle.
  10. laxu

    Output level for bass too low?

    So I recently sold my little bass combo as I wanted to make my Axe-Fx 2 work for both guitar and bass thru my Genelec + sub output. It works great for guitar but I'm having issues with bass. Mainly it seems that I can't get enough output volume with either of my basses (a passive Yamaha BB414...
  11. laxu

    Looper in series or parallel?

    I've never been quite satisfied with the tones I was getting thru headphones or my desktop speakers (a pair of Magnat Quantum 603s thru an old Marantz amp). I normally use an Atomic FR and was happy with the tones I got thru that. Then yesterday I started messing with the looper block, which...
  12. laxu

    Disappointed in the user interface

    As the manual is not yet available, can't tell how it is actually in use. However, based on pictures it seems like Fractal Audio has learned nothing from the Axe-Fx 2. It's still the same shitty navigation and value knobs, low res display and what looks like a pretty big box. Considering the...
  13. laxu

    Suggestion: Unified naming scheme for cab IRs

    I find myself spending a fair amount of time editing the names on the cab IRs to my liking. Because of that, I propose having a unified naming scheme for cabs so that people don't need to spend time doing this as the creator can name them correctly. As the number of characters for cab IR names...
  14. laxu

    Tube type selector - does it only change dynamic damping?

    So now that we have the rather nice power tube presets, I'd like to know if they change anything other than the dynamic damping setting? If I select for example 6L6 tubes, is the setting of 3.57 (6L6 default) the same if I have EL34 tubes selected and then set the damping control to 3.57?
  15. laxu

    Output settings and copy 1 to 2, does output 1 mode matter?

    So basically what I'm doing is the following: Output 1 via XLR to Atomic FR (mono), copy L->R Output 2 via SPDIF to audio interface, stereo Can anyone tell me if setting Output 1 to "copy L->R" but leaving Output 2 on the "stereo" setting but turning on "Copy Output 1 to 2" on retain stereo or...
  16. laxu

    Bug? Possible bug - Axe-Fx forces itself as default audio device in Win7

    Steps to repeat: 1. Have an audio device (internal soundcard, audio interface etc= selected as the default audio device. 2. Connect Axe-Fx 2 FW 10.02 via USB and turn it on. 3. Axe-Fx 2 audio device called "Speakers" is set as the default audio device, overriding the user selected one. What...
  17. laxu

    Prevent Axe-Fx from becoming default audio device?

    Whenever I turn on the Axe-Fx, it sets itself as the default audio device in Windows 7, overriding my regular audio interface. Any way I can disable this behavior? I prefer using Axe-Fx via SPDIF and analog outs rather than USB. I use USB only for firmware upgrades and Axe-Edit.
  18. laxu

    Axe FX II vs Standard

    So I finally upgraded from Axe FX Standard to II. Threw in firmware 9 and started testing. I replicated a few patches from my Standard (clean, mid gain mostly) and put the same settings in the II, using the same amp and cab models (used patches that had the same models in the II and Standard)...
  19. laxu

    Axe-Fx 2 FW 6, any chance of getting some of the upgrades for Std & Ultra?

    Since FW 6 added a bunch of nice things to the Axe2, I was wondering if there was any chance of us Standard and Ultra users getting some of those goodies? The better tuner for example had been on the wish list for years.
  20. laxu

    Extern 1 not working on one preset?

    I use a FCB1010 (Uno chip) with my Axe-Fx Standard and it works great, except I can't get the wah to respond on one of my patches. It should be exactly the same as every other patch but the extern 1 doesn't do anything. The settings for the FCB1010 on the patch are exactly the same as on other...
  21. laxu

    Is there still no sensible way to use a bunch of controller knobs?

    I'd love to control my Axe-Fx Standard with some physical knobs instead of that damned single datawheel or Axe-Edit. Just for those quick adjustments. It would be enough to be able to control the amp block like this. Is this still not possible or has someone figured out a way to use something...
  22. laxu

    Matching volume levels - amp level vs output level

    Is there any difference if I set the overall patch volume with the amp block level controls vs using the final output level (not the physical knob) adjustment? My guess is that since there are cabs and fx after the amp block it'd be better to use the output level since it's after all the blocks...
  23. laxu

    FCB1010 - keeping programmed effects on when changing patches?

    I've got my FCB with Uno chip working perfectly otherwise, but whenever I switch patches all the effects get turned off. How do I set it so that changing patches doesn't turn off the effects that were turned on in Axe-Fx when I saved the patch? Also is there any way to make it also have the...
  24. laxu

    Input level knob - how to set? Part 2

    Since the previous thread on the subject pretty much went into the shitter with people arguing, I'll give this another try. From the manual via Axe-Fx Wiki: But how should one deal with the input levels when it comes to using the same patch with different guitars? I find that with my highest...
  25. laxu

    Two questions about the amp block

    1. Why is the default for the drive control 5.98 at least when doubleclicking it in Axe-Edit. Why not 5.00? 2. Why do I have to turn the amp block level way down, up to -16 db to keep some amp models like the Blackface from clipping the Axe-Fx? Even with pretty normal settings for a clean tone...
  26. laxu

    Better grouping for amp and cab models

    This should be easy to add. Basically now the amp/cab models have been just shoehorned into the end of the list as new ones come up so they're a bit messy. I would like to see them ordered so that the different Plexis are after each other and so on. Another thing that would be nice is grouping...
  27. laxu

    A few questions about cab sims and reverb

    Since you can have two cab blocks, would running both of them in parallel in mono hires mode mean they both run at 1024 samples vs 512 per cab in stereo mode using a single cab block? Wouldn't you essentially get the same thing as a single stereo cab block but with higher resolution cab sim...
  28. laxu

    Support for Scandinavian letters in patch names

    It would be nice if we could have the ä, ö and å letters in patch names. You can even type them in the editor but they show up as blank on the Axe-Fx display.
  29. laxu

    Balanced cables,is there any benefit to using a short cable?

    In a few moments I'm off to pick up my Atomic FR. Since my Axe-Fx Standard + Atomic FR setup will be in close proximity, stacked, is there any benefit in using a short balanced XLR cable to connect them? All I've got at home right now are 6 meter long XLR cables so would there be any reason to...
  30. laxu

    Usability improvements to Layout's Move tab

    The Move tab in Layout is pretty user-unfriendly. For one you have no indicator which block is which. Secondly to move something you have to select from a list of functions. I propose the following: Instead of functions, you have item to move. Options would be block, row and...
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