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    Wish Quick build option

    Sounds like they just want what you mentioned in your remaining wish list:the ability to copy or move multiple blocks at once.
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    FRFR recommendation for Axe-FX III (not the Atomic CLR)

    I have the matrix active speakers. Advantage of active speakers is less rack space needed. Disadvantage is the heavier speaker and the power cord. I am very happy with the Matrix speakers. Better than the DB I had and better than my headrush 212 though it is a close call. The difference...
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    Wish My remaining usability wishes for the III

    Found it, tx! Saved me a lot of work.
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    Talk me out of getting a 5153 lol

    I have the axe 3 and sold every amp and pedal I had after a year of having the axe. That said: they really are different products. A modeler like the axe fx will really take some getting used to. If you are used to a normal amp that is. And that is just soundwise. Also: buying the axe will mean...
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    Wish My remaining usability wishes for the III

    + 1 on nr 6 for me. Iy also seems like such an easy fix, but that is speaking without knowledge. +1 also on Dave Merril’s request to be anle to see which cabs are in use. Now I try to have the discipline to give a color to every IR I use. No telling later in which preset or presets I use the...
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    Cloning the Eventide H9 and beyond. Chapter 1: Crystals Algorithm

    Thank you very much! It is really hard to make a really good effect setting. I am grateful that pol who know “how to”. Share this awesomeness.
  7. H

    Factory presets

    Hmm. Tx. I’ll check.
  8. H

    Assist with Fx for "A Country Boy Can Survive" Tone

    If I recall correctly Simeon made a sitar patch. Knowing him it must be good or he wouldn’t post it. Do a search in the forum and you’ll find it.
  9. H

    Factory presets

    This just popped in my mind: the axe is loaded with quite a lot of factory presets. These were all made based on the first software version. Now we are at 15.1. All the vendors bring out updated versions of their presets when it makes a difference. As I understand version 15.0 made a lot of...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    Today is a Friday. Just sayin’ in case somebody forgets. 😂
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    Gary Moore pre set request!

    Leon Todd has a video up where he builds an slo 100 preset it really is awesome and if I recall correctly that's what Gary uses live too. I use the preset a lot. Just EQ to match your guitar to Gary's sound and add delay. (Steal from another preset haha) Good luck, Harm
  12. H

    NGD - well, sort of

    ah tx!
  13. H

    If you had a choice what would it be

    A new guitar for a 13 year old? Nope. If you want the prs, get a paper round and let it be the next one you buy. I am assuming you did not buy the JP by accident. Probably the result of a lot of thinking and comparing. Why swap it now then? Harm
  14. H

    NGD - well, sort of

    Looks awesome man! Stupid question maybe, but I saw NGD a few times now and have no idea what that stands for. Could you tell me? (Googling didn’t help) Harm
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    How long did it take you to learn Scuttle buttin'?

    Took me quite a while to get it right. I use a lot of alternate picking but I start with an upstroke often. That is due to the fact that I did tjat for years until I got stuck on a few Vai licks and my teacher noticed me starting witjcan upstroke. Took me months with a metronome to change it...
  16. H


    Hi all, Since like forever When I had an all tube huge rack I was taught that my witeless should be isolated from the rack to prevent hummm. I have rubber rack rears and use tap tape around the screws etc to make as little contact with the metal of the rack case as possible. My question is if...
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    Moving to an Axe-Fx II/MFC-101 setup from an AX8

    Yeah the mfc is great with the axe and very intuitive. Kris (katsakuri media) has videos on youtube about setting it up which are priceless. It makes it a breeze to set it up. Since I have the axe 3 I am thinking about what to do with the 2. The mfc is less wide than 19 inch, so I am thinking of...
  18. H

    Moving to an Axe-Fx II/MFC-101 setup from an AX8

    I own ax8, ax2 and ax 3. I use the ax8 for rehearsals but the gap when switching presets annoys me. In the axe 2 i never really noticed a gap. On the three however there is a slightly bigger gap than in the 2. I would never buy the fm 3. I can’t work with three buttons and when you add the...
  19. H

    Battery - Metallica ULTIMATE Cover (Metallica Puppets Era Patch included)

    Well done. Great band. Spot on sound. All great players. If you ever need a bass triangle (bongngngngngngng) then pick me! !! For other things I will be of no use I’m afraid. 😂 anyway, hat tip to you.
  20. H

    Gonna be livestreaming myself building presets.. Any Suggestions??

    Great idea. I learnt a lot from vids like that. Don’t just livestream but also put it on youtube. Very convenient to write down stuff you want to remember as a viewer. I love kitchen sink presets. For example: a lead sound with nice tricks like modifiers for rev/delay, a drive pedal that makes a...
  21. H

    Andy Wood tackling EVH tones with his AFIII

    Anybody ever purchase one of his presets? I bought one as a mixture of “nice to have” and “thanks for the EvH”. I didn’t get a download straight away after paying. It is called an “order” so maybe he manually mails them later. Nothing is mentioned on his site. Anyone know his method? Harm
  22. H

    Sixty Second Sounds Ep 2

    I downloaded it. So cool...awesome and thaks a lot!
  23. H

    Andy Wood tackling EVH tones with his AFIII

    He was selling it? Weird because he really walks you through and shows and explains every parameter. I figured he makes money through youtube so that is why I didn’t post the preset here. Every view counts, right? You showed the settings on the dual delay. Thank you for that. Are you suggesting...
  24. H

    Andy Wood tackling EVH tones with his AFIII

    I made the preset according to the video. I did swap out the cab because I found it hard to hear individual strings. Also, the delay works great, but it blurs sthing up when pumping a faster riff. I connected the mix to a pitch modifier. Works much better. I thought about posting it, but I do...
  25. H

    Eminence Speaker Impulse Response

    Yeah but I wish they would include a folder with : try these first. Ownhammer and york do that and maybe others too. With redwirez you get an overload and really have to do research and some reading to know which to use. I’ m in that process now but find it really a hassle.
  26. H

    Vendor FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    So I could put like 20 presets and the parameters back? Awesome! So if I carry a tablet I have all the backup options I need. No need for the laptop.
  27. H

    Vendor FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Can you use this as a portable backup? Better: suppose I am at a gig and my axe 3 crashes and I want to re- install banks and/ or parameter settings, can this do this?
  28. H

    Just a quick question about purchasing

    Oh, tx. Missed that.
  29. H

    So... Is there any Firmware Friday today?

    The four non blondes said it so well in the nineties: Bigger,Better, Faster,More. Lol. 15.2 will of course be all of that. (And if that happens, just think of what you will get from .3 or .4 or, or , or.....
  30. H

    How To Set Up EQs For Certain Guitars?

    Hi, great question. So far I have always “just “ had one set of presets. Now I have the axe 3 and am building presets again. Some presets really sound crap with my strat and great with my Jem and vice versa. When I go to a rehearsal I do not want to carry 2 guitars but of course lol I want “ it...
  31. H

    Does Any One Else Have This Problem?

    I had the same with my wireless. Terrible. Then wiggled the cable where it went into the bodypack and it was all good. Had to buy a new cable though. Tried a different guitar and cable? (Always check wiring first)
  32. H

    Ideal vs Authentic

    Thanks Unix. Better to say nothing that to say ot wrong eh? Haha
  33. H

    fractool conversion issue (II to III)

    Did you have a tonematch block in it? If yes maybe try without it. Does the preset have the “in” and “out” blocks?
  34. H

    Ideal vs Authentic

    Exactly. I did not say it so explicitly because I was not sure if the Authentic and Ideal difference also included effects. For amps I was.
  35. H

    Just a quick question about purchasing

    I bought from G66 several times. Yes there is a price difference. On the other hand: they have excellent service and I have never had to pay for a repair. Pricedrops never occurred at G66 You can buy a bundle with discount from Fractal, but never from G66. The price of an axe went down at...
  36. H

    Ideal vs Authentic

    I set it to Ideal. You do not have to use it bit it is there if you want it. 98% I do not use it, but hey, those 2% I was glad I had the option. Harm
  37. H

    CelestionPlus DSR?

    I looked at the celestion site, but really, for a layman like me it is undoable. I wish they would make it a two way filtering like: speaker focused and cab focused/brand focused or whatever. But then again, I am a layman.
  38. H

    OwnHammer's TrueStereo IR, what is it? is it worth while?

    Well I have the pack and do not use the true stereo option. When they came out I understood (by the discussion in this forum) that it would not work on the axe. i do however put the L and the R version in the amp block. I do not pan them. I don’t know if I am wasting space in my ir inventory and...
  39. H

    Gibson buying Mesa?

    Well since Gibson needs cash and preferably lots of it they will suck mesa dry if they can. I expect all the standard issues when mesa gets budget cuts: quality control and innovation will suffer. Quantity over quality. Maybe some cheap mesa series and a price increase for the “good” series. The...
  40. H

    FM3 vs Axe-Fx 3 vs Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    I saw the ad of the cortex and it is promising. I’d like to see a few “not influencer” reviews first and hear something about reliability and such. When spending bigger amounts of money I tend to go for a “proven” product.
  41. H

    FM3 vs Axe-Fx 3 vs Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    Voes makes great midi controllers with a few smart inventions that greatly expands options. My axe 2 is collecting dust. I am thinking of putting it in a 4u rack so I can put the controller in a drawer. I’d have one serious rehearsal machine. Haha
  42. H

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    With your poll you are trying to prove one of your silly statements. Anyway I am done feeding the troll and am going to play my guitar.
  43. H

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    That it will not result in anything meaningful. You are not questioning a representative part of the users and you have no idea what the outcome will mean.
  44. H

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    And those numbers are?
  45. H

    [POLL] Do you buy or have you ever bought commercial presets?

    Well I am offended and really think you are wrong. And who are you to judge. . Everybody that just buys an amp head, a speaker and a standard pedal is wasting money too because they aren’t creating their own sound? When they use the example settings that come with more sophisticated pedals then...
  46. H

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    Oh come on. This is getting ridiculous. I hope the thread gets closed. Whatever the outcome of the poll is will not say anything about reality. It will bot be representative. You do not know how many fractal products are owned by how many users. You lack every basic info that you need to even...
  47. H

    [POLL] Do you buy or have you ever bought commercial presets?

    I bought presets. I discovered fremen when I had the 2 and when I bought the three i had bought them before the three arrived. I do not think I cannot make presets myself. I just think Fremen is better at it than I am. I would never buy austinbuddy stuff. That is mainly amp settings and that I...
  48. H

    Real JP2C vs Axe-Fx 3 sim comparison

    Although I often start out trying to copy a certain sound, I always end up with the sound I like best. Often it quite differs from the original. Also, what I try to copy is mostly what I THINK I hear. Not what is the actual recorded sound. I bought a few preset packs in the past which were spot...
  49. H

    Number of the same effects

    Ah. I understand. Thank you.
  50. H

    Real JP2C vs Axe-Fx 3 sim comparison

    Well, have to admit that " the real thing" to my ears sounds a lot better. Thank you for the comparison. Harm
  51. H

    Number of the same effects

    No, that is not what I mean. My point is: We have a certain amount of CPU available for a preset. Why does it matter how we divide/spend that? If I would choose to use 5 choruses and no other effects for example. I do not consider CPU a factor in this, unless it would cost CPU just to be able to...
  52. H

    Number of the same effects

    Hi all, dumb question maybe, but I’d like to understand. It’s not a wish either, so relax haha. Just curious why for example the pitch shifter block can only be placed twice in a preset (ignoring channels now, just for the sale of the argument). I get that some high cpu demanding blocks like...
  53. H

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: MES 412 OS-V2

    Hi, I just want to say something completely different. I want to compliment you on your site. The last few days I spent quite some tine checking out the website of various vendors. Essentially I started out looking for a Friedman pack, bit as it goes, like in a candy store you want to browse...
  54. H


    Thanks guys, I also had the fractal bundle lying around that I hadn't tried yet. I now own an axe 3 mark 2. Do you guys perhaps know if they made some of those stock cabs? Or can I just import all the irs? (I will only use the 3 ultra packs) I see 3 folders per pack, one for the Axe 2, one for...
  55. H


    Thanks. Good to know they are still active. Harm
  56. H


    Ah. So If I convert them through axe-edit I can then choose ultra when I use it? I did not know that. Would that work on the fractal bundle too? I bought the pack that is on offer for 10 bucks. The first two aren’t ultra res. Harm
  57. H


    Hi all. Anybody know if the IRs from cabir.eu are ultra res? My German is good enough bit I can’t find it on the site. My tech talk is not so good so I can’t tell on the basis of tech info. I talked the owner once and he was a really friendly guy. I do however have the impression that nothing...
  58. H

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    I know all that. You just miss my point. Doesn’t matter.
  59. H

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    I do not talk about how long it takes. I was talking about the goal, not the method. Just read my post.
  60. H

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    Thank you for your extensive reply, but you missed my point. You go through all this trouble to say again how much better the axe is. Well, I own three fractal products and am very happy. i do not own a Kemper and think I never will. My point was the looking down at the concept of profiling or...
  61. H

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    Since I am a leftie some things were harder to get if you didn’t want to pay excessive amounts. Anyway: Fender elite strat (changed pups) Fender American strat Fender telecaster mim Fender standard American tele Ibanez 450L Ibanez js1200 Ibanez Jem 7v Ibanez premium Crafter acoustic Harm
  62. H

    Skrydstrup and CAE

    Thanks man. Btw, I bought a Voes and am very happy with it. Very innovative. About Bradshaw and skrydstrup: they also didn’t make their productt work with fractal products, except in a way that any generic midi controller does. A shame for something in that pricerange,right.
  63. H

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    Hmm weird that so many ppl are so negative about the profiling. So many axe fx users do the same imho. Myself included. I use the stock eric Johnson preset, the petrucci preset that cooper carter made, I have a few presets that attempt to nail EvH’s sound, a Metallica patch, a Steve Vai patch...
  64. H

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    The moment you put anything else than the stock speaker after your amp, the whole modeling goes put the door imho. All that matters is quality sound and tweakability. The axe has that covered beyond belief. After reading the discussion and combine that with my own experience it would be possible...
  65. H

    Anyone else running a pedalboard into Axe-Fx III?

    Check out the Voes mx18. I love the have an old school pedalboard at my feet. With the Voes I really can. If you are interested I’ll tell you more. Harm
  66. H

    Power Amp

    I have 2 matrix active speakers ( saves room in the rack) and a headrush 212 active speaker. Depending on the gig I bring it and use them as floor monitor. I LOVE the matrix speakers. The headrush is nice too and it gives a bit more of the guitar speaker growl. It’s less frfr (although they are...
  67. H

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    I think you and I both use the unit the same way. I do notice that the number of users that get much more out of the unit is big, which leads to other user wishes. If I look at the wish list there is so much asked for that I either even know nothing about or will never use. Anyway, hat tip to...
  68. H

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Hi, Fortunately I have 25 years of experience too and still think that the years of experience are absolutely irrelevant in this matter. Anyway: you and I WANT the same. I just think that the designers have to find a middle ground between “old school”. And the next generation. And the axe fx...
  69. H

    Gary Moore and Eric Johnson tone

    Leon Todd did a video on the slo 100. Dial that in and add the right delay and I think you have a good Gary Moore sound. Worst case scenario you have an extra good lead sound. Harm
  70. H

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Hi! Depens on how you look at it. You are very right looking at a from the hardware perspective. The software is the opposite. Funny that ppl always keep craving for what they are most familiar with. I totally get what he wants and my reflexive response is “yeah”. Then again, this is a modeler...
  71. H

    Divided by Blues

    Sounds awesome. I'm going to try it!
  72. H

    Couple of Freebies using the FZ Marshall/JBL cab...

    Hi Joe, Love the initiative. The link isn't working though. (Yes tried right click..) Edit: lol sorry. It works. I pressed right-click on the banner under your message. I'll check them out. Harm
  73. H

    Friedman cab?

    So many cabs in the axe 3 and not a single Friedman? I hadn’t noticed. Odd that the Friedman amps are well represented but no speakers. Is that because the Marshalls have it covered well enough?
  74. H

    Legacy Liquid Foot Pro: Cant get the editor to work :( Help?

    Sorry man, can’t help you. I read so many messages on the web with complaints about the editor and customer support that that was one of my reasons to not buy one. I admit it is a promising product, but it’s just not reliable and not much to fall back on.
  75. H

    Tom Quayle has a QuadCortex neuralDSP

    Very right. And why should anything be wrong with marketing? If your marketing increases sales numbers in a way that net profit goes up it means more money for R&D.
  76. H

    Tom Quayle has a QuadCortex neuralDSP

    Oh well, that explains my story. I am in G66 territory. It can be confusing that company policy and dealer policy can vary.
  77. H

    Skrydstrup and CAE

    Hi all, Although my quest for a midi controller has ended I am still curious. I remember skrydstrup providing the midi controller for petrucci and various other big names. The brand seems to have gone low profile and it isn’t even easy to find info. Anyone have some insight? Then CAE makes...
  78. H

    Implemented Favorites

    Yeah. i always fill the first 30/40 slots with favourites. Since the axe keeps improving I am finding it increasingly hard to limit the number of favourites haha. Also, with 1000 preset slots in the axe now you have to press bank up for like ten minutes to get into the 800’s lol. Better to move...
  79. H

    Wish Dr Z and/or /13

    + 1 on the Z wreck. I just saw Brad Paisley taking it for a spin. Awesome and exactly the sound I am lookiing for.
  80. H

    Tom Quayle has a QuadCortex neuralDSP

    All I do is repeat what they told me and even independently of each other. I did not say he got paid to say nice things. All I know is what I wrote in the post. If they lied to me, well then that is it. They are not my friends and I am definetly not going to defend other ppl’s statements. If...
  81. H

    Tom Quayle has a QuadCortex neuralDSP

    Of course they work with influencers. Fractal does the same. Not naming names here, but I talked to one dude and he told me he had gotten the axe for free just so the name could be put on the fractal site. (I checked and he was)I also talked to the guy who had gotten him that privilege. That...
  82. H

    Wish Preset Swap

  83. H

    Helix Modeling Question

    Well said. Your argument is a good addition to mine. Harm
  84. H

    What should I put in my rack?

    Well to go back to one of the first suggestions: I’d definetly go wireless. i do not know about you guys, but I always keep rolling my desk chair over my valuable cables. Also, the ease of use. No pulling on your jack in on your guitar when the cable is stuck or entangled in your chair (or under...
  85. H


    That is such an unfair statement. Regardless of the mistakes and errors if you see what is accomplished in the current circumstances they should get medals not insults. Your statement translated to the fire department would be like there was a huge traffic congestion which causes them to be late...
  86. H

    Any new gear of note?

    I just found out about the quad cortex. It isn’t in shops yet but will be any day now I believe. Looking at the promo and the specs it could be interesting. Also, the device itself looks very convenient. A good number of buttons, good screen. Easy access to parameters. It made me curious. I am...
  87. H

    Helix Modeling Question

    I think line 6 has the advantage of volume which causes them to come to mind first. They are a big player and active with a broad product range. And lets be honest, they make good products with value for money. They even made a number of products that have really made a lasting impression and...
  88. H

    Free IRs in Celebration of the 80th Birthday of Frank Zappa

    Hi Joe, Can't download. Could you attach the preset to a post. I'd like to give it a go. edit: nevermind,got it. Tx! Harm
  89. H

    Best patches

    Lol. My chops are ok and I also have no positive experience with Marco Fanton’s presets. Expensive too
  90. H

    Best patches

  91. H

    A Headphone Hunting Review

    Haha, you get what you say you want, not what you mean. Always good for a great misunderstanding.
  92. H

    How many expression pedals do you use?

    I use 5 and have the option to go to 6. I have 3 cc pedals connected to my voes. With a press of a button the midi numbers of those change, to that makes it 6. Pedal 1 does whammy and feedback or ray gun (fun to do as a gimmick) Pedal 2 does reverb/delay mix and gain or rotary or whammy Pedal...
  93. H

    Do you actually wait 5 seconds for firmware reboot?

    Lol since it is the only thing you can contribute to an update and the only place where a mess up can be caused by your own doin, I wait. (And yes I count, keeping finger on the button, ready to go.
  94. H

    Voes is awesome

    I just saw that the pic of my pedalboard was of when it was unfinished. Here’s a recent pic.
  95. H

    problem with this preset

    Hi Rex, Thanks. And just to make sure there is no misunderstanding: yes the problem is there after power up. No it isn’t there if you go there from a different preset BUT only if you went to the preset first, toggled the pedal or did anything else that takes away the delay, then go to that...
  96. H

    problem with this preset

    Thanks Chris. I did not know this about the “off” setting and I’ll use that for the future. (And correct it in other presets because I use it a lot. Maybe weird, but I am glad you are having the same experience. I had troubles with the unit the first two weeks and hoped I solved it. If this...
  97. H

    problem with this preset

    Lol you are right of course. And I wasn’t expressing annoyment or anything. If it seemed that way I apologise. It was just difficult to figure out what to call it: cc pedal, modifier, expression pedal, external controller, etc. First thing we need to do, as you pointed out, is speak the same...
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